released 29 APRIL 2014
>3108 – 3108 CD/LP+MP3 (Trouble In Mind)
Hailing from London, England, Tyler Zypreska has been building up an impressive backlog of tunes that hit all the sweet spots from O.M.D. to La Dusseldorf, to Trio and the pining ennui of the teenage angst-anthems littering your
Pretty In Pink and Breakfast Club soundtracks. Although his influences may lie in the discarded neon bones of the '80s and '90s there's an infectious spark of melodic tune-smithing permeating the album's ten tunes. Limited quantities also available on mixed color vinyl.
– Necrotic Manifesto CD (Century Media)
Aborted steadfastly honor a legacy of brutal death metal and grind core while progressing toward something slightly more disturbing and foul.

– Gilded Hearts CD (Razor & Tied)
Gilded Hearts manages to capture the intensity of Adestria's live show with technical guitar lines, pulsing drums and thunderous breakdowns.
>Damon Albarn
– Everyday Robots CD/2xLP (WB)
Everyday Robots, the first fully-realized Damon Albarn solo album, features twelve songs that invite the listener into Albarn s world for a genuine "one-to-one." They are the most soul-searching and autobiographical since his musical journey began. Albarn is first to admit he's a restless soul when it comes to music. What's certain is that all of the projects of his career thus far - from Blur to Gorillaz, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Mali Music, Monkey: Journey To The West or Dr Dee - help form this singular artist's musical DNA. F featuring appearances by Brian Eno and Bat For Lashes.
– Feast 2xCD+DVD (UDR) Contains the new album Feast in a CD-sized book with extra pages in the booklet, the 15-song bonus CD Re-Kill with newly recorded Annihilator classics, plus a never-seen-before live DVD filmed at last year's Wacken Open Air festival.
– New Southern CD (Nuclear Blast America)
Debut album by the Oklahoma natives and saviors of Southern-infused hard rock.

– Lucid Collective CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
New album from the technical death metal force.

>Matt Baldwin
– In The Hollows CD/LP (Western Vinyl)
Despite his busy schedule recording and touring as the bass player for Dirty Projectors, Nat Baldwin found time to write and record his most soulful and ambitious collection of songs to date. After recording the initial tracks at Machines With Magnets in Pawtucket, RI, Nat recruited Otto Hauser (Vetiver, Lia Ices, Espers) for drums and percussion, and Rob Moose (The National, Antony And The Johnsons, Bon Iver) to write string arrangements.

>The Batman Theme
– Dance With The Villains [Reissue/1966] CD (Rockbeat)
Pow! Zop! Wham! Take a trip With Batman, Robin, The Riddler, Penguin and more. Originally released in 1966 on Somerset Records, this all-instrumental album features 10 tunes all based on the Caped Crusader and his adversaries. Vinyl version due May 13.

>Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band
– Landmarks CD/LP (Blue Note)
As on each prior Fellowship Band release, Blade and pianist Jon Cowherd refract these impressions into their own musical poetry, with an ear to the individualistic styles of Myron Walden (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Melvin Butler (soprano and tenor saxophone) and Chris Thomas (bass). For the recording of
Landmarks, Marvin Sewell and Jeff Parker are on guitars.
>Broken Twin
– May CD (Anti)
Danish artist Broken Twin: the performing moniker of a young and exciting musician, Majke Voss Romme. Her 2012 self-released EP
Hold On To Nothing and deeply moving live performances have already begun to cause a stir in the music press. NME declared that "Broken Twin is the most arrestingly beautiful songwriter we've heard in aeons," while Pitchfork selected her for Best New Tracks and stated that "there's something about the unaffected clarity of Broken Twin that rings true straight away." Vinyl version due May 13.
>Cannonball Adderly
– The Black Messiah [Reissue/1972] 2xCD (Real Gone Music)
In 1970, Cannonball Adderley recorded a series of concerts that resulted in three cult classic live albums, of which this double-album produced, like other landmark double albums of the time like
Soul Zodiac and Soul Of The Bible, by David Axelrod is the hardest to find. It captures Cannonball and the Quintet (brother Nat Adderley on cornet, Roy McCurdy on drums, Walter Booker on bass and George Duke fresh from replacing Joe Zawinul, who had left to form Weather Report on keyboards) at the forefront of the burgeoning electronic jazz-rock fusion movement, sounding at times every bit like the early '70s band of Cannonball's former bandleader Miles Davis, except maybe even funkier and more out there.
>Cloak Of Altering
– Plague Beasts CD (Crucial Blast)
Although most known for his notorious blackened industrial/orchestral doom outfit Gnaw Their Tongues, Dutch avant-metal madman Mories is also involved in a number of projects rooted in a more recognizably "black metal" sound. One of 'em is Cloak Of Altering, started in 2011 as a continuation the band Ophiuchus. Twisted melodies seethe and swarm throughout the album, resembling a nightmare version of prog rock keyboard freak-outs, or vintage 16-bit game soundtracks fused to the gristle and graveyard stink of second-wave black metal.

>Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers
– Independent CD (Emmajava Recordings)
Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers are musical beacons of the Southwest. Over the last fifteen years, the Arizona-based quartet has delivered vivid lyrics, addictive guitar riffs, and a full-bodied rhythm section on more than a dozen studio and live albums.
The Independent marks the group's newest release and seventh studio effort, which raises a metaphorical glass to the road less traveled and champions the courageous.
>Eli Cook
– Primitive Son CD (Cleopatra)
The young blues renegade launches his first nationwide release with this brand new studio album featuring a ton of heavy hitting guest stars such as Pat Travers, Leslie West, Vinny Appice, Tinsley Ellis, Artimus Pyle, Rod Piazza, and members of Gov't Mule, Double Trouble, Canned Heat, and more.

>Count's 77
– Count's 77 CD (Shrapnel)
Count's 77, a hard rock band from Las Vegas is led by lead singer Danny 'Count' Koker, star of History's hit series
Counting Cars. With musical roots as diverse as Thin Lizzy, Foghat, The Allman Brothers and Led Zeppelin, Count's 77 stands poised to to be one of the leaders of the new classic rock revival.
– Leprosy [Reissue/1988] CD/LP (Relapse)
The sixth installment in Relapse's exhaustive reissue campaign of Death's immensely influential catalog is the band's titanic second album. Originally released in 1988
Leprosy was a pioneering album, building upon the thrash sounds of Metallica and Slayer but adding a previously unheard level of raw extremity.
>Down To The Bone
– Dig It CD (Trippin' & Rhythm)
With millions of records sold worldwide the purveyors of sides steeped in funk and groove, DTTB, the brainchild of producer Stuart Wade swings for the fences once again with this assemblage of fresh new cuts that accentuate the fat and funky, with grooves so thick that you fall right into them. Trademark tight rhythm and horn sections provide the underbelly of all of the compositions, woven tightly with the right solos in the right places.

- Dwntwn CDEP (Inkind Music)
Self-titled EP from the L.A. indie pop band, perfect for fans of Ellie Goulding, Postal Service, Two Door Cinema Club and Of Monsters and Men.

– Space Police: Defender Of The Crown CD (Nuclear Blast)
Tenth studio album by the German power metal band.

– Midnight Passenger CD (Goner)
Recorded by Doug Easley in January 2014, Midnight Passenger delivers ten songs meant to be heard together, each one following a different, damaged storyline. The buzz-saw guitars, krautrock rhythms and sneering vocals are all still present, but with Midnight Passenger, Ex-Cult adds a few layers of psychedelic slime to their sound. Vinyl version due May 13.

>Fake Idols
- Fake Idols CD (Lifeforce)
This Italian band is driven by love and dedication for catchy songs in between hard rock and metal.

– Becs CD/LP (Editions Mego)
Eschewing the more drone-oriented works of
Black Sea, Becs (pronounced "baeetch") finds experimental guitarist/producer Christian Fennesz returning to the more florid pop mechanisms as deployed on Endless Summer.
>The 5
th Dimension – Earthbound: The Complete ABC Recordings [Reissue/1975] CD (Real Gone Music)
Earthbound's use of synthesizers marked a real departure for The 5th Dimension and moved them in a new, funky direction; it also marked a highly anticipated reunion and final collaboration with legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb ("Up, Up And Away"), as Webb produced and arranged the record and wrote half of its songs. Remastered.
– Oblation CD/LP (Season Of Mist)
On their first new album in over 10 years, the drop-tuned, down-tempo trio mine the power of the riff, with their signature melodies and patented "bomb-string" attack.

– Loom CD/LP (Topshelf)
Frameworks are a melodic hardcore band from Gainesville, FL. Forming in early 2011, they released their debut EP
Every Day Is The Same, in October 2011. They incorporate elements of post-hardcore and screamo/skramz together, promoting their own brand of melody driven hardcore.
>Framing Hanley
– The Sum Of Who We Are CD (Imagen)
A collection of modern alternative rock infused with undeniable pop hooks, heartfelt lyrics and huge choruses, The Sum Of Who We Are is the band's third album, and their boldest artistic statement to date. Vinyl version due June 17.

>Jim Gaffigan
– Obsessed CD/2xLP (Comedy Central)
Jim Gaffigan bursts back on the scene with this eagerly anticipated fourth comedy special. Dubbed the "King Of Clean Comedy" by The Wall Street Journal, Jim's obsession with all things food comes to fruition on
Obsessed as he tackles a cornucopia of new food topics from fruit to seafood to donuts. Get ready for 70 minutes of non-stop laughs at Jim's twisted-yet-enlightened observations on the seemingly mundane topics that have made him a fixture in the comedy world for audiences of all ages. Also available on stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray.
>Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger
– Midnight Sun CD/LP (Chimera Music)
Ghost Of A Saber Tooth Tiger is Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl.
Midnight Sun is a guided tour of bold, shape-shifting sonic murals and evocative lyrical panoramas. Plucking musical ingredients from all over the map, the album has a highly imaginative and distinct feel. It celebrates the unusual and the grandiose but fundamentally just rocks hard and feels good. With an infectious sense of adventure akin to Beck and Flaming Lips, and several years of touring and recording under their belt, the GOASTT takes their creative and savvy approach to psychedelia to new extremes.
>Mason Henry
– Chameleon CD (Concord Jazz)
The lead composition, "Chameleon," from Herbie Hancock's 1973 landmark
Head Hunters serves, in part, as the signifying reference for Harvey Mason's new album. Not only did Mason provide the rhythmic spank for the jazz-funk staple, he co-wrote it with Hancock along with several other bandmates Paul Jackson and reedist Bennie Maupin.
>Klaus Johann Grobe
- Im Sinne der Zeit CD/LP+MP3 (Trouble In Mind)
Debut full-length from the Swiss duo. With the ability to conjure up the ghosts of Neu!, Bob James, Marcos Valle, Shuggie Otis and Stereolab in the span of a single tune -- this is the kind of album that sounds and feels like it's floating off the grooves, alternately swaying between the fluid, jazzy, and (yes) funky rhythms and cool, deliberate mechanized grooves that squeal and squiggle with the pulse of an electronic heart. Also available on limited edition mixed color vinyl.

>Howlin Rain
– Live Rain CD (Agitated)
Recorded in various locations on the 2012 worldwide tour,
Live Rain features vintage Howlin Rain originals including "Roll On The Rusted Days," "Dancers At The End Of Time" and "Hung Out In The Rain," plus "Phantom In The Valley" and an eleven-plus-minute version of "Self-Made Man," both off their most recent full-length The Russian Wilds. Vinyl version due May 6.
>The Human Beinz With The Mammals
– Nobody But Me [Reissue/1967] CD (Rockbeat)
The Human Beinz were a rock band from Youngstown Ohio who are most famous for their soul rock tune ''Nobody But Me'' which peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1968. The tune has been featured in many films (
The Departed, Kill Bill) and television (The Office). This album, originally released on the Gateway label, features 5 tunes from the Human Beinz along with six songs from Pittsburgh based band The Mammals. Vinyl version due May 13.
– Shadows Of The Dying Sun CD (Century Media)
Sixth release from the Finnish metal group.

– Panopticon [Reissue/2004] CD (Ipecac)
The classic sophomore release from Isis, remastered with new packaging and artwork. On Isis' third full-length, the unblinking eye of counter-insurgency is exposed with mesmerizing stereophonic clarity. Ultra dynamic sound-design takes on the heightened dimensions of institutionally induced anxiety, and the carefully constructed artifice of an omniscient predatory apparatus becomes the paradigm of surveillance culture.

>Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus
– Spirit Knife CD (Small Stone)
Imagine, if you will, Jeff Buckley jamming with Can, and you'll have a fair gist of the fantastic voyage that awaits the armies of the
Spirit Knife: an album that finds JIRM rekindling their time-traveling communion with vintage psychedelia and Krautrock.
– Diamonds CD (Big Picnic)
Diamonds is the full-length debut from Johnnyswim, the duo fronted by singer-songwriters Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudan Ramirez. Recorded in Nashville, and infused with the LA-based duo's ''undeniable chemistry'' (Billboard), the album celebrates a return to the husband-and-wife team's roots.
>Jackiem Joyner
– Evolve CD (Artizen)
"Music evolves, including jazz.
Evolve captures the change in my musical mind and how I have evolved as an artist,'' explains award-winning saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Jackiem Joyner about his fifth album and first collection on which he wrote, produced and arranged all eleven songs.
>Kalbata & Mixmonster
– Congo Beat The Drum CD/LP (Freestyle)
Kalbata (Ariel Tagar) is a techno and 2-step producer who previously released on labels such as Soul Jazz, Brownswood and Greenmoney. Kalbata did a string of high profile remixes for artists such as Fat Freddy's Drop, Spank Rock, The Count & Sinden and Roll Deep, collaborated with Warrior Queen and is also the man behind reissue labels Fortuna and Spring Hill Records. Mixmonster (Uri Wertheim) is the man behind funk band The Apples as well as a member of cut-n-paste duo Radiotrip.

>Eyvind Kang
- Alastor: The Book of Angels Volume 21 CD (Tzadik)
World traveler, nomad, mystic and violist, Eyvind Kang turns his hand to ten tunes from Zorn's remarkable
Book Of Angels. Featuring spectacular orchestral arrangements and brilliant studio techniques, Eyvind has put together a CD unlike anything on the Angels series, highlighting the spiritual side of the Angels project, the singular lyricism of Zorn's compositions and his own richly inventive musical imagination.
>Sd Laika
– That's Karakiri CD/LP (Tri Angle)
It isn't often an artist seems to materialize from nowhere with a sound so disinterested in following any conventional rules that it inspires equal measures bafflement and stunnedness, but in 2012 with the release of the
Unknown Vectors EP, Sd Laika did just that. Taking the already alien sounds of grime music as a starting off point and abrasively twisting them into something even more unknowable, Laika had developed a sound that defied any easy categorization.
>Ray LaMontagne
– Supernova CD (RCA)
LaMontange's fifth album was produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach. Vinyl version due May 6.

– Rise Again CD (Shanachie)
South African singer / model Lira is a platinum-selling star in Africa and like Sade before her, blends R&B, Jazz and African elements into a sensual, appealing pop music sound with global appeal.

>Ramona Lisa
– Arcadia CD/LP (Terrible)
"Caroline Polachek took a break last year from her synth-pop band Chairlift to work on her solo project, Ramona Lisa, and record an album. Arcadia was crafted solely on a laptop by Polachek, manipulating MIDI samples and singing directly into the laptop's mic. Though the recording may have been cloistered and intimate, the result is a pastoral, loose, and sunny collection of songs." -- Stereogum

>Little Hurricane
– Gold Fever CD/LP (Death Valley)
The commitment to organic, unadorned sound is evident in the Little Hurricane's live experience, which has graced major festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits in recent years. The stripped-down but amped-up two-piece dynamic also goes a long way in maintaining Little Hurricane's beautifully brutal energy, even on the more intricate and melody-soaked arrangements heard throughout
Gold Fever.
>Tommy Malone
– Poor Boy CD (M.C.)
After waiting 12 years to get a new solo recording by subdues' Tommy Malone he has released his second within a year. In the course of these 11 songs old flames get recalled, destructive friendships get ended, and true love gets rekindled. There's room for serious reflections, sharp observations and pure fun. The spirit of his New Orleans home can be heard between the lines. And as always, Malone displays a master songwriter's knack for making these personal tales sound universal.

>Lord Mantis
– Death Mask CD (Profound Lore)
Over the years, Chicago doom/noise band Lord Mantis have made a name for themselves within the underground metal scene alongside fellow local metal bands like The Atlas Moth and Yakuza. Their last album, Pervertor (Candlelight Records), brought them recognition within doom and even black metal circles, assisted by the fact that the band features current and former members from Indian, Nachtmystium, Abigail Williams and Avichi.

>Many Arms
– Suspended Definition CD (Tzadik)
Many Arms, the Philadelphia and New York-based trio is joined here by the Toronto saxophonist Colin Fisher for a hardcore shredfest that will burn your eyebrows off. Blending the intensity of Pharoah Sanders with the speed of Mick Barr and the improvisational sensitivity of Joe Morris, this is a fabulous new release by a cutting edge band of intrepid musical explorers.

>Maria Minerva
– Histronic CD/LP (Not Not Fun)
Estonian expat Maria Minerva may have found her footing in the cultural battlefield of Brooklyn, but her recent music continues to confound easy assimilation, crawling further into the crevices between karaoke fantasy, hall-of-mirrors pop and meta dancefloor mind-games.

>Miss May I
– Rise Of The Lion CD/LP (Rise)
Miss May I is currently regarded by industry elite as one of the hardest working bands in the metal genre, and are touted by rabid fans across the globe as the "next big thing" in the heavy music scene.

>Muuy Biien
– D.Y.I. (Do Yourself In) CD/LP (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)
A band that is about to make the lazy comparisons of the past - to Savages, to Iceage, to Joy Division, to The Fall - seem ridiculous. It may be all anger and brutality on the surface, but there's a pop sensibility at its heart, buoyancy that
TIWYMI lacked. That album was a pure laser beam of black amd white rage, but DYI finds the band slowing down ever so slightly and allowing things into the songs - melody, vulnerability, dynamics, hooks - that up till now you had to look closely to find.
>The New Dimensions
– Deuces And Eights [Reissue/1963] CD (Rockbeat)
Formed in Beverly Hills in 1962,
Deuces And Eights is New Dimensions' debut album as was released by Sutton Records in 1963. Featuring classic surf and hot rod instrumentals, the original release is a revered and highly collectable title among fans of surf music. Vinyl version due May 13.
>New Radiant Storm King
– Singular No, Article [Reissue/1998] CD (Darla)
New Radiant Storm King – Winter's Kill [Reissue/2002] CD (Darla)
Singular, No Article not so subtly titled to clarify the band name as they were often called The New Radiant Storm Kings, was intended for release on major indie Grass Records who dropped interest in the fiercely independent New Radiant Storm King and refocused all attention solely on new signing Creed. Two bonus tracks from the period have been added. All material has been remastered.
– Wisdom & Failure CD (Electric Heresy)
New album from the German/Californian electro noire duo.
Wisdom & Failure explores the connection between these two complex feelings. This is singer Cynthia Wechselberger and keyboardist/producer Chris Wirsig's third album after the critically acclaimed My Own Dream in 2004 and Between The Chairs in 2010.
>Andre Obin
– Ways Of Escape CD/LP (Sky Council)
Following the success of his critically acclaimed debut,
The Arsonist, the electronic music artist and producer, Andre Obin returns with another album of fascinating songwriting and production. Ways Of Escape is a lush, modern take on classic electronica with a nod to the atmospheric depths of Boards of Canada and strong vocals that make it distinctly AO.
>The Ohio Express
- Beg Borrow & Steal: The Complete Cameo Recordings CD (Real Gone Music)
Collects all the tracks recorded by this legendary bubblegum band for the Cameo label, including the entire
Beg Borrow & Steal album, three single sides and two unreleased tracks. ABKCO engineer Teri Landi has lovingly compiled all 16 songs from the original analog tapes; Jim Allen provides the liner notes. A must for '60s bubblegum and garage fans.
>Old 97's
– Most Messed Up CD/LP (ATO)
Most Messed Up finds the Old 97's at their raucous best, all swagger and heart, and just a little bit tipsy. Titles like "Wasted," "Intervention," "Wheels Off," and "Most Messed Up" hint at the kind of narrators Miller likes to inhabit, men who possess an appetite for indulgence and won't let a few bad decisions get in the way of a good story. (Limited quantities in an "orange bootleg" edition are available on vinyl.)
>Kris Orlowski
– Believer CD (Kris Orlowski Music Group)
New release from the Seattle-based indie folk singer/songwriter and his band. Shedding the lush sounds of a 17 piece orchestra for more traditional rock and pop arrangements, the cinematic
Believer is more punch-y and experimental than their earlier folk-infused traditions.
– More Than Any Other Day CD/LP (Constellation)
Ought has been burning with a strong and steady flame since flickering to life in Montreal just before the inspired months of the Quebec student general strike in 2012. The mass mobilization against neo-liberal austerity measures indelibly shaped the emerging sound, vision and social mandate of Ought. Then band's earnest, stately and exuberant post-punk is dexterous, deliberate, unfussy and fluid, with debts to Cap'n Jazz, The Feelies, Lungfish, Gang Of Four and early Talking Heads, among many others.

>Pattern Is Movement
– Pattern Is Movement (Hometapes)
Counting among its touchstones everything from Drake, Fred Hammond, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, Prince, Bollywood, Outkast, Springsteen, and Werner Herzog to peers like Bon Iver, Candy Claws, Beirut, and Thundercat, Pattern Is Movement unearths an entirely modern artifact right under our feet. It's beautiful and pulsing. It'll make you sweat.

>Pink Mountaintops
– Get Back CD/LP (Jagjaguwar)
Pink Mountaintops might not be the best-known band ever to make rock & roll, but in
Get Back they just might have written its scripture -- an exploration and celebration of what, exactly, rock & roll can be. When the aliens touch down and they don't know rock & roll, you can play them Get Back start to finish and that'll be all they need.
– Indie Cindy CD/2xLP+MP3 (PIAS)
The reunited Pixies sans Kim Deal release their first studio album since 1991's
Trompe Le Monde. Produced by longtime Pixies/Frank Black collaborator Gil Norton with artwork by legendary 4AD designer Vaughn Oliver. Free lithograph with purchase – while supplies last!
– One Did CD (Slowfoot)
Prescott is the brainchild of former Stump bassist, Kev Hopper. Hopper's distinctive bass style was one of the most striking elements of Stump's sound during the 1980s; since then he has produced numerous solo albums and more experimental work with the laptop quartet, Ticklish - but the all-instrumental Prescott signals a halt to Hopper's, abstract, atmospheric electronica and a return to working with a full band.

>Eli Paperboy Reed
– Nights Like This CD (WB)
Eli Paperboy Reed is an emerging talent who already has two albums under his belt, including
Roll With You and Come & Get It, which earned the soul singer an especially loyal fan following in Europe so much so that Reed was nominated as "Breakthrough Artist Of The Year" by Britain's Mojo Magazine. For Nights Like This, Eli took his affinity for classic Chicago soul and blended it with a newfound respect for modern pop music. The result is a collection of songs that extend far beyond his neo-Motown roots.
>The Revelations
– The Cost Of Living CD/LP (Decision/Red River)
For The Revelations, their latest offering is a labor of love years in the making. Since they first came on the scene in 2008 with their
Deep Soul EP, Brooklyn, NY's The Revelations have represented a twenty-first-century take on classic soul—one which shows reverence for the masters, but with a uniquely modern sensibility—a sound The New York Times' Jon Pareles calls "revivalism without poses or quotation marks". The Revelations continue their tradition of presenting blues topics with soul music's urgency.
>Chris Robinson Brotherhood
– Phosphorescent Harvest CD/LP (Silver Arrow)
Phosphorescent Harvest is a treasure trove of 10 songs -- including several the band road-tested over the last few years--that advances the band's kaleidoscopic sound, which is deeply soulful, rootsy and spacey all at once. There's strong songcraft here, with a free-flowing delivery; it is music that is in no hurry to reach its destination but firmly knows where it is going.
>Rodrigo y Gabriela
– 9 Dead Alive CD/CD+DVD/LP+MP3 (ATO)
9 Dead Alive sees Rodrigo y Gabriela playing face to face, guitar versus guitar, bursting with melodic energy and rhythmic invention. Recorded at their Pacific Coast hideaway in late summer, the album captures the warmth and spontaneity of two great musicians locked in together; perfectly distilled into nine new songs teeming with desire, elegance and gusto. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions on CD. Deluxe adds a bonus DVD. Also available on clear red vinyl with download card.
– Rise Up CD (Rum Bum)
Saliva's first album with new singer Bobby Amaru is a bold record full of big hooks, swagger and plenty of guitars.

>Secret Colours
– Positive Distractions CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Secret Colors)
Secret Colours have taken a decidedly different direction with
Positive Distractions. After two original members left in 2013, the band have emerged much leaner four-piece. "Secret Colours manages to produce a perfectly balanced neo-garage-pop album with subtle but electrifying surprises scattered throughout." – CMJ
>Curtis Stigers
– Hooray For Love CD (Concord)
A seamless combination of old and new songs recorded with jazz musicians and a jazz sensibility. Tracks include George and Ira Gershwin's"Love Is Here To Stay," Steve Earle's "Valentine's Day" and Curtis's own, self-penned title track. Newcomer, French chanteuse Cyrill Aimee, does a duet with Curtis on "You Make Me Feel So Young," a tune made famous by Frank Sinatra.

>Lindsey Stirling
– Shatter Me CD (Lindseystomp Music)
New release from the violinist, dancer, performance artist, and composer.

>Strange Talk
– Cast Away CD/2xLP (Wind-Up)
Commanding, crisp, and perfect for summer: Cast Away is the highly anticipated debut album by Melbourne, Australia's electro-pop charmers Strange Talk. Also available on white vinyl.

>The String Cheese Incident
– The Song In My Head CD/2xLP (Loud & Proud)
Produced by Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads,
This Song In My Head is the jam band's first album of new material in nine years. Free lithograph with purchase – while supplies last!
>Styles P
– Phantom And The Ghost CD (Empire Distribution)
Yonkers native, Styles P gained fame from his earlier work with the breakout group,
The Lox. Having garnered the attention of Diddy, The Lox soon became a household name within hip-hop circles. In 2002, Styles P broke out on his own and released his first solo project, A Gangster And A Gentleman. His new album, Phantom And The Ghost, features guest appearances from Lox members, Jadakiss and Sheek Louch, Rocko, and Raheem Devaughn.
>Survival Knife
– Loose Power CD/LP (Glacial Pace)
Debut full-length from Unwound bandmates Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno.

>Brian Sutton
– Into My Own CD (Sugar Hill)
Renowned bluegrass guitarist and producer Bryan Sutton delivers his fourth Sugar Hill album.

– After Hours CD (Island)
Boston duo Timeflies combine pop songwriting styles with the studio tricks and big sound of EDM.

>Tiny Empires
– Weird Headspace CD/LP (Null Records)
Tiny Empires exists at the peak of sheer volume and progressive melodies, making their home somewhere between Joy Division and Archers of Loaf. Featuring members of O Pioneers and New Bruises, there is an instant familiarity to their new album's inventive instrumentation that allows them to explore newer, weirder headspaces.

– 35th Anniversary Tour: Live From Poland CD (Eagle Rock)
This live concert sees Toto celebrating their 35th Anniversary at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland during their 2013 World Tour. Also available on stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray.

>Upon This Dawning
– We Are All Sinners CD (Artery)
Hailing from Brescia, in Northern Italy, the sextet has been making a melodically metallic racket in its home country since 2007.

>Chad VanGaalen
– Shrink Dust CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Shrink Dust is the fifth album by Calgary, Alberta's Chad VanGaalen. The album is, in Chad's view, a country record. It is also partially a score to Chad's soon-to-be released, animated, sci-fi feature, Translated Log Of Inhabitants "It's like Bob and Doug McKenzie in space," says Chad). The album is infused with pedal-steel guitar; themes of death, transformation, fear, benign evil, and the eccentricity of love; and the influences of The Flying Burrito Brothers, and the sci-fi mysticism of the 1980s graphic novel The Incal by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius.
>Vanilla Fudge
– Complete Atco Singles CD (Real Gone Music)
19-track collection is the first dedicated to Vanilla Fudge's classic singles for the Atco label, all here in their (mostly mono) original single versions, over half of which have never been reissued.

>Various Artists
– Putumayo Presents: Music Of The Andes CD (Putumayo World Music)
Putumayo continues its 20th anniversary celebrations with this collection of enchanting music celebrating the company's Latin American roots.

>Vittoria Fleet
Acht LP CD/LP (n5MD)
Debut album from Berlin based duo Vittoria Fleet.
Acht LP shows the duo refining their tenet of aural and emotional contrast. Dark elastic experimental beatwork pulsate around Giada's slithery emotive vocal delivery. IDM, bits of nostalgic trip-hop and some of the best sound design in some time all make the album a rewarding a treat for the ears.
>Rick Wakeman
– White Rock [Reissue/1977] CD (Real Gone Music)
Reissue of the soundtrack that Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman composed for Tony Maylam's documentary about the 1976 Winter Olympic games in Innsbruck, Austria. A must-have for fans of vintage keyboard sounds,
White Rock is a treasure trove, with the moog, clavinet, mellotron, Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes all prominently featured.
>Ben Watt
– Hendra CD/LP+MP3 (Unmade Road)
Ben Watt, former co-leader of Everything But The Girl, respected DJ, and label head of Buzzin'Fly Records, returns to recording with his first solo album in over 25 years. Described by Watt as "simply a folk-rock record in an electronic age," Hendra continues Watt's groundbreaking work in a genre he helped pioneer with his partner Tracey Thorn in Everything But the Girl through the '80s and '90s. Album features guest appearances from key artists including Bernard Butler, Ewan Pearson, and David Gilmour. Vinyl edition includes download code for four additional bonus tracks.

– Our Endless War CD (Metal Blade)
A ruthlessly honed album that refuses to compromise on brutality, it is also by far their most streamlined, atmospheric, and emotionally powerful release.

>Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys
- Riding Your Way: The Lost Transcriptions For Tiffany Music 1946-1947 2xCD (Real Gone Music)
In 1946 and 1947, Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys cut nearly 400 full songs for Tiffany Music, Inc., recordings that came to be known as the Tiffany Transcriptions. These recordings were distributed only to radio stations on 16-inch transcription discs, and were intended for airplay as part of a syndicated radio show featuring Wills and the Playboys. However, the transcriptions proved to be a financial failure, and Tiffany Music, Inc. folded by the end of the '40s, seemingly relegating the Tiffany Transcriptions to obscurity (and leaving over 200 songs in the can).

>Cassandra Wilson
– Blue Light 'Til Dawn [20th Anniversary Expanded Edition] CD (Blue Note)
Cassandra Wilson's landmark album
Blue Light 'Til Dawn helped to define a new style of jazz when it was released two decades ago. It went on to sell nearly one million copies and earned Cassandra the title of ''America's best singer'' from Time magazine. This digitally remastered and expanded 20th anniversary edition of the album adds three previously unreleased live recordings from Wilson's 1994 European tour.
>The Winery Dogs
– Dog Treats (Special Deluxe Edition) 2xCD (Loud & Proud)
Expanded edition of The Winery Dogs includes a bonus CD of demos from 2012's
The Winery Pups, a DVD of interviews and music videos, custom Winery Dogs dog chains, a wine bottle topper and more.
– Post Social CD (Profound Lore)
The five elongated tracks on
Postsocial comprise some of the most intriguing work ever from blackened noise terrorists Wold. Residing on the alien fringes of the harsh black metal, noise and experimental realms, the band's music is an intimidating yet transcendental barrage of unforgiving white noise steeped in occult and esoteric dogma.
>Wye Oak
– Shriek CD/LP (Merge)
Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack of Wye Oak have spent most of their lives in Baltimore, MD. But after two years of constant touring with Civilian, their lauded 2011 album, they landed on opposite sides of the country with an unforeseeable future. Despite this newfound uncertainty, the two embraced their physical distance, passing ideas back and forth, allowing work to evolve in their respective solitudes. Shriek is Wye Oak's fourth full-length and the culmination of their intent to express the emotional and intuitive self by acting out animalistic exclamations through cathartic release.

– Under The Big Black Sun [Reissue/1982] CD (Real Gone Music)
Remastered edition expanded with five bonus tracks. A lot of people consider 1982's
Under The Big Black Sun to be X's best album. And even those people who don't think it's their best album still consider it one of the best albums of the '80s. That's because it s their most personal and fearless record.

DVD + Blu-ray:
>The Allman Brothers
– The Allman Brothers Band 40: 40th Anniversary Show Live At The Beacon Theatre 2xDVD (Peach Records Associates)
Recorded on March 26, 2009, which marked the exact 40th anniversary of the first time Duane, Gregg, Jaimoe, Butch, Berry and Dickey played together. 155 minutes.

>The Clash
– The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD (Shout! Factory)
The only up-close and personal film about the juggernaut band The Clash, and their meteoric trajectory through rock & roll history,
The Rise And Fall Of The Clash features previously unseen footage of the band at work and at play as well as interviews with the individual band members and with those who knew them well. 90 minutes.
>Jim Gaffigan
– Obsessed DVD/Blu-ray (Comedy Central)
Jim Gaffigan bursts back on the scene with this eagerly anticipated fourth comedy special. Dubbed the "King Of Clean Comedy" by The Wall Street Journal, Jim's obsession with all things food comes to fruition on
Obsessed as he tackles a cornucopia of new food topics from fruit to seafood to donuts. Get ready for 70 minutes of non-stop laughs at Jim's twisted-yet-enlightened observations on the seemingly mundane topics that have made him a fixture in the comedy world for audiences of all ages. Also available on stand-alone DVD.
– 35th Anniversary Tour: Live From Poland DVD/Blu-ray (Eagle Rock)
This live concert sees Toto celebrating their 35th Anniversary at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland during their 2013 World Tour. 150 minutes.

>Ian Anderson
– Homo Erraticus 2xLP (K-Scope)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The 2014 conceptual masterclass from Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson reunites him with
Thick As A Brick lyricist Gerald Bostock for the first time since 1972. Homo Erraticus is a wonderfully ambitious fusion of folk, rock and metal stylings.
>William Basinski
– Melancholia [2003] LP+MP3 (Temporary Residence)
Originally released a year after the increasingly iconic
The Disintegration Loops, a decade later, Melancholia still stands as William Basinski's second most beloved album. To commemorate its 10-year anniversary, Temporary Residence presents the first-ever vinyl edition of this otherworldly piece of music.
>Black To Comm
– Providence LP (Dekorder)
Volume 7 in Dekorder's series of highly limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12" releases to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the label.

>The Both
– The Both LP (Superego)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The Both is Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. Building on a friendship forged while they were on tour together last year, it was Leo's solo sets that piqued Mann's interest in getting on stage with him and writing music together. Of the project, Mann notes, "Honestly, I feel like for the first time, I'm part of a rock band."

>Creation Rebel/New Age Steppers
– Threat To Creation [Reissue/1981] LP (Anthology Recordings)
This 1981 collaboration between two acts on Adrian Sherwood's nascent On-U Sound label captures, like few other records of the day, the dubbed-out pressure of living in Thatcherite London, pounded flat by class warfare amd left to fend for oneself.
Threat To Creation channels the raw earth blues through pounding rhythms and left-field sonic anachronisms, amd reclaims dub reggae as a music defined by the struggle.
>The Dandy Warhols
– 13 Tales From Urban Bohemia: Live At The Wonder 2xLP (The End)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. After a highly successful national US 13th anniversary tour for
Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia, The Dandy Warhols follow-up with an exclusive live recording of their hometown show at The Wonder.
>Dead In The Manger
– Transience 12" (20 Buck Spin)
A mix of depressive black metal and grind (which seemed on paper an impossible combination) and that their intention is to instill feelings of unease and despondency in the listener.

>Divino Nino
– Pool Jealousy LP (Native Sound)
This dreamy, psychedelic dream pop band, which utilizes world percussion inspired by their Latin American roots, also experiments with washed out reverb, dynamic vocal ranges, and lush soundscapes.

– Doss LP (Acephale)
Doss bursts forth into our reality by stepping sideways from one where the '90s boom never ended - an alternate Earth of curved, shining surfaces and strobing colors. As a producer and singer exploring electronica as a concept, Doss sidesteps the revivalist tag by reaching across genres, from trip-hop and trance to liquid drum & bass and Eurodance, and warping them into something simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic.

– The Stand LP (Dekorder)
Volume 6 in Dekorder's series of highly limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12" releases to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the label.

>Experimental Audio Research
– All Things Being Equal LP (Dekorder)
Volume 5 in Dekorder's series of highly limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12" releases to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the label.

– The Coast Explodes [Reissue/2007] LP (Holy Mountain)
Back in print on vinyl. Mammatus's second album straddles the line between psychedelia and hard rock while introducing more progressive aspects. The music is heavily influenced by both the power and complexity of the natural world and the ongoing battles of light and darkness.

>Ziggy Marley
– Fly Rasta LP (Tuff Going)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With his recent Grammy win for Best Reggae Album (
Ziggy Marley In Concert), Ziggy Marley is back with his fifth studio album, Fly Rasta. Produced by Ziggy Marley with additional production by Dave Cooley with contributions by The Melody Makers.
>Brett Naucke
– Seed LP (Spectrum Spools)
New album from the Chicago-based underground synth experimenter. Each track's complex arc points towards a mind rooted in academic electronic processes, keenly trying to surprise and disarm by prying open new textures, rhythms and structures. But Naucke has struck a perfect balance that unites this avant-garde intuition with a compositional sophistication -- bringing each unique molecule of sound into cohesive songs and further still into a supremely listenable and closed album that operates entirely on its own logic

– In Search Of [Reissue/2002] 2xLP (Virgin)
HQ-180 vinyl reissue of N.E.R.D.'s 2002 debut. "The electro-powered grooves of the writing-production team the Neptunes have abetted fine-to-great tracks by everyone from Jay-Z and Ol' Dirty Bastard to Britney Spears. On their debut as performers, they display an irresistible knack for hooky tracks rooted in the eclectic listening habits they developed while growing up in the multiracial Virginia Beach, VA, neighborhoods they still call home."

>Nickel Creek
– A Dotted Line LP+CD (Nonesuch)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The bluegrass trio officially reunites for the first time since its 2007 self-described "indefinite hiatus" with a new album.

>The Shivvers
– The Shivvers LP (Sing Sing)
In the spirit of Badfinger and The Raspberries with a heavy dose of Girl Group soul, get ready for the three-minute magic of The Shivvers. Classic pop from an age of plastic fops, it's taken over 30 years for this album to see the light of day.

>Old Smokey
– Wester Easter LP (Cloud Recordings)
Old Smokey is a unique five piece ensemble featuring Jim Willingham on banjo, Jason Trahan on lap steel, John Fernandes on violin/clarinet/bass clarinet, Jacob Morris on cello, and Rob Lomax on drums. Their quixotic and sometimes haunting sound has developed organically; the way the instrumentation of the band blends is both complementary and evocative. This distinctive unit began playing together over two years ago. For fans of Bruce Langhorne, Abner Jay, Bollywood steel guitar music, and The Monks.

>Evan Ønly
– No Matter What 12" (Underwater Peoples)
A highly-evolved pop record with human progress in its sights and soulful electropop as its means. Produced by Ice Choir's Kurt Feldman, these nine kinetic anthems alchemize the DNA of Ønly's preferred architects of sound -- Prefab Sprout, Pet Shop Boys, The Associates, and David Bowie's
Let's Dance -- into an astute psychological pop adventure for a future-facing generation.
– Rush [Reissue/1974] LP+MP3 (Mercury)
Vinyl reissue of the original Moon Records (pre-Mercury) release of
Rush, as part of Universal's reDISCovered vinyl series. Housed in a sturdy, custom box with a lift-off top, this landmark album is pressed on HQ-200gm audiophile grade vinyl, from the original 1974 analog stereo masters, cut to copper plates using the Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) process at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.
>Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra
– Hang On To Each Other 12"+MP3 (Constellation)
Following their acclaimed
F**k Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra dust off an old chesnut from their 2005 album Horses In The Sky and coat it in glitter and shards of glass; not remixes really, but brand new recordings that use set-closing live favorite "Hang On To Each Other" as a launching point for some rather glorious dancefloor excursions.
– Burning World [Reissue/1989] LP (1972)
The Burning World is an excellent curio in Swans' already eclectic discography. 1987's Children Of God confirmed that Swans could indulge delicacy alongside immersive swathes of sound. In 1989, bandleader Michael Gira co-produced The Burning World alongside multi-instrumentalist Bill Laswell and continued to refine his songwriting without compromising power. Jarboe's inimitable vocal presence enhances the overall tunefulness while Gira's own weary-but-resilient declamations ascend to towering intensity at precisely the right moments.
>William Tyler
– Lost Colony 12"+MP3 (Merge)
This limited-edition vinyl-only 12" features a new song "Whole New Dude," a full-band re-working of "We Can't Go Home Again" from
Impossible Truth, and "Karussell," a cover of a Michael Rother (Neu!) song.
>A Winged Victory For The Sullen
– Atmos 12" (Kranky)
Vinyl-only 12" single from the neo-classical/ambient collective comprising Stars Of The Lid founder Adam Wiltzie and L.A. composer Dustin O'Halloran.

>Secret Colours – Positive Distractions CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Secret Colors)
Secret Colours have taken a decidedly different direction with
Positive Distractions. After two original members left in 2013, the band have emerged much leaner four-piece. "Secret Colours manages to produce a perfectly balanced neo-garage-pop album with subtle but electrifying surprises scattered throughout." -- CMJ
released 22 APRIL 2014
>J.D. Allen – Bloom CD (Savant)
Every new recording by tenor saxophonist JD Allen serves to solidify his reputation as one of the finest, most adventurous young musicians playing today. With a gently swinging, very personal vibrato he weaves his way into territory that he has charted for himself. With pianist Orrin Evans, J.D. takes us on an intensely personal journey through an ever-changing landscape of jazz as he sees it with playing that earned Allen a blaze of critical attention signaling his ascension to the upper ranks of the contemporary jazz world.

– Boring Birth CD (Jigsaw)
Sounding like a mix between The Wolfhounds, The Monochrome Set and even a little Big Flame (and similarly noisy bands on the ''other'' side of C86), Amida’s speedy/jangly guitars seem to be
fighting the propelling bass guitar for control, giving us some very compelling music in the process.

>The Apache Relay
– The Apache Relay CD (So Recordings)
"Nashville band The Apache Relay has come a long way since their humble beginnings in vocalist Michael Ford, Jr.’s Belmont dorm room. They impressed on their 2009 debut
1988, but the real momentum picked up with 2011’s American Nomad, which won the band slots opening for Mumford & Sons and appearing at renowned festivals like Newport Folk" – Paste. Vinyl version due May 19.
>Army Of The Pharaohs
– In Death Reborn CD/2xLP (Enemy Soil)
Initiated in 1998 by Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz as homage to the incredible rap crews of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, The Army Of The Pharoahs has, from its outset, been an ever-evolving collective of celebrated emcees from the indie hip-hop scene. Founding members Vinnie Paz and Esoteric were featured on the crew's original 12" single,
Five Perfect Exertions, in 1998 and remain with the crew today. With the release of their debut studio album, The Torture Papers in 2006, the Pharoah clique expanded to include accomplished solo emcees Apathy, Celph Titled, King Syze, Reef The Lost Cauze, and the Philly hip-hop duo and frequent Jedi Mind Tricks collaborators, Outerspace. In Death Reborn also features appearances from Blacastan, Zilla, Block McCloud, Demoz, Doap Nixon, King Magnetic and Lawrence Arnell.
– Life Imitating Life CD (Washington Square Music)
From the first song, the melodic, piano-driven "Ash And Ember," to the beautiful vocals on the album’s closer, "Remember Me,"
Life Imitating Life is a shimmering blend of rock, folk, and country, all of which manage to sound both modern and timeless together.
>Iggy Azalea
– The New Classic CD (Def-Jam)
Debut album by the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. She would be the first to admit that she's something of an outsider in the world of rap. As a white girl from rural Australia, raised in the small New South Wales town of Mullumbimby (population: 3,000), how could she not be? It's appropriate that she's risen to the status of one of the most promising new MCs in an era when hip-hop has never been more open to artists from a diversity of backgrounds. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe includes bonus tracks.

>Sebastian Bach
– Give ‘Em Hell CD (Frontiers)
The former Skid Row frontman returns with a fist in your face, hard rock and heavy metal record which sees his now signature sound and vocal style in top form. Produced again by Bob Marlette (Black Sabbath, Shinedown, Atreyu, Filter),
Give 'Em Hell sees some very special guests joining Sebastian on the songwriting and playing front: Steve Stevens (Billy Idol); John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, David Lee Roth) and Duff McKagan (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver).
– All This Bad Blood 2xCD (Virgin)
Deluxe double-CD edition of the UK quartet's 2013 debut features a bonus disc containing 13 additional tracks including the single, ''Of The Night'' plus various new recordings, rare B-sides and tracks from the band's fabled
Other People’s Heartache mixtapes.
>Drake Bell
– Ready Steady Go CD (Surfdog)
Drake Bell is the most popular TV star in Nickelodeon's history, but his talent goes way beyond acting. With music being his first love, Drake has just made "the most rockin' and exciting album of his career." Produced by the legendary Peter Collins. Vinyl version due May 13.

>Jerry Bergonzi
– Intersecting Lines CD (Savant)
The title says it all.
Intersecting Lines is about the interplay between saxophonists Jerry Bergonzi and Dick Oatts. This is an old-school blowing session in the context of hard bop and bebop, and the focus is squarely on the two horns. Bass and drum solos are few and far between -- and brief.
>Black Prairie
– Fortune CD (Sugar Hill)
This group of seasoned musicians from Portland, Oregon – each steeped in traditional American acoustic music - has become hell-bent on taking one imaginative leap after another. In a way,
Fortune is Black Prairie's most conventional record - thirteen, polished vocal tunes with (mostly) conventional pop song structures. On the other hand, there's a glaring eccentricity to the album that hits you right away: here is a band of accomplished acoustic musicians playing what are essentially rock songs, and sometimes with a pretty hard edge - it's a record, band members say, that's trying to channel not the spirit of Earl Scruggs or Jerry Douglas, but Led Zeppelin.
>Cabaret Voltaire
– Drinking Gasoline [Reissue/1985] CD+DVD/LP+DVD (Mute)
Drinking Gasoline, originally released in 1985, consists of four songs from the legendary Gasoline In Your Eye videocassette. These songs rank among Cabaret Voltaire's more infectious compositions and have been remastered for incredible sound. Gasoline In Your Eye is now included as a DVD together with both the CD and the LP of Drinking Gasoline, featuring videos shot and edited by groundbreaking director Peter Care and original band member, Richard H Kirk.
>Oliver Cherer
– Sir Ollife Leigh & Other Ghosts CD (Second Language)
Retaining an attractive blend of organic instrumentation, unsettling electronic soundscapes and tender, intimate harmonies that have become his trademark over the years, Cherer (best known for his work as Dollboy) has produced an album of beautiful, pastoral reminisces and uneasy nostalgia on the subject of loss. Recorded in his studio in St Leonards-On-Sea, East Sussex and including contributions from Riz Maslen (Neotropic) on backing vocals, recorders and flute, Jack Hayter (Hefner) on viola and banjo and Alistair Strachan (Crayola Lecturn) supplying horns.

– The Bones Of What You Believe CD (Glassnote)
Repackaged/expanded edition of Chvrches' 2013 album featuring four bonus tracks.

>Sharon Corr
- Same Sun CD (Grand Jury Music)
Second solo album from acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Sharon Corr, best known for her work with her Grammy-nominated family band The Corrs.

– Death III CD/LP (Drag City)
Five years after the second life of Death was started with the release of their revelatory 1976 album,
For The Whole World To See, Death III slams the door on the vault with a powerful set of songs that bring equal amounts of rock and ethereal soul-searching, in high-fidelity, rich bottomed, studio-grade sound.
>The Down ‘N’ Outs
– Further Adventures Of CD (Jigsaw)
Joe Elliott of Def Leppard and London's own Quireboys formed The Down 'N' Outz after being asked to open for Mott The Hoople at London's Hammersmith. Their love for the band inspired them into recording
My Regeneration (2010), an album full of Mott The Hoople related tracks. They had so much fun the first time, they've decided to do it again.
>Federico Durand
– El Estanque Esmerelda CD (Spekk)
Federico is a sound artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since his highly acclaimed first album, he has been prolific, releasing a multitude of titles that have quickly sold out. He has also released albums as Melodia (collaboration with Tomoyoshi Date from Optiope) and Every Hidden Color (collaboration with Nicholas Szczepanik). He uses a lot of field recordings and the overall impression is warm and organic just as his personality.

>Dust Moth
– Dragon Mouth CD/LP (The Mylene Sheath)
Dragon Mouth, the debut EP by Seattle post-hardcore band Dust Mouth, starts off with a confounding piece of ambient noise called "Pounding," which leads into a lurching, atmospheric track called "Cusp." It’s quickly clear that Dust Moth is a much different beast than the band members’ previous gigs, such as Minus The Bear, These Arms Are Snakes, Undertow and Shift." – Alt Press
– Perform The Cautionary Tales Of Oliver Everett CD/2xCD/LP (E Works)
Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe includes a bonus disc containing non-album tracks and live radio sessions. "In many ways, this is Everett’s most brutally personal album to date. Anyone familiar with Everett’s personal history should be able to pick up on some of the album’s more autobiographical songs, which pack the greatest emotion punch. ‘Parallels,’ an acoustic track which is not only the best song on the album, but deserves to be ranked as the best songs Eels have ever recorded, is a tender ode to his father’s many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, imagining that there might be a universe where is he alive." – Drowned In Sound

– Noir CD (Tympanik Audio)
New release from EyeScream aka Andrey Novikov from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Initiating his musical creativity in 2006, Andrey has been experimenting and mixing with a variety of different styles and sounds under the moniker EyeScream.

>Fear Of Men
– Loom CD/LP (Kanine)
"The Brighton indie-poppers Fear Of Men specialize in an airy but rhythmically muscular strain of early-’90s-style dream-pop." – Stereogum

>William Ryan Fitch
– Emptied Animal CD (Lost Tribe Sound)
Debut EP from the San Francisco-based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.
Emptied Animal is an overture to the surrealist psych-folk of his LP Leave Me Like You Found Me. This 10 song EP, full of more music and ideas than most long playing records, is comprised of five new songs featuring his honeyed, expressive vocals over bold, panoramic orchestration and five equally sumptuous and engaging instrumental tracks all showcasing a unique sense of orchestration and texture.
– Honest CD (Epic)
New album from the Atlanta rapper featuring guest appearances by Pharrel, Pusha T, Kanye West, Drake, Young Scooter, Andre 3000, and Lil Wayne. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds bonus tracks.

>G. Love & Special Sauce
– Sugar CD/LP (Brushfire)
Twenty years ago G. Love & Special Sauce released their first album. 20 years later they will be releasing a brand new album,
Sugar, which sees the return of James "Jimi Jazz" Prescott back on the stand up bass for the first time in eight years.
– Weird Drift CD/LP (Planet Mu)
After last year’s album
Love & Devotion the husband and wife duo of Mike Paradinas and Lara Rix-Martin follow up with Weird Drift. The album shows just how much their ability to write confident and thoughtful pop songs has developed, while still being able to retain the sleepy cushion of steamy synth pop that made the first record so rewarding to listen to.
– S.I.D. (Shining In Darkness) CD (Livewire)
New album from the King of the Bay, featuring production from The Mechanix, The Invasion, Rob Lo and more. Guest appearances from E-40, Berner, The Jacka, and more.

– Food CD/2xLP (Ninja Tune)
Food is a startling combination of Kelis’ most frank and vulnerable vocals to date, and Dave Sitek's (TV On The Radio) inimitable sonic imprint. Littered with transcendent, Spector-esque lift, warm bottom ends and vast depth, the music is the perfect backdrop for Kelis’ unique voice. The latter has only improved with time and experience, and the album candidly explores pain, happiness and everything in between.
– Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From Da House Of Rust CD (The End Records)
In four decades, Krokus played over 2,000 shows across five continents. Every gig, every place and every crowd was different, but all showed tremendous enthusiasm towards the band. Krokus recorded 20 shows for release consideration, eventually deciding on their last sold out show, recorded in their hometown at the House Of Rust on August 30th 2013.
>Little Feat – Live In Holland 1976 CD+DVD (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
This CD+DVD set captures Little Feat’s performance at the famous Dutch festival Pinkpop on June 7th, 1976 and features their classic line-up at the peak of their powers performing many of their best known tracks.

>Magic Drum Orchestra
– MDO CD (Tru Thoughts)
The Magic Drum Orchestra is a 20 piece percussion group led by Glyn Bush and Ralph Cree, covering a wide range of styles including batucada, samba, funk, hip-hop, drum & bass, dubstep, and Afrobeat fusing traditional styles with modern dance beats.

>Margo & The Nuclear So And So’s
– Slingshot To Heaven (Mariel Recording Company)
Sling Shot To Heaven, Margot & The Nuclear So And So's fifth studio album, was recorded in the studio that the band built a decade ago with the advance received from their debut album, The Dust Of Retreat. The entirety of the new release was recorded on 2'' tape with nary a computer in sight and produced by the band. Edwards' goal for the band's fifth album was to ''make a record that came across like a sci-fi dream about my decade of touring and making records obsessively while slowly becoming an adult or at least something vaguely resembling one.''
>Mean Creek
– Local Losers CD/LP (Old Flame)
The latest release from Boston-based quartet,
Local Losers' eight anthemic tracks clock in at a raucous twenty minutes making for an ultimate ADHD listening experience.
– Saudades CD (Kaico)
"Melodia is the duo of Date and Argentina’s Federico Durand, who met on tour and got along so well that they decided to make music together. The resulting LP is beautiful in the manner of memory: shiny, twinkling, buffed to a sheen. Stephan Mathieu deserves notice for his incredibly crisp mastering: so crisp that it drives away tears. The music box bells are mixed more upfront than one might expect, making the album sound more immediate than subtle. A mixture of organic sounds (footsteps, conversation, the clinking of dishes, children playing, lapping water and birdsong) invite the listener into a home of laughter, a warm place with open windows where shared mourning turns to happier remembrance." – A Closer Listen

>The Menzingers
– Rented World CD/LP+CD (Epitaph)
Fourth studio album from the Philadelphia punk band.

>Keb’ Mo’
– Bluesamericana CD (Kind Of Blue Music)
Keb’Mo’s twelfth full-length album marks the 20th anniversary of his self-titled debut. But, more importantly, the disc is a signpost of artistic and personal growth. "I only make albums when I'm inspired to, and these 10 songs come from a very honest place," Keb' relates. Recorded in Nashville
, Bluesamericana features some of the three-time Grammy winner's most poignant and joyful songs.
>Ted Neeley
– Rock Opera CD (Tedhead)
New EP from the singer, actor, drummer and producer best known for his portrayal of the title role in the 1973 motion picture
Jesus Christ Superstar.
>Neon Trees
– Pop Psychology CD (Island/Mercury)
Tyler Glenn says of
Pop Psychology, ‘‘the album is so special to me personally because it basically started from a place where I was broken and uninterested in anything to do with music. I had reached a breaking point. For me this record is a celebration, a cry for help, an admission of self-doubt, and a revelation of self-acceptance. At the very least, it's a pop record, and to me the purest example of the sound of Neon Trees.''
–Noreaster CD (Empire Distribution)
Best known as one half of the iconic NY due, Capone-N-Noreage, N.O.R.E. has continued to remain a relevant figure in today's fickle hip-hip landscape, N.O.R.E. saw success as a solo artist with the Neptune's produced track, ''Superthug.'' His new album
Noreaster features guest appearances by Jadakiss, Raekwon, Troy Ave, Yung Reallie and more.
>One Hour Hell
– Interfectus CD (Vicisolom Production)
New album from the Swedish metal band.

– Complete Discography 6xCD (Storm Vox/Coptic Cat)
Swedish actor, musician and record label owner (Stormvox) Peter Stormare (the silent, blonde kidnapper in the Coen Brother classic
Fargo) has lifted the lid on a long-buried passion project, reissuing as he will be the entire back catalogue of obscure ‘70s psych-rockers Ramases (with artwork by Current 93’s David Tibet). Ramases, founded by Sheffield-born PE instructor Barrington Frost and his wife, Dorothy, is brought back to life via this six-disc box set that takes in the duo’s early singles of 1971’s Space Hymns through to the latter tracks of 1975’s groove-laden Glass Top Coffin and beyond.
– Sacco CD/LP (Sensibility Music)
Sacco is the creative vision of childhood friends John Fredericks and Andy Breihan, formed after playing in bands together for nearly a decade (Guards). The group is rounded out by new member and fellow NYC via California transplant Chris Trombley on drums. The album came together during a week-long stay in a beach cottage in Montauk, NY lending to its lighter side and airy sounds far from those of a typical New York City band. Paired with lyrical content regarding heartbreak, disconnect, mourning and revelation, the 10 tracks leave you yearning to bask in their nostalgia.

>The Seldom Scene
– Long Time… Seldom Scene CD (Smithsonian Folkways)
For more than four decades, profoundly influential bluegrass band The Seldom Scene has shared its undeniable talent, progressive repertoire, and creative spirit both in the studio and on stage.
Long Time: Seldom Scene features fresh interpretations of 16 oft-requested tunes and is the band's first studio album since Scenechronized in 2007. It's a family reunion in all the best ways, featuring the current and longest-running lineup, joined by founding members Tom Gray and John Starling and guests Chris Eldridge, Emmylou Harris, and Rickie Simpkins.
>Semi Precious Weapons
– Aviation CD (RedZone)
Forming in New York City, Semi Precious Weapons quickly developed a cult-like following with their songs, live performances, and visual style. Eventually the buzz the band created touring the country with the likes of Ladyhawke, Ida Maria and The Sounds. Lady Gaga then went on to invite her favorite band to join The Monster Ball World Tour as her opening act for a worldwide 18 month run.

– Here Lies Love 2xCD (Nonesuch)
Nonesuch Records presents the cast recording of David Byrne's
Here Lies Love. The recording features music by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim as performed by the original 2013 Public Theater cast of the Here Lies Love musical starring Ruthie Ann Miles and Jose Llana as Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos. Here Lies Love, which draws its name from Imelda's requested tombstone epitaph, was originally released in 2010 as an album with multiple singers performing the lead roles, including Santigold, Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine), Sia, Steve Earle, St. Vincent, Natalie Merchant, Tori Amos, Sharon Jones, Nicole Atkins, and many others.
>Brandon Steadman Band
– Recovery CD (Smith)
Debut album from the country singer/songwriter and his band.
Recovery was set to be an organic record and truly took form throughout the recording process. ''We really didn't want to rush anything. We wanted to build it as it happened and if it wasn't working, we didn't want to force the issue on anything. We didn't want to make another Texas country record. We wanted to make sure we made a Brandon Steadman Band record.''
– The Way & Color CD/LP (Carpark)
Pivoting from the melodic psych of their previous efforts, TEEN's second full-length shows the young group confidently shifting direction with their distinctly modern, R&B-informed pop. Amidst the album's rich patchwork, Teeny emerges as an expressive, inspired frontwoman, touching on themes of relationships, womanhood and power. The record's crisp production from Daniel Schlett (DIIV) showcases her voice's stylistic agility, from the theatrical vamping of "Rose 4 U" to the twisting, soulful "More Than I Ask For."

>To Kill A King
– Cannibals With Cutlery CD (Xtra Mile)
The Guardian says, "Straight to the emotional point... enough to make us believe in indie guitar rock again." and Q Magazine declares, "Their debut album is dressed in beautiful epic indie and new wave pop threads."

>Various Artists
– Farewell Transmission: The Music Of Jason Molina 2xCD (Rock The Cause)
A collection of Molina favorites performed by My Morning Jacket, Murder By Death, Communist Daughter, Enemy Planes, Bottomless Pit, and more. Also contains new music from Molina's bandmates Memorial Electric Company including "Arm In Arm" - a tribute to their fallen bandmate - and "Trouble In Mind (Fade To Blue)" – which is previously unreleased.

– Sovereign Nocturnal [Reissue/2008] CD (Eisenwald)
Digitally remastered edition of this 2008 underground metal favorite. Hailing from Colorado, Velnias came into being in late 2006 and established themselves by force of steady and captivating live performances, be it single concerts and rituals or tours with the likes of Agalloch, Mournful Congregation and Kampfari. With three songs and a total running time of over 40 minutes,
Sovereign Nocturnal is widely described as a harmonic combination of sorrowful black metal with a sprawling doom atmosphere, combined with elements of folk and moody acoustic passages.
>Kenny ‘Blue Boss’ Wayne
– Rollin’ With The Blues Boss CD (Stony Plain Music)
With special guests Eric Bibb and Diunna Greenleaf, Kenny hammers out rockin' boogie woogie, deeply felt blues, and puts a fresh coat of paint on good old-fashioned roots rock & roll. A multiple award winner, he is a monster pianist, and soulful singer, who captures the essence of old school blues and boogie while sounding totally fresh and contemporary.

>The Whigs
– Modern Creation CD (New West)
For their fifth album, the Athens-bred/Nashville-based power trio the Whigs wanted to find the exact midpoint between raw and rehearsed. After more than a decade together during which they've released four critically lauded studio albums and toured constantly as either headliners or openers for the likes of the Drive-By Truckers, Kings of Leon, and MGMT the three members all agreed that they wanted to flex their muscles a bit: write some good songs, get them down as tight as possible, hit, and tear sh*t up. Vinyl version due May 19.

– Better Days Comin’ CD/CD+DVD (Frontiers)
Once again Winger offers an exciting mixture of the melodic and commercial approach of their first two albums (which catapulted Winger into massive popularity in the height of the era where massive MTV play equated to instant stardom) with the more technical and almost progressive rock feel of such albums as
Pull or IV. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a bonus audio track and a DVD featuring a documentary and two videoclips.

>Federico Albanese
– The Houseboat And The Moon LP (Denovali)
The Houseboat And The Moon is an emotionally open and atmospherically charged debut that feels like a long warm hug from an old friend you haven’t seen in years. It has small imperfections that actually make it perfect. The piano parts were recorded with a 1969 German tape recorder, the Uher Royal Deluxe, and that intensifies Albanese’s passionate touch and the overall dreamy vibe throughout the thirteen compositions. Even though it has some shades of Ludovico Einaudi, that especially remind me of Nightbook; The Houseboat And The Moon drifts in the more experimental territories of the modern classical genre with a distinctive and engaging personality." – Igloo Magazine
>Black Bananas
– Physical Emotions 7" (Drag City)
On the A-side, Jennifer's sweet delivery is an ode to the stone soul joy of being out on the tiles. The B-side reworks the glare of recent glory. With 4 on the floor like they just don't care no more, Hot Chip outline the physical motions of "Rad Times Xpress IV"'s uber-cut "TV Trouble," with a hot remix.

>Cannonball Adderly
– Somethin’ Else [Reissue/1958] LP (Blue Note)
Recorded in March of 1958, Cannonball Adderley's
Somethin’ Else was recording during the era when Adderley was part of the Miles Davis Sextet. Featured on the album are Adderley on alto sax along with Miles Davis on trumpet, Hank Jones on piano, Sam Jones on bass and Art Blakey on drums. Of note, this is one of the few post-1955 appearances of Miles Davis as a sideman.
>The Ornette Coleman Trio
- At The Golden Circle Stockholm Vol. 1 [Reissue/1965] LP (Blue Note)
Recorded on December 3, 1965, this album features Ornette Coleman on alto sax, along with violin and trumpet, David Izenzon on bass and Charles Moffett on drums.

>Ensemble Economique
– Interval Signals LP (Denovali)
A seamless, cinematic tapestry of beauty, filled to the brim with cacophonous melodies, meditative auditory chants, and hypnotic shambolic rhythms, which could be probably briefly classified as a blend of ambient, drone, psychedelic, and shoegaze.

>Gamma Ray
– Empire Of The Undead LP (Eagle Rock)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. 11
th studio album from the power metal band.
>Dexter Gordon
– Our Man In Paris [Reissue/1963] LP (Blue Note)
Recorded in 1963, Dexter Gordon's
Our Man In Paris features Gordon on tenor sax, Bud Powell on piano, Pierre Michelot on bass and Kenny Clarke on drums.
>Herbie Hancock
– Maiden Voyage [Reissue/1965] LP (Blue Note)
Arguably one of Herbie Hancock's greatest album from the '60s,
Maiden Voyage is his fifth album, recorded by Rudy Van Gelder in 1965. Featuring five original Hancock compositions, the album features Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, George Coleman on tenor sax, Hancock on piano, Ron Carter on bass and Anthony Williams on drums.
>The Luxembourg Signal
– Distant Drive 7" (Shelflife)
Six minutes and 25 seconds of pure-pop bliss that is the perfect teaser to their upcoming full length (due late summer 2014).

>Purling Hiss
– Dizzy Polizzy LP (Drag City)
In 2006 a CDR called
Dizzy Polizzy came together. Capitalizing on the newfound demand for Hisstrionics, Mike made a tour only cassette of Dizzy Polizzy in 2011, combining those original six CD-R songs with some well-fitting additions circa 2007-2009. This album reissues the cassette compilation on LP for the first time ever.
>The Red Krayola
– Coconut Hotel LP (Drag City)
Coconut Hotel hails from 1967, when it was recorded for International Artists in the wake of international success of The Parable of Arable Land. Too far out for its day, Coconut Hotel was eventually issued on Drag City in 1995 and features the original Red Krayola at their most extremely experimental, while still retaining the air of whimsey ("One-Second Pieces") that permeates all their releases.
>The Red Krayola
– Hazel LP (Drag City)
In 1996, the ‘90s edition of The Red Krayola roared out loud with
Hazel. This LP was received rapturously by young (and let's face it, somewhat clueless) post-rockers everywhere, and featured Mayo Thompson riding herd over a cast of dozens, including the then Gastr Del Sol union of David Grubbs and Jim O’Rourke, along with John McEntire, Tom Watson, Stephen Prina, and George Hurley, among many distinguished others.
>The Red Krayola
– Singles 2xLP (Drag City)
Spanning the years 1969-2004, Singles contains many Krayola klassics of the pre-punk, punk, post-punk etc., eras once represented by labels like Texas Revolution, Rough Trade, Konkurrenz, and uh, Drag City. This compilation was released on CD 10 years ago. Here it is for the first time on vinyl.

>Sonny Rollins
– A Night At The Village Vanguard [Reissue/1957] LP (Blue Note)
A Night At The Village Vanguard was recorded in 1957 by jazz great Sonny Rollins. The album features Rollins on tenor sax, Wilbur Ware on bass, Elvin Jones on drums, Donald Bailey on bass and Pete La Roca on drums.
– Bad Blood Gets Good Blood LP (Ethereal Sequence)
Spenking is Spencer Kingman making his LP debut after more than a decade of recording and playing with Dirty Projectors, Flaspar, Viking Moses, Low Skies, Deer Tick, Castanets and Jana Hunter. Kingman sings lively, unencumbered melodies in a lovely high-register over inventive guitar work. His arrangements are direct and sparse. This inviting, intimate sound is contrasted with dense rhyming lyrics charged with an obscure sense of catastrophe, disorientation, and dread.

>Thought Forms/Ebsen And The Witch
– Split LP (Invada)
This split release recalls the classic era of split singles in the US underground — think of those heady early Sub Pop days, where you'd get Mudhoney and Sonic Youth covering one another on either side of a 7". In other words: record collector heaven.

>The Van Pelt – Imaginary Third LP+MP3 (La Castanya)

Originally scheduled for release in 1997, Imaginary Third was intended to be the balanced yet wiser culmination of their previous two albums. However, at the peak of their success they decided to call it quits. Members went on to play in bands like Jets To Brazil, Enon, St. Vincent, The Lapse and Vague Angels to name a few, while the tapes collected dust in Rare Book Room studio in Brooklyn.

released 15 APRIL 2014
>Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Check 'Em Before You Wreck 'Em! CD (Rise Above)
The Shovell somehow carry on the lineage of the truly golden age of British heavy rock whose dog sh!t stained road was paved by the likes of Budgie, Sabbath, early Motörhead, Quo, Lizzy, The Groundhogs, Stray etc. Chuck in a healthy chunk of US and Aussie proto metallurgists Sir Lord Baltimore, Dust, Bang, The Litter and Buffalo, as well as a healthy Vertigo 'Swirl' of dew picked mushrooms bad trip psych. Vinyl version due May 13.
>The Afghan Whigs
– Do To The Beast CD/2xLP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Do To The Beast is the first new album by The Afghan Whigs in over a decade and a half. Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1988, the band has long stood out from its peers, with their savage blend of hard rock, classic soul, and frontman Greg Dulli's searing angst and obsessions. (Double-vinyl version plays at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity.)
>AJ & The Jiggawatts
– AJ & The Jiggawatts CD/LP (Ged Soul)
This eclectic combination of Nashville players capture a sound that lives comfortably in the space between funk and soul, but shares a bathroom with rock & roll.

>The Alchemist & Budgie
– The Good Book 2xCD (Bau)
Al and Budgie’s two separate, mostly instrumental, albums are built exclusively from gospel samples. The resulting beats, incredibly unique and original, provide a canvas for collaborations from Action Bronson, Blu, Prodigy, Roc Marciano, and others.

>Asylum Street Spankers
– The Last Laugh CD (Yellow Dog)
If you've read the bio or know any of the members of the Asylum Street Spankers, you probably know that the group was founded in 1994 at a booze-filled party at the Dabbs Hotel along the river in Llano, Texas, and for the next seventeen years left a swath of astounded audiences in its wake. Well, it appears that America's favorite old-time hell raisers have once again musically triumphed over overindulgence and memory loss. Or have they?

>August Alsina
– Testimony CD (Def Jam)
Features guest appearances from Jeezy, Pusha T, Fabolous, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Trinidad James, B.O.B. and Yo Gotti. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe includes four bonus tracks.

>Amps For Christ
– Canyons Cars And Crows CD/LP (Shrimper)
New release from this project led by Man Is The Bastard and Bastard Noise veteran and metal/noise pioneer Henry Barnes. Coming seven years after the release of the previous full-length record,
Canyons Cars And Crows is a proper resurrection for Amps For Christ. Recorded at Equation Road in the beautiful Pomona Valley, the record upholds the band's traditions of mixing folk with hardcore and noise with music - known as folkcore and musnik, respectively - and covers familiar sonic territories from ragas and basho folk to dirges and jigs.
>Ian Anderson
– Homo Erraticus CD (K-Scope)
The 2014 conceptual masterclass from Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson reunites him with
Thick As A Brick lyricist Gerald Bostock for the first time since 1972. Homo Erraticus is a wonderfully ambitious fusion of folk, rock and metal stylings. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a bonus DVD. Vinyl version due April 30.
>Marisa Anderson
– Golden Hour [2009] CD (Important)
Marisa Anderson – Mercury [2009] CD (Important)
CD versions of two 2009 Mississippi Records releases from Portland-based guitar virtuoso. Recommended for fans of James Blackshaw and Josef Van Wissem, with Appalachian folk tradition.

>Angina Pectoris
– Lakshmi CD (Crysella)
New release from the German goth rockers – available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe features alternate packaging and bonus material.

>Anubis Gate
– Horizons CD (Nightmare)
The eagerly anticipated sixth album of Danish prog-metallers.

Del Barber – Prairieography CD/LP (True North)
Prairieography is Del Barber’s fourth album and is a departure for the acclaimed singer/songwriter, as he ventures farther into traditional country music than on his previous releases.
>Bobby Bare Jr’s Young Criminals’ Starvation League
– Undefeated CD/LP (Bloodshot)
Undefeated is an album of distinct balance, but with raw and varied textures. "North Of Alabama By Mornin’" leads with a murky, palm-muted electric guitar and striding, crunchy organ backbeat; a combination that is undeniably kinetic à la Humble Pie’s ‘70s boogie grooves and sinister and sexy, like a Southern doppelganger to Greg Dulli/The Twilight Singers. At other moments, Bobby channels his country DNA (like in the Hayes Carll co-penned "My Baby Took My Baby Away"), mirror-ball gazing ‘70s R&B/soul ("Undefeated"), and bright ballads from the hills and hollers of Venice Beach ("If She Cared"). From anyone else, this refusal to play it on the straight and narrow would sound cluttered and disjointed, but Bobby never breaks a sweat.
>Courtney Barnett
– The Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas CD/LP (Mom + Pop)
"Courtney Barnett makes jangly, rumpled indie-rock in the vein of Pavement or early Dylan: Wordy, wry, and anchored by the kind of poetic clarity you can only get from looking at the world askew." – Rolling Stone

>The Birds Of Satan
– The Birds Of Satan CD/LP+MP3 (Shanabelle)
Debut album from the new band formed by The Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins, with guest appearance by Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and others.

>Black Sabbath
- Complete Albums Box 1970-1978 8xCD (WB)
The original quartet's groundbreaking eight-album run. Presented in a clamshell box, the set contains all of the studio albums recorded for Warner Bros., including their iconic, eponymous debut (1970), the multi-platinum landmark
Paranoid (1970), the platinum albums Master Of Reality (1971), Vol. 4 (1972), and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973), as well as the gold albums Sabotage (1975), Technical Ecstasy (1976), and Never Say Die! (1978).
– Blodwen CD (Crysella)
New release from the Indonesian female fronted symphonic power metal band.

>The Both
– The Both CD (Superego)
The Both is Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. Building on a friendship forged while they were on tour together last year, it was Leo's solo sets that piqued Mann's interest in getting on stage with him and writing music together. Of the project, Mann notes, "Honestly, I feel like for the first time, I'm part of a rock band." Vinyl version due April 29.

>Chet Faker
– Built On Glass CD/LP (Downtown)
Debut full-length release for the Australian producer/singer/songwriter Nick Murphy. "
Built On Glass is very much the culmination of Faker's disparate influences, showcasing his broken, downtempo soul at its finest." – This Is Fake DIY
>Cloud Cult
– Unplug CD (Rebel Group)
Cloud Cult has always followed an eco-friendly path, with band leader Craig Minowa running operations from his organic farm (initially in Minnesota, and now in rural Wisconsin) and using recycled materials for their CDs and a biodiesel van for touring. So the band's new acoustic album,
Unplug, feels like a natural step for a group accustomed to doing things the natural way.
>Dianne Cluck
– Boneset CD/LP (Important)
Seventh album from modern folk artist. Cluck's uniquely clipped, glottal vocals and harp-like acoustic guitar embed in rich textures from cellist Isabel Castellvi and drummer Anders Griffen.

>Rodney Crowell
– Tarpaper Sky CD/LP+MP3 (New West)
Crowell has pushed the boundaries of country, folk and roots music since long before the term Americana was coined as a genre, making a name for himself and gaining respect as both a songwriter and as an artist.
Tarpaper Sky would sit comfortably on the shelf right between the chart-topping fan favorite Diamonds And Dirt (1988) and Life Is Messy (1992). The album marks a reunion of the creative partnership of Crowell and musical accomplice Stuart Smith, who was an integral part of his overall sound during the late ‘80s.
>Cult Leader
– Nothing For Us Here CD/LP (Deathwish Inc.)
Nothing For Us Here is a complex crusher as you would expect. Brilliantly heavy, technical musicianship complimented by Anthony Lucero's newfound brutal vocal delivery (previously he played bass in Gaza). All of it coming together as an unconventional tangle of metal/hardcore/punk wreckage.
>Justin Currie
– Lower Reaches CD (Compass)
Best known as the vocalist of Scottish Rock Band Del Amitri, Justin Currie releases his third solo album.

>Jason Derulo
– Talk Dirty CD (WB)
The R&B star presents his third album, which features guest appearances by: 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Tyga, Kid Ink and Jordin Sparks are featured on the album with production by Timbaland, DJ Mustard, Red One, Wallpaper, The Cataracts, Ammo and Martin Johnson, Jon Bellion and more.

>The Dictators
– Faster, Louder: The Dictators Best 1975-2001 CD (Hard Boiled)
This set delivers representative cuts from all four Dictators albums: the goofball heavy rock debut
The Dictators Go Girl Crazy! (1975), the uneven attempt to play nice for the arena crowds Manifest Destiny (1977), the lean and powerful Bloodbrothers (1978), and the miraculous comeback D.F.F.D. (2001).
– Settle [Deluxe Edition] CD (Interscope)
Deluxe Edition of the UK electronic artists' 2013 album includes four bonus tracks, only previously released digitally. Disclosure have been making waves with their revival of the UK garage-house sound, marked by advanced rhythm combinations and soulful R&B vocal samples.

>Gord Downie, The Sadies And The Conquering Sun
- Gord Downie, The Sadies And The Conquering Sun CD/LP (Arts & Crafts)
Downie (Tragically Hip) intones poetry of promise in his signature wail, blended with the fierce intuition of The Sadies’ searing guitars and rollicking rhythms.

>The Drip
– Presentation Of Gruesome Politics CD/LP (Relapse)
Washington State’s The Drip roar onto the scene with a blasting EP of filthy, angry grind produced and engineered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. An absolute must for fans of all of the ferocious forefathers of grind-Napalm Death, Nasum, Rotten Sound, etc. This is a relentlessly skull crushing record of pissed off, high energy, barbaric grind.

>Duck Sauce
– Quack CD (Fool’s Gold)
A-Trak and Armand Van Helden first splashed on the scene as Duck Sauce with the breakout hit "aNYway."
Quack is their highly-anticipated full length studio debut.
– Eternal Enemies CD (Victory)
Sixth album from the metal band.

>Final Conflict
– Ashes To Ashes [Reissue/1987] CD/LP (Tank Crimes)
Reissue of this 1987 album from the Los Angeles-based hardcore rockers. Final Conflict were influenced by British punk bands like Discharge and were one of the first bands to blend hardcore's simplistic and manic sound and heavy metal's musicianship with any degree of success.

>Fire Retarded
– Scroggz Manor CD/LP (Big Neck)
Debut from Bobby Hussy (The Hussy)'s new group, Fire Retarded. 10 songs of fuzzed out punk rock that will shock and awe you into submission. Bobby's guitar adds a surrealistic fuzz feel to the power of these punk rippers which drags you in and hypnotizes you. Recorded in 2 days (natch) in an extra urgent punk rock style, for those taking notes.

>F##ked Up
– Year Of The Dragon CDEP/12" (Tank Crimes)
New EP from the critically-adored Canadian hardcore band, the sixth release in their Zodiac Series. The A-side, "Year Of The Dragon" is a 17 ½ minute epic anthem about dreams, expectations, compromise and hypocrisy. Already well known for being dynamic, F##ked Up melds efforts of rock, psychedelic, punk and metal into a comprehensive and imposing opus.

>Gamma Ray
– Empire Of The Undead CD (Eagle Rock)
th studio album from the power metal band. Vinyl version due April 22.
– It Was Once Said To Be A Song CD (Important)
Debut album from Japanese punk/psych/noise band (originally released in Japan in 2010).

>Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff
– Melodies For A Savage Fix CD (Important)
Gunn & Gangloff (Pelt) combine six and twelve-string guitars with gongs, tanpura, singing bowls, shruti box, and banjo for a gorgeous collection of improvised composition.

>Emmylou Harris
– Cowboy Angels CD (All Access)
The 1975 broadcast featured here was aired from San Francisco's famous Boarding House venue and occurred just a year after Parsons' death - thus it is hardly surprising that many of the songs included have strong connections with the Parsons-period. Backed by The Hot Band, featuring James Burton and Glen D. Hardin, both of whom had played in Elvis' group, and Rodney Crowell, the young Texan songwriter and guitarist whose compositions Emmylou was now championing, it was a testament to the girl's talents that she could attract musicians of this caliber at this formative stage in her own solo career. This performance offers a tantalizing glimpse of such qualities as Emmylou displays the full magnificence of her voice in this truly wonderful show.

>Emerson Hart
– Beauty In Disrepair CD (BMG Rights Management)
New solo album from the Tonic frontman. His first solo album in over six years,
Beauty In Disrepair touches on loss but also the beauty of rebirth, newfound love, family and staring a clean slate. It is the follow-up to 2007's Cigarettes & Gasoline and features the single ''The Best That I Can Give.''
– Portland, Ore. CD (Fluff And Gravy)
Hillstomp creates a visceral music that makes you want to stomp your feet, shout to the heavens, and love your neighbor. Between 2002 and 2010, the band released two EPs and four full-length offerings. They have toured internationally, shared stages with The Avett Brothers, Southern Culture On The Skids, and Scott Biram, among others, and spent three weeks touring in support of The Reverend Horton Heat.

>Horse Thief
– Fear In Bliss CD/LP (Bella Union)
Newest signing to UK’s esteemed Bella Union label—home to Fleet Foxes and Beach House—is the Oklahoma band Horse Thief, a five-piece which also happens to share a few traits with both of those particular label-mates. In their glowing 8/10 review, UK music blog The 405 described them as a "very American brand of psych-folk" but also noted "distinct Smiths and The Cure guitar jangles."

>I Declare War
– We Are Violent People By Nature CD (Artery)
Seattle deathcore heavyweights I Declare War make their punishing return with their third album
We Are Violent People By Nature. The band continues to push the boundaries and technicality of heavy music and the onslaught is endless through the album.
>Impetuous Ritual
- Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence CD (Profound Lore)
In their brief career, Australia’s Impetuous Ritual has already been recognized as one of the mightiest death metal entities in the underground today, alongside such likeminded acts as Portal (with whom Impetuous Ritual shares two members) and Mitochondrion.

>The Jacka/Messy Marv/Blanco
– One Hunnid CD (Guerilla Entertainment)
The Jacka, Messy Marv and Blanco's third and final installment from the
Street Artist trilogy is entirely produced by Bay Area heavyweight Bedrock. Bedrock sets the mood with futuristic drums and samples giving the album an eerie Blade Runner vibe. Blanco recruits some of the rap game's biggest names to assist, including: Nipsey Hussle, Styles P, YG, Freeway, Trae The Truth, Freddie Gibbs, Husulah, Messy Marv, and Lee Majors.
– Burn The Serum CD/LP (Razor & Tie)
The Los Angeles trio Kyng’s roar could easily tip the Southern California Richter Scale. On their second full-length album,
Burn The Serum, the trio harks back to the essence of heavy rock & roll, forging thunderous percussion to lightning hot riffs driven by a divine vocal howl.
>Adam Lipman
– Prove The Beast CD (Shrimper)
Prove The Beast is a record of worlds: basketball legends, misogynistic feminist fables, love through the prism of drink, slow counterpoint piano, hip-hop beats, off-key/off-kilter hand-claps and drums, Peruvian pop goddesses, income inequality, Jesus as unrealistic sex god role model, dating as ritual death dance, and love as catalyst for death-inducing high-speed country driving.
>Ziggy Marley
– Fly Rasta CD (Tuff Going)
With his recent Grammy win for Best Reggae Album (
Ziggy Marley In Concert), Ziggy Marley is back with his fifth studio album, Fly Rasta. Produced by Ziggy Marley with additional production by Dave Cooley with contributions by The Melody Makers. Vinyl version due April 29.
>Jessica Lea Mayfield
– Make My Head Sing CD/LP (ATO)
"Kent, Ohio native Jessica Lea Mayfield matches a grunge-era deadpan with gnarly leftfield roots music in service of haunting, smoldering rock ’n’ roll. She caught some extra attention thanks to her association with geographic and stylistic neighbor Dan Auerbach of Akron’s Black Keys, who produced her 2011 LP
Tell Me. But Mr. Ultraviolence wasn’t involved in Make My Head Sing. Rather, she bunkered down in a Nashville studio with bassist/husband Jesse Newport in search of something stripped-down yet weighty." – Stereogum
>Medeski Martin & Wood + Nels Cline
– Woodstock Sessions Vol. 2 CD (Woodstock Session)
Medeski Martin & Wood + Nels Cline came together to record in August of 2013 at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY in front of an intimate gathering of 75. The session was part of a newly launched series that brings established and emerging recording artists together with their fans in the recording studio. The experience is a performance/session hybrid that supports the artist to fan bond by sharing the process of record making. The end results of the sessions are inimitable recordings that capture inspired, one-off performances.

>Ingrid Michaelson
– Lights Out CD/2xLP (Downtown)
The singer/songwriter is back with her fifth studio album, which is available on CD and on red vinyl. "The last year has been one of the most challenging of my life," said Michaelson. "This album is a reflection of all of that. It's about being pushed to your limits and looking for help from something other than yourself. It's about letting go and being alright with that, accepting that. I collaborated with many different writers and producers but, ironically, I believe this is the most personal record I've made.

>Monks Of Mellonwah
– Turn The People CD (Gatcombe)
Debut album from the Australian indie quartet. Combining lush soundscapes with experimentation and pop sensibility, seamlessly merging alt-rock, pop, electronic and progressive sounds,
Turn The People displays the band's ability to create beautiful and unique music but also music that is timeless.
– Illmatic XX 2xCD/2xLP+MP3 (Legacy)
Expanded 20th anniversary edition features new liner notes by longtime friend, Sacha Jenkins (Ego Trip), previously unseen and rare photographs, and a personal note from Nas. Bonus discs of both formats feature 10 rare remixes, demos and freestyles from the era.

– Rivers In The Wasteland CD/LP (Atlantic)
Rivers In The Wasteland is the follow up to their acclaimed album The Reckoning, which saw the band spend over two years on the road in support of a collection of anthemic rock that caught the attention of The New York Times, NPR, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today.
>Justin Nozuka
– Ulysses CD (Glassnote)
New album from acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter. Nozuka's music is a soulful blend of R&B and pensive singer/songwriter folk that recalls both Nick Drake and Lauryn Hill.

– Oath CD (Rise Above)
Debut album of heavy metal sorcery. Vinyl version due May 13.

– Yearling CD/LP (Morr Music)
On their second album as Orcas, Thomas Meluch (Benoit Pioulard) and Rafael Anton Irisarri (The Sight Below) teamed up with Martyn Heyne (Efterklang) on guitar and piano, and Michael Lerner (Telekinesis) on drums, to build upon the subdued ambience of their self-titled debut, adding a huge dose of analog warmth to their hazy pop leanings.

>Kris Orlowski
– Believer CD (Kris Orlowski Music)
New release from the Seattle-based indie folk singer/songwriter and his band. Shedding the lush sounds of a 17 piece orchestra for more traditional rock and pop arrangements, the cinematic record is more punch-y and experimental than their earlier folk-infused traditions.

>Pharoahe Monch
– PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder CD (W.A.R. Media LLC)
With his fourth solo LP Pharoahe Monch re-emerges with a new concept project that finds the ground-breaking emcee tackling PTSD. Throughout the duration of the LP, Monch narrates as an independent artist weary from the war against the industry machine and through the struggle of the black male experience in America.

>Plague Vendor
– Free To Eat CD/LP (Epitaph)
Plague Vendor are from Whittier, CA. They make music in a primitive line that goes back to Iggy and the Stooges, runs through the Cramps, Jesus Lizard, and the Pixies, and manifests most recently in bands like Fidlar and Together Pangea.

– Shadowed By Vultures CD/LP (Prosthetic)
The Guildford, UK-based post-hardcore quartet release their new album. "Not content with sticking to a tried and tested formula of songwriting that many others in the genre have continued with,
Shadowed By Vultures shows clearly that the band have looked for wider inspiration for the next iteration in their music, and that deserves to be respected. More melodically balanced, and greater influence from alternative music and other branches of hardcore punk, it’s as fearsome as it is beautiful." – Bring The Noise
– Rising Up CD (Nacional)
Rising Up is the second album from Polock, a young indie rock buzz band renowned for their heart-warming English-language lyrics and undeniably catchy choruses. They have become an underground sensation on the blogosphere, celebrated by critics and loved by fans of Phoenix and The Strokes.
>Ray Price
– Beauty Is: The Final Sessions CD (AmeriMonte Records)
Produced by Grammy award winning hit maker and friend Fred Foster, Ray Price’s final sessions highlights the timeless, signature string and shuffle sound of Ray Price featuring duets with Vince Gill and Martina McBride.

>Raw Power
– Tired And Furious CD (Beer City)
Tired And Furious will crush your skull like a ton of bricks. It's 16 songs of fast, intense kick-you-in-the-face thrash from a band that's been going strong and pushing the limits of hardcore and thrash since the early ‘80s.
>Bobby Rush with Blinddog Smokin'
– Decisions CD+DVD (Silver Talon)
Decisions is a collaboration between blues legend dubbed 'King-of-the-Chitlin Circuit' Bobby Rush with seven-piece funk band Blinddog Smokin' and six-time Grammy winner Dr. John.
>The Secret Sisters
– Put Your Needle Down CD/LP (Republic)
The new album from the alt-country sibling duo – produced by the iconic T Bone Burnett – marks a giant creative step forward for Laura and Lydia Rogers. The album’s twelve songs – mostly written or co-written by Laura and Lydia, seamlessly blend an exciting and decidedly Southern patchwork of country, blues, Americana, folk, rock and gospel.

– Time Travellers And Bonfires CD (7Brothers)
A collection of re-recorded acoustic versions of Sevendust classics.

>Dylan Shearer
– Garagearray CD (Castle Face)
Cut from the cloth of early Soft Machine and Kevin Ayers-isms,
Garagearray is a lofty, loopy flight in a candy-floss-clouded sky, with an ever-present darkness just below the surface. It’s wonderfully off the cuff, at times reminiscent of a Syd Barrett session where the band must’ve just closed their eyes and felt it out in the dark, coming together in all the right moments in the nick of time. Vinyl version due May 13.
>Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
– Libation CD (Cumbancha)
Africa’s most inspirational band celebrates ten years together with a new album.
Libation’s around-the-campfire intimacy, honest soulfulness, and technical prowess reveal how far the group has come while remaining true to its roots.
– Radical CD (V.P.)
Radical is a new compilation of Sizzla songs recorded between 1992 and 2003. The collection unearths songs from some of the Xterminator label sessions that forged his best early work including Praise Ye Jah. The title track is a rare take on the riddim that became "Greedy Joe." There are other surprises, rare and previously unreleased tracks as well.

– I Doden CD (Nordvis)
New album from the Swedish metal band, the fourth mark in their legacy of bleak, dark and highly atmospheric musical adventure.

– Divergent CD (Interscope)
The original soundtrack to
Divergent features music composed by Dutch multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer, Junkie XL.
– Life Drawing CD (Neurot)
Second full-length from Portland doom/sludge metal four-piece, featuring current and former members of Buried Blood, Buried At Sea, and Heathen Shrine.

>Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives
– The Gospel Music Of Marty Stuart CD (Gaither Music Group)
Five-time Grammy winner and platinum recording artist Marty Stuart lends his warm, familiar sound to some of his favorite gospel classics on this new collection

>Thee Oh Sees
– Drop CD/LP (Castle Face)
Drop was recorded in a banana-ripening warehouse (no joke) with hair-farming studio warlock Chris Woodhouse playing drums; it’s also graced with the presence of talented gurus Mikal Cronin, Greer McGettrick and Casafis adding horns and vocals. The result pushes the familiar polarities of the group farther outward than ever before.
>Eric Thielemans
– Sprang CD/LP+MP3 (Miasmah)
Thielemans is a genre-crossing/blending percussionist/drummer working from a classically-trained ear via jazz drumming, free improv and all sorts of contemporary musics towards his own realms in music and performance.

- Pennhurst/Xesse CD (Crucial Blast)
Pennhurst/Xesse is a new collection of rare material from the shadowy black industrial outfit T.O.M.B., compiling their ultra-limited Pennhurst album and the tracks from the one-sided Xesse 12". This full-length disc delivers over an hour of the band’s bizarre brand of vile electro-acoustic noisescapes, oppressive industrial drift and ghoulish vocalizations dredged from the dank, black bowels of some long-abandoned mausoleum.
>The Tower
- Hic Abundant Leones CD (Prosthetic)
Sweden's The Tower deliver bad luck boogie and timeless blues rock with a mystical edge. The offbeat, freak-beat and phantasmagorical psych-blues of
Hic Abundant Leones — their cryptic, swinging time-warp of a debut album —exudes an ageless charm and resounding singularity, striking eerie, dreamlike atmospheres that seemingly confirm The Tower's eccentric parallel-universe narrative.
– Melana Chasmata CD (Century Media)
Second full-length album by the Swiss extreme metal band. Vinyl version due May 27.

>Various Artists
– Petty’s Peculiar Picks: The Best Of Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure CD (Chrome Dreams)
In 2005 Tom Petty turned his hand to DJing, hosting his own radio show,
Buried Treasure on XM Radio, during which he shares selections from his personal record collection with his listeners. This 30-track compilation collects together the best and more unusual, even peculiar, picks from his treasured shows, and in so doing provides fans of this maverick performer a window into the music that helped shape the great man's muse.
>Sonny Vincent
- Cyanide Consomme CD/LP (Big Neck)
Sonny Vincent is an American punk rock icon. Active since the mid ‘70s with the Testors, touring in Maureen Tucker’s and Sterling Morrison’s guitarist, his new album is 14 songs of pure punk barn burners. If you think that time has slowed Sonny’s songwriting, you are sadly mistaken. These are songs with hooks and melodies that make you want to get up and dance.

>Ryley Walker
– All Kinds Of You CD/LP (Tompkins Square)
Ryley Walker is a 24 year-old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Chicago. Having kicked around the city's experimental free/noise music scene for several years, Ryley recently turned to a folk-rock sound inspired by some of his heroes, among them Tim Hardin, Tim Buckley, and Bert Jansch.

>Chuck E. Weiss
– Red Beans And Weiss CD/LP+CD (Anti)
Chuck E. Weiss grew up in Denver and so impressed blues legends Lightnin' Hopkins and Willie Dixon as a teenager that they took him out in their road bands. He has recorded with Tom Waits, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Roger Miller, Dr. John and Willie Dixon. Executive produced by Johnny Depp and Tom Waits.
Red Beans And Weiss blends blues, barrelhouse, and bluster into a highly entertaining whole.
>Stefan Wesolowski
– Liebestod CD (Important)
Repetitive compositions written for piano, brass instruments, strings and electronics. RIYL: Arvo Part, Steve Reich, William Basinski, Jacaszek.

>Dan Wilson
– Love Without Fear CD/LP+MP3 (Ballroom Music, LLC)
New album from the acclaimed singer/songwriter and former Semisonic/Trip Shakespeare member. In recent years, Dan has become a highly sought-after songwriting collaborator and producer. He has worked with a diverse group of artists including Adele, Dixie Chicks, John Legend, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Taylor Swift, Jim James, P!nk, Dierks Bentley, Nas, Josh Groban, Weezer, Carole King, and many others. Dan notably contributed three songs to Adele's album,
21, including the hit "Someone Like You," which he also produced. Love Without Fear is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Limited Deluxe hardback book edition includes four bonus tracks plus a 24-page book with artwork and lyrics.
– With Light And With Love CD/LP/Cassette (Woodsist)
""Woods’ brand of pop shamanism has undergone several gradual transformations over their past few albums, but on With Light and With Love, the tinkering reveals an expanded sonic palette that includes singing saw, heavier emphasis on percussion, and a saloon piano that sounds like it was rescued from a flooded basement. Distinct from both the stoned volk of their earliest recordings and the kraut-y dalliances of more recent fare, With Light and With Love showcases a more sophisticated brand of contemporary drug music that owes more to Magical Mystery Tour than motorik." – James Toth


DVDs + Blu-ray:
Billy Bragg – Live At The Union Chapel London DVD+CD (Cooking Vinyl)
On Wednesday June 5, 2013 Billy Bragg played a very special show at The Union Chapel in London, featuring songs from his 2013 album
Tooth & Nail as well as classics from his back catalogue.
>Elton John
– Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Reissue/1973] Blu-ray (Island)
Elton John’s classic/iconic album is now presented in HD on the Blu-ray High Fidelity Pure Audio format. Includes the stereo mix of the brand new 2014 remaster as well as the 2003 5.1 surround sound mix of the album.

– Ballbreaker [Reissue/1995] LP (Legacy)
AC/DC – Stiff Upper Lip [Reissue/2000] (Legacy)
HQ-180gm vinyl reissues. "[AC/DC’s] comeback culminated in the Rick Rubin-produced
Ballbreaker. [Stiff Upper Lip] is a simple, addictive, hard album, bursting with bold riffs and bolstered by a crunching, thrillingly visceral sound." -- AllMusic
>Matt Andersen
– Weightless LP (True North)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Hailing from the blue-collar community of Perth Andover, New Brunswick, Andersen has been steadily building his sizable following in Canada and around the world through word of mouth about his electrifying live shows.
Weightless, the new album, is infused with Andersen’s unparalleled dexterity on the guitar and his command of the blues with a distinctive soulful voice.
– Amusements LP (Goner)
Ausmuteants are four twenty-nothings from Geelong, Victoria, raised on a diet of seminal avant punk like Chrome and the Screamers. Let
ʼs not mention Devo—as a two-piece, Jake Robertson (synth, guitar) and Billy Gardener (drums) flushed that obsession with the release of their Split Personalities album in 2012.
>Bad Vision
- Bad Vision LP (Adagio830)
Bad Vision draw inspiration from the likes of Jay Reatard, The Wipers, Mission Of Burma, Angry Angles, The Saints and The Dirtbombs, bringing some raw guitar noise that’s still abundant with melody to the table.

>Bikini Kill
– Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah [Reissue/1992] 12"+MP3 (Bikini Kill)
Reissue of Bikini Kill’s second EP, which was originally a split EP with Huggy Bear, now expanded with a B-side which features seven previously unreleased songs drawn from era-appropriate live shows and practice tapes.

>Black Tape For A Blue Girl
– Remnants Of A Deeper Purity [1996] 2xLP+CD (Projekt)
Sam Rosenthal’s achingly beautiful gothic, neo-classical, ethereal 1996 album is now available on vinyl for the first time. Pressed on 140gm swirled color vinyl with an 8-page 11"x11" booklet featuring never-before-seen photographs and a CD of the entire 77 minute album (in paper sleeve). Only 300 copies worldwide.

– Bootstraps [2012] LP (Harvest)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Bootstraps began with a small, simple goal -- to write a few songs for a friend's feature film. Since then, their eponymous record has blossomed into what Liza Richardson, KCRW DJ and music supervisor calls, ''Strong songwriting bathed in an instantly likable, intimate vibe''. Which warrants this re-release to a larger audience.

– Breeder LP (Brutal Panda)
Second LP from Austin-based progressive/experiemental quartet finds the group expanding their meticulously contructed, hypnotic sound into new realms of colorful, energetic, and emotional territories. Merges hook-laden, reverb soaked vocals w/swirling guitar melodies and complex rhythms.

>Dan Croll
– Sweet Disarray LP (Capitol)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Dan Croll is a fabulous new solo artist with enough facets for a whole band. He's the electro boy with links to the folk scene a multi-instrumentalist whose songwriting prowess has impressed everyone from former Beatles to legends in the world of fashion and design. Half troubadour, half techno whiz, Dan is a latter-day Beck, and the missing link between Jake Bugg and Joe Mount.

>Maxwell August Croy + Sean McCann
– I LP (Students Of Decay)
Composed and recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco,
I is the debut full-length album by Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann. Croy is best known for his work in Bay Area duo En, wherein he processes koto, voice and other instrumentation into ecstatic and nuanced drone-based recordings; McCann is a solo artist whose work continues to undergo seismic evolutions, manifested most recently on the justly lauded Music for Private Ensemble, an album of autodidactic modern composition that defies easy categorization.
– Visibility Is A Trap LP (Blackest Ever Black)
"It wouldn’t be technically inaccurate to call Dalhous’s new EP
Visibility Is A Trap an ambient music record—it’s full of lush, slowly shifting sounds. In general, it’s far more concerned with texture than rhythm or tune, so it meets the genre’s main requirements." [7.4] – Pitchfork
>The Farwell Drifters
– Tomorrow Forever LP (Compass)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Tomorrow Forever was produced by pop-roots specialist Neilson Hubbard (Matthew Perryman Jones, The Apache Relay, Glen Philips) and showcases the Drifters' Brian Wilson-esque pop sensibility, crystalline harmonies and folk foundations alongside gutsy electric guitar and orchestral-style drums.
>The Fix
- Vengeance b/w In This Town + Jan's Rooms 7" (Touch & Go)
Reissue of debut releases by essential Midwest punk pioneers. Both 7"s have been out of print since 1982. Numbered limited edition of 1,000 signed copies.

– Flume [Deluxe Edition] 2xLP+MP3 (Mom + Pop)
Deluxe vinyl includes mixtape and alternate versions on a double-LP. Full standard album available via download.

>Lord Snow
– Solitude LP (Adagio830)
12 songs of chaotic fast screaming hardcore, straight distorted and passionate, with female vocals.

– Escape The Shadow Garden 2xLP+CD (Steamhammer/SPV)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The ‘80s metal band returns with a new album of wonderfully melodic rock songs that blend all the typical Magnum ingredients, sounding both timeless and classic.

– The Best Of Mountain [Reissue/1973] LP (Friday Music)
For the first time on vinyl in decades, and pressed on HQ-180gm audiophile vinyl. Featuring smashes like "Mississippi Queen" and "Nantucket Sleighride," this collection also includes the rare LP edit version of "Roll Over Beethoven."

>Muncie Girls/Great Cynics
– Split LP (Specialist Subject)
Both bands blend influences from '90s emo, indie and punk rock to create some seriously catchy and thoughtful songs.

>Harry Nilsson
– Pandemonium Shadow Show [Reissue/1967] LP (Sundazed)
Harry Nilsson – Aerial Ballet [Reissue/1968] LP (Sundazed)
"Harry Nilsson's debut album,
Pandemonium Shadow Show, was notoriously loved by the Beatles, and it's easy to see why. This is the only record of its time that feels akin to Sgt. Pepper, and in some ways, it's every bit as impressive. Nilsson works on a much smaller scale, leaning heavily on whimsy yet cutting it with sardonic humor and embellishing it with remarkable song and studiocraft; it's as if McCartney and Lennon were fused into the same body. [For Aerial Ballet] it's clear that Harry Nilsson decided to pick up where he left off with his debut, offering another round of effervescent, devilishly clever pop, equal parts lite psychedelia, pretty ballads, and music hall cabaret." – AllMusic
– El Prado LP (Arts & Crafts)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. This Los Angeles-based indie sextet displays a knack for crafting dark, lush pop that seems best suited for overcast skies and rain-soaked urban landscapes. They have struck a formula that speaks to the hopeless, eternal romantic and balances a decidedly modern sound with a classic songwriter's attitude.

>The NVs
- Trust Fun Suicide EP 7" (Big Neck)
DC’s garage rock vandals, The NVs blend spitfire vocals with urgent, melodic guitars and restless rhythms. Front woman Sal Go brings a banshee holler to a four-on-the-floor punk schematic with frequently dark, volatile and humorous lyrics.

– On The Subject Of Mortality [Reissue/2010] 2xLP (The Flenser)
Vinyl reissue of the Kentucky-based black/folk metal band’s 2010 album.

>Personal Best
– Lovin’ EP 12" (Specialist Subject)
Debut EP from the British indie act featuring members of Bedford Falls, Caves and Attack! Vipers. The
Lovin’ EP mixes jangly, riffy, '90s-worship with neatly-crafted power pop confidence. It's a short and sweet 11 minutes of fuzzy, warm loveliness that will have you reaching for the needle to give it another spin.
>Rad Payoff
- The Good, The Rad, And The Ugly LP/Cassette (Let’s Pretend)
Extremely cynical, joyously engaging, no-frills indie punk. Intense, sophisticated rock that's as striking as it is manic. This debut LP finds the band at their loudest, most technical, and easily their most belligerent. Deep, mean spirited hardcore that effortlessly incorporates psychedelic noise and chugging Midwestern pop punk into songs destined to rattle away in your mind well after you've put the bong down.

>Saint Etienne
– Tiger Bay [Reissue/1994] LP (Plain)
Tiger Bay is the third studio album by Saint Etienne, originally released in 1994. It reached number 8 on the British charts. Combining traditional folk melodies with ‘90s electronica and David Whitaker's atmospheric orchestration, the ablum was an extraordinary step forward from the sample-based 'indie dance'
Foxbase Alpha and So Tough.
>Shocking Pinks
- Guilt Mirrors LP+MP3 (Stars And Letters)
Recorded shortly after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Shocking Pink's hometown (Christchurch, NZ), the songs recorded during this time were some of his most desperate, conceived as an attempt of self-therapy.
Guilt Mirrors is a sprawling, haunting, and at times violent and alienating trilogy, that is much less a curated "album" than it is a personal mix tape. Color vinyl.
– Spiderland [Reissue] 3xLP+2xCD+DVD+Book (Touch & Go)
Remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bob Weston with 14 previously unreleased outtakes and demos, all in a 3xHQ-180gm vinyl set. Includes a 104-page book with over 100 never-before-seen photos documenting their entire history, as well as lyrics to the songs on
Spiderland, and a foreword written by Will Oldham. Also includes two CDs featuring the remastered album plus a disc bonus songs, and Breadcrumb Trail, a 90-minute DVD documentary about Slint and the making of Spiderland, directed by Lance Bangs. Hand numbered limited edition of 3,138.
>Thou/The Body
– Released From Love 12" (Vinyl Rites)
Not a split, a total collaboration between both bands on all tracks. Everything comes to its peak on this collaboration. Everyone's voice is heard, through instrument or otherwise, clearly defining their role in the project. All the things that make both groups special are apparent and fleshed out. HQ-180gm black vinyl with heavyweight covers and letter-pressed inserts.

>Toxic Holocaust
– Hell On Earth [Reissue/2003] LP (Relapse)
Toxic Holocaust – Evil Never Dies [Reissue/2005] LP (Relapse)
Vinyl reissues of the punk-infected death metal band’s first two releases.

– The Missing 2xLP (The Flenser)
Released last year on CD on Profound Lore -- now available on vinyl.
Vaura is an all-star cast of Brooklyn avant-grade and metal musicians, featuring Joshua Strawn (Azar Swan) on vocals, Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia), drummer Charlie Schmid and cult superstar Toby Driver on bass (Secret Chiefs 3, Kayo Dot, Maudlin of the Well). Despite the often complex musicality of the members’ other projects, the group’s sound is cohesive and streamlined, with atmospheric vocals and a hypnotic rhythm section intersected by black metal blast-beats, chorus-laden guitars and synth overtones.
>Steve Wilson
– Cover Version LP (K-Scope)
This vinyl-only LP collects all the material issued on the limited edition
Cover Version singles series released between 2003-2010. The 12 tracks comprise six Steven Wilson originals and six covers and provide an essential insight into both Wilson’s musical taste and his evolution as a solo artist.


>Grey Zine – Destitution (Native Sound)
Lo-fi shoegaze at its finest. Think Ride meets American Football, with a bit of influence from modern contemporaries like DIIV or Weekend. This collection features eight songs from demos, singles, and compilation tracks since forming in 2011.

>Rad Payoff
- The Good, The Rad, And The Ugly (Let’s Pretend)
Extremely cynical, joyously engaging, no-frills indie punk. Intense, sophisticated rock that's as striking as it is manic. This debut LP finds the band at their loudest, most technical, and easily their most belligerent. Deep, mean spirited hardcore that effortlessly incorporates psychedelic noise and chugging Midwestern pop punk into songs destined to rattle away in your mind well after you've put the bong down.

– With Light And With Love (Woodsist)
"Woods’ brand of pop shamanism has undergone several gradual transformations over their past few albums, but on With Light and With Love, the tinkering reveals an expanded sonic palette that includes singing saw, heavier emphasis on percussion, and a saloon piano that sounds like it was rescued from a flooded basement. Distinct from both the stoned volk of their earliest recordings and the kraut-y dalliances of more recent fare, With Light and With Love showcases a more sophisticated brand of contemporary drug music that owes more to Magical Mystery Tour than motorik." – James Toth

released 08 APRIL 2014
Monte Alexander - Harlem-Kingston Express 2: River Rolls On CD (Motema Music)
The piano genius enters his 70th year with this infectiously grooving reggae/jazz fusion studio project, featuring great live bonus tracks.

>Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks
- Welcome To The Slasher House CD/LP (Domino)
A group of three hippies on a road trip through the backwaters of 2013's rural music scene fall prey to a murderous cannibalistic band, including a leather-masked, guitar-wielding Avey Tare (Himself, Animal Collective), his knife-wielding keyboard player Angel Deradoorian (Deradoorian, Dirty Projectors), and their cannibal chief drummer and decaying grandfather Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail, Boredoms, Dan Deacon).

- True: Avicii By Avicii CD (Def Jam)
New remix album finds the Swedish DJ reworking his 2013 album
True, including new versions of "Wake Me Up," "You Make Me," "Hey Brother" and "Addicted To You."
>Christopher Bissonette
– Essays In Idleness CD/LP (Kranky)
"This sequence of tracks is the culmination of two years of intense exploration with the intention of allowing the medium to have a more profound affect on the outcome, the methodology allowing chance, risk and error to play a greater role. Some of the studies focus on a generative process, allowing the composition to build upon itself, while others are constructed from more complex textures and compositional fragments that shift and modulate organically." - Christopher Bissonnette

>Black Label Society
– Catacombs Of The Black Vatican CD/2xLP (eOne)
Zakk Wylde joked in a recent interview that
Catacombs Of The Black Vatican is "completely the same as the last nine records, except just different song titles." The band recently amicably parted ways with longtime guitarist Nick Catanese and replaced him with Dario Lorina (Lizzy Borden). Available in Regular and Deluxe edition. Deluxe adds bonus tracks.
>Boozoo Bajou
– 4 CD/LP (Apollo)
4 is a far more intricate work than the usual coffeehouse trance. The duo’s first album since 2010’s Coming Home is also its first for Apollo Records, the long-running label behind milestone releases by the likes of Aphex Twin and Locust. In keeping with that estimable company, Boozoo Bajou has incorporated many of the evolutionary leaps the ambient genre has made beyond the chill-out tent. 4 is an album that draws on some increasingly common signifiers—Brian Eno’s Ambient series; brooding, deep-bass dubstep (V.I.V.E.K. comes to mind); Harold Budd’s avant-classical compositions—while also retaining the duo’s world music leanings with its bits of strings and smoky trumpet and Far East woodwinds, plus new bursts of guitar distortion, R&B samples, and synth noise.” – A.V. Club
>Stanley Brinks And The Wave Pictures
– Gin CD/LP (Fika Recordings)
New release from the singer/songwriter formerly known as Andre Herman Dune. On
Gin, Stanley Brinks is joined by UK trio The Wave Pictures for their third album together - their first since 2010's Another One Just Like That.
>Carlene Carter
– Carter Girl CD (Rounder)
New album from Americana legend Carlene Carter, produced by Don Was and featuring guest appearances by Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Vince Gil, Elizabeth Cook, and others.

– May You Marry Rich CD/LP (Memphis Industries)
“Like DFA 1979 at their most primal” – NME. “Psychedelic boss dons Colourmusic are back and will melt the eyes out of your skull.” – Noisey

>Cult With No Name
– Another Landing CD (Cwnn Music)
Sixth album from the post-punk Electronic balladeers.
Another Landing features a number of special guests including Kelli Ali (Sneaker Pimps), Blaine Reininger, Bruce Geduldig and Luc van Lieshout (Tuxedomoon), John Ellis (Stranglers/Peter Gabriel), and Godmother of Japanese electronica outfit Coppe.
– Human Contradiction CD/2xCD (Napalm)
Symphonic metal with catchy refrains, bewitching hooks and melodies, and symphonic bombast. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a bonus disc of live and orchestral songs.

>De Lux
– Voyage CD/2xLP+MP3 (Innovative Leisure)
L.A.'s De Lux are a post-disco dance-punk DIY duo that sound like they could have come out of 1979 or 1982 just as easily as 2013.
Voyage is a collection of tracks that roar through Psychedelic Furs or Duran Duran-style pop, deliver shouts and whispers like James Murphy at his most frantic, sink into Eno-esque moments of bliss and rocket through the agit-funk style of David Byrne.
>Denney And The Jets
– Mexican Coke CD/LP (Burger)
For born-and-bred Nashvillian Chris Denney, it all began at age nine; stealing pills from his Grandma’s medicine cabinet, smoking two packs a day and eventually graduating to marijuana by age thirteen. It wasn’t until about five years ago that Denney started channeling his life experiences into vivid tales of what he knows best: sex, drugs and rock & roll.

>Diabulus In Musica
– Argia CD (Napalm)
The Spanish masters of symphonic metal release their third album.

>James Durbin
– Celebrate CD (Wind-Up)
James Durbin is known for giving metal a chance on Season 10 of
American Idol.
– The Future’s Void CD/LP/Cassette (Matador)
Erika M. Anderson first graced the limelight under the guise of EMA in May 2011, when the brilliantly scuffed debut album Past Life Martyred Saints was released to a multitude of acclaim. After fronting the genre-defying cult duo Gowns,
Past Life Martyred Saints offered a deeper glimpse into the world of EMA. If that album was an inward exploration of human relationships and their toll, The Future's Void catapults them out into space, both thematically and musically.
>The Faint
– Doom Abuse CD/LP+MP3 (SQE)
The electro-punk vets released their first album in six years.
Doom Abuse reflects specific experiences from a specific time and sounds unlike anything else. For Todd Fink [vocals/keys] many of the Doom Abuses' lyrics were created automatically in a stream of consciousness. From boisterous, static-laced opener "Help In The Head" to propulsive aggressor "Evil Voices" to ambient and layered closer "Damage Control." The songs differ and balance each other out but all share the same space and overarching tone, another pattern seen after the fact.
>Folly & The Hunter
– Tragic Care CD/LP (Outside Music)
Tragic Care is about the healing that takes place following the mourning of a friend or family member's death. It's also about what likes in the wake of a shattered relationship built on betrayal. Members of the Montreal-based Folly & The Hunter, led by singer Nick Vallee, went through variations of those grieving heartaches and their (sm)art/pop songs, emanating an emotional warmth through rich melody and intricate harmony, strangely belie the dark lyricism unfolding.” -- Direct Current Music
>For The Fallen Dreams
– Heavy Hearts CD/LP (Rise)
For The Fallen Dreams, the Detroit area hardcore outfit, go back to their roots; returning to their home label, Rise Records, and joined once again with Chad Ruhlig - their original frontman.

>John Frusciante
– Enclosure CD/LP (Record Collection)
Enclosure, upon its completion, was the record which represented the achievement of all the musical goals I had been aiming at for the previous 5 years. It was recorded simultaneously with Black Knights Medieval Chamber, and as different as the two albums appear to be, they represent one investigative creative thought process, and what I learned from one fed into the other. Enclosure, though it is for me now a year old, is still presently my last word on the musical statement which began with PBX, and I have since moved on to other things." -- John Frusciante
>Doug Gillard
– Parade On CD/LP (Nine Mile)
Doug Gillard is a guitarist’s guitar player. Over the past two decades he’s lent his considerable talents to a huge array of recordings, and has been an integral member of Guided By Voices, Nada Surf, Death Of Samantha, Richard Bunkner’s band, Cobra Verde, and others. Gillard sings and plays nearly every note on
Parade On (with the exception of drums and occasional backing vocals), which ranges from aggressive punky new wave to melodic ‘70s influenced psych.
>The Graviators
– Motherload CD (Napalm)
The Graviators vintage analog sound combines the hard rock of the ‘70s with a good dose of doom metal and stoner rock.

– Accumulator CD/LP (Ardent Music)
An 11-song collection of rich, rootsy soul by the Austin-based duo.

>Groovie Ghoulies
– Flying Saucer Rock-N-Roll CD/LP (Green Door Recordings)
Collects the first three 7" singles from Groovie Ghoulies, plus three unreleased bonus tracks, all remastered.

>Emmylou Harris
– Wrecking Ball [Reissue/1995] 2xCD+DVD (Nonesuch)
Emmylou Harris's groundbreaking album
Wrecking Ball was produced by Daniel Lanois (U2, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Willie Nelson), won the 1996 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album and was highly praised by critics worldwide. This expanded reissue features the remastered original album, a bonus CD of previously unreleased material, and a DVD of the documentary Building The Wrecking Ball, which includes interviews and studio footage of Harris and Lanois as well as special guests Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Neil Young, Steve Earle, Brian Blade, and others.
– Kingdom CD (Big3)
“Dublin duo Heathers have been getting attention for all the right reasons lately – ‘Forget Me Knots' racking up thousands of online hits and national radio airplay, an acclaimed performance at Electric Picnic showcasing their new material with a full band, and the small matter of being approached by some dude called David Guetta to write a track to potentially feature on his next collaborative album project. It's all been building up to the release of their second album
Kingdom.” –
>Katie Herzig
– Walk Through Walls CD (Marion-Lorraine)
A collection of 12 songs from the singer/songwriter recorded with co-producer Cason Cooley at their studios in Nashville, TN and mixed by Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend) at Blackbird Studios in Nashville. “[Herzig] pushes her now-signature style — brightly textured acoustic pop that’s clever yet sincere, sunny but grounded — to exquisite new heights.” — Paste

– Silent Treatment CD (Propeller)
Sophomore release from the Norwegian indie pop band. “
Silent Treatment animates melodic pop songs and paints a Björk-dipped-in-Cocteau Twins fantasia of iridescent synths, yet one always shunted along by powerful, clashing drums. There are enigmatic and bittersweet harmonies in lead single “Since Last Wednesday,” with its peculiar character appraisals and really rather poignant line ‘No one has seen or heard from him since last Wednesday.’ There are abstractions on ‘Darth Vader,’ cascading harps drawing together an enjoyably extraneous montage of dragons, killer bees and amphetamines.” – The Line Of Best Fit
>Aaron Holm & Matthew Felton
– Transitions Seattle CD/LP+MP3 (Dissolve)
Aaron, an electronic composer and Matthew, a classically trained pianist, are recovering technology executives and expats living in Seattle who found themselves at a personal and professional turning point.
Transitions Seattle has an altostratus pace and flow, from tracks leading you from quiet breaststrokes on piano keys into the wild thumps of ambient rhythms that unnerve and disarm. Field recordings flow in and out bringing community to the recordings. Available on CD and splatter orange vinyl.
>Eric Hutchinson
– Pure Fiction CD (Let’s Break)
New album from the acclaimed singer/songwriter/pianist/performer.
Pure Fiction is Hutchinson's elegy to pop music, a place to fit all those melodies that are so comforting in their immediate hook, you could swear you heard them before. Someone must have already raised the Gospel pleading of “Forever” or the choral Na-Na's that herald “Tell The World,” the record's first single. It is a striking prologue to the album's underlying theme - holding on to the best moments in life and shamelessly shouting it from a mountaintop.
>Chuck Inglish
– Covertibles CD (Federal Prism)
In partnership with Dave Sitek's (TV On The Radio) Federal Prism Records and his own Federal Prism imprint Sounds Like Fun, Cool Kids co-founder and renowned hip-hop producer Chuck Inglish presents his debut solo album
Convertibles. The album features appearances by Chromeo, Mac Miller, Black Hippy star Ab Soul, Action Bronson, Vic Mensa, Sir Michael Rocks and Chance The Rapper. The album is co-produced by Mike Einzeger of Incubus who has also produced tracks for Frank Ocean, Aviici, Odd Future and many others.
>Wilko Johnson And Roger Daltrey
– Going Back Home CD (Chess/Hip-O)
Wilko Johnson, legendary guitarist with Dr. Feelgood, and Roger Daltrey of The Who release a joint album featuring 11 tracks, ten of which are Wilko originals from both his Dr. Feelgood days and solo years, whilst the sole cover on the album is a version of Bob Dylan's
Highway ’61 Revisited classic “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window.” Vinyl version due April 15.
>King Of Prussia
– Zonian Girls…And The Echoes That Surround Us All CD (Minty Fresh)
In 2011, King of Prussia songwriter, singer and guitarist Brandon Hanick returned from Barcelona to American shores a new man. With very few euros in pocket, he was rich with stories from three years spent overseas, spoke Spanish fluently and had, perhaps most importantly, written the 20 songs that would become King of Prussia’s first double album,
Zonian Girls…And The Echoes That Surround Us All.
>Kronos Quartet
– A Thousand Nights CD (Nonesuch)
A Thousand Thoughts is a look at Kronos' geographically wide-ranging sources. It features music from 14 different countries, including China, India, Sweden, and Vietnam. The album includes the four cellists who have been in Kronos Quartet over the last 36 years: Joan Jeanrenaud (1978-1999), Jennifer Culp (1999-2005), Jeffrey Zeigler (2005-2013), and Sunny Yang (2013-present). Ten of the album's 15 pieces are previously unreleased.
>Kronos Quartet
– Explorer Series 5xCD (Nonesuch)
Kronos Explorer Series comprises five classic albums from five different parts of the world Pieces Of Africa, Night Prayers, Caravan, Nuevo, and Floodplain with liner notes that include an in-depth interview of Harrington by renowned author Jonathan Cott.
– Everything Wrong Is Imaginary [Reissue/2006] CD (Rocket Girl)
An impressive, mature effort that expands a predictable Brit-pop sound into something with varied textures, shades and nuance. The title track opens the disc with a riotous bloom of pop color, and is followed by sprawling, delicate gems.

>Man Forever With So Percussion
- Ryonen CD/LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Man Forever (Oneida, Spiritualized, People Of The North) teams up with So Percussion, combining Man Forever's restless punk spirit with the acclaimed classical ensemble's precision and ingenuity.

>The Mary Onettes
– Portico CD/LP (Labrador)
“A lovely piece of ethereal (but not chillwave) dreampop.” – Brooklyn Vegan

>Martina McBride
– Everlasting CD/LP (Kobalt)
A collection of R&B and soul covers, including duets with Kelly Clarkson and Gavin DeGraw, and produced by Don Was.

– Chrysalis CD (110 Records)
For the uninitiated, Los Angeles-based Nostalghia's music is compelling, provocative and cinematic, and its vocalist and heart-and-soul, Ciscandra Nostalghia, is an art-pop adventurist with a flair for the dark and dramatic. Early fans of their work include Skrillex to Marilyn Manson, The Orb to Gogol Bordello, Amy Lee and Terry Balsamo of Evanescence, producer/film composer Tyler Bates, System Of A Down's Serj Tankian and Slayer's Dave Lombardo.

– Wasted Years CD/LP (Vice)
Combining reckless improvisational energy with the combined skills of four deadly sharp musicians (vocalist Keith Morris, guitarist Dimitri Coats, bassist Steven McDonald, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba), OFF! have dug down through a decades' worth of accumulated stylistic garbage, and rediscovered the stripped down core of noise, speed, and rock & roll that punk seemed to have lost forever.

>Anette Olzon
– Shine CD (Eagle Rock)
Debut solo outing from the Nightwish singer.

>Joan Osborne
– Love And Hate CD (eOne)
While Osborne has already earned a reputation as both a commanding, passionate performer and a frank, emotionally evocative songwriter, her soulful song craft reaches a new level of musical and lyrical resonance on
Love And Hate. Such insightful, emotionally complex new compositions as “Where We Start,” “Work On Me,” “Kittens Got Claws,” “Keep It Underground” and the pointed title track survey some of the more complicated terrain of romantic relationships, while the albums intimate, stripped-down sound marks a stylistic departure from the gritty blues-based rock for which Osborne is best known.
>Patton Oswald
– Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time CD+DVD (Comedy Central)
Performing for a packed house at Spreckel’s Theater in San Diego, comedian Patton Oswalt delivers a blistering stand-up set in his trademark blend of acerbic wit and unabashed silliness. His topics range from the future of our nation to daddy/daughter outings gone wrong to the scope of humor in Germany.

– Under Color Of Official Right CD/LP (Hardly Art)
Protomartyr's taut, austere rock was incubated in a freezing Detroit warehouse littered with beer cans and cigarette butts and warmed, feebly, by space heaters. Despite the cold, Protomartyr emerged with a sound that is idiosyncratic but relatable, hooky but off-kilter, and economical in a way that elicits comparisons to possible antecedents like Pere Ubu or The Fall as well as local contemporaries like Frustrations or Tyvek.

– Pup CD/LP (Side One Dummy)
Stateside issue of the Canadian punk band’s debut album.

– So It Goes CD/LP (XL)
Following a busy 2013 that saw them playing shows with acts as diverse as GZA, Death Grips, King Krule and Trash Talk as well as collaborating with legendary photographer and filmmaker Ari Marcopoulos, Ratking present their debut album
So It Goes. The album finds the group perfecting the balance between the raw, unbridled energy of their live set and the warm soulful, golden-era hip-hop that the members grew up on, aided in large part by engineering from Young Guru (Jay-Z, The Diplomats, Notorious B.I.G.).
>Linda Ronstadt
– Duets CD (Rhino)
Duets collects 14 of Ronstadt's memorable musical partnerships, along with a previously unreleased collaboration with Laurie Lewis, for a new collection that was created with help from Ronstadt and her longtime manager, John Boylan. The set includes two of her most successful collaborations, both of which feature Aaron Neville, as well as duets with Ann Savoy, Emmylou Harris, Bette Midler and more.
>David Rotheray
– Answer Ballads CD (Navigator)
New release from the acclaimed songwriter and former founding member of The Beautiful South.
Answer Ballads is a collection of songs in which Rotheray and his collaborators take 12 classic pop songs and attempt to formulate an Answer Ballad for each one. Taking existing fictional characters, from The Police's “Roxanne” to Elton John's “Daniel,” all of who are well known but simultaneously unknown, Rotheray picks up the story from their perspective.
>School Of Language
– Old Fears CD/LP (Memphis Industries)
Old Fears. It's a pop record. A place of clipped falsetto, melancholic funk, iridescent electro, shimmering post-punk, futurist prog. At times it is both liminal and minimal, at others emotive and external. Ambiguous and ambient. Tantalizing and tempered. Modern. Unique. And funny too.
>Screaming Females
– Live At The Hideout CD/2xLP (Don Giovanni)
Live album recorded over two nights in Chicago by Steve Albini. Screaming Females have been hailed as one of the best live bands and Marissa Paternoster has been praised as one of the best guitar players of all time. This live record makes the case for both of these accolades in a way that no studio album ever could.

>Sigur Rós
– Von [Reissue/1997] CD (XL)
Sigur Rós – Ágætis Byrjun [Reissue/1999] CD (XL)
CD reissues of Sigur Rós’ first two albums, which have been out-of-print for years.

>Skull Defekts
– Dances In Dreams Of Known Unknown CD/LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
The second rock album from Swedish group The Skull Defekts, who are again joined by fifth member Daniel Higgs (Lungfish).

– Wild Sometimes CD (Carrot Top)
Although born in the post-punk ‘90s, Sleepyhead has always had a heart that, in part, beats to classic American rock & roll, marrying unpretentious, up-tempo tunes to extraordinary harmonized lyrics constructed by mature, but definitely not jaded, sensibilities.

– Tremors CD/LP (4AD)
SOHN is an English musician, songwriter and producer based in Vienna, Austria.
Tremors is his debut album. Informed by a rich legacy of electronic music, SOHN creates a sound that blends his haunting vocals with a backdrop of analogue drum machines and synths, which makes nods to the past, but always forges forward into the new. Aside from emphasizing the soulfulness of his voice, his lyrics expertly play with the phonetics of language, wrapping his sonorous vocals around the gaps between sentences and lending those words more prominence.
– SoMo CD (Republic)
Debut from the R&B singer includes the single “Ride.”

>Split Single
– Fragmented World CD (Inside Outside)
Debut release from an absolute-no-holds-barred-indie-supergroup made up of Britt Daniel (Spoon/Divine Fits), Jason Narducy (Bob Mould/Verbow/Robert Pollartd/Superchunk/Telekinesis) and drummer/funny man extraordinary, Mr. Jon Wurster (Superchunk/Mountain Goats/Bob Mould/Ben Gibbard/Robert Pollard).

>Squarepusher x Z-Machines
– Music For Robots CDEP/12” (Warp)
A five track EP composed by Squarepusher and performed by the three robots that comprise the Z-Machines. In 2013, a team of Japanese roboticists was assembled with the challenge of creating a music-performing system that was beyond the capabilities of the most advanced musicians - Z-Machines were the result. The roboticist’s musical producer, Kenjiro Matsuo, and his team, invited a number of Japanese composers as well as Squarepusher to develop music specifically for the project.

>Sweet Apple
– The Golden Age Of Glitter CD/LP+MP3 (Tee Pee)
Sweet Apple, the band of dispersed rockers from groups you've heard before - Dinosaur Jr., Cobra Verde and Witch - is back.
The Golden Age Of Glitter is a 10-song power-pop masterpiece featuring J Mascis, Tim Parnin, John Petkovic and Dave Sweetapple that travels a wide swathe of musical styles; almost as wide as the geography represented by the band. (First pressing also available on clear blue vinyl).
>Jackson Taylor & The Sinners
– Live At Billy Bob’s Texas CD+DVD (Smith Music Group)
Jackson Taylor is a storyteller, plain and simple. He combines his real life experiences with old school country elements and throws in the flavors of punk and southern rock.

– Estara CD/LP (Brainfeeder)
Estara contains plenty of the breezy melodies, rustling rhythms, gauzy atmospherics, and loose ties to hip-hop that have always been present in Teebs' music, but the LP also finds those elements coming together in a bolder, more cohesive fashion.
>Todd Terje
– It’s Album Time With Todd Terje CD/2xLP+MP3 (Olsen)
“The Norwegian producer Todd Terje is one of dance music’s most reliable makers of playful, innovative disco-house tracks, but he’s resisted the lure of making a full-on studio album until now. Terje’s debut LP, knowingly titled
It’s Album Time isn’t just a string of singles. Instead, it has fun toying around with different genres and ideas for a few minutes at a time, moving from titanic thump to chintzy lounge music with a sort of arched-eyebrow flair.” – Stereogum
>Thus Owls
– Turning Rocks CD/LP (Secret City)
Thus Owls are Montreal-based band comprised of husband and wife duo Simon and Erika Angell. Turning Rocks is inspired by Erika's long family history on the island of Orust in Sweden, from the home they've occupied for generations, to local legends, with each song representing a different story, or relationship.

– Kaptein Kaos CD+DVD (Noiseart)
A fusion of metal, folk and world music.

– Tweens CD/LP (French Kiss)
Bridget Battle's last band might have been a high school choir, but the 21-year-old singer for Cincinnati's Tweens is no goody two shoes. Look no further for proof than
Tweens, the punk-tinged debut from the trash-pop trio that showcases a melodic, driven and exceedingly catchy sound that's anything but well behaved.
>Jozef Van Wissem/Squrl
– Only Lovers Left Alive CD/2xLP (ATP)
Soundtrack of the forthcoming Jim Jarmusch
Only Lovers Left Alive. Available on CD and HQ-180gm blood red vinyl.
>Various Artists [Jaguar Skills]
– Nervous ‘90s Hip-Hop Revisited CD (Nervous)
The masked ninja Jaguar Skills returns with a mammoth compilation, moving away from his normal genre-defying scintillating style and embrace his hip-hop roots, as he breathes fresh life into Nervous Records classic hip-hop back catalog. The artists and tracks may be familiar to some, but here they sound like never before.
90's Hip-Hop Revisited is equally a nostalgic treat for the heads who saw the golden era of hip-hop first hand or an introductory master class for the younger generation to feast themselves on.
>Young Boy
– Other Summers CD/LP (Saint Marie)
Young Boy is a band led by formerly estranged brothers Ale and Joe Young. Joe, also known as Joseph Desler Costa of the indie rock band L'Altra.

>Your Friend
– Jekyll/Hyde CD (Domino)
Debut EP from Taryn Miller, written and recorded over a two year period in her adopted hometown of Lawrence, Kansas, Miller used live performances to develop the songs gradually both as a solo singer/songwriter as well as enlisting the help of a rotating cast of supporters from the town's music community. Vinyl version due April 29.

>Danny Brown
– Old LP (Fool’s Gold)
This emotionally-charged concept album is an intoxicating mix of Danny at his most experimental and most accessible, balancing hip-hop grit with electronic club sonics and much, much more. Featuring guest appearances from A$AP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Freddie Gibbs, Purity Ring, Charli XCX, and more overproduction from the likes of A-Trak and Rustie,
Old is a psychedelic portrait of rap's most vital and exciting new star. (Deluxe 4xLP box set version featuring instrumentals due April 29.)
>Current 93
– I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell: A Channel 2xLP (Spheres)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. David Tibet's collaborators this time around include Nick Cave, John Zorn, Andrew Liles, James Blackshaw, and members of The Groundhogs and Comus.

>Fat Freddie’s Drop
– Mother Mother (Theo Parrish Translation) 12” (The Drop)
Fat Freddie’s Drop – Mother Mother (Never Moving Remixes) 12” (The Drop)
After a barnstorming 2013 Fat Freddy’s Drop are back with two brand new 12” singles with re-workings from Theo Parrish, Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris and Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy & Andy Yamwho?.

>Good Stuff House
– Untitled LP/Cassette (Indian Queen/HoloDeck)
Good Stuff House couldn’t be more aptly named if they tried. This trio of Scott Tuma along with Zelienople’s Matt Christensen and Mike Weis has been conspicuously absent for a while, but this reissue of their untitled debut serves as a reminder of their potency. Americana is a term that gets tossed around often, but in these dusty hollows it gains meaning. Translucent tones hover in empty space, trembling as they hesitantly coalesce. Folk axioms are broken down into dust so they can be woven back into something new, something beautiful.

>Jim Goodwin
– Odludek LP (PIAS/Heavenly) Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Debut solo album from Doves' Jimi Goodwin. “I wanted to make this mad mixtape… the kind you’d pass back and forth with your mates; eclectic as f##k. That’s the way we’ve all discovered music over the years isn’t it? We join our own dots to make it all make sense. As I got into making the record, it felt like I was proving something to myself, making a point that I could do all this on my own. You know — I can play bass, I can play guitar, I can orchestrate. As the methods changed, the original concept stayed intact. It’s me, powering through ideas, kapow kapow, no pause for breath. It’s not trying to be willfully eclectic; it’s just a reflection of how I schizophrenically devour music.”
– From The Spark LP (Virgin)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “Grizfolk hail from America and Sweden, and their set exhibited a blend of the musical sensibilities from both nations, crossing country-tinged folk harmonies with catchy electro-pop.” -- Consequence Of Sound

>Elton John
– Goodbye Yellow Brick Road [Reissue/1973] 2xLP (Mercury)
New vinyl version of the iconic 1973 album remastered and pressed on HQ-180gm vinyl.

>Los Amigos Invisibles
- Arepa 3000: A Venezuelan Journey Into Space [2000] LP (Luaka Bop)
This band from Venezuela manages to infuse all of their songs with a funky Latin flavor while tromping through swanky lounges, disco halls, and the occasional horse race. Named after a common Venezuelan food, this band serves up a tasty buffet of sound.

>Mount Carmel
– Get Pure LP (Alive)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl “Columbus, OH's Mount Carmel still believes in rock & roll -- you know, the real stuff with charging guitars and drums meant to stir the loins before the brain cells... And I mean that in a good way.” – Pop Matters

>Pink Martini
– Get Happy LP (Heinz)
Released late last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Featuring the little orchestras trademark mix of pop songs from all corners of the globe, spanning the breadth of the 20th century,
Get Happy’s sunny disposition shines through its intricate and luxurious orchestral pop arrangements.
– Whut? Thee Album [1992] LP (Def Jam)
The last of hip-hop's great party albums,
Whut? never had to take itself too seriously and Redman made sure you didn't either. His weed-fueled rhyme-flow sizzled on the album's many P-Funk inspired tracks (courtesy of EPMD's Erick Sermon), and many songs ("Time 4 Sum Aksion," "Rated R"), jumped with an energy that tore the roof off and burned the house down.
- Hidden Masters / Arcane Montane 7” (Razor & Tie)
Color vinyl double-7” featuring two tracks from their
Apocyphon album and two exclusive remixes done by Dylan Carlson.
>Twilight Nuages
– Twilight Nuages [Reissue/1977] LP (Folk Evaluation)
Based around the songwriting talents of high school music teacher Bill Last, the band features a supergroup of friends and students, including four incredibly gifted 16-17-year-old girls sharing lead and backup vocal duties throughout. The ten-piece-strong band recorded live in Bill's parents' basement straight to 1/4" stereo tape with no overdubs whatsoever, and the end result will leave even the most jaded of listeners with their jaws hanging in disbelief. From sunshine pop to country swing to devastatingly sincere piano ballads, the amount of heart and pop ingenuity on display is simply staggering. Imagine if the kids from the Langley School's Music Project grew up to be in the Olivia Tremor Control and you're part way there. (First pressing available on midnight splatter blue vinyl.)

>The Used
– Imaginary Enemy LP (Hopeless)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The Used return with the follow-up to
>Various Artists
– Gypsy Rhumba 2xLP (Soul Jazz)
First album ever outside of Spain to focus on the history of Gipsy Rhumba - one of the most interesting musical culture clashes - that first took place in the early 1960s. In the Catalan region of Spain, gypsies, primarily known as the creators of Flamenco, came up with a fascinating hybrid style which blended together Latina and rhumba music of Cuba and the Caribbean together with their own flamenco, as well as the emerging rock & roll styles from America. CD version due April 29.

- Brandished EP 12” (Lex)
A lush and expansive 17-minute, three track instrumental electronic release from new Lex signing Wertheimer.

>Jim White
– The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted Wrong-Eyed Jesus! [1997] LP (Luaka Bop)
When Jim White's Luaka Bop debut
Wrong-Eyed Jesus appeared in 1997, the unique blend of alt country and metaphysics startled many with its idiosyncratic freshness. It was instantly acclaimed as a classic of the newly burgeoning "sadcore" scene, a point that amused the Florida-based songwriter to no end.
>Young & Sick
– Young & Sick LP (Harvest)
Young & Sick is an L.A. based music and art project that has designed cover art for Foster The People's
Torches, Maroon 5's Overexposed and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.
>Tom Zé
– Brazil Classics 5: The Hips Of Tradition LP+MP3 (Luaka Bop)
Inspired by hard-lit & science fiction, Zé’s tick-tocking sambas and comforting cançãos range from the painfully touching to the inscrutably conceptual.

>Ryan Russell
- Continental Obscura: From Birmingham To Bellingham Book+7” (No Sleep)
Known best for his ability to brilliantly capture timeless photos of some of rock s biggest acts, from Death Cab For Cutie and Against Me! to Paramore and Blink-182, Russell recently tackled a different subject entirely for
Continental Obscura: From Birmingham To Bellingham. In the summer of 2013 he embarked on a life-changing, cross-country journey, moving from his native city of Birmingham, AL to the Pacific Northwest town of Bellingham, WA. Russell documented his trip, capturing the back roads, ghost towns, national parks and historical sites of America with stunning photos of everything he saw. The book includes an exclusive 7” vinyl single featuring rare unreleased B-sides from Manchester Orchestra and Minus The Bear, two bands that Russell has shot extensively over the last several year.

>EMA –
The Future’s Void (Matador)
Erika M. Anderson first graced the limelight under the guise of EMA in May 2011, when the brilliantly scuffed debut album Past Life Martyred Saints was released to a multitude of acclaim. After fronting the genre-defying cult duo Gowns, Past Life Martyred Saints offered a deeper glimpse into the world of EMA. If that album was an inward exploration of human relationships and their toll, The Future's Void catapults them out into space, both thematically and musically.

>Good Stuff House – Cassette (HoloDeck)
Good Stuff House couldn’t be more aptly named if they tried. This trio of Scott Tuma along with Zelienople’s Matt Christensen and Mike Weis has been conspicuously absent for a while, but this reissue of their untitled debut serves as a reminder of their potency. Americana is a term that gets tossed around often, but in these dusty hollows it gains meaning. Translucent tones hover in empty space, trembling as they hesitantly coalesce. Folk axioms are broken down into dust so they can be woven back into something new, something beautiful.

released 01 APRIL 2014
>Alesana – Decade CDEP (Artery)New 6-song EP from the North Carolina post-hardcore band.
Keith Allison - In Action: The Complete Columbia Sides Plus CD (Real Gone Music)
Keith Allison took listeners where the action is on his 1967 Columbia Records debut LP
In Action, packing its grooves with tunes from Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart (including "Action, Action, Action," the theme to ABC-TV s Where The Action Is, which featured Allison), Donovan, Neil Diamond, Ray Charles, and his future bandmates Paul Revere and the Raiders. This reissue adds twelve original mono single bonus tracks to the original eleven stereo pop nuggets.
Matt Andersen – Weightless CD (True North)
Hailing from the blue-collar community of Perth Andover, New Brunswick, Andersen has been steadily building his sizable following in Canada and around the world through word of mouth about his electrifying live shows.
Weightless, the new album, is infused with Andersen’s unparalleled dexterity on the guitar and his command of the blues with a distinctive soulful voice. Vinyl version due April 15.
Horace Andy – Get Wise [Reissue/1975] CD/LP (Pressure Sounds)
The musical relationship between Phil Pratt and one of reggae's most distinctive voices Horace Andy began with the song "Black Mans Country" produced by Pratt for the Caltone label.
Get Wise was their follow up together, released only in Jamaica in 1975, it was pressed in very limited quantities. This reissue is expanded with six bonus tracks.
Arche – First Cause CD (Psychonavigation)
Arche is a dark ambient drone group. "The goal with this album was to keep the tracks as minimally edited as possible. They’re meant to evoke different states of mind, and as the music is largely improvised I can only assume this means the tunes grow from that mindset as a seedbed. There is a large sense of emotion here, though: they’re mostly woozy. It’s distinctly uneasy – though not unpleasant – listening. Throughout there’s nothing invoked so much as the feel of ritual – of grand gestures and things one cannot know or understand. Sound sources remain uncertain, mostly, which aids this goal." -- Cyclic Defrost
Arc Iris – Arc Iris CD/LP+CD (Anti)
Arc Iris is the orchestral pop project of Jocie Adams, a former core member of The Low Anthem. The singer and multi-instrumentalist formed the collective to present her ambitious new songs. The band includes a collective of four musicians plus Jocie with additional players frequently joining to expand the sound further, to create their wild exploration of all kinds of musical styles - jazz, prog rock, blues, country, folk, and classical.
Austrian Death Machine – Triple Brutal CD (Artery)
New album from the Arnold Schwarzenegger-inspired side-project from As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis. Austrian Death Machine is (you guessed it) a tribute/parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger's action films.
The Bamboos – Fever In The Road CD (Nettwerk)
The Bamboos is a nine-piece funk soul band from Melbourne, Australia.
Band Of Skulls – Himalayan CD/2xLP (Electric Blues)
"The UK’s answer to The Black Keys veers towards an evolved sound for this record. They’re not reinventing themselves – don’t expect any Mariachi-trance or doom-hop – but there is grandeur, a largeness that they parade around on their escapades – is that their newfound knob-twiddler Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) making himself known? Everything’s firm, confident and collected – it may lumber, but each kick beat and chord strum is definitely defiant. This is an album that struts with a dead-eyed glint; it’s an album that keeps a sinister streak simmering near the surface." – The Line Of Best Fit
Big Elf – Into The Maelstrom CD (Inside Out)
Melodic prog-doom.
Black Pistol Howl – Hush Or Fire CD/LP (Modern Outsider)
Black Pistol Fire is a Canadian rock & roll duo that splits time between Toronto, Ontario and Austin, Texas. Their wild and energetic rock-and-roll sound has been described as a mix of classic southern rock and garage punk, garnering comparisons to early Kings Of Leon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The White Stripes, and Clutch.
The Blue Nile – Peace At Last [Reissue/1996] 2xCD (EMI)
Digitally remastered reissue of the Scottish pop-soul perfectionists’ third album, expanded with a bonus CD of rarities.
The Body – I Shall Die Here CD/LP (RVNG, Intl)
Sharing their moribund vision with The Haxan Cloak, The Body's tried and true sound is cut to pieces, mutilated by process and re-animated in a spectral state for their fourth full-length.
I Shall Die Here sonically serrates the remains of metal's already unidentifiable corpse and splays it amid tormented voices in shadow.
The Brothers & Sisters – Dylan’s Gospel [Reissue/1969] CD/LP (Light In The Attic)
Originally released in 1969 on Ode Records, this rare and sought-after album finds the California collective covering a clutch of Dylan classics in the era's revolutionary gospel style. Produced by Lou Adler, soon to work his magic on Carole King's mega-successful Tapestry, and arranged by Gene Page, noted for his work for Motown, the performers were largely unknown, but many went on to find great acclaim. Merry Clayton, the powerhouse singer best known for sparring with Mick Jagger on the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" (and star of the recent documentary
20 Feet from Stardom), appears here, as does Edna Wright of The Honeycones and Gloria Jones, who recorded the original version of "Tainted Love" in 1965.
Busman’s Holiday – A Long Goodbye CD/LP (Joyful Noise)
Lewis and Addison Rogers are brothers who make pop-music together. When they do this, they go by the name Busman's Holiday. Lewis plays guitar, and Addison plays his modest drum kit, complete with suitcase-bass-drum. Independently, the brothers have performed with artists such as Jens Lekman and Sleeping Bag.
A Long Goodbye, the first proper album from Busman's Holiday was recorded by Mark Lawson (Arcade Fire) and mixed by Drew Vandenberg (Toro Y Moi, Kishi Bashi). The band has been featured on WNYC's Radiolab. RIYL: Kishi Bashi, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, Van Dyke Parks.
Nick Cannon – White People Party Music CD (Ncredible)
New album from the R&B artist, rapper, actor and comedian features guest appearances by
Afrojack, Pitbull, Future, Akon and more.
S. Carey – Range Of Light CD/LP (Jagjaguwar)
S. Carey's chosen musical expression is a hugely beatific, restorative panorama of extraordinary beauty - perfect given how landscape inspires much of Carey's imagery. His 2014 album
Range Of Light - the follow-up to his debut All We Grow - takes its title from the name that 19th century naturalist John Muir gave to California's Sierra Nevada, and follows suit with a dazzling array of musical light and shade, drawn from Carey's love of jazz, modern classical, and Americana.
Cauldron Black Ram – Stalagmire CD/LP (20 Buck Spin)
The crude horde that be the Cauldron Black Ram emerges yet once more from wat’ry tomb to besiege hapless poseurs and put to manacles weak would-be picaroons. Being the third of albums to sail under the banner of Cauldron Black Ram, the new recording is a commanding effort of sludgy, crossboned black death metal and slimy, rum-sodden doomed debauchery.
Chevelle – La Gargola CD (Epic)
New album from the hard-rock trio features ten tracks including the album's first single ''Take Out The Gunman.''
Chiodos – Devil CD/LP (Razor & Tie)
Chiodos returns refreshed for 2014 with original frontman Craig Owens and new guitarist Thomas Erak, former frontman and guitarist from The Fall Of Troy.
Devil was recorded with Davd Botrill (Tool, Muse, Coheed & Cambria).
Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else CD/LP (Carpark)
Utilizing every opportunity to write while on the road for 18 months following the release of 2012's
Attack On Memory, Cloud Nothings' Dylan Baldi presented an album's worth of material to his bandmates days before they'd enter the studio with esteemed producer John Congleton. The result is Cloud Nothings refined: impossibly melodic, white-knuckle noise-rock that shimmers with sumptuous detail. "It's more subtle," says Baldi. "It's not just an in-your-face rock record. There's more going on. You can listen to a song 20 times and still hear different little things in there..." (Limited quantities also available on light blue vinyl.)
Cowboy – Reach For The Sky [Reissue/1970] CD (Real Gone Music)
Led by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton, the Jacksonville band Cowboy was discovered by none other than Duane Allman, who, as legend has it, banged on their door at 7 am one day and asked to hear some songs. He then recommended them to Capricorn label owner Phil Walden, who sent Allman Brothers producer Johnny Sandlin to check them out; Sandlin ended up producing several Cowboy albums for Capricorn, of which this 1970 release was the first.
The Robert Cray Band – In My Soul CD/LP (Provogue)
Produced by American multi-instrumentalist, composer, musical director, Grammy Award-winning artist and longtime Cray friend Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Keith Richards),
In My Soul captures Cray at his finest with an outstanding 10-song collection of Stax and Chess influenced soul and blues that showcases his trademark guitar playing and his extraordinary vocals.
Dan Croll – Sweet Disarray CD (Capitol)
Dan Croll is a fabulous new solo artist with enough facets for a whole band. He's the electro boy with links to the folk scene a multi-instrumentalist whose songwriting prowess has impressed everyone from former Beatles to legends in the world of fashion and design. Half troubadour, half techno whiz, Dan is a latter-day Beck, and the missing link between Jake Bugg and Joe Mount. Vinyl version due April 15.
CunninLynguists – Strange Journey Volume Three CD (MRI)
New crowd-sourced album featuring fan-selected artists such as Murs, Del The Funky Homosapien, Aesop Rock, Grieves, Celph Titled, Zumbi of Zion I, Tonedeff and more. Production by Kno, RJD2 and Thomax.
Charlie Daniels Band – Off The Grid: Doin’ It Dylan CD (Blue Hat)
For their first album in seven years, the Charlie Daniels Band pays tribute to Bob Dylan by recording ten of his classic tracks, including ''Times They Are A Changin','' ''Mr Tambourine Man,'' ''Tangled Up in Blue'' and others.
Deep Purple – California Jam: Live In California ’74 CD (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
Deep Purple was the biggest selling album act in America when they embarked on a 28-date tour promoting their new album
Burn. The undoubted climax of this tour was headlining the California Jam Festival at Ontario Speedway in California, in front of 200,000 people. This year marks the 40th anniversary of this historic event.
Mac DeMarco – Salad Days CD/LP (Captured Tracks)
"Recorded at Jizz Jazz studio (don't get too excited - that's just the codename for his windowless bedroom) -
Salad Days finds DeMarco returning to the AM warble and warped guitars that made his previous records such a success, while delving into deeper sonic and lyrical territories with vintage keyboards (‘Passing Out Pieces,’ ‘Chamber Of Reflection’), calypso love ballads (‘Let My Baby Stay’) and songs about youthful insecurities (‘Blue Boy’). –
Dynazty – Renatus CD (Sound Pollution)
Fourth album from the Swedish melodic hard rockers.
A.J. Ellis – Bury The Devil CD (12th Street)
Bury The Devil sees Ellis putting his distinctive rough hewn vocals and Costello-esque guitar-pop songwriting style to great effect over the course of 11 tracks alternately tinged with country twang, bluesy refrains, and anti-folk aesthetics.
Epistasis - Light Through Dead Glass CD (Crucial Blast)
Shifting from moody, understated passages of atonal melody into blasts of frostbitten, discordant blackness and lurching, angular riffage,
Light Through Dead Glass leaks strains of spectral jazziness through the depths beneath the band’s complex, metallic assault. Mills’ ghastly screams drift vaporously behind twisted, lurching grooves and blackened blasts, offsetting the ghostly sound of her trumpet bleating in the darkness. These subtle, jazz-informed touches are met with Cohen’s furious drumming, giving the songs a churning rhythmic intricacy that seethes beneath even the band’s most atmospheric moments.
French Montana – Coast 2 Coast 234 CD (Chopper City)
Features the hot French Montana with appearances from up and coming stars, including: Gunplay, Quise, Myko and Geno Mays, along with Carmine, Fat Joe, and Frenzy.
Frequency Drift – Over CD (Gentle Art Of Music)
With harp, cello, violin, flute, and gemshorn, Frequency Drift merge influences as diverse as Pink Floyd, Renaissance and film music into a pastiche of cinematic progressive rock.
Grace.Will.Fall. – No Rush CD/LP (Hobo)
Third album from the Swedish hardcore band.
Hatriot – Dawn Of The New Century CD (Massacre)
This Bay-Area metal band takes its musical roots back in time to the 1980's when metal was fast and furious, yet still melodic.
The Holmes Brothers – Brotherhood CD (Alligator)
''Timeless, deeply soulful and uplifting gospel-drenched blues, street corner doo-wop, ballads, R&B, country and funk.'' -- The New York Times
HTRK – Psychic 9-5 Club CD/LP (Ghostly International)
Psychic 9-5 Club marks the beginning of a new chapter for HTRK. It's an album that looks back on a time of sadness and struggle, and within that struggle they find hope and humor and love. It's Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang's first album recorded entirely as a duo former band member Sean Stewart died halfway through the recording of their last LP, 2011's Work (Work Work). They dip headlong into some of the things that make humans tick love, loss and desire with the kind of integrity that has marked the band out from day one.
The Infamous String Dusters – Let It Go CD (High Country)
Fifth album from the Grammy-nominated bluegrass expansionists.
Inventions – Inventions CD/LP (Temporary Residence)
Inventions was formed by longtime friends, tourmates, and labelmates Matthew Cooper of Eluvium, and Mark T. Smith of Explosions In The Sky. There are plenty of talking points here: The fact that Cooper hasn’t been in a "band" of any sort since he was a teenager; no member of Explosions In The Sky has released an album outside of the context of EITS since their inception in the late ‘90s; and, of course, this is a dream duo for anyone familiar with the unparalleled emotional resonance of Cooper and Smith’s respective day jobs.
Jellyroll – Biggest Loser CD (Crash Out Music)
Jelly Roll has been taking the underground rap music scene by storm with his previous release with Lil Wyte titled,
No Filter. Biggest Loser features the artists Rikk Reighn, Big Henry and David Ray.
Johnny Foreigner – You Can Do Better CD/LP (Alcopop)
The originators of "fight pop," Johnny Foreigner return with their fourth album.
Kaiser Chiefs – Education, Education, Education & War CD/LP (ATO)
The Leeds post-punkers’ fifth album was written in London, Los Angeles, and Nashville, and recorded at The Maze in Atlanta with studio boss Ben H. Allen producing (Washed Out, Deerhunter, Animal Collective).
Eddie Kendricks – Love Keys [Reissue/1981] CD (Real Gone Music)
Produced in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama by the team of Johnny Sandlin (best known for his work with Southern rock artists like the Allman Brothers, Bonnie Bramlett, Elvin Bishop, and Wet Willie) and Randy Roberts, Love Keys represented Eddie Kendricks’ first venture into Southern soul, and was the last charting solo set for the great soul singer, who passed away in 1992.
Joan As Police Woman – The Classic CD/LP (PIAS America)
The Classic, the fourth album of originals by the uniquely charismatic artist known as Joan As Police Woman, builds on the creative impetus and success of its 2011 predecessor The Deep Field, on which Joan strove to create music rooted in an intimate, elemental and uplifting brand of soul combined with her own unique serene, torch-singing temperament, with a more liberated feel than ever before.
Patti LaBelle And The Bluebelles - The Complete Atlantic Sides Plus 2xCD (Real Gone Music)
Before Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash morphed into the futuristic soul trio known as Labelle and became one of the greatest girl groups of the ‘70s, all three women - along with Cindy Birdsong - were members of one of the greatest girl groups of the ‘60s, Patti LaBelle And The Bluebelles. This double-CD anthology contains all 35 sides released by the group on Atlantic along with four previously unissued tracks recorded in 1969.
Lacuna Coil – Broken Crown Halo CD+DVD/LP (Century Media)
The new album from the Italian gothic metal band was produced by Jay Baumgardner, engineered by Kyle Hoffmann and was mastered by Howie Weinberg. The band says it is a cinematic album about a dark vision of a near future, and is the last to feature drummer Cristiano Criz Mozzati and guitarist Cristiano "Pizza" Migliore. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a bonus DVD.
Jon Langford & Skull Orchard – Here Be Monsters CD/LP (In De Goot Recordings)
Here Be Monsters finds Jon and his band in top form, illustrating perfectly why he is considered an icon in the world of alternative country and a purveyor of the finest genre-agnostic rock & roll. He is joined by drummer Joe Camarillo (The Waco Bothers), guitarist Jim Elkington (The Zincs, The Horse’s Ha), bassist Alan Doughty (The Waco Brothers, Jesus Jones), as well as singer/actress Tawny Newsome and vocalist/violinist Jean Cook (who comprise Skull Orchard).
Cyndi Lauper – She’s So Unusual: A 30th Anniversary Celebration CD/2xCD/LP (Sony Legacy)
Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe pairs the remastered version of Lauper’s 1983 debut with ten previously unreleased songs, including three brand new remixes by Nervo, Bent Collective, and Yolanda Be Cool, live tracks, early demos and studio outtakes.
Lesser Key – Lesser Key CD (Sumerian)
New band featuring founding Tool bassist, Paul D'Amour.
Mica Levi – Under The Skin CD/LP (Milan)
Based on the novel by Michael Faber, Jonathan Glazer's new film follows the journey of a voluptuous woman (Scarlett Johansson) of unknown origin combing the highway in search of isolated or forsaken men. They are seduced, stripped of their humanity, and never heard from again. The music, which plays a critical role in the film and has been mentioned numerous times in reviews, is by British-born Mica Levi, known by her stage name Micachu. She is classically trained and is best known for her band Micachu & The Shapes and for experimental music in a variety of genres.
M83 – You And The Night OST CD/LP (Mute)
Soundtrack to debut feature film by French director Yann Gonazlez, brother to M83's Anthony Gonzalez. Features vocals by M83 collaborator Morgan Kibby and Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør (who contributed vocals to the
Oblivion soundtrack). Previous collaborator Joe Trapanese returned to assist with orchestral arrangements. Mellow and romantic, this soundtrack pays tribute to French soundtracks from the ‘70s and is much more intimate than Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.
Magnum – Escape The Shadow Garden CD+DVD (Steamhammer/SPV)
The ‘80s metal band returns with a new album of wonderfully melodic rock songs that blend all the typical Magnum ingredients, sounding both timeless and classic. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a DVD featuring live footage. Vinyl version due April 15.
Malachai – Beyond Ugly CD/LP (Domino)
Malachai is vocalist Gee and DJ/instrumentalist Scott Hendy aka Boca 45.
Beyond Ugly is Malachai's third album and the final installment of the "ugly trilogy," and finds them mining and melding everything from ‘60s psych, Bollywood soundtracks, classic hip-hop and ‘70s soul as a foundation to Gee's aggressive R&B rasp and rhymes.
Manchester Orchestra – Cope CD/LP (Loma Vista/Favorite Gentleman)
"It's really no surprise Manchester Orchestra would just be itching to creating a no-frills rock record. There are a ton of things to enjoy about this simplified approach. The album isn't there so much to intellectualize, as it is there to experience. Hooks are exploding out of every orifice. Refrains are kept simple and easily digestible, often consisting of single repeated sentences and drawn out vowels. Riffs only have one purpose-to be massive." Sputnik Music
Märvel – Hadal Zone Express CD/LP (Killing Cobra)
The fourth album from the Swedish rock trio has been described by guitarist and singer, The King, as his own version of
Highway To Hell. It's a fast paced roller coaster down into the darkest realms of Hades.
Meklit – We Are Alive CD (Six Degrees)
Born in Ethiopia, based in San Francisco for the past nine years, singer/composer/cultural activist Meklit became a sensation with the release of her debut
On A Day Like This in 2010. NPR called her sound, "a unique blend of jazz, Ethiopia, the San Francisco art scene and visceral poetry; it paints pictures in your head as you listen." PBS said "You'll hear hints of Billie Holliday, Tracy Chapman and Joni Mitchell in her music, but Meklit is her own unique creation."
Millie & Andrea – Drop The Vowels CD/2xLP (Modern Love)
Debut album from Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) and Andy Stott recalls the strict and stripped funk of Anthony Shakir as much as it does Leila's incredible debut
Like Weather, eschewing the dark aesthetic both producers are best known for in favor of something much more visceral.
Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed – In Pursuit Of Magic CD (482)
Two legendary musicians reunite for two masterful extended improv pieces recorded live at Constellation Chicago.
Mobb Deep – The Infamous Mobb Deep 2xCD (Infamous)
13 tracks of all new material including a bonus disc of previously unreleased tracks from the original sessions of their platinum second album
The Infamous.
Carrie Newcomer – A Permeable Life CD/LP (Available Light)
Carrie Newcomer's songs are often based in the daily and ordinary, infused with images of the natural world, as evident on her twelfth studio album
A Permeable Life. On this album, Newcomer's signature deep voice takes on an unguarded conversational tone and the arrangements are open and elegant.
Nickel Creek – A Dotted Line CD (Nonesuch)
The bluegrass trio officially reunites for the first time since its 2007 self-described "indefinite hiatus" with a new album. Vinyl version due April 29.
Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica CD/LP (Relapse)
Blending the suffocating atmospherics of the doom/sludge with the raw ferocity of black metal, punk and d-beat, Nux Vomica constructs an organic heaviness comparably hanging somewhere in the balance between Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone.
Mike Oldfield – Man On The Rocks 2xCD (Mercury)
Oldfield’s first new album since 2008. This deluxe double-disc edition includes a bonus disc containing instrumental versions of all 11 tracks.
Ortolan – Covered In Black CD/LP (Sounds Familyre)
"Best referenced midway between the Bangles and Go-Gos in terms of a girl group approach, there's a kind of slacker sensibility at work here, one that never muffles the drive or conviction. ‘I was meant for something more,’ Cottingham sings on the final track, aptly entitled ‘Anything’ and indeed a lyric has never sounded so true." – Blurt
Christina Perri – Head Or Heart CD (Atlantic)
A collection of cathartic songs that seek to reconcile how we make decisions in love and life.
Head Or Heart was recorded over 2013, with further production from Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, One Direction), John Hill (P!nk, Mayer Hawthorne, Santigold), and Butch Walker (Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco).
Pilgrim – II: Void Worship CD/LP (Metal Blade)
Pilgrim return with eight epic tracks laden with tales of sword and sorcery, death, doom and destruction.
Polar Bear - In Each And Every One CD/2xLP+CD (Leaf)
Polar Bear’s long-awaited fifth album is a remarkable song cycle, offering an expansive arc across deep emotional terrain. It evokes a range of atmospheres: post-industrial scrub, grimy metropolitan house parties, snowy wastelands, and dark mountain gatherings.
Pure X – Angel CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Pure X's third long-player, recorded mostly live with minimal overdubs, sees the band further refining themselves after a year of being strenuously tempered on the road.
Angel is a beautifully genuine pop record whose influences span across genres and generations without reserve while simultaneously coming into their own in the process.
Pyrhhon – The Mother Of Virtues CD/2xLP (Relapse)
Recommended for perverse souls with a penchant for the audio acuteness of acts like Brutal Truth, Ulcerate, Artificial Brain, Deathspell Omega and Today Is The Day, The Mother Of Virtues offers up a mind-altering synthesis of clanging death, dark jazz rhythms, twisted storytelling and subtle shades of otherworldly psychedelia.
RAC – Strangers CD/LP (Interscope)
Your favorite remixes of the last five years are from RAC. He's topped the Hype Machine charts 26 times with original music and official remixes of tracks by Lana Del Rey, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bob Marley, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes and many more. Now comes his full length debut,
Strangers, a 16-track collection of songs performed and arranged by RAC with special guests providing the vocals for each track, including: Body Language, Tegan And Sara, Alex Ebert, Katie Herzig and more.
Nathaniel Rateliff – Falling Faster Than Your Can Run CD/LP (Mod Y Vi)
"There's a lonely whippoorwill feel to Nathaniel Rateliff's second album, as though he wrote it all in a woodland clearing near the log cabin home of Bon Iver's
For Emma, Forever Ago. What he can see in his peripheral vision, however, is Mumford & Sons, stomping and a-hollering around a campfire." – The Guardian
Leon Russell – Life Journey CD (Blue Note)
Legendary American singer and pianist Leon Russell has entertained the world for five decades, getting his start as an in-demand Wrecking Crew session player and playing on hundreds of hit records before he began releasing his own albums in 1967. His latest studio album features a combination of original new songs and Russell's turns on classics.
Saintseneca - Dark Arc CD/LP (Anti)
While the group formed in Columbus, a majority of Saintseneca's members, including songwriter Little, hail from the rural hills of Appalachia, a landscape that has infused the group's evocative music with a deep sense of introspection. Following in the footsteps of heartland bands who have sought to twist the music of the old weird America into new shapes from the Violent Femmes to Neutral Milk Hotel.
Savage Republic - Recordings From Live Performance 1981–1983 CD (Independent Project)
This collection of early live recordings from venerable tribal experimentalists Savage Republic was originally made available in 1992 as a double-10" vinyl release in Independent Project Records’
Archive Series. Recorded during the first two years of the band’s existence, it includes one track from the group’s first ever live performance in May 1981, several songs never recorded in the studio or otherwise released, as well as a generous amount of "atmosphere," consisting of snippets of dialogue, band / audience exchanges and ambient club noise.
Scenic – Acquatica [Reissue/1996] CD (Independent Press)
Scenic’s 1996 full-length release is now reissued on CD after being out of print since 1999. With
Acquatica, Scenic draws from numerous influences to create a 60-plus-minute instrumental soundtrack for a voyage through inner space landscapes—a sprawling adventure into another world. "Acquatica is a hypnotic collection of widescreen instrumentals that shimmer like deserts at sunset, suggesting a collage of Ennio Morricone’s twangscapes and My Bloody Valentine’s swirling noise textures." — Guitar Player
Sonata Arctica – Pariah’s Child CD (Nuclear Blast)
New album from the Finnish metal outfit.
Steel Panther – All You Can Eat CD/LP (+180)
Third album from the modern hair metal band featuring vocalist Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, bassist Lexxi Foxxx and drummer Stix Zadinia.
Thievery Corporation – Saudade CD/2xLP (ESL)
Seventh studio album from one of the most influential and respected names on the electronic/dance music scene. First record to be completely devoted to their Bossa Nova roots and feature all female vocals.
Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams CD/LP (Arts & Crafts)
"Timber Timbre's members tiptoe across some strange boundaries: Atop atmospheric sound beds that often conjure spaghetti Westerns, Taylor Kirk's dusky croon can seem seductive, inviting and, when he prefers, deeply creepy. It's a voice that can embody Halloween itself — Timber Timbre is self-aware enough to have titled its last album
Creep On Creepin' On — and yet Kirk possesses the versatility to sing sweet ballads with Feist on the side. There's a breezy timelessness to Timber Timbre's music that can make it seem bright, sweet and approachable. But, as with so much in life, rewards and alluring perils await those willing to search in the shadows." – NPR
The Toadies – Rubberneck [Reissue/1994] CD (Kirtland)
New remastered reissue of The Toadie's 1994 magnum opus, expanded with bonus tracks from the original recording session as well as live versions of classic tracks ''Possum Kingdom'' and ''Tyler.''
Trouble Funk – 35th Anniversary 2xCD (Trouble Funk)
Live release from the cult funk/R&B heroes recorded historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC. Includes a bonus CD that contains the band's latest single "Hump Day" featuring Killa Cal.
The Used – Imaginary Enemy CD (Hopeless)
The Used return with the follow-up to
Vulnerable. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe features expanded art and a bonus track. Vinyl version due April 8.
Various Artists – Looking Into You: A Tribute To Jackson Browne 2xCD (Music Road)
A star-studded cast of musicians pay tribute to the legendary singer/songwriter, including: Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Schneider, Indigo Girls, Paul Thorn, Griffin House, Lyle Lovett, Ben Harper, Eliza Gilkyson, Keb’ Mo’, Lucinda Williams, Sara and Sean Watkins, Shawn Colvin, Bruce Hornsbey, Joan Osborne, J.D. Souther, and more.
Various Artists – Punk Goes 90s Vol. 2 CD (Fearless)
Brand new unreleased recordings of your favorite ‘90s hits covered by Falling In Reverse, Mayday Parade, Yellowcard, Breathe Carolina, and others.
Various Artists - Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life CD (Rhino)
To celebrate one of rock’s most powerful voices, an all-star group of his friends and fans recorded 13 of their favorite tracks for a tribute album that will raise funds for the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. Produced by his longtime manager and wife Wendy Dio, the album includes contributions by such metal heavyweights as Metallica, Motörhead, Scorpions, Anthrax, and Rob Halford, as well as appearances by many of the musicians who performed with Dio over the years.
Rick Wakeman – Live At The Maltings 1976 CD+DVD (United States Of Distribution)
Recorded at Farnham Maltings in 1976 - a year when Rick was just about to take a break from his solo career and rejoin Yes for the triumphant album that was
Going For The One.
John Wesley – Disconnect CD (Century Media)
New album from John Wesley of Porcupine Tree fame. John Wesley has built a long and varied career as a songwriter, ''sideman'' guitarist and recording artist. His music has been called lyrically sensitive and musically dynamic. His songwriting style incorporates emotionally-charged vocals that evoke the honesty and intimacy of Roger Waters and Patty Griffin coupled with a melodic yet intricate guitar style reminiscent of David Gilmour, Alex Lifeson, Jeff Beck and Warren Haynes.
White Hinterland – Baby CD/LP (Dead Oceans)
On her first four records, Dienel projected her fears and fantasies onto imaginary characters, role-play, and lush atmospherics. If
Kairos was a work of atmosphere, then Baby sits at the opposite end of that spectrum. Baby is about song craft. It is forceful, rooted in the physicality of the voice, percussion and piano, and it is about getting straight to the point. It is the past three years of her life distilled into song: joy, heartbreak, frustration, longing, disappointment, anger, and loss accumulated, poured out and reborn in this new, unflinching release.
Hank Williams III – Ramblin’ Man CD/LP (Curb)
Ramblin’ Man is the follow-up Long Gone Daddy features two tracks that feature the influential punk rock band, The Melvins - the title track and Hank Sr. cover, "Ramblin' Man" and Merle Haggard's "Okie From Muskogee." The album features additional classic covers including ZZ Top's "Fearless Boogie," Johnny Paycheck's "I'm The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised" and Peter La Farge's "Marijuana Blues."

>Evian Christ
– Waterfall LP (Tri Angle)
Joshua Leary has taken his sound into a far noisier and more aggressive territory, exhibiting a creative restlessness that continues to make it harder to pigeonhole this young, evolving artist.
Cut Hands – Volume 3 12" (Dirter Promotions)
Cut Hands – Volume 4 12" (Dirter Promotions)
Reworked and remastered versions of tracks from William Bennett's Afro-noise project.
Dahga Bloom – No Curtains LP (Captcha)
Psychotic sonics from the other side of the Orange County tracks, aiming straight for the head with undulating rhythms at full throttle. Euphoria and enormous beats hold sway, conjuring a frenzy around them akin to that of snake charmers in a pit of vipers.
Demon Hunter – Extremist LP(Solid State)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Seventh album from the Christian metalcore band.
Efestion & Harald Grosskopf – Subconscio 12" (Permanent Vacation)
Harald Grosskopf is a member of legendary German cult band Ashra (Ash Ra Tempel) around guitarist Manuel Göttsching. In the beginning of the ‘70s he was drummer for classic rock band Wallenstein, the Cosmic Couriers and on a few albums of Klaus Schultze. "Subconscio" sounds like a water serpent orbiting around a black moon; elusive artist Efestion and krautrock pioneer Harald Grosskopf lead the beast.
Goatwhore – Haunting Curse [2006] LP (Metal Blade)
Goatwhore – Carving Out The Eyes Of God [2009] LP (Metal Blade)
Vinyl editions of the third and fourth albums from the Louisiana black metal band.
Beth Hart/Joe Bonamassa – Live In Amsterdam 4xLP (J&R Adventures)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Against the backdrop of the beautiful, historic Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam, Hart and Bonamassa’s performance wows with scorching soul covers from the duo’s 2011 debut album
Don’t Explain and 2013 follow-up Seesaw, originally made famous by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Tom Waits, Ray Charles, Donnie Hathaway, Lucinda Williams, Bill Withers, Delaney & Bonnie, Buddy Miles, Tina Turner, Slackwax, Melody Gardot, Nina Simone, and more.
The Heads – Tiburg 2xLP (Rooster)
Limited edition double vinyl bootleg of the
Live In Tilburg mail order-only CD issued by the band via their website, and rightly given album of the month status on Julian Cope's Head Heritage site. A perfect snapshot of The Heads in full flight, as heavy and as dense as they can get, yet soaring far off into the vapors with their inimitable psych noise blastings.
Lightnin’ Hopkins – Free Form Patterns [Reissue/1968] 2xLP (Snapper)
Recorded in 1968,
Free Form Patterns stands out in Hopkins’ discography due to unusual line-up on the sessions, with the veteran bluesman fuelled by homemade moonshine supported by a young hippy rhythm section, comprising Danny Thomas and Duke Davis of 13th Floor Elevators, both high on acid at the time. This however is no failed hippy/blues amalgam, just a straightforward honest blues album.
Kiss – Kiss [Reissue/1974] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Hotter Than Hell [Reissue/1974] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Dressed To Kill [Reissue/1975] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Alive [Reissue/1975] 2xLP (UMe)
Kiss – Destroyer [Reissue/1976] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Dynasty [Reissue/1979] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Unmasked [Reissue/1980] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Lick It Up [Reissue/1983] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Animalize [Reissue/1984] LP (UMe)
Kiss – Revenge [Reissue/1992] LP (UMe)
HQ-180 vinyl reissues, remastered to high definition 192kHz/24-bit audio for maximum fidelity.
London Grammar – If You Wait LP (Columbia)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. "This is an enthralling, stunning, deeply emotive album that perfectly marries understated electronica to sublime vocals and melodies. In a year dominated by titanic LPs, London Grammar have not only made the most perfectly formed debut album of the year – they’ve made one of the best LPs, period. [A-]" – Pretty Much Amazing
Dan Melchior – Slow Down Tiger LP (Starlight Furniture Company)
Two side-long tracks: "Tongues," which congeals into a grand mosaic, a kind of reverse Pangaea of mostly dissenting voices: Chilean poet Nicanor Parra; a clip from Sult, the Swedish film based on Knut Hamsun’s Hunger; Russian absurdist / surrealist Daniil Kharms; Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins; author of modernist masterpiece Briggflatts Basil Bunting; the eternally disenchanted Alan Dugan; Victorian heritage booster John Betjeman; and field recordings of the 1990 poll tax riots in London. "Hospital Poem," which is a minimalist drone à la Basinski, Harold Budd or Tony Conrad, though Melchior’s very personal approximation of the subtlest of ectoplasmic melodies repeated over and over ends up more dissonant and darker than one would expect.
Octo Octa – Cause I Love You 12" (100% Silk)
New single from New England's deep house patriot. "Cause I Love You" jacks out of the gate, a jubilant drag race of tumbling percussion, intestinal bass and slipstreaming vocal samples, a true banger to break the moody collective soul mold of
Between Two Selves.
The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack [Reissue/1965] 2xLP (Snapper)
Heavy weight vinyl reissue of the seminal New York girl group's debut album.
Sleepy Sun – Maui Tears LP+MP3 (Dine Alone)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Maui Tears deftly walks the borders and boundaries between hooky power pop classicism and hazy, primer-grey Camaro rock - all colored by a lurking sense of fog, unease, and mystery at the corners.
Small Black – Real People 12" (Jagjaguwar)
New five-song EP, two of which feature guest vocals from Frankie Rose.
Soviet Soviet – Fate LP (Secretly Canadian)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Italian ost-punk leaning trio.
The Spies – Battle Of Bosworth Terrace LP+MP3 (Siltbreeze)
The Spies bear the unique distinction of one of New Zealand’s true missing pieces in the Underground puzzle. With no audio documentation ever seeing the light of day in their time (1978-79, Wellington), the band really did exist in a you-had-to-be-there bubble.
Swans – The Burning World [Reissue/1989] LP (1972)
In 1989, bandleader Michael Gira co-produced The Burning World alongside multi-instrumentalist Bill Laswell and continued to refine his songwriting without compromising power. Jarboe's inimitable vocal presence enhances the overall tunefulness while Gira's own weary-but-resilient declamations ascend to towering intensity at precisely the right moments.
Warm Soda – Young Reckless Heart LP (Castle Face)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Matthew Melton has done it again! Just when it seemed as though he’d reached the pinnacle of power pop confection with last year’s excellent
Someone For You, he surpasses all expectations with his latest masterpiece Young Reckless Hearts. With the unlikely addition of cello serving only to bitter-sweeten their teenage pop fantasias, Warm Soda delivers deviously barbed hooks that instantly lodge themselves in your memory.
WV White – West Virginia White LP (Anyway Records)
Imagine the bombast of My Bloody Valentine shoehorned into the intimacy of Smog and Bright Eyes, or the '90s slacker anthems of Pavement and Built to Spill realized by a truant, codeine-fed version of Hawkwind.

Thomas Campbell – Cuatro Sueños Pequeños Book+DVD (Um Yeah Arts)
Cuatro Sueños Pequeños is 23-minute movie shot entirely on 16mm film in a dream scene scenario that blends reality, surreality and adventure. Comes in a 9.25" x 6.25", 90-page hardcover cloth spine with illustrations from Nat Russell.