>>the LUNA music gift card
Activated and shipped the same day, this is the gateway to goodness!
Plus, it looks pretty good peeping out of your pocket...

>>the LUNA music vinyl LP Subscription Service
Like surprises? Like getting physical, delivered-by-Reba-The-Mail-Lady, mail? Want someone to pan through all that ore to help find a nugget? Want someone just to drop some science on your doorstep and
not come in?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of the above, this might just be for you:
the LUNA music subscription service! 12 months of lovingly selected titles that might just be a snapshot of what is happening right now or could just be the new next. Or, it could be your new favorite find.

Have a lovely, analog LUNA selection delivered right to your doorstep monthly!
$250 for 12 months

>>the LUNA music CD Subscription Service
You could also have a digital LUNA selection delivered right to your doorstep monthly!
$180 for 12 months!

Which either format you choose, be assured that these titles are considered LUNA essentials--and we wouldn't be without 'em!

Subscribe today and let us begin to light up your doorstep (and load up your mail carrier) every 30 days or so (and once a year we are going to send along an additional treat--so please supply us with your shirt size)!

>>the LUNA music / Baldwin's Beans L-O-V-E blend
This local, small-batch roaster and the "caffeine appreciators" here at the shop, have come up with a deep collision of Mexican Alturra and Indian Monsooned Malabar that keeps the crew alert and awake - well into the wee, small hours...

>>the LUNA music / Commercial Artisan Coffee Cup
The Indianapolis Design Dynamic Duo drop the essential, brew-rific vessel. A morning must-have...

>>the LUNA music 2013 Nat Russell Lurker T-Shirt
Dig this rad 2-color Lurker joint, from our pal, Nat Russell. Lovingly printed on American Apparel baby blue...Only $15.00.

>>the Nat Russell Pierre T-Shirt
Pierre started making the rounds on phone poles and in this rad zine (as well as many DIY Tumblr fotobombs) last Summer. Rest assured, this is the place to get your official poodle love. We will only be selling these, for a limited time—don't sleep...Only $20.00.

>>LUNA T-shirt re-rubs
We've also done a few re-rubs of now classic LUNA shirts--you can now get the iwant deathstar with white ink on a black shirt, the iwant LUNA ZOOM on a red shirt, also with white ink and we still have a few pLopLop purple bird shirts—$15.00.

>>the LUNA music tote
Ever-changing and always new, collect 'em all!
Recycled cotton canvas bags look smart at the record shop or the market! Holds about 5 lps or 15 summer squash—$7.99.
FREE with a vinyl lp purchase of $150 or more!

>>the LUNA music slipmat
Fresh up your decks--the new LUNA slipmats are here!
Felt meets 382 on this, a rising
Takashima robot!
Super cheep—$7.99 for 1 or 2 for $11.99 or
FREE with a vinyl lp purchase of $150.00 or more!