released 24 JUNE 2014
>Alias – Pitch Black Prism CD/LP (Anticon)
Every year requires winter records—those sounds one reaches for when cyclical freeze triggers a craving for icy synthesizers and sinister drums. This is where one finds Alias’s
Pitch Black Prism, an alternately bleak and beautiful album built for headphones and hailstorms. Few places boast a more severe climate than Maine, the artist’s home state, with its ominous forests and jagged coastlines. Listeners can feel the climate and geography exerting brutal force to the contours of Pitch Black Prism. It’s little wonder Alias’s closest stylistic peers are Burial, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin—all of whom hail from England, land of the cadaver-colored sky.
– Elements Of The Infinite CD (Metal Blade)
Allegaeon was formed in 2008 by founding member and guitar player Ryan Glisan. Soon thereafter, classically trained guitarist Greg Burgess joined, followed by vocalist Ezra Haynes and bassist Corey Archuleta to round out and form what people have come to know now as the Colorado kings of melodic metal.

– The Process Of Self-Immolation CD (Profound Lore)
Alraune is a new black metal band based out of Nashville, TN. Complex and twisted, Alraune’s vicious yet progressive style puts them alongside such American black metal bands as Ash Borer, Fell Voices, Negative Plane, Wolves In The Throne Room, Leviathan, Avichi and Krallice.

– Umbra CD (DiN)
Arc is Ian Boddy (also DiN label boss) and Mark Shreeve, two veterans of the UK electronic music scene. Their music is deeply routed in the traditions of the German synthesizer music of the ‘70s and as such they employ a vast range of vintage analogue equipment not the least of which is Shreeve's massive Moog IIIC modular system.

– Taman Shud CD (Profound Lore)
Formed in 2008, Vancouver, BC’s Auroch are poised to bear the flag of Canadian death metal chaos alongside likeminded bands of the new generation Mitochondrion (vocalist/guitarist Shawn Haché and live-lineup bassist Sebastian Montesi both play in Auroch), Antediluvian and Chthe’ilist. It’s a tradition stretching from the legendary and still-active Gorguts back to the mid-’90s heydays of Cryptopsy and Kataklysm.

>The Babys
– I’ll Have Some Of That! CD (Something Music)
The first album from The Babys in 30 years. The band's line-up features original members Wally Stocker and Tony Brock as well as newcomers John Bisaha (vocals/bass) and Joey Sykes (guitars). With a string of late '70s and early '80s classic rock radio hits, The Babys created some of the most memorable arena anthems of that era.

>Ginger Baker
– Why? CD (Motema)
Best known as the fiery, game-changing drummer from the 1960's British supergroup Cream, Ginger Baker is a true music pioneer. Now, on the heels of the 2012 documentary
Beware Of Mr. Baker, which brought him and his fascinating life to a wider public, Ginger Baker takes the influences that helped shape him and puts them front and center with his powerhouse jazz confusion quartet on Why?, his first new album in 16 years.
– Noise vs. Beauty CD (Amorphous Music)
Noise vs Beauty: a 15-song journey that spans the spectrum of music from hardcore noise hysteria to lush, ethereal beauty and many points in between. Said Bassnectar, “I collaborated with over 50 different human beings on this collection, and it is without a doubt my favorite album to date.” Vinyl version due July 8.
>Peter Mathew Bauer
– Liberation! CD/LP (Mexican Summer)
The debut solo album from former Walkmen member is a poignant and anthemic blend of soulful balladry, folk-tinged meditations, and full-bore rock & roll, crafted with an oblique nod towards the explosion of art, rock, and attitude that emerged from NYC in the '70s.

– Islander CD (Big Picnic)
Norway's number-one-selling artist and soulful one-man-band sensation Bernhoft has sparked the interest of all types of music enthusiasts and pleased the toughest of critics with his stunning and complex looping live performances.

>Black Bananas
- Electric Brick Wall CD/LP/Cassette (Drag City)
Black Bananas work with their machines to play rock that’s progressive, experimenting and never less than super-exciting, f**kingly awesome, and amazing. They do it because it’s fun and it sounds rad.
Electric Brick Wall is solidly composed of time-tested elements -- the beat, the groove, licks, builds and bridges, fused together for projection as a new musical shred-spress to the stars.
>Donovan Blanc
– Donovan Blanc CD/LP (Captured Tracks)
Donovan Blanc is the realization of a purified version of the duo's work, fit for consumption by disciples of Technicolor baroque and singer/songwriter pop music. The record’s aim isn't to evoke nostalgia, but rather to re-contextualize the familiar and foreign to create new moments; some that are bold and exuberant, and others that are reserved and melancholic. Donovan Blanc delivers a glimpse of the lush textures and vivid colors of pop’s golden age through a modern lens.

>Blut Aus Nort/P.H.O.B.O.S.
– Triunity CD (Debemur Morti)
A metaphysical alliance of legendary unorthodox black metal and industrial dark drone.

>Kenny Brown
– Goin’ Back To Mississippi CD (Big Legal Mess)
This first solo release showcases not only the origins of his musical education, tracks learned from his neighbor and mentor, Joe Callicott, growing up in Nesbit, Mississippi, but also others he’s apprenticed with and learned more from over the years, such as R.L. and the late Junior Kimbrough.

>Buckshot & P-Money
– Backpack Travels CD (Duck Down Music)
Brooklyn MC Buckshot teams up with platinum selling producer P-Money for this new collaboration, which also features Joey Badass, CJ Fly, T'Nah Apex, Steele of Smif N Wessun, David Dallas and Raz Fresco. Vinyl version due August 5.

>Jonathan Butler
– Living My Dream CD (Artistry)
Pursuing his multifarious musical muses ranging from contemporary jazz to slick upscale and soul and soul-stirring gospel, Jonathan’s dream is both prolific and wildly entertaining. This release is equally populated with his supple six-string stylings and trademark engaging sinuous vocals.

>Cannabis Corpse
– From Wisdom To Baked CD (Season Of Mist)
New album from the weed-obsessed death metal band. The trio, including Municipal Waste bassist/Iron Reagan guitarist Landphil and former Gwar guitarist Brent Legion, fuse influences from the halcyon days Florida death metal into a brutal, modern US death metal attack. Vinyl version due July 8.

>Channel Zero
– Kill All Kings CD (Metal Blade)
Channel Zero’s sixth studio album shows a band combining technical workmanship with raw energy and groove.
Kill All Kings is a thundering musical pinball game between Teutonic trash, snarling groove metal, and elusive melodies.
>Jerome Chassagnard
– Inner Dialog CD (Hymen)
Supported by his wife Pei Yun Yu and French sound artist Jeremie Mathes, Chassagnard has created an album that is simultaneously dense and introspective.
Inner Dialog displays a balanced bridging between IDM, electronica, chilling ambient and krautrock, creating impressive tempers of both brilliance and deepness. It is a feast for the aural senses featuring lush atmospheric synth pads, melodic piano lines, precisely set voice samples and field recordings alternately carried by a plethora of drum patterns and beatless hypnotic sequences.
>Circulatory System
– Mosaics Within Mosaics CD (Secretly Canadian)
Culled together in the style in which Will Cullen Hart (Olivia Tremor Control) has always worked, using recordings from his copious back catalog of home recordings spanning from 12 years ago to now. Masterfully assembled by Derek Almstead (Faster Circuits) with overdubs by John Fernandes (OTC), Heather McIntosh (The Instruments), AJ Griffin (Laminated Cat), Peter Erchick (OTC), Jeff Mangum abd Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel). Vinyl version due July 15.

– The Great Escape CD (Astralwerks)
Driven by laser tight production and carried by the undeniable voice of front-woman Josie Claire Bürkle, Claire’s sound is a child of the internet, its music a pulsating meditation on the modern sonic palate.

– Earth Rocker [Deluxe] 2xCD+DVD (Weathermaker Music)
This triple disc deluxe edition of Clutch’s 2013 album includes: the full record and brand new songs "Night Hag" and "Scavengers;"
Earth Rocker Live, a CD audio version of the album performed live; and the DVD Live In Denver recorded with seven cameras in 1080i on November 14 at the sold-out Ogden Theatre show in Denver, and featuring two videos shot, directed and edited by actress Aisha Tyler: "Gone Cold" (unreleased) and "Crucial Velocity."
– The Revelation CD (Hopeless)
New from the heavy/melodic Japanese band.

>Casey Crescenzo
– A Symphony In Four Movements CD (Equal Vision)
Casey Crescenzo is the mastermind behind experimental indie rock group The Dear Hunter. An incredibly talented musician and prolific songwriter, Crescenzo wanted to push himself further as a composer by crafting an original symphony. The completed work was performed by the Brno Orchestra in the Czech Republic for this recording. Vinyl version due July 8.

– while(1<2) 2xCD (Astralwerks)
Globally acclaimed electronic music producer and musician deadmau5 returns with his biggest and most ambitious album project yet -- one he feels to truly be his first proper body of work: a double album that takes the listener on an epic journey of sound.

>Death Of An Era
– Bllack Bagged CD (Razor & Tie)
Death Of an Era brings a refined sound to the death metal world with their blend of unique technical guitar work with a pile driving hardcore barrage.

– Perfect Cult CD (Nuclear Blast)
New from the The Swedish industrial rock band.

– Resurrection Denied CD (Comatose Music)
Debut album of brutal and blasphemic death metal from Rome.

>The Duhks
– Beyond The Blue CD (Compass)
Rejuvenated by a two-year hiatus and energized by the return of vocalist Jessee Havey and the addition of new members, fiddler Rosie Newton, drummer/percussionist Kevin Garcia, and guitarist/bouzouki player Colin Savoie-Levac, The Duhks founder Leonard Podolak found an amazing pallet of inspiration for
Beyond The Blue. Musically, the album is reminiscent of 2006's Grammy-nominated Migrations, but with a sound that is even more dense and grittier than 2008's Fast Paced World.
>Jad Fair And Danielson
– Solid Gold Heart CD/LP (Sounds Familyre)
New collaboration between Jad Fair (Half Japanese) and Daniel Smith is full of gleaming tunes of sincere sing-speak, resplendent with sparkling back-up vocals and warmly melodic, inventive instrumentation.

>For All Those Sleeping
– Incomplete Me CD (Fearless)
Formed in St. Cloud, Minnesota in 2007, For All Those Sleeping combines bouncy, heartache-filled pop punk with metalcore to create their own dynamic, hybrid sound.

>Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
– 17 Tears In Ektachrome CD (Hand-Held)
17 Years in Ektachrome is a sublime, 51-minute, six-track adventure: like stowing away on an aging freight train as it winds its way from the balmy American South to an unnamed permafrosted north. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project journeys through a dense audio fog filled with distant, indiscernible shapes and punctuated by the sudden appearances of artifacts from another time.
>Peter Frampton
– Hummingbird In A Box CD (Phenix Phonograph)
Frampton’s new album was inspired by the Cincinnati Ballet, featuring seven original guitar pieces in Frampton's virtuosic stylings. Vinyl version due August 5.

– These Things Happen CD/2xLP (Blueprint/G-Eazy)
Dubbed "The James Dean of Hip-Hop," G-Eazy is a rapper, songwriter and producer raised in Oakland, CA. His album features guest appearances by A$AP Ferg, E-40, Jay Ant, Remo and many more.

>M. Geddes Gengras
– Ishi CD (Stones Throw)
M. Geddes Gengras has inhabited the Los Angeles experimental music scene for the last 7 years, bouncing through various bands, monikers, and a critically acclaimed collaboration with Sun Araw and The Congos. Ishi finds Gengras diving headlong into beautiful, sprawling ambient explorations and deep, mystical drone; it is a lushly nuanced sound world generated directly from the deeply personal relationship between one man and his meticulously cultivated machines. Vinyl version due July 8.

– Decline & Fall CD/LP (Virtual Label)
Justin K. Broadrick's most recognized band, the influential and innovative Godflesh, formed in 1998 with bassist Ben Green, disbanded in 2002, and reformed in 2010.
Decline & Fall is a 23-minute EP containing four brand new tracks, their first original recordings since 2001's Hymns.
>Danny Gokey
– Hope In Front Of Me CD (BMG Rights Management)
Milwaukee native, Danny Gokey became a favorite of millions of fans as a Top 3 finalist on Season Eight of
American Idol. During his tenure on the show, Gokey impressed the judges with his versatility and a voice that could sing any style of music and turn any song into a compelling moment.
>Robert Gordon
– I’m Coming Home CD (Lanark)
I’m Coming Home reunites Robert Gordon with longtime band member Rob Stoner (bass and Bob Dylan musical director). Guitarist Marshall Crenshaw co-wrote the second track, “Walk Hard,” and appears on the album
>Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper
– Cantos de Lisba FRKWYS Vol. 11 CD/LP (RVNG Intl.)
For the the eleventh volume of
FRKWYS, an unrestricted series pairing contemporary artists with their influential predecessors, gifted guitar squire Steve Gunn meets roving, radiating legend Mike Cooper in Lisbon, Portugal. Sharing their vision over lengthy living room guitar sessions and evenings of cold wine in Fado taverns, Gunn and Cooper created Cantos de Lisboa, an album with variable vernacular shades and musical forms from Portugal’s antiquity.
>Paul Haig
– Rhythm Of Life [Reissue/1983] CD (Les Disques du Crepuscule)
Remastered edition of the debut solo album by the enigmatic pop moodist who first made his name with Postcard label art-punk legends Josef K.
Rhythm Of Life is a collection of nine polished club pop tracks, the sessions featured a stellar case of guest musicians including Berni Worrell (Parliament/Funkadelic), Jack Waldman (Robert Palmer), Anton Fier (Feelies/Golden Palominos) and Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins).
>History Of Colour TV
– When Shapes Of Spilt Blood Spelt Love CD (Saint Marie)
Unabashedly dramatic, sweeping rock songs with a raw edge, fusing strategically sparse layers of guitars and reverb over cymbal-less drums and bass-heavy riffs. The vocals are clear-cut and advance solitarily through the flowing sound, creating a sonic language that is as upfront as it is dreamy, and an album that aesthetically falls somewhere between the epic M83-esque soundscapes of their debut and sequences of pop-sensitive songwriting, playing more like a Wild Nothings record from a misshapen parallel dimension.

>Steve Hogarth + Richard Barbieri
– Arc Light CD (K-scope)
Steve Hogarth is best known as the frontman of Marillion, the progressive rock legends that he joined in 1989, following spells in The Europeans and How We Live. In recent years Richard Barbieri has been a core member of Porcupine Tree playing keyboards on all the band’s albums since 1993 as well as releasing two solo albums.

>How To Dress Well
– What Is This Heart? CD/2xLP+MP3 (Domino)
More confident, daring and open than any How To Dress Well release thus far,
What Is This Heart? is at once Krell’s most deeply personal work and also his most universal in resonance. It is a record that delves into the core of the psyche and touches on themes of isolation, loss and existential anguish, but in the end finds redemption in the infinite possibilities of love. The songs tackle ideas of anxiety, fear, lack of control, nightmare, death, pain, pleasure, pride and shame, trust and commitment with an honesty and intimacy that is rare in the modern age.
– Enjoy The View CD/2xLP (Blue Note)
This vibrant session was produced by Blue Note president Don Was. Recorded by an all-star collective of saxophonist David Sanborn and organist Joey DeFrancesco, and featuring drummer Billy Hart, the Bobby Hutcherson-sparked group plays seven original compositions that range from cool, gentle grooves to fiery outbursts of exuberance.

– Dirges Of Elysium CD (Listenable)
“Incantation is the very embodiment of death metal.” – MetalSucks

– Incubus [Reissue/1987] CDEP (Vic)
Digitally remastered reissue of the 1987 demo from the Death Metal band (not to be confused with the '90s nu-metal outfit).

– Bridges CD (BMG Rights Management)
Having put out more than ten albums in twenty years, Joe has become one of R&B's most accomplished and popular singers with seven Grammy nods along the span of his career.

>Eric Johnson
– Europe Live CD/LP (Provogue/Mascot)
Europe Live was recorded in venues across Johnson's tour of the continent, with the majority of the album capturing his appearance at Amsterdam's Melkweg along with selections from two dates in Germany at Die Kantine in Köln and Bochum Zeche and the Paris show at New Morning. Each appearance featured a unique set list, offering Johnson the opportunity to cull this track listing from a wealth of repertoire captured.
>Kenrick Lamar
– Coast 2 Coast CD (Oarfin Distribution)
2014 mix. This set features the hot Kendrick Lamar with appearances from up and coming stars Natalac, Doc T, Pacman, Genuwin, J.Dot, Ray Keller, Doc T, Teddy Smith. Along with some new cuts done with T.I., Andre 3000, Big Boi, and Ludacris.

– Stillness Soundtracks CD (Glacial Movements)
Stillness Soundtracks is music for films shot in Greenland and Antarctica by director Esther Kokmeijer, and it finds Machinefabriek – aka Rotterdam's Rutger Zuydervelt – working with both acoustic and digital means, as though he were using analogue and digital cameras. The music has the required glacial chill that keenly evokes the remote locations, and by using suspended chords that move ever so slowly Zuydervelt creates an unusual kind of tension.
>Jean-Louis Matinier/Marco Ambrosini
– Inventio CD (ECM)
Marco Ambrosini is one of very few musicians playing nyckelharpa outside the Swedish folk tradition, and Jean-Louis Matinier has similarly taken the accordion beyond any folkloric frame of reference. On the
Inventio, the French-Italian duo plays a program inspired by the baroque sonatas of Bach and Biber but also by the lyrical cadences of Pergolesi.
– One More ‘Round The Sun CD/2xLP (Reprise)
The hard rock juggernaut orbits around themes of loss and rebirth, twirling a sonic spiral of its signature robust riffing, hypnotically haunting soundscapes, triage of dynamic voices, and thundering seismic grooves.

>Me And The Bees
- Mundo Fatal CD/LP (La Castanya)
Mundo Fatal is a pop explosion in which rhythm, melody and noise collide in a whirl searching for the perfect song. Me And The Bees’ sound perfectly combines the accessibility of their always-catchy melodies (and those harmonies that elevate every chorus) with the complex and even shrill twists of Carlos Leoz’s guitar, now more prominent, and the acid keyboards of Caballero, who collaborates on vocals too.
>Melchior und das Menace
– Hunger CD (Castle Face)
What we have here is a fabulous collection of classic Melchior und das Menace. We asked, he let us dig through the archive, and lo and behold: Hunger, a grip of unreleased Melchior gold. It will take less than ten seconds for the high to kick in after the rush of greasy guitars consume you at the get-go of “A Wizard Doesn’t Need A Computer.” And yes, he’s taking the piss. Vinyl version due July 8.

>Sebastian Mikael
– Speechless CD (Slip N Slide)
Sebastian Mikael is a 24-year-old classically trained singer/songwriter and musician.

– Come On Die Young [Reissue/1999] 2xCD/4xLP (Chemikal Underground)
Deluxe edition of Mogwai’s 1999 album expanded with over two hours of bonus material. “Mogwai's second album, released in 1999, gets a reissue with a bounty of bonus material that includes demos and the
Travels In Constants EP. On Come On Die Young, Mogwai went about becoming the most sullen, brooding post-rock band they could possibly be.” [BNR 8.3] – Pitchfork
– Future Hope CD (Sun Sea Sky Prod)
Fourth full-length album from the Russian-American electronic music producer -- a mobile musician who makes all of his music on a laptop. Those who prefer the smoother, relaxing, and more nostalgic side of electronic music will find comfort in each of the albums 10 chilled tracks. Lush, uplifting and highly effectual electronica.

>Mournful Congregation
– Concrescence Of The Sophia CD (20 Buck Spin)
Concrescence Of The Sophia find Mournful Congregation advancing their unrivaled and painstaking style of extreme doom, from soaring, majestic beauty straight down into the lowliest somber depths of hell.
>Ronny Munroe
– Electric Wake CD (Rat Pak)
The third solo album from the Metal Church frontman.
Electric Wake also features collaborations with guitar legend George Lynch, Tesla guitarist Dave Rude, Pamela Moore, Paul Kleff (ex Firewolfe), Dan Donigian, Sean Baker and Tony Rossi. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds two bonus tracks and a 12-page book.
>Wolfgang Muthspiel/Larry Grenadier/Brian Blade
– Driftwood CD (ECM)
Austrian guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel makes his ECM leader debut with
Driftwood, a trio album of subtlety and depth featuring renowned US jazz players Larry Grenadier and Brian Blade.
– Glasshouse CDEP (Sun Sea Sky Prod)
Six tracks of deliberately uncomplicated downtempo electronica with an analog-inspired melodic sound. The focus is on detailed, atmospheric leads, deep underlying bass, and gently textured distortion.

>No Sinner
– Boo Hoo Hoo CD (Provogue/Mascot)
“Vancouver's No Sinner is a whiskey-soaked blues explosion with all the
trappings of rock from the muddy banks of the Mississippi.” -- CBC Music

>Nothing More
– Nothing More CD/LP (Eleven Seven)
Soaring vocal melodies, meticulous atypical rhythmic structures, huge anthemic choruses and lyrical content.

– Angelic Dread 2xCD (Hell’s Headbangers)
The death metal returns with their first studio full-length in seven years. Vinyl version due August 5.

>Else Marie Pade
– Electronic Works 1958-1995 CD/3xLP (Important)
Else Marie Pade, born in 1924 in Denmark, is a precious golden gem in the world of contemporary electro-acoustic music. She is a true pioneer of electronic music and musique concrète. "The sounds outside became concrète music, and in the evening I could imagine that the stars and the moon and the sky uttered sounds and those turned into electronic music." -- Else Marie Pade

>People Get Ready
– Physiques CD (Brassland)
People Get Ready’s second album
Physiques ramps up the band’s fierce, joyful, heedless interplay; its love of big pop and trancelike slow jams and songs that fall somewhere in-between; and, above all, its devotion to pleasure.
– Fuego CD/2xLP (ATO)
Phish recorded
Fuego with legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel) last fall, as the band's 30th anniversary approached. The songs shape during a series of visits to Phish's longtime creative hub, The Barn, a rustic, reconstructed barn-turned-rehearsal/recording studio located outside Burlington, VT. There they explored dozens of ideas, which led to a notable shift in the band's songwriting approach. While Fuego includes tracks that individual members brought to the table in usual Phish fashion, the bulk of the material was written by all four, working together at The Barn. (Limited orange vinyl copies available.)
– Phox CD/LP (Partisan)
Phox is a bunch of friends from the Midwestern circus hamlet, Baraboo, WI, a place where kids often drink poisoned groundwater and become endowed mutants.

>Rebirth Brass Band
– Move Your Body CD/LP (Basin Street)
Following the Grammy-winning
Rebirth Of New Orleans, Rebirth Brass Band is at it again with this infectious, groove-laden collection of hip-shakers sure to saturate the dance floor, boasting a mastery of Rebirth's signature heavy funk sound.
>Riff Raff
– Neon Icon CD (Mad Decent)
Neon Icon is Riff Raff's long awaited 2014 debut album through Diplo's label, Mad Decent. He's been setting it up for two years. The album features collaborations with Mac Miller, Childish Gambino, Wiz Khalifa and many others.
>Roll The Dice
– Until Silence CD (Leaf)
Until Silence marks a monumental shift for Roll The Dice. The characteristic framework of piano and synthesizer is reinforced with a newly conscripted string section: dramatic arrangements grind against furnace blasts of static, and phases of unrelenting rhythmic intensity collapse into moments of frayed, fragile beauty. Vinyl version due July 8.
>Röyksopp & Robyn
– Do It Again CD (Interscope)
“This summer we'll be teaming up with the amazing Robyn to partake in a series of concerts throughout the world. Performing together is something we've occasionally done in the past - all to such merriment and exuberance, that we've decided to reunite and "Do It Again" in 2014. Each of these events will consist of a Robyn-part, a Röyksopp-part and of course a joined Robyn & Röyksopp-part - all wrapped up in lights 'n smoke and tons of joy. To say we're excited, is an understatement.” – Röyksopp

>Dino Saluzzi/José María Saluzzi/Nicolás Colacho Brizuela/Félix Cuchara Saluzzi/Matías Saluzzi
- El Valle De La Infancia CD (ECM)
Recorded in Buenos Aires,
El Valle De La Infancia is the first of Saluzzi’s discs to feature his family band since 2005’s Juan Condori. Here Dino is heard with his brother Felix on tenor sax and clarinet, his son José María on guitars and nephew Matías on basses. Friends joining the party are 7-string guitarist Nicolás Colacho Brizuela, known internationally for his long association with singer Mercedes Sosa, and drummer Quintino Cinalli, brought in by Dino to gently expand the sense of freedom that informs his music.
– Tale CD (Offshoot)
New release from Scales aka beatboxer Sergei Galunenko, who originates from Kubinka, 40 miles west of Moscow.
Tales showcases the artist's apt skills of cutting up vocals that he combines with the broken beats of dubstep and the speeded up rhythms of drum n bass and hardcore.
– Still Life CD (Psychonavigation)
Less dark in sound perhaps but like its predecessor,
Dreams, Still Life has dark undertones throughout its seven tracks. Adam Raisbeck showcases a glimpse of a disadvantaged families struggle and the disturbing human reality that they face on the track “Claymore.” Throughout the album, Raisbeck provides a bed of gentle rolling ambient synths and choice spoken words which tells us the story of Still Life.
>Septic Flesh
– Titan CD/2xCD (Prosthetic)
New album from the Greek giants of dark symphonic metal. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds the orchestral version of the album.

>Ed Sheeran
– X CD/LP (Atlantic)
X finds Sheeran collaborating with a stellar list of producers, including multiple Grammy-winners Rick Rubin and Jeff Bhasker, multiple Grammy-nominee Benny Blanco, Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, and BRIT-Award nominee and collaborator Jake Gosling. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds four bonus tracks.
– Shivers CD/LP (Miasmah)
Shivers is the trio of Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek), Gareth Davis and Leo Fabriek, who join forces to conjure up a surreal album of parasitic intimacy and intensity. Though the three have played and recorded together in various combinations, this Miasmah release marks their first output as Shivers and manages to pull out quite a few surprises. Named after David Cronenberg's first film,
Shivers the album readily adopts this concept of body horror, the fear of bodily transformation and infection -- a theory and technique that Cronenberg brilliantly captures with his first film and many thereafter.
>Erik Skodvin
– Flame CD (Sonic Pieces)
The new album from Deaf Center member -- film-noir backdrops frame both psychedelic and melancholic drift.

– Through Art We Are All Equals CD (Atery Recordings)
This Sacramento-based band features Jonny Craig (Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa). Vinyl version due August 5.

– Slavve CD/LP (Bloodmoss)
From ripping guitars reminiscent of No Age and early Poison the Well to the melodic heaviness of acts like Deftones and Autolux, Slavve started out as a home project by vocalist/guitarist Chuka Chukuma. He then recruited bassist Alex Goldstein and childhood friend Marcos Marchesani, a former member of Surfer Blood and Weird Wives, to turn Slavve into a fully-formed beast. Recorded in just two days, their self-titled debut EP is a glimpse into the powerful, gripping force of what they call “working class music.”

– Spiderland [Reissue/1991] CD+DVD/LP+DVD+MP3 (Touch & Go)
Reissue of Slint’s 1991 album remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bob Weston. Includes
Breadcrumb Trail, a brand new, never-before-seen, 90-minute DVD documentary about the band and the making of Spiderland, directed by Lance Bangs. Booklet includes foreword by Will Oldham. Both formats include a download for the full album plus 14 bonus tracks outtakes and demos, all mastered by Bob Weston.
– SomeKindaWonderful CD/LP (Downtown)
Debut album from the Cleveland alt rock group.

>Camilla Sparksss
– For You The Wild CD (Africantape)
Sure the style might remind of Crystal Castles and Atari Teenage Riot’s Nik Endo every now and then, but Camilla Sparksss definitely does not copy anyone. She creates her very own style and sound that is convincing and mind blowing from the first to the last second.

>Bubba Sparxxx
– Made On McCosh Mill Road CD (E1)
A continuation of Sparxxx's musical journey returning to his country roots,
Made On McCosh Mill Road reveals a nostalgic look back at where it all began in Sparxxx's backyard - Legrange, Georgia.
– Pedals CD (Playing In Traffic)
Pedals is Speak's second, self-produced album, which continues to mine the vein between modern hip-hop production, traditional song structure and melody with the grittiness of rock & roll.
Strand Of Oaks – Heal CD/LP (Dead Oceans)
From the first bars of
Heal, the exhilarating melodic stomp of “Goshen '97” puts you right into Tim Showalter's fervent teenage mindset. We find him in his family's basement den in Goshen, IN, feeling alienated but even at 15 years old, believing in the alchemy and power of music to heal your troubles. "The record is called Heal, but it's not a soft, gentle healing, it's like scream therapy, a command, because I ripped out my subconscious, looked through it, and saw the worst parts. And that's how I got better."
>A Sunny Day In Glasgow
– Sea When Absent CD/LP (Lefse)
Recorded over a year and half with Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Kurt Vile) at his Uniform Recording Studios in Eraserhood Philadelphia,
Sea When Absent is a conscious move away from the bright-dark, ambient maximalism of the band’s acclaimed double LP, Ashes Grammar, and a move towards a post-millennial, up-front pop sound. It is simultaneously A Sunny Day In Glasgow at their most accessible, most insane, and most rock.
– Relief CD/LP (Downtown)
Describing their sound is like a journey in itself: starting in the band’s melodic hometown of Philly, stopping off for a few days in Canada for a dose of epic pop, swinging by Malibu to soak up those gauzy ’60s harmonies then jetting to Tahiti to settle in with some island tinged rhythms.

>Various Artists
– Eccentric Soul: Capitol City Soul CD/2xLP (Numero)
Filling in, around, and on top of Numero’s original
The Capsoul Label collection, Capitol City Soul is a trove of completely unissued and under-issued treasures from Moss and company. Features otherwise unreleased songs from the Kool Blues, The Four Mints, Jupiter’s Release, and Love Maximum, alongside rare sides by Dean Francis & The Soul Rockers, The Chandlers, Associated Press, The Soul Partners, and the Vondors. All from the vaults under the basements under the garages of one of the nation’s most unsung music scenes.
>Xeno & Oaklander
– Par Avion CD (Ghostly International)
Brooklyn duo Xeno and Oaklander are a minimal electronics girl/boy duo from Brooklyn. Vinyl version due July 15.

>Young Liars
– Tidal Wave CD (Nettwerk)
Vancouver indie pop-rock quartet Young Liars release their debut album. Formed serendipitously, bassist Andrew Beck, drummer Ty Badali, keyboardist Wesley Nickel and guitarist/singer Jordan Raine forged an album of effervescent melodies and synth textures laid over infectiously danceable beats.

– Siesta CD/LP (Jigsaw)
Siesta is full of the same catchy, jangly pop songs that endeared them to fans in the first place. Except now, they've embellished their sound with markedly better production and more lead/backing vocals, giving us an elegant pop sound that sounds like it could've been on any of the best releases on Labrador or Shelflife Records.
– Zig-Zags CD/LP (In The Red)
The Zig-Zags’ self-titled debut LP was recorded and produced by Ty Segall. In twelve songs, they chainsaw through weirdo film and caveman rock and space noise and make smart sound so dumb it turns inside-out and becomes brilliant. The songs are postcards of love for a cold age — shimmering moments from the present, romantic messages from the past, and love mementos for the future. Together, they make up an album of contrasts — the songs move from upbeat to downbeat, slow to fast, light to dark.

>John Zorn
– Myth And Mythopoeia CD (Tzadik)
This is a fabulous collection of five of Zorn’s most exciting and dynamic recent compositions performed by a variety of new music superstars. Pandora’s Box features the acclaimed Arditti Quartet and the brilliant soprano Sarah Sun in one of Zorn’s most colorful and dramatic compositions. “Babel” is a hard driving fantasia on one note for solo cello and is performed here by the incredible cellist Jeff Zeigler. “Hexentarot” and “Zeitgehöft” are two complex finger busters performed by Zorn regulars Otto, Campbell and Gosling, and rounding out the CD is the stunning instrumental “Requiem Missa Sine Voces,” performed by the renowned Talea Ensemble.

DVD + Blu-ray:
>Peter Gabriel
- Back to Front: Live in London DVD/Blu-ray/2xDVD+2xCD/Blu-ray+2xCD (Eagle Vision)
This live concert, filmed at London s O2 using the latest Ultra High Definition 4K technology, captures Peter Gabriel’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of his landmark album
So. To mark the event Gabriel reunited his original So touring band from 1986/87 and for the very first time fans saw them play the multi-platinum selling album in its entirety. 142 minutes. (Also available in a Deluxe edition expanded with bonus material and featuring a 60-page book and audio CDs.)

– Deadline Blues b/w No More! 7” (Slovenly)
This is the darkest effort yet from from the negative tequila sex beat bringers, Amsterdam's Anomalys. The A-side is a tough assed mid-tempo threat, with “No More!" on the flip picking up the pace a dog's hair for another dancefloor killer from our favorite behemoth Dutch demons.

– Traum LP (Tor Johnson)
Bloodpheasant create a soundscape comprised of doom, ghostly folk, layered vocals, and dynamic riff assaults resulting in a record that is sure to bring listeners to the darkest parts of their deeply buried memories.
Traum is an eerie culmination of dimly lit rooms, lost friends, and f**ked up dreams.
>David Bowie
– Diamond Dogs [40th Anniversary Picture Disc] 7” (Parlophone)
Originally released in June 1974, "Diamond Dogs" was the second single to be taken from the album of the same name with "Rebel Rebel" being the first. The groundbreaking six-minute track was originally backed by the re-recording of "Holy Holy." For its 40
th anniversary it has been reissued as a double A-side, now paired with the "Diamond Dogs (David Live - 2005 Mix)" by Tony Visconti making its vinyl debut.
– Second Launch 2xLP (Blackest Ever Black)
Mind-shattering double LP of dysphoric space-rock minimalism from two luminaries of the Swedish punk underground.
Second Launch follows Bremen's self-titled debut of 2013 and comprises 11 controlled improvisations, reinforced with overdubs, that take clear inspiration from the dark side of Kraut and progressive rock, early electronic and drone music, while also owing something to the fathomlessly bleak interior landscapes conjured by Nico/Cale on The Marble Index and Desertshore.
>June Carter Cash
– Wildwood Flower [2003] LP (Dualtone)
Wildwood Flower is the last release from June Carter Cash. Originally released in 2003, this is the first time the album is released on vinyl. The album won two Grammy’s - Best Traditional Folk Album and Best Female Country Vocal Performance.
– Cretins 7” (Vinyl Conflict)
Ah, Cretins, the runts of the litter. One of Richmond VA's remaining hardcore punk bands in 2014. After unleashing a pummeling demo tape, they return with this six-song EP, which is a barrage of rough, uncompromising HC punk drawing from the no-frills approach and raw power of golden era American hardcore.

– Hex; Or Imprinting The Infernal Method [Reissue/2005] 2xLP (Southern Lord)
New vinyl reissue beautifully packaged with a 20 page booklet painstakingly designed by Stephen O' Malley.

– The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull [Reissue/2008] 2xLP (Southern Lord)
This version of
The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull comes packaged in a brown faux leather cover-gatefold jacket that emulates a old bible. Inside this book is another Stoughton gatefold jacket.
>Fleetwood Mac
– Greatest Hits [Reissue/1988] LP (Rhino)
Vinyl reissue of Fleetwood Mac’s 1988 compilation album, which covers the period of their greatest commercial success from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s. The track listing for the US release differs slightly from that of other territories. It includes the 1975 track “Over My Head” but omits the 1987 track “Seven Wonders.”

>The Fresh & Onlys
– House Of Spirits LP (Mexican Summer)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With surreal nightmares, glistening pop tempered by sinister undertones and even unsettling experimentalism, The Fresh & Onlys' fifth album is the San Francisco quartet's most focused and most experimental yet. The material gestated during vocalist Tim Cohen's isolated stay on an Arizonan horse ranch where he documented dreams in a bedside notebook. The resultant songs are by turns pristine, feverish, and bizarre, as they returned to Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco with Phil Manley to recast the textures, leaps of logic and evocative character of Cohen's dreams into songs.

>Ben Frost
– A U R O R A LP (Mute)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Frost’s fifth album features Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy), Shahzad Ismaily and Thor Harris (Swans), and was largely written in Eastern DR Congo. A U R O R A aims directly, through its monolithic construction, at blinding luminescent alchemy -- not with benign heavenly beauty but through decimating magnetic force.

– Pure [Reissue/1991] LP (Earache)
Limited edition reissue of 500 copies with fold-out poster.

>Dexter Gordon
– Go! [Reissue/1962] LP (Blue Note)
Latest in Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign. Recorded and released in 1962,
Go! is Dexter Gordon’s tenth studio album, and features Sonny Clark on piano, Butch Warren on bass, Billy Higgins on drums and Gordon himself on tenor sax.
>Neil Michel Hagerty & The Howling Hex
- Fool’s Watch b/w Lord Gloves 10” (Drag City)
The Howling Hex continue to patrol the borders of our shared musical culture, reflecting on the strange things a man might see out there in the wilderness - and more to the point, the details a man might miss. Their latest release is a 10” single with two long tracks that push beyond previous entries in The Howling Hex’s catalog. Comes in limited edition silkscreened (by NMH himself) jackets.

>Ezekiel Honig
– Paragraphs 12” (Other People)
Using the loop as more of a tool than a rule, Honig paints outside the lines, nestling into a comfortable, shared space between muted techno, melodic, event-driven ambient, textural downtempo and slow-motion house.

>Bobbie Hutcherson
– Total Eclipse [Reissue/1968] LP (Blue Note)
Latest in Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign. This 1968 album from the jazz vibraphonist features Chick Corea on piano, Harold Land on tenor sax and flute, Reggie Johnson on bass and Joe Chambers on drums.

>Island Boy
– Basic Instincts LP (Rita)
Island Boy is the ongoing project of San Diego-based, Puerto Rican musician/producer Richard Hunter-Rivera. Incorporating elements of French house, reggaeton, latin freestyle, and new wave with crooning vocals, his music pays clear homage to the art of modern songwriting but utilizes unorthodox recording processes that result in dense, cinematic, and surreal soundscapes.

>Jefferson Airplane
– Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/16/66: Grace’s Debut LP (Relayer Friday Records)
Bootlegged for decades, Relayer Friday presenst another installment in their Jefferson Airplane Original Masters Series. CD version due July 29.

>Leyland Kirby
– Intrigue & Stuff Vo. 4 12” (HistoryAlwaysFavoursTheWinners)
The fourth and final volume in Kirby’s series of previously unreleased retro-futuristic recordings.

– Kitten CD/LP (Elektra)
Fronted by the extraordinary Chloe Chaidez, Kitten has drawn ecstatic praise for their rejuvenation of classic post punk and new wave pop. While most hyper-young artists are working at the bleeding edges of dance music, Kitten's rich and atmospheric rock is surprisingly ageless, applauded the Los Angeles Times in a recent live review.

– L’Amour [Reissue/1983] LP+MP3 (Light In The Attic)
Recently released on CD -- now available on vinyl. In 1983, a man named Lewis recorded an album named
L'Amour, which was released on the unknown label R.A.W. And that's about all we know. The ingredients are simple: smooth synthesizers, feather-light piano, ethereal, occasionally inaudible vocals and the gentle plucking of acoustic guitars. But the effects are arresting: a spine-tingling, sombre album that echoes Springsteen's Nebraska or Angelo Badalamenti's atmospheric soundtracks. Later, Arthur Russell would grasp for something similar on the epochal World Of Echo LP.
>Edvard Graham Lewis
– All Over LP (Editions Mego)
Edvard Graham Lewis – All Under LP (Editions Mego)
Having made his name in legendary punk/experimental outfits Wire, Dome and He Said, Lewis has developed an exceptional voice with ceaseless exploration of a wide variety of musical forms.
All Over is a song-based album that resides amongst the cracks between narrative and song, sound and music. Cloaked in an atmosphere of beauty and paranoia, the album conjures the spirit of Wire's experimental pop trajectory while simultaneously exploring a multitude of sonic possibilities. All Under, the companion release to All Over compiles soundtracks to films, installations and a self-penned short story.
>Medeski Martin & Wood
– Combustication [Reissue/1998] 2xLP (Blue Note)
Remastered and reissued as part of the Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
Combustication is the fifth major album by the experimental jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood. Recorded at The Magic Shop in New York City, this is the first MMW album to include a turntablist - DJ Logic.
– Changing Light LP (Absolute Magnitude/K Records)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. On her fifth solo album, Mirah breaks it down and builds it back up again with the street smarts that only years behind the wheel of love can inspire. Ready with the maps and driven to the rhythms on the radio dial,
Changing Light's ten songs carry us from heartbreak to wholeness and all the places in between.
>Lee Morgan
– Corn Bread [Reissue/1965] LP (Blue Note)
Remastered and reissued as part of the Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
Recorded in 1965, Cornbread by Lee Morgan features Jackie McLean, Hank Mobley, Herbie Hancock, Larry Ridley and Billy Higgins. Morgan was one of hard bop’s greatest trumpeters who also performed with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers.

>Gram Parsons
– GP [Reissue/1973] LP (Rhino)
Gram Parsons – Grievous Angel [Reissue/1974] LP (Rhino)
New vinyl reissues now available. Gram Parsons' debut solo album
GP allowed audiences to appreciate his incredible vocals and lyrical delivery. Released in 1973, GP featured Elvis Presley's lead guitarist James Burton, and contained new songs from a creatively revitalized Parsons such as "Big Mouth Blues" and "Kiss the Children," as well as a cover of Tompall Glaser's "Streets Of Baltimore." Compiled from 1973 studio sessions Grievous Angel was originally released in 1974, four months after the songwriters death. It was his second solo album and is viewed as a successful example of the hybrid between country and rock.
>Gram Parsons
– The Early Years Vol. 1 & 2 2xLP (Music On Vinyl)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The first ten songs were taken from a demo Parsons recorded in 1965 at a radio station with the Shilos, a Kingston Trio-type folk group he sang with for a few years. Originals like "Big Country" and "Zah's Blues" show he was already making his mark as a songwriter. Next are eight living-room recordings from late 1965 of Parsons performing solo with his guitar in a friend's apartment in New York City. The performances are thoughtful and full of soul, and the songs show Parsons was strongly developing his creative talent.

>Noam Pikelny
– Noam Pikely Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe [2013] LP (Compass)
Noam Pikely Plays Kenny Baker Plays Bill Monroe is the Grammy nominated banjoist's third recording for Compass Records. It follows on the heels of 2011’s Grammy-nominated Beat The Devil And Carry A Rail. Upon release, the album hit both the Billboard Top Heatseekers and Bluegrass album charts and was the focus of a Funny Or Die parody video starring Pikelny with appearances from Steve Martin, Ed Helms, Earl Scruggs, Chris Thile, Gillian Welch, and others.
>Public Enemy
– Yo! Bum Rush The Show LP (Def Jam)
Yo! Bum Rush the Show is the debut album from Public Enemy. Each track is comprised of kicking heavy guitars toward the front, honing the loops, rhythms, and samples into a roar with as much in common with rock as rap.

– Identitatsverlust 7” (Slovenly)
If Sean & Erin from The Spits were raised in ‘80s Germany by freaky parents with a kraut-rock collection, their band might have sounded a lot like Puff! Three tracks of spastic and aggressive synth heavy rave-ups, sung entirely in German, from some of the heaviest pranksters around.

>Pusswhip Banggang
- Jambalaya LP (Drag City)
Pusswhip Banggang first debuted on
Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! in 2006. The package for this single is ultra-deluxe: gatefold jacket with reverse-side printing on the boards, direct-metal mastered full color picture-disc with custom shape and insert with recipe included. There isn’t an inch of this edition that isn’t remarkable.
>Ringo Deathstarr
– God’s Dream 12” (Noyes Records/Neon Sigh)
Warm guitars and pulsing drums combine to form an aggressively atmospheric bubble, encompassing the listener in an infectious cohesive which blends the sounds of an era when Sonic Youth and Jesus and Mary Chain walked the Earth with a forward thinking and creatively stubborn indie darling. Transparent red vinyl.

>Shallow Sanction
– EP 12” (Hospital Productions)
A refreshing but authentic take on the lineage referencing bands such as early Christian Death, Amebix, and Conflict, Shallow Sanction rejects the otherwise in the red and overly distorted approach of recent years for a more honest, stripped down and raw gothic punk sorely missing from many of their contemporaries.

>Jimmy Smith
– Back At The Chicken Shack [Reissue/1963] LP (Blue Note)
Remastered and reissued as part of the Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.

>Sufjan Stevens
– Enjoy Your Rabbit [2002] 2xLP (Asthmatic Kitty)
First time on vinyl. Departing from the singer/songwriter format of his debut Asthmatic Kitty Records album,
A Sun Came, Enjoy Your Rabbit is a collection of fourteen colorful instrumental compositions combining Sufjan's noted gift for melody with electronic sounds to create an unusually playful and human -- not to mention humane -- electronic experience.
>Useless Eaters
– Desperate Living 7” (Slovenly)
Hand picked by Jay Reatard as the opening band on his last ever tour, Useless Eaters careen back on the scene. These three snotty blasts of weirdo pogo bring the attack with droning Buzzcocks licks and tribal, ritualistic beats.

>White Hex
– Gold Nights CD/LP (Felte)
Recorded after shows in Paris, Berlin, New York and Melbourne, Gold Nights explores Italo disco, minimalist techno and the more primitive end of 1980’s German underground. They embrace their love of high fashion, 1980’s New York vogue techno and the mutant explorations of Whitehouse, Arthur Russell, Craig Leon and Gianni Rossi.

– Black Goat Razor b/w Pain Reaper 7” (God? Records)
Zath (pronounced “Zoth”) is comprised of three men; Zack Weil (Oozing Wound, Cacaw), Seth Sher (Syne, Psychic Steel, Ga’an) and Dan Browning (Cave). Zath’s songs are a bottomless well of incalculable feeling and influence (among which, Judas Priest, ‘70s proto-metal, Kreator, Magma, Yes and Sodom are just a few), rendered with thrusting ability and immaculate precision. The writing process involves extensive use of Zath’s riff log, compiled for years leading back into the mists of time.

– Brainded Warrior b/w So Stoned 7” (In The Red)
Just in time for the release of their self-titled debut, Zig-Zags unload this vinyl-only single featuring one track from the album backed by a non-LP ripper. Grab it before it’s gone forever.
released 17 JUNE 2014
>Fred Anderson – Birdhouse CD (OkkaDisk)
With Jim Backer, Harrison Bankhead and Hamid Drake. "The best tenor player you've never heard." -- Down Beat

>The Antlers
– Familiars CD/LP+CD (Anti)
Familiars, the highly anticipated new album from The Antlers is their fourth studio album and follows 2011’s critically lauded Burst Apart. Familiars was recorded, engineered and produced by the band in their Brooklyn studio and mixed by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio, Beach House) at DNA Downtown Studios.
>Elisabeth Ahlander
– Om VI Ska Borja Om CD (Dikotomi Produktion)
Elisabeth Ahlander was one of the founding members of New Quidesty Blaise (later NQB) in 1968 and she kept the band touring until 1978. She kept her guitars but didn't do much in public during the years. In 2012 she suddenly was contacted by Dikotomi Produktions Dick Lundberg who heard a demo recording from some years earlier and he suggested that a solo album should be recorded. Elisabeth was now writing new songs and Birgitta Pincott (Nursery Rhymes) who toured with NQB 1976-1977 came along and joined the project.

>Big Freedia
– Just Be Free CD/LP (Queen Diva Music)
As the first openly gay rapper to gain mainstream success, Big Freedia is the undisputed Queen of Bounce.

>Mary J. Blige
– Think Like A Man [OST] CD (Epic)
Original soundtrack to the new motion picture written and performed by R&B great Mary J. Blige. Features musical collaborations and production by Pharrell Williams and The-Dream.

– Noise CD/2xLP+MP3 (Sargent House)
Boris has always demolished expectations of what a band can do musically and aesthetically. In keeping with that tradition, they again flip the script for the band’s first official release in three years buy serving up their most all-encompassing effort to date.
Noise is an amplification of Boris’ endless pursuit of musical extremes while moving aggressive, intense rock into new territories.
>Jaki Byard
– The Late Show: An Evening With Jaki Byard CD (Highnote)
Jaki Byard always personified the past, present and future of jazz, wherever or whenever one might have been fortunate enough to experience his challenging ideas. An icon in the history of jazz, Jaki was Art Tatum, Earl Hines, Bud Powell, Ran Blake, Cecil Taylor and Bill Evans, all in one. Yet, like these fellow icons, he was his own uncompromising, unique, living entity. He isn’t a household name, but most likely his low profile is the result of an irresistible need to constantly reinvent himself, the sure sign of the consummate artist.

>Cerebral Ballzy
– Jaded & Faded CD/LP (Cult Records)
New album from the modern hardcore/punk band, produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek. Cebral’s Honor Titus has described the sound of
Jaded & Faded as "way more melodic... a lot of it is rooted in our favorite power pop bands like the Nerds and Blondie. Melodic punk that really holds something. Still aggressive, too. Kids that attach themselves to 'Skiping Class' and 'On The Run,' there's a melody there, every time we play it the kids are down."
>Cheap Freaks
– Bury Them All CD/LP+MP3 (Big Neck)
Cheap Freaks is reminiscent of the great garage rock bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s; MC-5, Stooges, Shadows Of The Night, with some great modern punk & roll thrown in.

>Clean Bandit
– New Eyes CD (Atlantic)
The debut full-length release for the British quartet known for its fusion of classical and electronic music features guest appearance from artists such as Jess Glynne, Love Ssega, Stylo G, and Elisabeth Troy.

>Mike Cooper
– Trout Steel [Reissue/1970] CD/LP (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Mike Cooper – Places I Know/The Machine Gun Co. With Mike Cooper [Reissue/1971] CD/2xLP (Paradise Of Bachelors)
The 1970 and 1971 masterpieces, which span the iconoclastic English-born, Rome-based folk and experimental music legend’s song-based and improvisation-based styles of the early 1970s, are presented for the very first time as the definitive double album, as Cooper originally intended them to be released. These historic sessions veer from the impeccable conceptual folk-rock artistry of
Places I Know to the utterly singular, long-form "songmaking" avant-folk deconstructions of the more radical The Machine Gun Co.
>The Delines
– Colfax CD (El Cortez)
The debut album from The Delines is a stunning collection of songs (written by acclaimed novelist and Richmond Fontaine frontman, Willy Vlautin) with the intimacy of a midnight confessional. Like a beat-up Dusty Springfield,
Colfax has the skid row heart of Tom Waits, the street-tough weariness of early Rickie Lee Jones, and the dreaminess of Mazzy Star.
>Lana Del Rey
– Ultraviolence CD/2xLP (Interscope)
The third full-length release for the pop singer-songwriter was produced by Dan Auerbach and recorded live with a seven-piece band. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds three bonus tracks. "Repeated listens reveal nuances, like the acoustic guitar bristling beneath the blues-rock verses of ‘Sad Girl’ and the male backing vocals layering the final chorus of ‘Brooklyn Baby,’ but the album's steadfast narcotic tempo and Del Rey's languid delivery, doused in shoegaze-style reverb throughout, conjure a hazy picture of the singer swaying wearily in some sweltering sweat-lodge of a dive in the deep South." – Slant Magazine

>DJ Vadim
– Dub Catcher CD/2xLP (BBE)
Some of the best things in life come in pairs, peanut butter and jelly, fish ‘n’ chips, cheese and wine, DJ Vadim and dancehall reggae. This may raise an eyebrow or two as Russian immigres and reggae may not be the first thing on your mind, however, this isn’t your normal reggae runnings and DJ Vadim, aka Daddy Vad does not do run of the mill. In fact it’s bigger than reggae. Seeing that this is his 11th long player there is as ever a twist.

>DKV Trio
– Baraka CD (Okka Disk)
Lyrical sax-squeals, squeaks, and honks from Ken Vandermark, propelled by awesome bass work from Kent Kessler and mind-boggling drums from none other than Hamid Drake.

>Donny And Joe Emerson
- Still Dreamin' Wild: Lost Recordings 1979-81 CD/LP+MP3 (Light In The Attic)
With a familiar blend of FM rock, power pop, and new wave, these 12 tracks cover the entirety of that fruitful period, stretching from the second song Donnie ever recorded ("Everybody Knows It") - to tracks documenting his temporary move to L.A. in 1981.

>The Downtown Fiction
– Losers & Kings CD (Fearless)
Since the beginning, The Downtown Fiction has risen with their unique brand of transcendent rock, staking their place in the pop-rock genre. Their second album and Fearless debut,
Losers & Kings, is the realization of the band’s boldest dreams, a riveting step in creating an original and exhilarating rock sound.
>Ronnie Earl And The Broadcasters
– Good News CD (Stony Plain)
Ronnie Earl is one of the most revered guitar players working today. Earl, along with The Broadcasters, his band of over 25 years, presents
Good News, a mostly instrumental album of spellbinding intensity and deep soul. Ronnie Earl is a multiple Blues Award winner as Guitarist Of The Year.
- Paint The Dark CD (10T)
"(Farpoint's) sound is still very much a melodic song-based progressive rock, with symphonic arrangements. Lots of acoustic and electric guitars interplay with delicate flute lines repeatedly interspersed with more energetic percussion and electric guitar solos." -- The Progressive Rock Files

>The Felice Brothers
– Faborite Watiress CD/2xLP (Dualtone)
Catskill Mountains-based five piece The Felice Brothers have released four official albums and toured the world several times over with artists such as Mumford And Sons, Conor Oberst, Old Crow Medicine Show and The Killers since their 2006 inception. They’ve played such renowned festivals as Coachella, Bonnaroo and Newport Folk and received accolades from Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Times, The Guardian and countless others. The Felice Brothers’ new album, Favorite Waitress, was recorded with the band’s longtime producer Jeremy Backofen and marks their return to a more organic, full band approach following 2011’s beats and samples-heavy effort
Celebration, Florida.
>Ben Fields
– Extraordinary Light CD (Sire)
Ben Fields is bringing a style of introspective song writing pioneered by artists like Nick Drake and Van Morrison back into the mainstream.

>Frog Eyes
– Carey’s Cold Spring CD/LP (Paperbag)
Mercer explains that
Carey’s Cold Spring is not only built from personal experiences but also from what he saw over the last three years of recording: riots, storms, mass protests, the dissolution of any collective faith in our political and economic institutions. But it's not all doom and gloom: He describes the record's duality: "deeply fearful, almost paranoid, the sound of a person grinding his or her teeth in the night. But just a part of it. It’s also the sound of the birds in the morning, I hope."
>The Front Bottoms
– Rose CD/12" (Bar None)
New recordings of never before released fan favorites, including "12 Feet Deep." Mixed by Chris "Frenchie" Smith (And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Meat Puppets, Built To Spill, Jet).

>Djivan Gasparyn
– I Will Not Be Sad In This World/The Moon Shines At Night [Reissue] 2xCD (All Saints)
Armenia’s greatest living musician and the acknowledged master of the duduk, Djivan Gasparyan has toured throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the United States for over fifty years. His work can be heard on numerous film soundtracks, including
The Crow, Russia House and Gladiator. This is a combined reissue of Djivan’s debut solo album I Will Not Be Sad In This World (originally released in the Soviet Union in 1983) and Moon Shines At Night from 1993, recorded with infinite guitarist Michael Brook.
>Ghost Town
– After Party CD (Fueled By Ramen)
"The electronics make us stick out like a sore thumb in the best way possible," vocalist Kevin Ghost explains. "Evan really comes from the EDM, drum & bass and dubstep world so when you mix it with the rock side, it turns out as something completely different."

>Glass Animals
– Zaba CD (Harvest)
Glass Animals vocalist and songwriter David Bayley draws influence for both music and artwork from his involvement in the world of medicine and neuroscience (at just 23 years old, he has studied both) creating a sound with its roots spread between the electronic and live instrumentation. Inspired by Kanye West and Charles Darwin, Nina Simone and The Velvet Underground,
Zaba is a rich and textured work, a very special record indeed. Vinyl version due July 1.
>Glass Towers
– Halcyon CD (Dualtone)
Australia natives Glass Towers have captured the joy, wonder, adventure and mystery of youth. Their debut album,
Halcyon Days, features perfectly formed pop gems like "Jumanji" and "Griffin" that show a young man standing on the doorstep of adulthood.
>David Gray
– Mutineers CD/3xCD/2xLP (IHT/Kobalt)
Tenth album from the acclaimed Irish singer/songwriter. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe includes two bonus CDs containing 15 live tracks.

– If Anything CD/LP (Carpark)
If Anything, the first full-length by Greys, is the young quartet's own warped update of vintage post-punk; frenetic guitars running against walls of noise, held together by sharp strands of melody. Emerging from the vibrant Toronto punk scene, Greys are economical in their swift punches of noise, anchoring short bursts of mania with huge choruses. (Limited copies also available on grey vinyl.)
>Don Harper
– Cold Worlds CD/LP (Dual Planet)
Cold Worlds is a collection of horror-electronics, supernatural soundscapes and sinister library muzak from Australian composer Don Harper. Centering on a previously unreleased score for the 1968 Doctor Who series The Invasion (a dark otherworldly sci-fi jazz suite) Cold Worlds is also a focus on the electronic music of this largely unsung composer. Like many Australian film composers (Ron Grainer, Dudley Simpson, Don Banks) Don Harper based himself in the UK during the 1960s and subsequently found employment at the BBC and other British film and library companies.
>Heart To Heart
– Dulce CD (Pure Noise)
Engineered and produced by Kyle Black (Comeback Kid, Set Your Goals)
Dulce is layered with both dark hard rock and melodic punk elements. Vinyl version due July 8.
>Karl Hector And The Malcouns
– Unstraight Ahead CD/LP (Now Again)
Afrodelic Krautrock excursions featuring members of Poets Of Rhythm and Whitefield Brothers.

>Helio Parallax
– Helio Parallax CD (M.O.D. Technologies)
With effective explorations in time and space, Helio Parallax presents a sound deeply rooted in spiritual expression. True analog electronic music (no laptops) with cinematic landscapes (think
Blade Runner meets Miles Davis’ Elevator To The Gallows soundtrack) anchored by deep dub/hip-hop beats with skilled instrumentation to create an atmospheric landscape coined "Sci Fi Dub Noir."
– Love Child CD/LP+MP3 (Big Neck)
Banging dirty rock & roll full of four on the floor sneering energy. Like a rowdy version of Flamin' Groovies played at The Descendents speed.

>Hore Meat Disco
– Volume IV 2xCD/2xLP (Strut)
Strut presents Horthe first compilation by the ace London DJ collective in over two years. Since the last instalment in 2012, their status has been cemented as global disco leaders, remaining true to the underground ethic that first inspired them.

– Intensive Collectivity Known As City CD (Tympanik Audio)
A haunting yet beautiful collection of soundscapes and ambiance, this collection of sounds ebb and flow like a gentle tide, calibrating the subconscious and aligning the soul. Complex and intricate beats blend with ambient textural sounds, signed by distant voices and enticing melodies to create a wondrous world where responsibilities are disregarded and time is infinite.

>Keith Jarrett/Charlie Haden
– Last Dance CD (ECM)
Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden broaden the scope of their duo project to showcase jazz classics like Thelonious Monk’s
Round Midnight and Bud Powell’s spritely Dance Of The Infidels. Love songs, however, are to the fore in this selection, with tender versions of "My Old Flame," "My Ship," "It Might As Well Be Spring," "Everything Happens To Me," and "Every Time We Say Goodbye" as well as alternate takes of "Where Can I Go Without You" and "Goodbye," every bit as touching as the Jasmine renditions.
>Lecherous Gaze
– Zeta Reticuli Blues CD/LP (Tee Pee)
Third album by Oakland psyche-shred-tastic rock/punk band featuring current and former members of Annihilation Time, Witch and Saviours. "More filthy rock than scummy punk...this is rock & roll in the hands of heathens." – Decibel

>Linkin Park
– The Hunting Party CD (WB)
New studio album features guests Page Hamilton, Daron Malakian, and Tom Morello.

– Reality Testing CD/LP (R&S)
The hyper-chromatic music of Matt Cutler marks him out as a true impressionist; as Lone, he drizzles brightly colored melody through his tracks with all the reflexive skill of a master painter daubing inks and pigment across paper. On Cutler's fifth Lone album,
Reality Testing, released on R&S, he sends notes and chords rippling delicately into space before allowing them to disperse, each oozing beautifully away into the background fabric of the music.
>Jennifer Lopez
– A.K.A. CD (Capitol)
New album features guest appearances from T.I., French Montana, Iggy Azalea, Rick Ross, Nas, Pitbull and Jack Mizrahi. Includes the singles "First Love" and "I Luh Ya Papi." Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds four bonus tracks.

– Seek Warmer Climes CD/LP (Matador)
Lower’s debut album sparkles with the harmonic dissonance and high-strung urgency of their post-punk forebears. But the Copenhagen-based four-piece also channel the romance and drama of great singer-songwriters, from late-period Scott Walker to Bryan Ferry. The result is a hugely ambitious and affecting rock album that enters deeply personal and unusual sonic and topical spaces. (Limited copies also available on white vinyl.)

>Mali Music
– Mali Is CD (RCA)
The Savannah based singer, songwriter, producer is breaking out of conventional gospel music. Mali Music began playing piano at age 5 and wrote his first song at age 8 and has been actively pursuing his music ministry and career ever since adding acoustic guitar and electric bass to his instrumental proficiency. His love for music is largely influenced by legendary artist Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, while modern influences like Outkast and Drake can be heard on his new album,
Mali Is.
– All Is Well CD/LP (It’s Alive)
Much like the Ramones, the Manges have continued to stick to the formula of streamline punk rock without screwing it up. It's a difficult task to make something deceptively simple sound so good.

>The Mannish Boys
– Wrapped Up And Ready CD (Delta Groove Productions)
The blues band serves up eleven originals and five covers culled from the songbooks of Roy Brown, Ike Turner, Robert Ward, Magic Sam and Smokey Wilson. Special guests include Kim Wilson, Steve Freund, Kid Ramos, Monster Mike Welch, Candye Kane, Laura Chavez, Bob Corritore, Nico Duportal, Fred Kaplan, Jacob Huffman, Bill Stuve, Dave Kida and more.

– The Air Between Worlds CD/LP (Ninja Tune)
Universally respected for his ever-evolving, but inimitable sound, the Dutch-born, Washington DC-based producer brings an entirely new sonic direction with
The Air Between Words. This is an exploration of the essence of all of Martyn’s music: a rugged four-to-the-floor groove, intelligently sculpted and artfully composed.
>The Mastersons
– Good Luck Charm CD/LP (New West)
The Mastersons are poised to be one of Austin's breakout acts in 2014. The duo recorded their sophomore album
Good Luck Charm with noted producer/engineer Jim Scott. The new collection raises the stakes with 11 emotionally precise songs that are firmly rooted in sometimes-harsh reality, yet which radiate faith and optimism.
>Dave Matthews Band
– Remember Two Things [Reissue/2002] 2xCD/2xLP+MP3 (Sony Legacy)
This new reissue features the original album expanded with two previously unreleased bonus tracks: early studio versions of "Pay For What You Get" and "Typical Situation," newly mastered by original album engineer David Glasser.

>Iain Matthews & Egbert Derix
– In The Now CD (Omnivore)
Iain Matthews & Searing Quartet – Joy Mining [Reissue 2008] CD (Omnivore)
Two collaborations between founding member of Fairport Convention Iain Matthews and jazz pianist Egbert Deríx.

>Ian McLagan & The Bump Band
– United States CD/LP (Yep Roc)
McLagan’s s first album since being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as a founding member of the Faces, alternates between lusty grooves and reflective musings, showcasing his beguiling charm and timeless gift for crafting memorable hooks.

>Miniature Tigers
– Cruel Runnings CD/LP (Yebo)
The sound is important but nothing is more important than the feeling of the sound. When Charlie Brand (vocals/guitar) was writing the newest Miniature Tigers record, he looked to the sum of his musical influences for inspiration. "I wanted to make something like Weezer’s
Blue Album— something with that feeling that could connect with people."
– Mutation In The Family CD/LP (It’s Alive)
Thought dead for years, Austria's finest pop punk crawl out from under a rock reanimated and ready to go with their second LP.

>Willie Nelson
– Band Of Brothers CD/LP (Sony Legacy)
Band Of Brothers is Willie Nelson’s first album of predominately new original material in nearly two decades, debuting the master tunesmith's first major batch of newly penned songs since his Spirit album in 1996.
>Willie Nelson
– It Will Come To Pass The Metaphysical Worlds And Poetic Introspections Of Willie Nelson CD (Omnivore)
Years ahead of his time, Willie languished in relative obscurity as RCA Victor producer extraordinaire Chet Atkins turned this way and that, in a desperate attempt to place Nelson on the charts and into public consciousness. For the very first time Willie's rare, misunderstood and poetic sides from his mid-1960s-early 1970s tenure at RCA Victor are curated and presented with love and care. This deluxe edition is remastered from the original RCA Victor master tapes and presented with exclusive liner notes, rare photos and unreleased tracks.

>Nightmares On Wax
– N.O.W Is The Time 2xCD/2xLP+2xCD (Warp)
"To celebrate 25 years as Nightmares On Wax, and 25 years on Warp Records, we are very excited to present this immersive and complete set of all things NOW. A beautifully packaged 2xLP+2xCD + large book of stories, images, early show flyers and more, as well as all new remixes." ""A true pioneer of electronic music...blending elements of
hip-hop, soul, jazz and techno in his signature spaced-out
style." -- Rolling Stone

– Brass Tacks CD (Clang!)
Brass Tacks is overflowing with the unmistakable NRBQ sound and spirit, an original mix of pop, rock, jazz, swing, and more, delivered with impeccable musicianship, love, fearlessness, and joy.
>Anders Parker
– There’s A Blue Bird In My Heart CD (Recorded & Freed)
"Looking back over the breadth of Anders Parker’s two-decade career, there is little he has yet to accomplish or prove. The stylistic range encompassed by his Varnaline work alone is evidence of Parker’s determination to explore, illuminate, absorb and transcend every musical influence he’s experienced, from alt-country and raw folk to pastoral Americana and baroque art rock" – Magnet. Vinyl version due July 15.

– 3xA Woman: The Misplaced Files CD/LP (Telegraph Heart)
Splitting the difference between passion and song, People play multidimensional utopian pop music in which opposing musical forces integrate to form a new sustainable recipe for sound and social implication.

– Solstov CD (12k)
The experimental electronic Norwegian duo presents their third album for Taylor Deupree’s always reliable 12k label -- this time their icy ambience is created almost solely with the trumpet.

>Playing For Change
– Playing For Change 3: Songs Around The World CD+DVD (Palm)
During the past two years, Playing For Change have traveled to over 15 countries, recording and filming musicians live outside on city streets, in their villages, and beyond. The new album features performances from Keith Richards, Sara Bareilles, Keb' Mo', Taj Mahal, Ernest Ranglin, Andres Calamaro, Toots Hibbert and 178 more musicians from 31 countries who have never met in person. With these songs and videos we continue to connect the world through music.

– Journey Of My Life CD (Crysella)
The debut full-length from Bali, Indonesia's alternative rockers Porte features eight tracks of uncompromising, mind glory blending elements of post-rock, math, rock and psychedelic while anchoring its overall sound firmly within the framework of rock and roll spirit.

>Joshua Redman
– Trios Live CD (Nonesuch)
Trios Live was recorded at New York City’s Jazz Standard and Washington, DC’s Blues Alley during stands with two different trios Redman and drummer Gregory Hutchinson with bassist Matt Penman (Jazz Standard) and Redman and Hutchinson with bassist Reuben Rogers (Blues Alley). Trios Live features four original tunes by Redman and interpretations of three additional songs.
>Radio Moscow
– Magical Dirt CD/LP (Alive)
Magical Dirt is Radio Moscow’s fourth studio album. The band’s fountainhead Parker Griggs, along with partners-in-crime Anthony Meier (bass) and Paul Marrone (drums), have cultivated yet another blues-rock masterpiece that crossbreeds late ‘60s psych-rock and face-melting guitar histrionics with the foundation-crumbling rhythms from early ‘70s hard-rock, and even includes a couple of harrowing tracks built from the bedrock of rural Delta blues.
>John Robinson And PVD
– Modern Vintage CD/LP (Brick)
Modern Vintage is the new collaboration album from veteran emcee John Robinson (aka Lil Sci of world renown Hip-Hop group Scienz Of Life) and prolific drummer, composer, producer and band-leader Pat Van Dkye (aka PVD). The album spells out the approach in which this album was made from front to back: The music was composed with a combination of modern technology software mixed with vintage synths and outboard gear, all blended seamlessly with live instrumentation being the foundation.
– Medicated Generation CD (Crysella)
Roughhausen is the current project of ex-Front Line Assembly/Will/Decree guitarist J. Stoddard. A collection of bad ideas, ill-formed master plans and trips to the free clinic - a glorious cacophony of sight and sound, Roughhausen has evolved into the razor sharp, focused schrei that it is today.

– Eaters Volume Two: Light Tiger CD (Sapient/Sandpeople Music)
The beats on Sapient's latest album,
Eaters Volume Two: Light Tiger have been described as ''Ratatat, Madlib and A-Trak had a baby, dipped it in the ooze famed by Ninja Turtle lore and set it loose on the world''. His hard-hitting production, banded with unmatched delivery and wit on the mic are what make Sapient's new release as intimidating as it is addictive. Hailing from Portland, OR, Sapient is is becoming a monarch of Northwest Hip Hop and has collaborated with luminary voices from the likes of Macklemore, Aesop Rock, Slug (Atmosphere), The Grouch and many more.
>Say Hi
– Endless Wonder CD/LP (Barsuk)
Since founding Say Hi in 2002, Eric Elbogen and his team of slightly flawed and persistently-flat clones have been proving to humanity that synthesizer music doesn’t have to lack a sense of humor and that drum machines can still swing and shuffle like the jazz great ones. But it wasn’t until the team began working on
Endless Wonder in late 2011, when all rock and roll bands were required to trade in their Warlock guitars for step sequencers and self-oscillating sweepable low pass filters that they knew they were on the brink of something crucial: the probable savior of humankind itself.
– Dive In CD (Saint Marie)
Punk? Dreampop? Alternative? Seasurfer are somehow all that and say of themselves that they are playing something like dreampunk.

>Sam Smith
– In The Lonely Hour CD/LP (Capitol)
Sam Smith is the 21-year-old winner of this year’s Brits Critics Choice award as well as the winner of the BBC Sound of 2014 poll. He is the first and only male winner of both honors. Named the Artist to watch for 2014, Most Anticipated album of the year in USA Today, LA Times, CNN, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Shazam and more. "The British soul singer with the lilting falsetto and a great command of the groove is set for big things with this American debut" – Newsday. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds four bonus tracks.

>The Soft Pink Truth
– Why Do The Heathen Rage? CD/LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
The Soft Pink Truth is the solo alter ego of Drew Daniel, one half of Matmos.
Why Do the Heathen Rage? whose subtitle "Electronic Profanations Of Black Metal Classics" reveals its agenda as an unrequited love letter to a justly divisive genre. A gleeful queer travesty of black metal’s undying obsession with kvlt authenticity, Why Do the Heathen Rage? is also a formally precise homage executed with a scholar’s obsession. (Deluxe vinyl version includes pink metallic foiling on the cover, with a printed inner sleeve.)
>Roy Strattman
– The Lie Of The Beholder CD (10T)
Roy Strattman has shown us that he's not only capable of delivering the melodic prog rock that he's known for in Little Atlas, but that he can kick things up a few notches and create some really heavy material that will appeal to a whole new audience. A job well done. -- Sea Of Tranquility

>The Story So Far
– Songs Of CD (Pure Noise)
The Story So Far is back with a new EP just in time for their appearance on the main stage at the 2014 Vans Warped Tour.
Songs Of The Story So Far is made up of a few familiar favorites from the band's 2013 album What You Don't See, as well as a couple of new surprises. Vinyl version due July 22.
>Swollen Members
– Brand New Day CD (Battle Axe)
New release from the Canadian hip-hop mainstays.

– Transience CD (Tympanik Audio)
Haunting tones echo throughout vast soundscapes of serendipitous melodies and sparse beat-work creating a virtual universe of sounds and moods.

>Alexis Taylor
– Await Barbarians CD (Domino)
Alexis Taylor's (lead singer of Hot Chip) second solo album,
Await Barbarians is a series of songs "from the halfway line." Possessing the same immediacy as his music with Hot Chip and the adventurousness of his work with About Group, there is a unique emotional condor to his solo work. As always with Taylor's writing the moments of honesty are matched with a sense of humor, playfulness and bounce. Vinyl version due July 1.
– A Town Called Paradise CD (Universal Republic)
Although he has used many aliases in the past, he is best known for his work as DJ Tiesto. On this production, however, he has dropped the ''DJ'' label and is now known simply as Tiesto, an artist name that is a twist of his childhood nickname.

>Trigger Point
– Giving Up The Ghost CD (Say Goodbye)
Sophomore album from the Los Angeles based metal band.

– Moorish Highway CD/LP (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
Originally formed in Brooklyn, NY before relocating to quieter environs near Woodstock, Trummors is the duo of Anne Cunningham and David Lerner. Their sound has been called ''raga country, country as inner voyage'' and has landed the band on the road with friends such as O'Death, Zachary Cale, PG Six, Lia Ices and Ed Askew.

>Us The Duo
– No Matter Where You Are CD (Republic)
Us The Duo was recently named the first act to break from Vine by Billboard. Uploading six-second medleys of notable pop songs only featuring half of their faces, they incited major waves and catapulted to the top of Vine, building an audience of over 3.2 million followers.

– Void CD (Pure Noise)
Vanna’s fourth album is packed with both hardcore aggression and melodic sensibility.

>Various Artists [Will Saul]
– DJ Kicks CD/2xLP+CD (!K7)
Hot on the heels of the DJ mix of 2013 from John Talabot and following luminaries such as Maya Jane Coles, Maceo Plex and Breach, next in line to mix it up for the esteemed !K7 DJ-Kicks series is Aus Music and Simple Records boss Will Saul.

>Various Artists
– Hyperdub 10.1 2xCD (Hyperdub)
In 2014 Hyperdub is 10 years old. Founded by DJ and producer Kode9, the label has grown from its humble origins as a left-field dubstep label, and spread out to function as a cross-genre hub, absorbing sounds and ideas, keeping listeners on their toes, and refreshing itself while still maintaining its core sensibilities. To celebrate, Hyperdub will release four compilations which cluster thematic highlights from the last five years, all augmented with new material, as well as staging a number of international showcase events across the year.

>Various Artists
– Soul Jazz Presents Calypso: Musical Poetry In The Caribbean 1955-69 CD/LP (Soul Jazz)
This new album features the music of Calypso in its many forms - from its birthplace, the island of Trinidad, as well as other Caribbean islands (Jamaica and the Bahamas), and its subsequent onwards journey (Britain, Panama and the United States), recorded during the years 1955-69.

>Venetian Snares
– My Love Is A Bulldozer CD/2xLP (Planet Mu)
My Love Is A Bulldozer seems to have a flowing sense of narrative, something akin to an opera, and unusually Aaron sings songs on it, which reinforces the sense of an emotional journey. Sonically he meshes together sometimes thunderous yet complex drum programming with delicate musical structures, creating, in places, a sense of haunted, atmospheric jazziness, as well as spiky autumnal strings recalling the gothic orchestral beauty of his previous work.
>Veri Jumala
– Obsession With Sanity CD (Crysella)
The debut album of the German dark rocker Veri Jumala is a caressing combination of hellish harmonies and sweet seductions.
Obsession With Sanity shows an abstract darkness and shines with powerful riffs, drums and a gentle voice that emphasizes the deep lyrics with atmosphere and melody.
>The Verve Pipe
– Overboard CD (LMNO Pop)
More than 13 years since their last rock album, The Verve Pipe return a collection of ten new rock songs distinguished by brilliant musical performances, soul-searching lyrics and raw, emotionally charged lead vocals.
White Lung – Deep Fantasy CD/LP (Domino)
Deep Fantasy is the third album from the hard-hitting rock & roll outfit. After a year plus of near constant touring (with Iceage, Parquet Courts, and F**ked Up) behind their sophomore album Sorry they slimmed down to a trio to record: vocalist Mish Way, drummer Anne-Marie Vassiliou and guitarist Kenneth William.
>Wo Fat
– The Conjuring CD/LP (Small Stone)
You can wade through as many press quotes about "Texas-sized" as you want or see how many top-whatever lists Wo Fat have made since the Dallas trio got started in 2003, but none of that is going to be the same as staring down their swampadelic fuzz groove for yourself.

>Jacob Young
– Forever Young CD (ECM)
Forever Young features melodically inventive, harmonically sophisticated and rhythmically alert jazz, composed by Norwegian-American guitarist Jacob Young and played by a spirited team of contemporaries. Young and saxophonist Trygve Seim are friends since school days, and have been heard on the Norwegian jazz scene in numerous combinations and contexts over the years.

DVD + Blu-ray:
>Jimi Hendrix
- Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Ff Wight Blu-ray (Legacy)
Now on Blu-ray for the first time,
Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight documents the guitarist's legendary performance before 600,000 people at this massive outdoor music and arts festival in August 1970. New interviews with Jimi Hendrix Experience band members Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, and others set the stage for the concert footage that follows. In addition to providing the definitive look at one of the landmark events in Hendrix's storied career, Blue Wild Angel features both a stereo and 5.1 audio surround soundtrack newly mixed by Hendrix's original recording engineer Eddie Kramer. 182 minutes.

>Joseph Arthur
– Lou 2xCD (Vanguard)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Inspired by Lou Reed's legacy, Joseph Arthur recorded 12 of Reed's songs.

>Black Pus/Oozing Wound
– Split LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Label-mates and kindred spirits Black Pus and Oozing Wound join together on this strictly limited vinyl-only split LP. The split captures both bands energy in a raw form. Intended as a limited edition tour record, the album is not a mere raw blast, as it shows a new side to Black Pus and is a teaser for the monster sophomore album from Oozing Wound.

>Bonde Do Role
– Tropicalbacnal LP (Mad Decent)
Bonde Do Role turn Brazilian folk songs into dance tracks, and they make rockabilly replays into haunting taunts.

>Casket Lottery/Small Brown Bike
– Split [Reissue/2002] 7"+MP3 (Run For Cover)
Originally issued in 2002 on Second Nature Recordings and almost two-and-a-half years in its creation, this wasn’t another split release of throwaway songs, but a six-song collaborative effort in the truest sense, one born out of mutual musical respect, admiration and camaraderie. Color vinyl.

>Neneh Cherry
– Everything Remixes 12" (Smalltown Supersound)
Rounds up remixes that Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer did of Neneh Cherry’s Four Tet produced "Everything" track.

>Close Lobsters
– Kunstwerk In Spacetime EP 7"+MP3 (Shelflife)
Close Lobsters graduated from the post-punk music scene in the late 1970s, releasing singles on Enigma, Caff Corp., and Fire Records in the late ‘80s.

– Adult Life LP (Father Daughter)
Cocktails know growing up will kill you, eventually. But somewhere between the mundane strictures of a responsible American life in the 21st century, with its attendant student debt, meager 401k’s, and the macrobrew-soaked recklessness of youth, is a sweet spot.

>Current Swell
– Ulysses LP (Nettwerk)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The Canadian rock band’s new album captures their textured, deep-groove sound while capturing the energy of their live show

>Dead Ghosts
– Can’t Get No LP (Burger)
Killer back from the grave, rave up garage punk outta Canada.

– Circle Change LP (Salinas)
The Columbus, OH's DIY mainstays release their sixth full length, which finds them adding some ‘90s indie and brooding rock songs to their repertoire of melodic pop-punk songs.

– Gold LP+MP3 (Oblique Records)
Gold is the first major soundtrack work from Dylan Carlson (Earth), composed for a foreign language western of the same name. For the first time Carlson's guitar is presented, bare, alone, with only minimal percussion, fore-fronting his evocative, lyrical control of the instrument in a language that transcends tired "cinematic" adjectives and places you directly into the landscape. Available on black and on limited gold vinyl.
– Nocturnes LP (Umor Rex)
With its meticulously displaced details and intricate harmony layers,
Nocturnes evokes the electronic avant-garde of the mid-‘70s (think Cluster during the band's Zuckerzeit era). The album keeps the balance between the intense, dramatic metrics and rather complex, modulated melodies. Driftmachine also nods to Krzysztof Komeda's compositions (especially his score for Rosemary's Baby) and the haunting, uncanny vibes of Raime.
>Duck Sauce
– Quack 2xLP (Fool’s Gold)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. A-Trak and Armand Van Helden first splashed on the scene as Duck Sauce with the breakout hit "aNYway". Next up was "Barbra Streisand," a surprise global #1 smash and true pop culture milestone, complete with 93 million YouTube views, a Grammy nomination, and even a
Glee cover. Quack is their debut album.
>Fatal Figures
– Caturwal LP (Big Neck)
The Fatal Figures have a strong lineage -- featuring members of the Blowtops, Backstabbers, Concubine Forming, and Suck & The Headknockers. Moving away from garage rock, the band honor the noise/punk rock sound in the vein of Pussy Galore, The Cramps and early Jesus & Mary Chain.

>Framing Hanley
– The Sum Of Who We Are LP (Imagen)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. A collection of modern alternative rock infused with undeniable pop hooks, heartfelt lyrics and huge choruses,
The Sum Of Who We Are is the band’s third album, and their boldest artistic statement to date.
>Fu Manchu
– Gigantoid LP (At The Dojo)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The Southern California hard rock mainstays return with new album. Purple vinyl.

– Kitchen LP (Hieroglyphics Imperium)
First album of new material in ten years. 17 new instant classics from the legendary hip-hop crew.

>Hooray For Earth
– Keys 7" (Dovecote)
"We last heard from the psychedelic Brooklyn synth-rockers Hooray For Earth when they released their ‘Never’ single in 2012. They’re now gearing up for the release of the new album
Racy with the LP’s first single ‘Keys.’ It’s a buoyant, breezy, likable track, a friendly way of welcoming the world into whatever they’re doing this time around." – Stereogum
>Island Boy
– Basic Instincts LP (Rita Records)
Combining elements of French house, reggaeton, Latin freestyle, and new wave with crooning vocals, musician/producer Richard Hunter-Rivera relies heavily on pop's universal need for melody and a beat you can dance to.

>Jethro Tull
– This Was [Reissue/1968] LP (Rhino)
HQ-180gm vinyl repress. In the documentary film of the Woodstock Festival, portions of the songs "Beggar's Farm" and "Serenade To A Cuckoo" may be heard on the PA system, indicating the level of notice the album achieved in the United States.

>Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
– Dap-Dippin’ With [Reissue/2002] LP (Daptone)
Vinyl reissue of Sharon Jones And The Dap King’s debut album, re-sequenced with the rare track "Will You Be True," a never before heard duet with Lee Fields from the original
Dap-Dippin' sessions.
>Kline Koma Xero
– Kline Koma Xero LP (Medical Records)
A self-titled LP influenced largely by the sterile and isolated iconography of authors such as Philip K. Dick, William Gibson and JG Ballard (from whence the band's name is derived). Formed in 2012, Kline Coma Xero is a group whose work embraces elements of early minimal synth wave with distinctively thoughtful lyrics and evocative melodies. Color vinyl.

>Leisure Birds
– Tetrahedron LP (Totally Gross National Product)
While much of modern psych seems to be stalled in a bygone era, Minneapolis-based Leisure Birds look squarely at the future. While their synth-driven grooves may evoke hazy memories of Krautrock and 1970s experimentation, their aesthetic shies from the predictable shuffle that consumes current Psychedelic music: There’s no minimal blues here. No shoegaze. Leisure Birds strip away the trappings that made an old genre tired.

>Lore City
– Kill Your Dreams 12" (Already Dead)
Brooding alt rock with dark tendencies. "Though just a duo, their music sounds like the product of a small marching band. Guitar, piano, lap steel, ebow, percussion, clarinet and more accompany Laura Mariposa's lush, blue croon." – CMJ

– II (Run For Cover)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Sweden's Makthaverskan layer tenets of noise, jangle and dream pop on a foundation of rambling, garage-punk energy. Distorted, uptempo riffs ebb and flow with laid back, atmospheric post punk.

>The Mons
– Untitled (Fighting Over A Knife) LP (Underground Communique)
The debut six-song EP from the Chicago punk vets clocks in at under seven minutes total. It’s on purpose that the sleeve evokes early SST and Dangerhouse releases.

>Dolly Parton/Linda Ronstadt/Emmylou Harris
– Trio [Reissue/1987] LP (WB)
Deemed the "Three Tenors" of country music, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris collaborated on this 1987 album -- winning them several Grammy awards and climbing countless music charts. The gifted entertainers never disappoint with their beautiful harmony and song choices.

– One Eyed Scorpion 7" (Grazer)
With sneering vocals, wriggling keyboard lines, and stinging fuzz guitars, these tracks writhe and squirm before transforming into full-on synth meltdowns, propelled by singer Byron Blum’s agitated Eno-isms, burning with proto-punk inspired misanthropy.

>The Pretty Reckless
– Going To Hell LP (Razor & Tie)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Going to Hell is the second studio album by this alternative rock band.

>Saint Etienne
– Tiger Bay [Reissue/1994] LP (Plain)
Tiger Bay is the third studio album by Saint Etienne, originally released in 1994. It reached number 8 on the British charts. Combining traditional folk melodies with ‘90s electronica and David Whitaker's atmospheric orchestration, the album was an extraordinary step forward from the sample-based 'indie dance' of the first two albums. HQ-180gm.
>Say Anything
– Hebrews LP (Equal Vision)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Say Anything has been making odd, unclassifiable indie rock music since they were 14 or 15 years old, playing strangely literate and loud rock, characterized by what one might imagine if Larry David fronted a Fugazi cover band with the members of Queen. Not that that's a stretch or anything.

>Severed Heads
– Since The Accident [Reissue/1983] LP (Medical Records)
Severed Heads – City Slab Horror [Reissue/1985] LP (Medical Records)
Color vinyl reissues now available. This Australian electro/industrial band’s early recordings were characterized by manipulated tape loop experiments, cleverly modulated noise elements and repetition. This period is very well suited to the early industrial period. Over time, the sounds morphed into more melodic leanings with pop elements and more prominent synth leads and backbone.

– Pretty Mean 7" (No Rules)
A great debut 7" from this Oakland punk foursome that channels everything you love about Bomp! Records into three catchy tunes (each clocking in under two minutes). A timeless concoction of crooning lead vocals over upbeat riffs and bubblegum backups. Think Teenage Head meets Nikki & The Corvettes.

>Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens
– Sinner b/w "Everybody Knows (The River Song) 7" (Daptone)
"Sinner" showcases Naomi’s gritty vocals, coupled with the lush harmonies of The Gospel Queens, creating a call and response melody of celestial proportions – and to top it off all of the aforementioned perfection is set to a raw groove provided by Brother Cliff Driver and his Band O’ Plenty. On the flip is an adaptation of O.V. Wright’s backbeat classic, "Everybody Knows (The River Song)."

– Royal Albert Hall October 10 1997 2xLP (Plain)
Recorded during a stop at the Royal Albert Hall on the 1997 UK tour in support of
Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, this double LP features the band at their peak as a performing unit. The group is joined by a horn section, a string quartet and a gospel choir on the second half of the concert. HQ-180gm vinyl with custom fluorescent Euro inner sleeves in a wide spine jacket with holographic rainbow foil.
- Tibi Et Igni LP (Nuclear Blast)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Tibi Et Igni (a Latin phrase which translates to "For You And Fire") is the new album from the Polish death metal veterans.
>Steven Vitiello/Taylor Deupree
– Captiva 2x10" (12k)
The fruits from their residency with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation,
Captiva is a beautiful double 10" gatefold release with music for guitar, modular synthesizer, and Rauschenberg's own piano.
>The Waterboys
– The Waterboys [Reissue/1983] LP (Parlophone)
Reissued on HQ-180gm vinyl, with original artwork and audio cut from 2002 digital remaster.

>Wei Zhongle
– Raised High/Bought Low LP (Edible Onion)
Using scales drawn from East Asian classical music, the interlocking reeds heard in Balkan folk, and the rattling, syncopated rhythms of Steve Reich's gamelan-inspired minimalism, this album weaves a blend of disparate influences and unexpected sounds into a tight musical fabric that is both unfamiliar and accessible. Dreamlike abstractions becoming succinct allegories about the search for spiritual union.

– Jameson Shot 7" (Big Neck)
Nottingham's own garage rock vandals, X-Rays bring back that ‘90s punk rock style -- and they do it meaner, rawer and more pissed than ever. Color vinyl.
released 10 JUNE 2014
>Anathema – Distant Satellites CD/CD+DVD/2xLP (K-Scope)
Distant Satellites was recorded at Cederberg Studios andOslo with favored producer Christer-Andre Cederberg. Alongside additional mixing by Steve Wilson, Anathema also brought in the legendary services of Dave Stewart (Porcupine Tree) to create the new album's extraordinary orchestral arrangements. For fans of Radiohead, Pink Floyd & Sigur Ros. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds 2013's stunning concert film Universal directed by Lasse Hoile.
>Arch Enemy
– War Eternal CD/LP (Century Media)
Ninth studio album by Swedish melodic death metal band.

>The Atlas Moth
– The Old Believer CD (Profound Lore)
Chicago, Illinois's The Atlas Moth has always been hard to categorize. Drawing from myriad influences and styles, their sound is one of the most unique and unusual in today's American underground—progressive psychedelic metal both crushingly heavy and sublimely beautiful.

>Tomas Barfod
– Love Me CD/LP (Secretly Canadian)
Love Me is an album that takes Tomas Barfod's spirit of adventurousness and raises the stakes. Utilizing a supporting cast that includes a string and brass section, and musicians like Here We Go Magic's Luke Temple and long-term collaborator Nina K. on vocal duties, it's a multi-layered album that effortlessly pushes and pulls dance and electronic music into a myriad different shapes.
>Selwyn Birchwood
– Don't Call No Ambulance CD (Alligator)
The 2013 winner of the International Blues Challenge is an exciting young hotshot singer/songwriter/guitarist from Tampa, FL, and his debut is packed with infectious, original songs that herald the arrival of a dynamic new blues talent.

>Andrew Bird
– Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of… CD (Virtual Label)
The latest self-released album by Andrew Bird consists of his versions of songs by a band he has loved for many years, The Handsome Family.

– Cliff Diving CD (Hella Mad)
Bite is the perfect name for this group of veterans of the San Francisco underground scene. Their unique style of punk & roll has its roots in old-school punk acts that range from the Cramps to The New York Dolls.

>Blacklist Royals
– Die Young With Me CD (Varese Sarabande)
Vinyl version due July 8. "Blacklist Royals have been through some tough shit in the past few years, including band member Rob Rufus' battle with cancer. The band's new record,
Die Young With Me, reflects all that struggle. The record is ragged, raw, and rocking, with tracks like 'Out In The Dark' and '26 And Gone' examining the impermanence of life through the eyes of Rob and twin brother Nat Rufus." – A.V. Club
>Bloody Hammers
– Under The Sun CD/LP (Napalm)
Dark Occult Rock with a pinch of H.P. Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury,
Under The Sun is a multilayered album that resembles a classic horror flick from the '70s.
>Body Count
– Manslaughter CD (Sumerian)
Ice-T and cofounder/lead guitarist Ernie C have perfected their mix of thrash, punk and bottom heavy doom across five albums, hitting a zenith with their new album
Manslaughter. They embody the monumental SoCal tradition of street born punk bands like Suicidal Tendencies combined with the aggressive aural napalm of Slayer.
>Anthony Braxton/Thomas Fujiwara/Tom Rainey
– Trio (New Haven) 2013 4xCD (New Braxton House)
Legendary composer and saxophonist Anthony Braxton's first trio recording with two drummers. The group includes Tomas Fujiwara and Tom Rainey, two of New York's most in-demand drummers.

>Clifford Brown
- Brownie Speaks: The Complete Blue Note Recordings 3xCD (Blue Note)
Documenting when trumpeter Clifford Brown was on the rise, this new collection covers Brown's three 10" albums from 1953, recorded with J.J. Johnson (
Jay Jay Johnson With Clifford Brown), Lou Donaldson (New Faces New Sounds) and his own sextet (New Star On The Horizon), plus legendary live Birdland recordings headlined by Art Blakey, in which Brown is featured along with Donaldson and pianist Horace Silver.
>Captured Spells
– Nausea CD/LP (Captured Tracks)
"While still making moody, atmospheric pop, main man Justin Paul Vallesteros goes for a grander sound this time, with songs layered with strings, wind instruments, mellotron and other keyboards." – Brooklyn Vegan

– CLPPNG CD/2xLP+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Despite clipping.'s insistence that they're really just making rap— not noise-rap, industrial-rap, or any other mashup genre— their music might be more sonically challenging than that of the punkish rap rockers, lo-fi bedroom producers, and street goth hybridists they've been lumped with so far.

>Ciccone Youth
– Whitey Album [Reissue/1988] CD (Goofin')
CD reissue of quintessential 1988 Top-40 tribute album by Sonic Youth's 1988 alter ego.

>Hollie Cook
– Twice CD/LP (Mr. Bongo)
Hollie Cook the daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook. Produced by Prince Fatty,
Twice sees Hollie's obvious love of reggae joined by other influences including Bond-like strings, Brazilian percussion, dark disco and shades of Giorgio Moroder.
>Cowboy Mouth
– Go! CD (Elm City)
New album from the alt-rock band. As frontman Fred LeBlanc says, ''If The Neville Brothers and The Clash had a baby, it would be Cowboy Mouth.''

>Craft Spells
– Nausea CD/LP+MP3 (Captured Tracks)
After a dormant period following the release of the
Gallery EP in 2012, Craft Spells' Justin Vallesteros is back with the gorgeously ambitious Nausea. It's Craft Spells' second proper full length LP, and first since 2010's critically acclaimed Idle Labor. Since last on the radar, Justin moved to San Francisco to find a niche in the Bay Area music scene. This proved difficult within the regarded garage rock scene and insular DJ night crowds currently dominating the area's music community.
>Marilyn Crispell
– Destiny CD (OkkaDisk)
Fred Anderson on the alto saxophone, Hamid Drake on drums and percussion with Marilyn Crispell on piano, all recorded live at the Hot House in Chicago, IL during The Women of New Music Festival on April 8, 1994.

>Dub Club Vs. The Lions
– This Generation Dub CD (Stone's Throw)
Inspired by reggae, sound system culture and the myriad of musical styles influenced by Jamaican music old and new, The Lions' sound is firmly placed in soul music. Their debut
This Generation was critically acclaimed in 2012. Eight tracks from that album are now reworked and dubbed straight to tape by Dub Club founder and producer Tom Chasteen.
>Dub Thompson
– 9 Songs CD/LP (Dead Oceans)
This young SoCal-based band's musical influences travel from the Midwestern malaise of Big Black and Pere Ubu, to Kraut pioneers Can and Kraftwerk, while bowing to the British belligerence of The Fall and This Heat.

>Kyle Bobby Dunn
- Kyle Bobby Dunn & The Infinite Sadness 2xCD/3xLP (Students Of Decay)
Latest from revered Canadian ambient composer is undoubtedly his most focused and emotionally charged work thus far, a rich, expansive collection of slowly unfurling beauty that stretches out over the course of more than two hours. His trademark guitar swells and slow-moving loops feel clearer and have a renewed sense of purpose and poise.

>Dust Bolt
– Awake The Riot CD/2xLP (Napalm)
Sophomore album from the German thrash metallers.

- Erdentempel CD (Nuclear Blast)
Fourth album by the German folk metal band.

>First Aid Kit
– Stay Gold CD/2xLP (Columbia)
"Klara and Johanna Söderberg, the Swedish sisters who make up the duo First Aid Kit, learned to love American-heartland alt-roots music when they first heard Bright Eyes. In making their new album
Stay Gold, the duo went to the source, traveling to Omaha and working with Bright Eyes producer and Monsters Of Folk member Mike Mogis. (They also sing backup on Conor Oberst's new album Upside Down Mountain.)" – Stereogum
>The Fresh & Onlys
– House Of Spirits CD (Mexican Summer)
With surreal nightmares, glistening pop tempered by sinister undertones and even unsettling experimentalism, The Fresh & Onlys' fifth album is the San Francisco quartet's most focused and most experimental yet. The material gestated during vocalist Tim Cohen's isolated stay on an Arizonan horse ranch where he documented dreams in a bedside notebook. The resultant songs are by turns pristine, feverish, and bizarre, as they returned to Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco with Phil Manley to recast the textures, leaps of logic and evocative character of Cohen's dreams into songs. Vinyl version due June 24.

>Greg Ginn And The Taylor Texas Corrugators
– Gumbo And Holy Water CD (SST)
Greg Ginn And The Taylor Texas Corrugators is an instrumental group that comprises many styles. Rock/jazz/country/blues/Latin/electronic/psychedelia all find their way into the mix.

>God Macabre
– The Winterlong [Reissue/1993] CD/LP (Relapse)
Remastered reissue of a Swedish death metal classic.

>Half-Handed Cloud
– Flying Scroll Flight Control CD/LP (Asthmatic Kitty)
Half-handed Cloud's Flying Scroll Flight Control presents Dada interior-architectural songs, in the mode of Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau, the sound of Robert Rauschenberg's cardboard combines, interrupted by Futurist noise intoner music of collision. They're integrated with the radiant flicker of Stan Brakhage's domestic/personal 1960s art films, the mechanized music of Conlon Nancarrow, Mister Rogers' avant-garde children's operas, and the methods of grunge-era home-taping alchemists Eric's Trip, with scriptures giving voice to the unknown.

>Paul Hardcastle
– The Jazzmasters VII CD (Trippin N Rhythm)
Urban substructures layered with sexy yet subtle grooves, punctuated with perfectly placed notes and vibrations create the perfect flow of ambience as you depart on this soothing musical journey, a one way ticket to pure pleasure. This is pure ear candy that will provide that rush of sweetness yet is high in nutritional content, satisfying and full flavored.

– Blood For Blood CD/LP (Eleven Seven Music)
"With the acrimonious departure of longtime members Greg Tribbett and Bob Zilla, Hellyeah have discovered new fuel for the fire.
Blood For Blood is punchy and vitriolic, full of unforgiving tracks like 'Soul Killer' and 'Say When,' the latter featuring Vinnie Paul's most acrobatic drumming since Pantera." – Revolver Magazine
– Can't Make It Up CD (SST)
Fifth release from the hardcore/techno/guitar hybrid.

>Chrissie Hynde
– Stockholm CD/LP (Caroline)
The Pretenders frontwoman's debut solo album, recorded in Stockholm with guests Neil Young & John McEnroe. Includes "Dark Sunglasses."

>José James
– While You Were Sleeping CD/LP (Blue Note)
The influence of Jimi Hendrix can be heard throughout
While You Were Sleeping as much as R&B forefathers like Al Green. Special guests include vocalist Becca Stevens who duets with James on her song Dragon, as well as trumpeter Takuya Kuroda who is featured on the cover of Green's classic "Simply Beautiful" that closes the album.
– Suffer My Wrath CD (Tribunal)
New release from the North Carolina-based metalcore band, their first new material since 2007. Entering their twelfth year of existence, Killwhitneydead's origins are deeply rooted in the early deathcore scene, but on this album, the group steps away from the genre's stylistic confines, creating something much more alluring.

– Lunchbox Loves You CD/LP (Jigsaw)
This is pure bubblegum pop with lots of Dreampop influences - imagine if Rocketship were covering '60s AM radio classics to get a feel of where Lunchbox are coming from.

>Lust For Youth
– International CD/LP+MP3 (Sacred Bones)
International is Hannes Norrvide's magnum opus, and with Fisher's production and Rahbek's co-writing skills, the potential this band has always shown has been fully realized, it is a buoyant synth-pop masterpiece on par with early Depeche Mode. Vinyl version adds remixes (via MP3 download) by Chelsea Wolfe, Helm, Total Control, Silent Servant and Cult Of Youth.

>Mars Red Sky
– Stranded In Arcadia CD/LP (Listenable)
Mars Red Sky stoke the fire of a voodoo mass with their 70's old school riffs and their psychedelic groove. Julien Pras, well known for the pop magnificence of his studio session with Calc, was secretly dreaming of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and was also sharing these musical fantasies with drummer Benoit Busser and noisy bass player Jimmy Kinast. The three of them make a melodic stoner music using heavy reverbs.

>Mayday X Murs
– Mursday CD (Strange)
New collaboration between L.A. rapper Murs and Mayday, the Miami-based hip-hop band with two lead rappers: Wrekonize and BernzIt.

– Esoteric Warfare CD/2xLP (Season Of Mist)
2014 brings the 30th anniversary of the single most notorious important band in the history of black metal; Mayhem. As they enter their 30th year, Mayhem delivers a new full-scale assault of total black metal savagery with
Esoteric Warfare.
>Night Ranger
– High Road CD/CD+DVD (Frontiers)
New album from the AOR mainstays. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe includes one additional track plus a bonus DVD.

– The Rockville LP CD/LP+MP3 (Vanguard)
O.A.R. recorded their eighth studio album
The Rockville LP with the hope to encapsulate their live sound. Recorded in Nashville, Maryland and New York City, the album's name comes from the very city that the band formed in Maryland back in 1996.
– Dead Unique CD/2xLP (Blackest Ever Black)
Recorded in 1995,
Dead Unique is a lost classic of English art-rock, and the crowning achievement in the career of its mercurial creator, Mick Hobbs. Londoner Hobbs' roots are in the fecund RIO scene of the late '70s and early 1980s, initially as guitarist in The Work (alongside Bill Gilonis, Rick Wilson and Henry Cow's Tim Hodgkinson), and subsequent related groupings The Lowest Note, The Lo Yo Yo, and The Momes.
– Whisper CD/2xLP+MP3 (Nettwerk)
Recorded in Sydney and co-produced by Chris Vallejo,
Whispers is comprised of 11 tracks that tell tales – some real, some imagined – of love, death, growing up and getting old. A master of story telling, Passenger yet again strikes the perfect balance between the heartbreaking and the humorous, all wrapped in beautiful instrumentation, creating a sumptuous, symphonic sound. Vinyl version adds a bonus discs featuring acoustic tracks.
>The Phantom Band
– Strange Friend CD/LP (Chemikal Underground)
The Phantom Band return after three and a half years with their third album
Strange Friend. The album doesn't have one firm concept at its root but several, infused with multiple meanings it reflects the constant percolation of voices within the Scottish six-piece, all jostling for their say.
– Magnetica CD/3xLP (Tru Thoughts)
Magnetica is the first studio album from Quantic under his main solo moniker since An Announcement To Answer in 2006. He has, of course, been far from quiet in the intervening years, with releases from many acclaimed side-projects including The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, Quantic & Alice Russell, Flowering Inferno and Ondatrópica, and a host of thrilling shows to match.
– Count Me In CD/LP (Easy Star)
New album from the DIY reggae band.

>The Rippingtons
– Fountain Of Youth CD (eOne)
Rippingtons leader Russ Freeman returns with a collection of guitar driven songs.

>Roll The Dice
– Until Silence CD/2xLP+CD (Leaf)
Until Silence marks a monumental shift for Roll The Dice. The characteristic framework of piano and synthesizer is reinforced with a newly conscripted string section: dramatic arrangements grind against furnace blasts of static, and phases of unrelenting rhythmic intensity collapse into moments of frayed, fragile beauty. The Stockholm-based duo's most powerful and nuanced work to date is by turns harrowing and searching, pushing their sound to monolithic, foundation-shuddering heights of ambition and scale.
>Say Anything
– Hebrews CD (Equal Vision)
Say Anything has been making odd, unclassifiable indie rock music since they were 14 or 15 years old, playing strangely literate and loud rock, characterized by what one might imagine if Larry David fronted a Fugazi cover band with the members of Queen. Not that that's a stretch or anything. Vinyl version due June 17.

>Sole & DJ Pain 1
- Death Drive CD (Black Canyon)
Death Drive is a collision of two distinct worlds: the scorched-earth-of-indie-rap legend Sole and the concrete jungles of certified platinum producer DJ Pain 1. Combining modern pop/rap aesthetics with a political edge reminiscent of hip-hop classics like Fear Of A Black Planet, the duo employs the golden era hip-hop approach of a rapper and DJ without resorting to gimmicks or clichés typical of more formulaic two-turntables-and-a-mic unions.
>Sonic Youth
– Daydream Nation [Reissue/1988] CD/2xLP+MP3 (Goofin')
Post-punk milestone, back in print on vinyl in its original form. Includes download and poster.

>Stagnant Pools
– Geist CD/LP+MP3 (Polyvinyl)
Sophomore album release from this Indianapolis-based duo; shoegaze-meets-noise pop comparing to Joy Division, Sonic Youth and the Strokes. Available on CD and clear vinyl with download.

– Simplicity CD (Tesla Electric Co.)
Simplicity marks a return to the homegrown roots from one of America's true rock & roll bands.
– Dark Roots Of Thrash CD/CD+DVD (Nuclear Blast)
New live set from the thrash originators, recorded in February 2013 at The Paramount in Long Island, NY, spans 20+ songs from their lengthy history.

>This Wild Life
– Clouded CD (Epitaph)
This Wild Life is an acoustic duo from Long Beach, CA. Writing songs that mine the same emotional territory as City And Colour, they have created a sound, vibe, and presence that sets them apart from their stripped down peers. Vinyl version due June 24.

– Savage Gold CD/LP (Relapse)
Tombs' third album is one of the most anticipated underground metal album of 2014. The band's sophomore LP
Path Of Totality unanimously topped 2011 end of the year metal lists (everyone from Decibel to Pitchfork to NPR, and more, dubbed it their top album of that year). Savage Gold focuses the awesome strength of Tombs' previous works into one brilliantly dark post-punk and extreme black-metal masterpiece.
>Trap Them
– Blissf**ker CD/LP (Prosthetic)
45+ minutes of an unrestrained, unmedicated, unapologetic display of depression, desperation and blasphemy.

>Walter Trout
– The Blues Came Callin' CD/CD+DVD/LP (Provogue)
Recorded throughout 2013 and early 2014,
The Blues Cam Callin' features 12 new songs including 10 originals. Walter appropriately covers John Mayall for the occasion, as he was a member of the Bluesbreakers. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a bonus DVD.
>Alexander Turnquist
– Flying Fantasy CD/LP (Western Vinyl)
As an accomplished 12-string guitarist/composer, Alexander Turnquist's latest full-length
Flying Fantasy confirms the idea that out of great hardship can come great art. As he wrote the material for the new album it became clear that his sensitivity had sharpened, his empathy magnified, and his sense of purpose blossomed. The unfortunate circumstances he endured ostensibly forced his metamorphosis from a remarkable guitar player to a truly great composer. Much like the butterflies that adorn the album cover, he seems to have changed form and taken flight.
>Umphrey's McGee
– Similar Skin CD/LP (Nothing Too Fancy)
New album from the prog/jam band. "As for the music, Bayliss explains: "In the past, we've done the whole melting-pot album, where there's a rock song, and then there's a mellow acoustic song, and then there's a jazz thing, and then there's a prog thing—just bouncing all over the place. This time, we specifically went in with a song list where, genre-wise, it was all pretty much straight-ahead rock." – Relix

>Uriah Heap
– Outsider CD (Frontiers)
Outsider is Uriah Heep's 24th studio album which follows the untimely passing of bass player Trevor Bolder in May 2013.
- Tibi Et Igni CD (Nuclear Blast)
Tibi Et Igni (a Latin phrase which translates to "For You And Fire") is the new album from the Polish death metal veterans. Vinyl version due June 17.
>Valley Of The Sun
– Electric Tallons Of The Thunderhawk CD (Fuzzorama)
Cincinnati, OH natives Valley Of The Sun are a power trio in the truest sense. Originally formed in June of 2010, the band started with the intention of pushing the boundaries of stoner rock in a new direction.

>Various Artists [Fatboy Slim]
- Fatboy Slim Presents Bem Brasil 2xCD (Astralwerks)
Combining his love for music and soccer, Fatboy Slim delivers a lovingly curated collection of music encapsulating the soundtrack to this year's World Cup.
Bem Brasil (roughly translated as "Very Brazil") pays homage to Brazilian music and culture both on and off the dance floor.
>Various Artists
- 1970s Algerian Folk & Pop CD/LP (Sublime Frequencies)
Heavy and psychedelic rock, dark and moody folk-pop and stoic cinematic tracks.

>Jack White
– Lazaretto CD/LP+MP3 (Columbia/Third Man)
Jack White's new album is most notable for the vinyl version, which boasts the following: Two vinyl-only hidden tracks hidden beneath the center labels, one hidden track plays at 78 RPM and one plays at 45 RPM, making it a "three-speed" record; Side A plays from the inside to the outside of the disc; Dual-groove technology (the record plays an electric or acoustic intro for "Just One Drink" depending on where needle is dropped. The grooves meet for the body of the song); Matte finish on Side B, gives the appearance of an un-played 78 RPM record; Both sides end with locked grooves; Vinyl pressed in seldom-used flat-edged format; Dead wax area on Side A contains a hand-etched hologram by Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science, the first of its kind on a vinyl record; Absolutely zero compression used during recording, mixing and mastering; Features a different running order from the CD/digital version.

>The Who
- Quadrophenia: Live In London 2xCD/2xCD+DVD+2xBlu-ray (UMe)
In 2012/2013, The Who embarked on the Quadrophenia And More Tour, performing their landmark rock opera in its entirety, marking the 40th anniversary of the original 1973 release of this double-album masterpiece. The critically acclaimed and highly successful tour closed at London's Wembley Arena. Recorded on July 8, 2013, this set features The Who in peak form, performing
Quadrophenia from front to back, in its entirety, plus a special set of some of their all-time greatest hits. Also available on stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray, and as a Limited Collector's Edition which includes the high definition Blu-ray and standard DVD of the concert film, both in 5.1 surround sound audio; the double-CD soundtrack of the show; and for the first time, a 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire 1973 album release of Quadrophenia on a Blu-ray audio disc.
– What's Between CD/LP (Tri Angle)
To many,
What's Between will be viewed simply as the debut solo album by Irish singer songwriter James Kelly, aka Wife, but to fans of the critically acclaimed metal band, Altar Of Plagues, this album marks the return of a much-admired talent.
>Wreck & Reference
– Want CD/LP (The Flenser)
Since their inception in 2011, California-based heavy experimental duo Wreck And Reference has (de)constructed a manifesto of post-genre misanthropy using only drums, vocals and electronics. A handful of unorthodox and captivating releases have turned heads of critics and fans alike, and live, the band is crushing.

DVD + Blu-ray:
>The Who
- Quadrophenia: Live In London DVD/Blu-ray (UMe)
In 2012/2013, The Who embarked on the Quadrophenia And More Tour, performing their landmark rock opera in its entirety, marking the 40th anniversary of the original 1973 release of this double-album masterpiece. The critically acclaimed and highly successful tour closed at London's Wembley Arena. Recorded on July 8, 2013, this set features The Who in peak form, performing
Quadrophenia from front to back, in its entirety, plus a special set of some of their all-time greatest hits. 122 minutes.

- Blondie 4(0)-Ever: Greatest Hits: Deluxe Redux/Ghosts Of Download LP+DVD (Caroline)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. This deluxe vinyl version adds the
Live At CBGB 1977 DVD featuring over 50 minutes of lost footage taken directly from the original videotapes the set was filmed on.
>Bo Ningen
– III 2xLP (PIAS, America) Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Bo Ningen are a group of enlightenment activists from Japan's psychedelic underground.
>Eric Clapton
– From The Cradle [Reissue/1994] 2xLP (Reprise)
Eric Clapton – Me And Mr. Johnson [Reissue/2004] LP (Reprise)
HQ-180gm vinyl reissues now available.

–Robot Hive/Exodus 2xLP (Weathermaker Music)
Up until now, Clutch's
Robot Hive/Exodus was never available on vinyl. This double-LP is remastered and comes in a redesigned gatefold package.
>Alice Coltrane
– A Monastic Trio [Reissue/1968] LP (Superior Viaduct)
A Monastic Trio, created in the year following her husband's passing, is Coltrane's first recording as a bandleader and features six original compositions. While John's spirit can be felt throughout—from the song titles ("Ohnedaruth" was his adopted Hindu name) to the personnel (Jimmy Garrison, Rashied Ali, and Pharoah Sanders were frequent collaborators)—the album showcases Alice's immense talent for fusing spiritual free jazz and new age with classical, Eastern, post-bop and gospel.
>The Constantines
– Shine A Light [Reissue/2003] LP+7"+MP3 (Sub Pop)
Reissue The Constantines second full-length and first for Sub Pop; an ambitious record combining a steady diet of '90s DC rock (like a Joe Strummer fronted Fugazi) with dub-inflected bass, blue-eyed soul, and a punk aesthetic. Includes bonus 7" featuring tracks from a pair of CD singles from the same era.

>Cradle Of Filth
– Total F**king Darkness LP (Shellshock)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Remastered released of the infamous third demo from British extreme metallers, recorded in 1993 and expanded with bonus tracks.

>Don Caballero
- Five Pairs Of Crazy Pants. Wear 'Em: Early Caballero LP+MP3 (Chunklet)
December 1991. Mere months into their existence, a three-piece Don Caballero drove to the Carnegie Mellon campus and knocked out 11 songs. On this, their earliest-known studio recording, the nascent Pittsburgh titans crank out jams that would appear in different form on early singles and their Touch And Go debut full-length,
For Respect. Two songs would never make it onto a proper record and are here for the first time ever. As a special bonus, the band's second live show is included as an additional download along with the record.
>Filipe Felizardo
- Sede e Morte LP+MP3 (Three Four)
Filipe Felizardo has a very personal approach of building his music. Building is the right word here, as his music is so intense that it can be compared to sculpture: rough, soft, massive, ethereal, delicate. With one guitar, he uses the sound to create matter and shape it with melodies. Perfectly balanced between fragility and assertion, "Sede e Morte" pays tribute to great guitar players, with reinterpretation of songs by John Fahey, Peter Green &and Jose Afonso.

>Dredd Foole And Ben Chasny
– Drunk With Insignificance LP (Feeding Tube)
Dredd's songs have never sounded better, and Ben (Six Organs Of Admittance) pulls an exquisite raft of riffs out of his sombrero.

>Julien Gasc
- Cerf Biche et Faon LP (Born Bad)
First solo album from Aquaserge member. Lo-fi indie chanson, with moments of abstraction and psych-weirdness, recorded on a four-track cassette recorder.

>Imagho & Mocke
– Half Quartet 12"+MP3 (Three Four)
Imagho & Mocke is a duo of French guitarists. Imagho is the solo project of JL Prades, while Mocke (Midget, Holden) chimes along on the Fender Jazzmaster. It lies somewhere between jazz, folk, post-rock, electronica and acoustic music. The compositions are mostly based on guitars (electric and acoustic) with electronic arrangements, field recordings and sounds of any kind. Imagho music is often melancholic, melodic and rich sounds, moods and textures.

>Michael Jackson
– Xscape LP (Epic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Eight never-before-heard tracks executive produced by L.A. Reid, along with other producers including Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and John McClain.

>Leyland Kirby Presents V/Vm
– The Death Of Rave (A Partial Flashback) CD/LP (History Always Favors The Winners)
Kirby explains: "The idea for
The Death Of Rave was conceived in early 2006 after a visit to the Berghain Club in Berlin. At the time, Berghain was about to explode on the international club scene as a temple. The feeling was in the air that something special was happening. I went and saw a pale shadow of the past. Grim and boring beats, endlessly pounding to an audience who felt they were part of an experience but who lacked cohesion and energy. For me personally, something had died. Be it a spirit, be it an ideal, be it an adventure in sound. Rave and techno felt dead to me. The original The Death Of Rave project was vast, over two-hundred flashbacks, using all of the dancefloor hits from the time and stripping them of energy and spirit, turning them into shadows and ghosts."
>Joe Manning & Joan Shelley
– Outside, Stay Outside 7"+MP3 (Karate Body)
"(Manning's) deep voice is rugged and weary, an uncommon beauty unafraid of exposure and judgment" -- Louisville Courier-Journal. "Shelley's beautiful voice sounds like it belongs to a lost talent from the folk revival of the early '60s, and unlike so many women singing similar material, Shelley doesn't weigh down her lines with florid ornamentation -- she shapes her melodies with precision and clarity" -- Chicago Reader

>Memory Map
– The Sky As Well As Space LP (Joyful Noise)
The Sky As Well As Space, Memory Map continues to flesh out their uniquely guitar-driven blend of indie pop. Using three guitars, a three-piece drum kit, and vocals from all four members, they organically fuse cascading guitar lines, complex rhythms, and layered vocal harmonies into shamelessly accessible guitar pop.
- Suspended In The Brume Of Eos [2011] LP (20 Buck Spin)
Obsequiae crafts meticulous, beautifully harmonic odes to times now passed into legend, conjuring images of a medieval Europe upon which modern life has yet to infringe. Their debut album,
Suspended In The Brume Of Eos, harkens back to the pre-wimp-out melodic Scandinavian death metal of the mid 1990s; dark, aggressive, conscious of songcraft foremost and un-intimidated by complexity. New album due later this year.
– A Major Motion Picture 2xLP (Chunklet)
The perfect 'best of' collection from the undisputed kings of Cabbagetown! A 22 track, double album of recordings from their first four full-lengths performed live at the Star Bar in 1998 and 1999. "Chris Lopez wrote some of the most eloquent, sardonic, romantic, and, well, basically the best rock & roll songs of the 1990s. His band wrapped them in a florid southern reimagining of 1950s garage rock that always sounded sloppily, scarily out of control and yet dead serious." -- Will Sheff (Okkervil River)

>Roy Orbison
– Mystery Girl [Reissue/1989] 2xLP (Sony Legacy)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. In 1989, an era where the charts were dominated by Guns N' Roses and the New Kids on the Block, the commercial success of Roy Orbison and company was nothing short of impressive.
Mystery Girl was a Top 5 hit on both sides of the Atlantic and earned Orbison his first platinum award for over one million albums shipped. This HQ-180gm vinyl reissue includes the original album's track listing on one LP and nine previously unreleased studio and work-tape demos on the second.
>Some Ember
– Some Ember LP (Dream)
Cold synthesizers and harsh industrial beats dominate the A-side, while swirling drone and organic percussion characterize the unique second half. The exceptional voices of Dylan Travis and Nina Chase balance the record, their melodies anchoring things firmly in the pop realm.

>Son Lux
– Alternate Worlds 12" (Joyful Noise)
Son Lux's new EP reimagines four songs from
Lanterns, and includes a collaboration with Lorde. These exquisite reinventions traverse unfamiliar terrain within remembered landscapes. Their world is both alien and familiar.
>The Specials
– More Specials [Reissue/1980] LP+7" (Rhino)
More Specials is the second album by ska band The Specials, released in October 1980. The album expanded the two-tone sound of their self-titled debut to include lounge music and other influences.
>Various Artists
- Choubi Choubi: Folk & Pop Sounds from Iraq Vol. 1 2xLP+7" (Sublime Frequencies)
Originally released in 2005, now on double-LP with four additional tracks not featured in the first CD issue and also featuring a bonus 7" in a picture sleeve. Meticulously compiled by Mark Gergis from his archives of Iraqi cassettes and LPs found in Syria, Europe and the Iraqi neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan and elsewhere within the diaspora, this unique collection of folk and pop styles displays a wealth of outstanding music that is exclusive to Iraq.

>Various Artists
– Music From Drinking Buddies (A Film By Joe Swanberg) LP (Jagjaguwar)
Soundtrack to the acclaimed indie film
Drinking Buddies, which was written and directed by Joe Swanberg (Hannah Takes The Stairs, Alexander The Last, V/H/S). Features tracks from Richard Swift, Cayucas, Richard Youngs, Foxygen, Here We Go Magic, Plants & Animals, Night Beds, The Amazing, Rubblebucket, Barna Howard, and Phedre.
>Leslie Winer
– Witch LP (Superior Viaduct)
Produced in the twilight of the '80s in London and originally released on white-label LP with a homemade rubber stamp impression, Witch is the mysterious and powerful debut from poet, artist and musician Leslie Winer. It's an infectious patchwork of dub beats, tasteful samples and Winer's sultry blend of spoken word with cool, folksy lullabies that later became popularized by acts such as Massive Attack and Tricky.
released 03 JUNE 2014
>The 5th Dimenson – Earthbound [Reissue/1975] CD (Real Gone Music)
The Soul City and Bell recordings of the original line-up of the 5th Dimension have been amply reissued in the digital age, with reissues of all their albums and collections too numerous to name. But
Earthbound, the final album they recorded together after moving to the ABC label in 1975, had, due to some contractual confusion, been lost in limbo for almost four decades.
>50 Cent
– Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win CD/CD+DVD (G-Unit)
Fifth album from the rapper features guest appearances from Yo Gotti, Trey Songz, Kidd Kidd, Jadakiss, Mr. Probz, Guordan Banks, Prodigy, Schoolboy Q and Styles P. Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a bonus DVD.

>Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin
- Common Ground: Dave Alvin & Phil Alvin Play and Sing the Songs of Big Bill Broonzy CD/LP+CD (Yep Roc)
The Alvin brothers, who founded seminal early L.A. punk roots band The Blasters in 1979, have shared a fascination with Broonzy since childhood. After an illness nearly took Phil’s life in 2012, they resolved to return to the studio and pay tribute to the blues legend.
Common Ground includes 12 songs that capture a 30-year cross section of Broonzy’s canon, performed by the Alvins’ in their signature style of rollicking roots and stomping country blues.
>Big Mucci (Dat 71 North Boi)
– Shuffle Step Slide: The Line Dance Movement CD (71 North Entertainment)
Big Mucci and his 71 North Boyz phenomenon has taken over clubs with line dances and infectious lyrics that keeps dances floors rocking.

>Big Smo
– Kuntry Livin’ CD (Elektra)
The "hick-hop" duo of Hick Ross and Boss Of The Stix release their debut album, which is aimed squarely at the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing redneck hordes.

– Fire Within [2013] CD (Atlantic)
US edition of the second album from the British singer/songwriter.
Fire Within sees Birdy come to the forefront as a songwriter in her own right, having written/co-written all of the 11 tracks on the album. Collaborating with some of the biggest names in the business including Ryan Tedder (Beyonce), Dan Wilson (co-wrote and produced "Someone Like You" for Adele), Rich Costey (Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Sigur Ros) and Ben Lovett from Mumford & Sons, whom she’s collaborated with in the past.
>Blackbird Blackbird
– Tangerine Sky CD (Om)
This is futuristic electronic-pop that doesn't look back for inspiration, instead tying together elements of forward thinking hip-hop/R&B, space-age folk, and the meditative grooves of house and techno.

>Shy Blakeman
– Live At Billy Bob’s Texas CD+DVD (Smith Music Group)
New live release from the Texas-based country singer/songwriter. Shy Blakeman won the second annual Live At Billy Bob's Texas Recording Contest. Shy, a Kilgore, TX native, received the most votes after two rounds of voting. He is the 43rd artist to record a Live at Billy Bob's Texas album and joins the ranks of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Pat Green, Jason Boland, Kevin Fowler, Stoney LaRue, Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen, Brandon Rhyder, Cory Morrow and last year's winner, Josh Grider.

>Alice Boman
– EP II CD/LP (The Control Group)
Alice Boman’s voice hits with the emotional force and haunting fragility of Nina Simone. Timeless and direct, the Swedish singer returns with a wistful collection of songs on
EP II, which is expanded with a special bonus edition of the stunning debut EP, Skisser.
>Camper Van Beethoven
– El Camino Real CD (429)
Indie rock stalwarts Camper Van Beethoven return with the companion album and follow up to
La Costa Perdida. Whereas La Costa reflected the northern California back to the country side of the band with lush and trippy references to Jack Keruac, Richard Brautigan, The Beach Boys and Big Sur, the songs on El Camino Real are firmly rooted in a grittier earth one that lies beneath the southern half of the state and stretches all the way down to Baja California.
– Cardinal [Reissue/1994] CD (Fire)
This reissue of an obscure orchestral pop classic includes demos and bonus tracks and a 16-page booklet with new liner notes featuring an oral history of the making of record with Richard Davies, Eric Matthews, and producer Tony Lash.

>Vikki Carr
– The First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face) [Reissue/1972] CD (Real Gone Music)
Vikki Carr – Love Again: The Lost Columbia Masters CD (Real Gone Music)
Sentimental, vivacious and stunningly dramatic, the voice of Vikki Carr is also one of American pop music's most versatile, too. During her long, glittering career, she has tackled jazz, pop, blues and country with equal aplomb; she's a powerhouse stylist in the storied vein of Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and Shirley Bassey.

– Take Pride In Your Long Odds CD (Navigational) Two years since their last album Candidate Waltz, Take Pride In Your Long Odds finds the band refreshed and excited to play again with their infectious exuberance and vigor. Vinyl version due June 17.
>Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
– Only Run CD/LP (CYHSY, Inc.)
Only Run is the fourth studio album from the Philadelphia-based band, who are celebrating ten years as a band this year. The new album aims to loosely document lead singer/songwriter Alec Ounsworth's observations of his life in music over the last ten years.
>Country Weather
– San Francisco 1969-1971 CD (ClassicMusicVault)
Back in the days of Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe & The Fish, and the great bands from the San Francisco Sound, a band called Country Weather was a shaker on the scene and played with all the hip bands at the Fillmore, etc. They recorded an album of nine tunes that never saw the light of day. More than 40 years later, this incredible album comes to light along with six bonus tracks.

>Diamond Version
– CI CD (Mute)
CI is the first full length album from Diamond Version, a duo made up of Olaf Bender and Carsten Nicolai, the founders of the German electronic label, Raster-Noton. With CI, which stands for Corporate Identity, Diamond Version is fighting back against consumerist culture latent with brand slogans and insidious advertising. The band's debut album pairs blistering electronic rhythms, deconstructed techno and dread static with clipped slogans borrowed from advertising and marketing.
>Die Antwoord
– Donker Mag CD (Zef Recordz)
Donker Mag is the third album from the South African rap/rave duo. Die Antwoord's musical and visual style incorporates elements of zef culture, described as modern and trashy, appropriating out-of-date, discarded cultural elements.
>The Donkeys
– Ride The Black Wave CD/LP (Vanguard)
Recorded at San Diego's Singing Serpent and mixed by L.A.'s Thom Monahan, the Telecasters have a golden shimmer, the drums seem to echo with a regional reverberation. The notes coming off the Rhodes float on like beer-buzzed afternoons, but just when you get lost in the hypnotic swirl of "Sunny Daze" the churning guitars begin to circle like sharks, reminding us of the realities beneath all beautiful surfaces.

>The Driscolls
– Complete Recordings 1988-1991 2xCD (Jigsaw Recordings)
The Driscolls were one of the better bands of the fertile late '80s/early '90s UK indie pop scene, with a handful of singles and even a flexi. Their sound was a perfect hybrid of '60s mod and jangly indie pop. This set compiles all of the band's singles plus all of their compilation tracks culled from numerous high-profile tapes plus eight unreleased songs recorded before the band split.

>Dub Club Vs. The Lions
– This Generation Dub CD (Stone’s Throw)
Inspired by reggae, sound system culture and the myriad of musical styles influenced by Jamaican music old and new, The Lions’ sound is firmly placed in soul music. Their debut
This Generation was critically acclaimed in 2012. Eight tracks from that album are now reworked and dubbed straight to tape by Dub Club founder and producer Tom Chasteen.
>Mia Dyson
– Idyllwild CD (Back Door) New album from the Australian singer/songwriter. Vinyl version due June 17.
>Echo & The Bunnymen
– Meteorites CD (429)
The legendary Liverpool band release their 12th studio album and first since 2009. Produced by Youth (Killing Joke, The Verve),
Meteorites is comprised of ten new songs written by founder Ian McCulloch and performed by Bunnymen stalwarts Mc Culloch and Will Sergeant along with Gordy Goudie (guitar) and Stephen Brannan (bass). Vinyl version due June 24.
>Faith Hope & Charity
- Faith Hope & Charity [Reissue/1975] CD (Real Gone Music)
Making its CD debut, the self-titled 1975 RCA debut by the trio Faith Hope & Charity was produced by the renowned producer, songwriter and artist in his own right, Van McCoy. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, the original group (then known as The Lovelles) was formed in 1966 and consisted of Albert Bailey, Brenda Hilliard and Zulema Cusseaux. Their self-titled album became the trio's best seller, spurred on by the success of the R&B chart-topping single "To Each His Own," with "Mellow Me" also reaching #9 on the Disco Singles chart.

– Charity Ball [Reissue/1971] CD (Real Gone Music)
With the release of their debut self-titled album, Fanny made history as the first all-female rock band ever signed to a major label, but it was on their second album when the girls really settled into a groove; in the words of drummer Alice DeBuhr, who supplies the notes for this expanded edition release, "We'd found our feet and were settling into the sound that would be Fanny."

>Lee Fields & The Expressions
– Emma Jean CD/LP (Truth & Soul)
Soul legend Lee Fields has re-teamed with The Expressions for new album. Coming at a time when many new artists are trying to emulate the soul and swagger of the 1960s, Mr. Fields showers us with authenticity on the 11-track set, highlighted by first single "Magnolia."

>Robert Francis
– Heaven CD (Aeronaut)
Robert Francis' fourth studio album is a feverish hydroplane through the emotional tumult of youth. Through it all, he is calmer than he's ever been; self-possessed in the face of uncertainty. Francis dances through genres on
Heaven, but never escapes his distinct vision of self.
>Sage Francis
– Copper Gone CD (Strange Famous)
After a four-year hiatus, the indie rap icon has returns with a new album.
Copper Gone features beat production from long-time music affiliates Buck 65, Alias, Cecil Otter, Reanimator, and more. Vinyl version due July 1.
>F**ked Up
– Glass Boys CD/LP/2xLP (Matador)
In contrast to the sprawling epic of their last album, the punk rock opera
David Comes To Life, Glass Boys returns to rock & roll basics, verse-chorus-verse-chorus. It also features guitar solos, mellotron and piano. (Limited vinyl edition also available which features alternate front and back covers and a second LP of the album with the drums recorded at half the speed of the original.)
>Fu Manchu
– Gigantoid CD/LP (At The Dojo)
After almost 25 years together, and following last year's Scion A/V Club split 7" with friends MOAB and 2009's
Signs Of Infinite Power, Scott Hill and company return with their first full-length album in close to five years. Recorded with Andrew Giacumakis, singer/guitarist for the aforementioned MOAB at his studio in Simi Valley, CA, the album features a slightly more primitive, raw and ultra-fuzzed-out sound than previous releases.
– Dalliance CD/LP (Slumberland)
Dalliance combines Gold-Bears’ noise-pop influences from forebears like Boyracer and The Wedding Present with shades of the post-hardcore, emo and post-punk on which the band all cut their musical teeth.
>Lucy Hale
– Road Between CD (Hollywood)
Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, the 24-year old singer and actress first started singing along with the radio to her favorite Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Shania Twain songs.
Road Between is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds five bonus tracks.
>Jon Hassell
– City: Works Of Fiction [Reissue/1990] 3xCD (All Saints)
Reissue of the experimental trumpeter/composer’s 1990 album, expanded with a live concert from 1989 and a disc of new remixes. "Throughout
City, Hassell's unique brand of exoticism prevails as he weaves his processed raga trumpet amidst a dazzling array of digital samples and electronic percussion, electric bass and guitar, and Masai voices from Kenya." – AllMusic
>Joe Henry
– Invisible Hour CD (Work Song)
Four-time Grammy-winning producer and critically acclaimed songwriter Joe Henry releases his 13th album. "I went into the making of this whole record with an ethos driven by emotional clarity," Henry says of
Invisible Hour, by far his most personal work.
>In Hearts Wake
– Earthwalker CD (We Are Unified)
Sophomore release from this Australian alternative metal/hardcore band that have earned a reputation for explosive precision and a positive message of environmentalism and conservation. For fans of Northlane, Parkway Drive, the Amity Affliction.

>Morgan James
– Hunter CD (Epic)
Morgan James is not just a great soul artist or a great R&B artist, or even a great jazz artist. The classically trained vocalist is malleable enough to encompass multiple genres, while displaying vocals reminiscent of Motown-era greats, all the while making her mark on Broadway. Mix a bit of Nina Simone with Aretha Franklin, add the warmth of Eva Cassidy and the musical passion of Prince, and you will start to get an idea of what kind of artist Morgan James is.

>Sir Charles Jones
– Portrait Of A Balladeer CD (Endzone Entertainment)
11 tracks including the hit singles ''Do You Feel'' which features Willie Clayton and ''Sweet Sweet.'' He is constantly touring and selling out shows and has had over 10 million YouTube views to date.

>Gabriel Kahane
– The Ambassador CD (Sony Masterworks)
Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Gabriel Kahane brings his diverse and extraordinary musical vision to his new album
The Ambassador. From Die Hard to the architecture of Richard Neutra, from Blade Runner to the fiction of James M. Cain, from fires, riots and earthquakes to so many who look to Southern California as a panacea, the album draws its inspiration from a multitude of sources to tell intimate, human stories against the backdrop of Los Angeles architecture and popular culture.
>Kan Wakan
– Moving On CD (Verve)
Kan Wakan emerged in early 2012 as the musical brainchild of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui I. Linev. The Bulgarian-born musician originally set out to create solely instrumental music inspired by his lifelong passion for classical minimalism, but the involvement of chanteuse Kristianne Bautista and producer/guitarist Peter Potyondy inspired the project to grow in both scope and purpose. Since then they have dubbed themselves with the Tagalog inspired abstraction, Kan Wakan.

>King Buzzo
– This Machine Kills Artists CD (Ipecac)
Buzz Osborne, the legendary grunge progenitor who has helmed the Melvins for thirty plus years, releases his debut solo full-length album.
This Machine Kills Artists is a different kind of animal. Rolling Stone described the single "Dark Brown Teeth" as "doomy, ill-angled and with the Beefheartian edge the Melvins are known for." Vinyl version due August 5.
>The KVB
– Out Of Body CD/LP (A. Records)
The KVB is the audio/visual project of London youngsters Nicholas Wood and Kat Day, who combine reverb heavy wall of sound guitars, minimal haunting strings and grinding bass synths, messed up motorik drum machine beats and delay drenched vocals with a backdrop of imagery to accompany the symphony, that’s nothing short of life affirming.

>Miranda Lambert
– Platinum CD (RCA Nashville)
"Platinum" is not only a song on the album but it also represents a way of life for Lambert. "Platinum is my hair color, and my wedding ring, and the color of my Airstream and the name of one of my favorite beers," she said. "It's about a lifestyle."

>Led Zeppelin
– Led Zeppelin I [Reissue/1969] CD/2xCD/LP/3xLP/2xCD+3xLP+MP3+Book (Atlantic)
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II [Reissue/1969] CD/2xCD/LP/2xLP/2xCD+2xLP+MP3+Book (Atlantic)
Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin III [Reissue/1970] CD/2xCD/LP/2xLP/2xCD+2xLP+MP3+Book (Atlantic)
The first three in an extensive reissue program of all nine of Led Zeppelin’s studio albums, each remastered by Jimmy Page. Available in Regular, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe editions. Deluxe are expanded with rare bonus tracks. Super Deluxe collects the Deluxe CD and vinyl versions and adds an HD download card of each release plus a 12"x12" hardback book, press kit replicas, and a high quality print.

>Hamilton Leithauser
– Black Hours CD/2xLP (Ribbon Music)
Inaugurating a new chapter in an already remarkable career as the frontman for The Walkmen,
Black Hours the solo debut full length from Hamilton Leithauser. The album brings him full circle and then some, from lonely midwinter piano-and-vocals sessions, to a loud, live rock & roll group and back again. Featuring Leithauser with collaborators including Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend), Paul Maroon (The Walkmen), Morgan Henderson (Fleet Foxes), Richard Swift (The Shins/solo), and Amber Coffman (Dirty Projectors), Black Hours showcases Leithauser at his most passionate, personal and free.
– Forever For Now CD/LP (WB)
"Enough of Rihanna and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. The world is (at least, should be) ready for a new pop star. Based on
Forever For Now, that star should be LP, whose major-label debut is nothing less than 12 consecutive potential hits. That isn’t to say the record sounds like an artist stretching for chart success and coming up with something pandering and easily accessible. (You hear me, Coldplay?) Rather, LP delivers one catchy pop anthem after another that also serve as well-written, exhilarating showcases for her distinctive voice." – Redeye Chicago
>Lydia Lunch/Cypress Grove
– A Fistful Of Desert Blues CD+DVD/LP (Rustblade)
Lydia Lunch has spent decades trolling through the subterranean sick-home black and blues creating a musical legacy that started burning down the house in 1977 with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, and continues to this day. From no wave teen terror to muse of the cinema of transgression, whether as hardcore spoken word harbinger or chanteuse provocateur, she has relentlessly sought new collaborators with whom to dissect passion, obsession and desire. Cypress Grove is an acoustic blues guitarist who has collaborated with Nick cave, Mark Lanegan, Debbie Harry, Steve Wynn.
A Fistful of Desert Blues is a bittersweet symphony of black and acoustic love songs.
– Pinata Beats CD/2xLP (Madlib Invasion)
17 cuts of arcane film snippets, dusted funk and soul, psych and prog rock musical diversions.

>Magos & Limón
– Dawn CD (Okeh)
Debut album from vocalist Magos Herrera and Flamenco guitarist Javier Limón. The duo is the convergence of vanguard jazz and minimalist Flamenco, a summit of sound for the 21st century. The album is an intimate trek through a repertoire of select American, Latin and Brazilian jazz masterpieces including covers of Miles Davis and Antonio Carlos Jobim along with original compositions by the duo.

>The Marcus Hook Roll Band
– Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy [Reissue/1973] CD (Rhino/Parlophone)
Just before Malcolm and Angus Young took us on a debaucherous decent down that
Highway To Hell, they joined with their talented brother, George Young and guitarist Harry Vanda, to form the brief, yet musically significant pre-AC/DC group, The Marcus Hook Roll Band. Back then, there was no such person as Marcus Hook, nor did the band originate from the borough of Marcus Hook in Pennsylvania. George and his fellow musicians only ever existed as a band in studio, releasing three singles and one album in the early ‘70s. Vinyl version due June 17.
>Linda Martell
– Color Me Country [Reissue/1969] CD (Real Gone Music)
She was the first African-American woman to hit the country charts (in 1969, with "Color Him Father"), and the first to appear at the Grand Ole Opry (in August 1969). But, for such a groundbreaking musical pioneer, Linda Martell remains something of a forgotten figure in American music. That's because, despite a trio of hits, TV appearances on
Hee Haw and The Bill Anderson Show, and a full dozen appearances at the Opry, she cut her career short in 1974 and returned home to South Carolina to care for her young children.
– Akeda CD/2xLP (Elm City)
Matisyahu has come a long way since 2005 when he released his breakout album,
Live At Stubb’s (which reached #1 on the Reggae Albums Chart and #30 on the Billboard 200). Since then he has pushed himself dynamically and creatively, breaking with expectation at every turn and remaking his musical image with nearly every album.
>Tyler McFerrin
– Early Riser CD/LP (Brainfeeder)
Debut album from the son of vocalist Bobby McFerrin -- on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. Smoldering soul 'n' chopped-up freeform jazz, for fans of Bonobo and The Roots. Features cameos by Nai Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote) and Thundercat.

>Mingo Fishtrap
– On Time CD (Blue Corn)
"Tight 'n' punchy horns, deep rhythms, restless melodies, and emotive singing has garnered Mingo justified respect as a live powerhouse." -- Austin Chronicle

>Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble
– Intergalactic Beings CD/2xLP (For Practically Everyone)
Intergalactic Beings is an avant-garde jazz/classical suite inspired by Afrofuturist author Octavia Butler, and was recorded live at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The Black Ensemble includes Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Chicago Underground Duo), Joshua Abrams, David Boykin, and Tomeka Reid.
>The Moles
– Flashbacks & Dream Sequences: The Story Of The Moles 2xCD (Fire)
Essential 35-track collection of everything released by the seminal Sydney outfit led by Richard Davies, spanning 1990 to 1994. Contains their
Untune The Sky and Instinct albums, plus rare singles and EP's.
– Two CD (American Patchwork)
Momus and David McClymont live far from their homeland (which happens to be deciding whether to become a fully-fledged nation this year).
Two is their second collaboration, and this time the pair (Momus in Osaka and McClymont in Melbourne) has wrapped hard-hitting political lyrics around a handmade, ethnic sound.
– Vauxhall And I [Reissue/1994] 2xCD/LP (Parlophone)
th anniversary reissue of Morrissey’s fifth solo album, originally released in 1994. Deluxe double CD edition includes a bonus 14-track live CD. "While it isn't a gutsy rock & roll record like Your Arsenal, Vauxhall And I is equally impressive. Filled with carefully constructed guitar pop gems, the album contains some of Morrissey's best material since the Smiths. Out of all of his solo albums, Vauxhall And I sounds the most like his former band, yet the textured, ringing guitar on this record is an extension of his past, not a replication of it." -- AllMusic
>Bob Mould
– Beauty & Ruin CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
Bob Mould's new album is a twelve-track journey of loss, reflection, conciliation, and coming through the other side. Much of it deals with the passing of his father in October 2012, Bob's struggle to come to terms with it, himself, and his own identity and legacy, and repercussions of all of the above on his ongoing relationships in the land of the living.

>Peter Murphy
– Lion CD/2xCD (Nettwerk)
Lion (produced by Killing Joke bassist Youth) is described by Murphy as "a mixture of stuff, almost like operas for the dispossessed. It's very romantic and very deep and emotional, quite symphonic in places, but then becomes, like, a rabble-rousing pirate sea shanty." Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds a live album. Vinyl version due July 1.
>Meshell Ndegeocello
– Comet Come To Me CD/2xLP (Naïve)
Mercurial and masterful, Meshell Ndegeocello has eschewed genre for originality, celebrity for longevity, and musicals trends for musical truths. She has lived through the boom and bust of the industry and emerged just as she entered - unequivocally herself. Fans have come to expect the unexpected from Meshell, and faithfully followed her on sojourns into soul, spoken word, R&B, jazz, hip-hop, rock, all bound by a lyrical, spiritual search for love, justice, respect, resolution, and happiness.

– Suspiria CD (Rise)
Nightmares know exactly who they are. Their confidence and talent bursts from the seams as soon as the opening track off
Suspiria kicks in. Nightmares' distinct sound truly sets them apart from their peers, and their intense songwriting abilities shows through with every uniquely constructed song.
>No Means No
– Dance Of The Headless Bourgeoisie [Reissue/1998] CD/LP+MP3 (Wrong)
The tenth album from No Means No was, and still is, a groundbreaking exploration of social and political lyrical statements and post-punk musical workouts. Back in the day, confused people liked to call this "jazz-punk" or "jazzcore" because it involved more than three chords and complex time changes.

>The Orwells
– Disgraceland CD/LP+MP3 (Atlantic)
Garage-punk bambinos the Orwells have only been making music together since 2009. But it didn't take long for the group, which formed in high school, to catch the ear of producers like Jim Abbiss (Arctic Monkeys) and Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio). With their 2012 album
Remember When and a very memorable Letterman performance under their belts, the Chicago quintet are return with a new album.
>Parquet Courts
– Sunbathing Animal CD/LP+MP3 (What’s Your Rupture)
To be sure,
Sunbathing Animal isn't a record about hopelessness, as any sort of incarceration implies an understanding of freedom and peace of mind. Fleeting moments of bliss are also captured in its grooves, and extended at length as if to preserve them. Pointed articulations of these ideas are heard as schizoid blues rants, shrill guitar leads, purposefully lengthy repetition and controlled explosions, reaching their peak on the blistering title track.
>Kelly Price
– Sing Pray Love Vol.1: Sing CD (E1)
The R&B star kicks off a new trilogy with
Rescuer – Anxiety Answering CD/LP (No Sleep)
Sophomore album from the Tampa, FL post-rock quartet. Recorded with producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor) at The Atomic Garden studios in Palo Alto, CA,
Anxiety Answering is a natural progression and impressive second album. It features ten tracks that are both lush and atmospheric while maintaining an intensely abrasive tone, which Shirley captured beautifully on analog in a live setting in the studio.
>Rich Robinson
– The Ceaseless Sight CD/2xLP (The End)
Third solo album from Rich Robinson, best known as the guitarist, songwriter, and founder of The Black Crowes.

>Rudimentary Peni
– Death Church [Reissue/1983] CD/LP+MP3 (Outer Himalayan)
Reissue of Rudimentary Peni’s first long-player, following on the heels of their self-titled EP in 1981 and the "Farce" single on Crass Records in 1982. Musically, it's the album that brought together the death rockers, anarcho-punks, peace punks, hardcore punks, proto-metallers and art rockers.

– I’m OK CD/LP (Community Music)
Jena Malone and Lem Jay Ignado first met at a Christmas carol party at the Mandrake in L.A. in 2008. They ended up playing together that night and performed "Walking In A Winter Wonderland." Jena sand completely in scat-style gibberish and Lem Jay musically did not miss a beat. A unique musical friendship was born. Jena had built an instrument she called "The Shoe," which was simply an old steamer trunk she dollied around with a plethora of electronic instruments inside.
I’m Okay was recorded during the summer of 2013 as a follow up to their 2009 debut EP.
>Sissy Fuzz
– Footnotes CD (Jigsaw)
Hailing from the Denver '90s indie pop scene that produced the Apples In Stereo, The Minders and Dressy Bessy (whose Tammy Ealom briefly sat in as guitarist), Sissy Fuzz didn't get as much attention as their peers. Yet during their brief time, they managed to record '60s-inspired pop songs (some of which only existed on very limited homemade demo tapes) - all of which are collected here.

– Superunknown [Reissue/1994] CD/2xCD/4xCD+Blu-ray/2xLP+MP3 (UMe)
Remastered reissue of Soundgarden’s massively popular 1994 album -- available in Regular, Deluxe, and Super Deluxe editions. Double-CD Deluxe edition includes selected highlights of the Super Deluxe version, plus two unreleased album instrumentals, while the Super Deluxe version is expanded with a wealth of bonus material including live tracks, alternate mixes, rehearsal tracks, and a Blu-ray audio disc containing a new 5.1 mix of the album.

>Harry Dean Stanton
– Partly Fiction CD/LP (Omnivore)
Soundtrack to the documentary directed by Sophie Huber features Stanton performing his own heart-breaking renditions of American folk songs.

>Swan King
– Last So Long CD/LP (War Crime)
Swan King is Dallas Thomas (Pelican), Jamie Drier (Planes Mistaken For Stars), and Zafar Musharraf. They have been compared to The Wipers if they were on Am Rep, yet they could be considered for fans of the Jesus Lizard, Neurosis and King Crimson. "The Swan King effortlessly and mindlessly smash together rock & hardcore - forgetting where they are, drifting out to sea and expertly, unexpectedly, paddling in again." – Decibel

>The Sweet Inspirations
– The Complete Atlantic Singles Plus 2xCD (Atlantic)
Initially created from the ranks of a group of '60s female background session singers that at one time included Dionne Warwick, her sister Dee Dee, adopted sister Judy Clay and singer Doris Troy, The Sweet Inspirations became an official Atlantic recording artist after being the label's go-to studio backup vocal group for many of the label's primary artists including Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Solomon Burke, The Drifters and Esther Phillips among others.

>Tiger’s Jaw
– Charmer CD (Run For Cover)
Between the power pop melodies of early Saves The Day and the hard driving folk rhythms of Fleetwood Mac lies Tigers Jaw, a band whose raw immediacy is infectious and intoxicating. Shimmering organ textures, chunky guitar chords, and male/female vocal harmonies show the Scranton, PA natives taking rural rock music from its legendary past to its vibrant future.

>Tijuana Panthers
– Wayne Interest CD/LP (Innovative Leisure)
Live and on record, the Tijuana Panthers are a great band. You could say garage, punk or surf while describing their sound, but they're harder to pin than that. The truth is that they write classic songs that don't depend on tropes from any genre. They craft perfect pop and deliver it with energy and immediacy. For
Wayne Interest, the Panthers team up with producer Richard Swift and recorded the album at his studios in Oregon. With Swift's direction and upgrade in fidelity, Wayne Interest sounds just as compelling in headphones as it would at a house party in East L.A.
>Various Artists
– Calypso: Musical Poetry In The Caribbean 1955-69 CD/2xLP+MP3 (Soul Jazz)
This new album features the music of Calypso in its many forms - from its birthplace, the island of Trinidad, as well as other Caribbean islands (Jamaica and the Bahamas), and its subsequent onwards journey (Britain, Panama and the United States), recorded during the years 1955-69. Calypso is one of the most exciting and enduring forms of musical expression to emerge from the beginning of the 20th century - swinging, persuasive rhythm, brilliantly expressive melodies and lyrics of great humour and wisdom. Here you will find Calypso’s aristocracy and royalty" Lord Kitchener, Lord Cobra, Lord Growler, King Fighter, Lord Byron, The Mighty Viper, Lord Ivanhoe and more.

>Various Artists
– Greater Lengths: An All Saints Compilation 2xCD (All Saints)
A selection of highlights from the All Saints label including tracks by Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Jon Hassell, Roedelius, John Cale and Laraaji, alongside specially commissioned interpretations by contemporary artists including Bee Mask, patten, Sun Araw, Hieroglyphic Being and James Blackshaw. 29-track double disc compilation. Sleevenotes by Mark Prendergast, author of The Ambient Century.

>Various Artists
- Wheedles Groove: Seattle Funk, Modern Soul & Boogie: Volume II CD/2xLP (Light In The Attic)
This compilation documents the period from 1972-1987, when funk was superseded by disco and modern soul. Heading into the '80s, artists in the Emerald City caught wind of the hip-hop and electro scenes that were growing in bigger cities across America, and gave the music their own distinct spin. "The vision of late 1960s and early '70s Seattle R&B as laid out by Light in the Attic's 2005 comp
Wheedle's Groove permeated everything in reach of your speakers, and this collection proves that finding so many lost gems the first time around wasn't just a fluke. [8.1]" -- Pitchfork
>Kan Wakan
– Moving On CD (Verve)
Kan Wakan emerged in early 2012 as the musical brainchild of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui I. Linev. The Bulgarian-born musician originally set out to create solely instrumental music inspired by his lifelong passion for classical minimalism, but the involvement of chanteuse Kristianne Bautista and producer/guitarist Peter Potyondy inspired the project to grow in both scope and purpose.

>Paul Weller
– More Modern Classics CD/2xLP (Harvest)
New anthology spanning 1999-2014 featuring 19 of Weller’s best solo tunes, along with two new tracks.

>Devon Williams
– Gilding The Lily CD/LP (Slumberland)
Williams' shimmering pop combines his broad musical tastes with exceptional songwriting and arranging skill, and an unerring ear for melody - all of which are in ample evidence on his new album
Gilding The Lily.
>Yellow Melodies
– Alternate Identities CD (Jigsaw)
In mid-2010, the Yellow Melodies released their third full-length album,
New Identities, on the band's own label. Two EPs preceded the LP, but over the following year and a half, the band released a single for the rest of the songs on the record. The first two were on other labels, but the others were all digital releases on the band's own label. Each of these singles had an exclusive B-side or three, including covers from monograph, Suede and three from R.E.M., as well as alternate mixes of some album tracks.

DVD + Blu-ray:
>Alice Cooper
– Super Duper Alice Cooper DVD/Blu-ray (Eagle Vision)
From Banger Films, the creators of
Iron Maiden: Flight 666 and Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, comes the story of Vincent Furnier, the preacher s son who struck fear into the hearts of parents everywhere as Alice Cooper, the most outrageous rock star of his generation. This unique "doc opera" -- a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera -- goes from the early days of Alice as the frontman for a cutting edge rock band in the sixties through the hazy decadence of global celebrity in the seventies and on to his winking comeback as the glam metal godfather in the eighties. 127 minutes.

>Helms Alee/Young Widows
– Split 7"+MP3 (Sargent House)
Features three songs from each band, pressed on blue and white vinyl with download.

>Robin Allender
– Foxes In The Foyer LP (Scissor Tail)
Robin Allender (Gravenhurst, Felix, Yann Tiersen) creates melodies adorned with simple samples and loops. This is music of heart and humanity - as fresh (and refreshing) as a spring lake.

>The American Analog Set
– Know By Heart [Reissue/2001] LP+MP3 (Barsuk)
Widely considered their crowning achievement,
Know By Heart is now available on HQ-180gm vinyl. Comes with download of the album plus all 21 of the previously-unreleased original 4-track demos.
>Tori Amos
– Unrepentant Geraldines CD/CD+DVD (Mercury Classics)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Out of the flux of ambition and distraction and imagination comes Tori Amos’ 14th studio album,
Unrepentant Geraldines. It’s a vivid and vital album on which Amos once more zeroes in on the writing of brightly melodic, deftly evocative chamber-pop. Fairy-tale soul-poems, you might say. Or, a view from the middle-aged bridge.
>Blood Sun Circle
– Bloodiest/Sunniest LP+MP3 (Hex)
Debut LP from Syracuse, NY-based rock band featuring three-fourths of Engineer.

>Bok Bok
– Your Charizmatic Self 2x12" (Warp)
New from the DJ, producer and creative director of the Night Slugs imprint. Bok Bok creates a replicate funk, built with fragments of classics, arranged with a grimelogic and weaponized with 2014 sub-weight.

>Simon Boswell
– Hardware [OST/1990] 2xLP (Flick)
Original soundtrack to the 1990 motion picture composed by celebrated British composer Simon Boswell. Simon's eclectic musicianship, spiraling from his slide guitar theme to synthy soundscapes, more traditional orchestral arrangements and FX infused experiments, was an integral part to Stanley's post-apocalyptic visions in
>British Sea Power
– From The Sea To The Land Beyond 2xLP (Rough Trade)
British Sea Power's widely praised soundtrack for the film
From The Sea To The Land Beyond is now available on double vinyl. The soundtrack consists of re-workings of previous BSP songs and was recorded in Brighton and mixed by Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, Daughter, M83, Cocteau Twins, Moby).
>Harold Budd
– Remixes 12" (All Saints)
Emerging from the ‘60s US avant-garde and originally influenced by the likes of John Cage and Morton Feldman, Harold Budd rebelled against the heavily conceptual works of his peers to explore his own artistic path of "existential prettiness". His early work caught the ear of Brian Eno, who invited him to England to record his first commercially released work
The Pavilion Of Dreams. He went on to collaborate with other like-minded souls including the Cocteau Twins, John Foxx and Jah Wobble, and release an impressive stream of delicately constructed solo works, many of which have been issued on All Saints. Features remixes by patten, Odd Nosdam and Personable.
– Symmetry In Black 2xLP (eOne)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The New Orleans sludge metal veterans celebrate their 25th anniversary with the release of a new album.

>Deleted Scenes
– Lithium Burn LP (Park The Van)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. "A full-body freakout is what the sophomore release from these DC natives initiates."

– Complexion LP+MP3 (Personal Projects)
With their third album,
Complexion - a title alluding to the superficiality and complexity of appearances - Dinowalrus has become even more electronic and anthemic. Always keen on mixing the past in surprising ways, the trio of Pete Feigenbaum, Liam Andrew, and Max Tucker has come into its own stylistically with a new album focusing less on obscure references and more on classic, emotionally charged songwriting.
>John Doe
– The Best Of John Doe This Far 2xLP+MP3 (Yep Roc)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. John Doe is much more likely to look ahead to what's next, rather than fixate on the past - even a past as storied and influential as his own. Part scrapbook, part roadmap,
The Best Of John Doe: This Far guides listeners through Doe's solo catalog. Compiled by Doe himself, the generous track listing encompasses nearly a quarter century, highlighting songs from nine records on six different labels.
>The Fall
– White Lightning LP (Secret)
Ten tracks spanning The Fall's career from 1979 to 2001. Pressed on HQ-180gm vinyl.

– Blonde LP (Nettwerk)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Ghost Beach, the New York-based duo of Josh Ocean & Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn, brings together the two worlds of electronic and live performance whose sound is self-described as "tropical grit pop." On their debut full-length album
Blonde, Ghost Beach once again perfects a blend of retro and futuristic soaring synth-pop, none more so evident than in the searing single "Miracle."
>Happy Couple
– Into The Woods LP (Felicite)
Take a German/British duo channeling late '60s folk-psych and electronica pioneers like Wendy & Bonnie and The United States Of America, mix in equal parts obsessive record collecting and a background in jangly indiepop (with previous releases on Slumberland and Matinee), add vintage equipment from Joe Watson's studio (Stereolab/The High Llamas) and guest trumpeter Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor).

>Curtis Harvey
– The Wheel LP (FatCat)
New album for from the prodigious multi-instrumentalist behind Rex & Pullman serves up more of his languorous acoustic-folk, traditional songs and campfire sing-a-longs.

>Jon Hassell
– Remixes 12" (All Saints)
This remix 12" sees reinterpretations of Jon Hassell tracks by Bandshell, patten, No UFOs and Some Truths.

>Jolie Holland
– Wine Dark Sea 2xLP (Anti)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Holland yoke’s the New York underground to American song in a way that has rarely been attempted since
White Light/White Heat. Two drummers, sometimes as many as three or four electric guitars, horns of a sort that come out of free jazz and the no wave scene as much as they come from soul music, and a refreshing need, on Holland's part, to sing out at the extreme of her range, above the squalling insatiable lullaby of the thing.
– Remixes 12" (All Saints)
Laraaji is a musician, mystic and laughter meditation practitioner based in New York City. He began playing music on the streets in the 1970s, improvising trance inducing jams on a modified autoharp processed through various electronic effects. Brian Eno saw him playing one night in Washington Square Park and invited him to record an album for
Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance. Features remixes by by Bee Mask, Ela Orleans, Sun Araw and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel.
– Critical Path LP (Salinas)
The debut 12-song LP from this Buffalo melodic punk band has moments of ‘90s emo and discordant post punk.

– Frengers [Reissue/2003] LP (Shop Radio Cast)
Frengers is the third album by Danish band Mew, originally released in April 2003. The title is a portmanteau of the words friend and stranger. A frenger is a person who is "not quite a friend but not quite a stranger" according to the album's accompanying booklet. Available on color vinyl.
– Mistreaters 2xLP (Dusty Medical)
At 26 songs in all, this collection spans this Milwaukee rock & roll band's entire 13 year career. Features singles, rarities, and previously unreleased material.

>Morning Parade
– Pure Unadulterated Joy CD/LP (So Recordings)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. This Essex five-piece combines trance-style synths with anthemic rock guitars in the same vein as Friendly Fires, Delphic, and Fenech-Soler.

>The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
– Simple And Sure b/w Impossible 7"+MP3 (Slumberland)
The first single from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart’s recently released third LP
Days Of Abandon includes an exclusive B-side and is pressed on olive green vinyl.
- Far Beyond Bootleg: Live From Donington '94 LP (Rhino)
This live show was included on the second disc of the
Far Beyond Driven reissue and is now available on vinyl LP for the first time.
>Remain In Silence
– This Is The Place Where Resistance Got Lost [Reissue/1987] LP+CD (Made In Germany)
Exclusive limited re-release of the pioneers of the dark wave scene’s 1987 album on LP plus CD

>The Rock*A*Teens
– Sweet Bird Of Youth [2000] 2xLP+MP3 (Merge)
The Atlanta outfit’s last album is now available (for the first time) on vinyl. Download includes the full album plus 16-track bonus tracks:
Live At The Caledonia Lounge.
– Remixes 12" (All Saints)
Hans-Joachim Roedelius is one of the prime movers in the strand of experimental music that emerged from 1970s Germany sometimes referred to as "kosmische music". As a founding member of the highly influential groups Cluster and Harmonia, he was part of a vibrant scene that included Neu!, Kraftwerk and Can. He started releasing solo work in 1978, combining his minimal piano style with electronic production details. In the 1990s he collaborated with Italian musicians Nicola Alesini (saxophone) and Fabio Capanni (guitar) in ‘ambient jazz trio’ Aquarello, who released three albums, the final installment being issued by All Saints. Whilst overseeing the reissue of a vast archive of seminal albums, Roedelius shows no signs of slowing down as he enters his eighth decade. Features remixes by Peaking Lights and Hieroglyphic Being.