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for the week of 14 OCTOBER 2014...
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>Foxygen - Foxygen…And Star Power 2xCD/2xLP (Jagjaguwar)
Foxygen…And Star Power is a new double album from Foxygen. "A gaggle of guest stars. Roman-numeraled musical suites. Vocals recorded on a shoddy tape machine at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmont. A svelte 82-minute run time of psych-ward folk, cartoon fantasia, songs that morph into each other, weaving in and out of the head like UFO radio transmission skullkrush music. ADHD star power underground revolution. Soft-rock indulgences, D&D doomrock and paranoid bathroom rompers. Process is the point. A kaleidoscoping view. Blasphemy even the gods smile one. Rock & roll for the skull."
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>Kindness – Otherness CD/LP (Female Energy/Mom + Pop)
The second full-length solo release for Adam Bainbridge features guest appearances from Ade, Devonté Hynes, Kelela, M.Anifest, Robyn, and Tawiah. "Bainbridge reveals himself here not as an exhaustingly pseudy hipster but rather a songwriter of singular depth and emotion." – Q Magazine
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>Olivia Jean – Bathtub Love Killings CD/LP (Third Man)
Bathtub Love Killings is the debut solo LP from the Olivia Jean, the multi-instrumentalist who cut her teeth in the Third Man stable backing folks as varied as Karen Elson, Wanda Jackson and Jack White in addition to fronting the much-loved Black Belles. Jean has accrued a lifetime of experience in a few short years, from highlight performances on The Colbert Report, Conan, Late Show With David Letterman and the Grand Old Opry stage to having one of her songs used as the theme for the television series Elvira s Movie Macabre.
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>Kevin Morby - Still Life CD/LP+MP3 (Woodsist)
Still Life is the second solo album from Woods/Babies member Kevin Morby. The album's title has several meanings. On the surface, it refers to Morby's change in lifestyle that came with moving to Los Angeles from New York in August of 2013. But he also admits that the title is ironic. The songs were written during yet another period of tour and travel for Morby, as he spent almost all of 2013 on the road with Woods (with whom Morby parted ways amicably last year), The Babies (who are currently on hiatus) and as a solo artist. The album reflects both this time in transit and the quiet confines of his new home in Montecito Heights.
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>The Melvins - Hold It In CD (Ipecac)
Hold It In is The Melvins' first studio album as a quartet since 2010's The Bride Screams Murder. Joining Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover for the 12-song outing are Butthole Surfers' guitar player Paul Leary and bass player JD Pinkus. "Hold It In is a refreshing piece of fiction in a boring world of fact and bullsh*t" said Osborne. "Paul is one of the best guitar players I have ever heard and Pinkus has an outside the box type of approach to both guitar and bass that you just have to let it ride. I can't believe this actually happened. I'm thrilled."
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>We Were Promised Jetpacks – Unraveling CD/LP (FatCat)
Brimming with emotion and passion, this musically strong and assured album sees the unique and identifiable Jetpacks sound now grown and fully galvanized. Many of the lyrics within conjure the notion of a conflicted protagonist struggling to keep their life on course, while battling a creeping sense of uncertainty and impending doom.
Unravelling is a captivating ride of tense excitement, pounding rhythm, huge walls of cavernous guitar and hyperborean beauty, all kept in check by the band's gifted song writing skills.
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>Stars – No One Is Lost CD/2xLP (ATO)
"Whether playing string-infused melancholia or insistent dance-floor fodder, Stars' members infuse their songs with the weariness and wisdom of someone who understands the realities behind our worst fears. Knowledge of death and disappointment and war lies barely concealed beneath even the most effervescent exterior of a Stars song. Still, there's brightness — even cheer — to
No One Is Lost, the Montreal band's seventh album. Stars recorded it within earshot of a since-closed discotheque, and it shows: Singers Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell are both uniquely skilled at interrogating the loneliness that can fuel even the most raucous nightlife pursuits" – NPR. (Vinyl version pressed on neon color wax.)
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>Sallie Ford – Slap Back CD/LP (Vanguard)
The latest from alt-roots upstart Sallie Ford, Slap Back features an all-girl band and is bursting with the femme-punk spirit of Kim Deal, Joan Jett, and Debbie Harry.
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>The Apartments – The Evening Visits… And Stays For Years CD/2xLP+MP3 (Captured Tracks)
Upon release earlier this year overseas,
The Evening Visits received strong praise and drew comparisons to a wide range of acts such as Cocteau Twins, Nick Drake and Bob Dylan. This expanded domestic edition includes several bonus tracks and a collection of demos.
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>The Aislers Set - How I Learned to Write Backwards [Reissue/2002] CD/LP+MP3 (Slumberland/Suicide Squeeze)
The Aislers Set occupy an enviable place in the pop pantheon. Brimming with drunken romanticism, sharp pop sensibilities, and timeless melodies, The Aislers Set reveled in the history of great pop, spiking their classicist '60s-tinged tunes with post-punk energy and originality of bands like the Fire Engines and The June Brides. Every song is a meticulously constructed sound world, where the arrangement and instrumentation sublimely and uncannily bring each tune to completeness. Unfortunately they stopped playing and recording together by 2004 due to life commitments. (Vinyl version pressed on HQ-180gm green wax.)
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>Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy [Reissue/1994] CD/LP+MP3 (Blackball)
One of the most popular and successful underground bands of the early-/mid-'90s, California's Jawbreaker melded raw vocals, a driving rhythm section and grinding guitar with complex song structures and literary lyrics, forging a distinctive style that has since, along with singer/guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach's subsequent band Jets to Brazil, influenced a generation of independent music.