released 26 AUGUST 2016
>CDs + Vinyl:

Æthenor – Hazel CD/LP (VHF)
Fifth album from the group of eclectic travelers that includes Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), KTL), Daniel O'Sullivan (Ulver, This Is Not This Heat, Grumbling Fur, etc.), Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver), and Steve Noble (Brötzmann Trio, N.E.W.). Atmospheric and layered,
Hazel features bits and pieces of identifiable rock-moves peeking out from under a thick blanket of hard-to-identify drift.
>The Album Leaf
– Between Waves CD/LP (Relapse)
Nearly twenty years into a career that has seen Jimmy LaValle exercising his creativity across the realms of film scoring, sound collage, and electronic/rock music, via instrumental and vocal-driven compositions alike, LaValle and The Album Leaf deliver yet another sonic triumph with
Between Waves. Born out of a thorough reinvention of LaValle's creative process and approach, Between Waves is The Album Leaf’s first proper full-length record in over six years and the first to be recorded and produced as a complete band, and was written with greater emphasis on the group dynamic. From the moody evolution of “Glimmering Lights” to the wistful trip-hop stylings of “New Soul” and beyond, Between Waves is a gorgeous collection of euphoric melodies and emotionally charged multi-instrumental soundscapes.
>David Anthony
– The Powerful Now CD (Shanachie)
The Powerful Now delivers Anthony’s trademark acoustic soul melded with elements of hip-hop, rock and dance music.
>Apocalypse Blues Revue
– Apocalypse Blues Revue CD/LP (Provogue)
Swampy soul/blues filtered through rockabilly.

>Loren Auerbach with Bert Jansch
– Colours Are Fading Fast 3xCD (Earth Recordings)
Released last April on vinyl – now available on CD. There's an idea in Japanese culture which suggests that true beauty can only be achieved through imperfection, as its opposite is unattainable.
Colors Are Fading Fast is a case in point. Though Auerbach's voice is sure, it has a tenderness about it that is truly endearing -- to listen to her sing is almost an invitation -- close your eyes and you could be sitting with her in her living room, a hot cup of tea by your side. Her two albums (Playing The Game and After The Long Night) are included here, alongside In Moonlight's Grace -- a third disc of previously unheard and unreleased material, transferred and remastered from original tapes.
>The Bad Plus
- It's Hard CD (Masterworks)
The Bad Plus’ eleventh studio recording sees the leaderless trio of bassist Reid Anderson, pianist Ethan Iverson, and drummer David King returning to the distinctive deconstruction of pop forms that first drew them international attention almost two decades ago. Recorded this past April at NYC’s Brooklyn Recording with longtime engineer Pete Rende (Joshua Redman, Bill McHenry),
It’s Hard spans both era and inspiration as The Bad Plus offer new perspectives on this collection of covers (Crowded House, Kraftwerk, Prince, Johnny Cash, Cindi Lauper, Peter Gabriel, Barry Manilow, Maroon 5, etc.). [Vinyl edition due October 7.]
>Banks & Steelz
– Anything But Words CD/2xLP (WB)
“Interpol's music ... it's like if RZA had been born in the rock world”—RZA. Banks & Steelz is the ongoing collaboration between Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and Interpol’s Paul Banks. “While the cross-pollination of hip-hop luminary RZA and Banks, an artist known for moody early-2000s indie rock, suggests experiment for experiment's sake, their chemistry on record is palpable, blending Interpol's icy remove with RZA's disjointed flow. ‘We're both hard workers in the studio,’ explains RZA, who was first tipped off to Banks' work when his manager suggested they duet. They clocked more than 200 sessions and crafted ideas for around 40 songs, meticulously landscaping the sonic terrain. ‘If I was to say I met someone who works as hard as me in the studio, it would be this young man right here,’ RZA continues. ‘He'll do it over 30 times. To me, that's cool, because that's how some of the best records are made, some of the best films are made that way. I respect him as an entity.’
Antyhing But Words features guest appearances from Kool Keith, Florence Welch, Method Man, Masta Killa and Ghostface Killah, the latter of whom appears on lead single ‘Love + War.’” -- SPIN
>The Beach Boys
– Becoming The Beach Boys: The Complete Hite & Dorinda Morgan Sessions 2xCD (Omnivore)
In September of 1961 Al Jardine, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, and Mike Love stepped up to a microphone together for the first time at the home of Hite and Dorinda Morgan to demo The Beach Boys’ first three songs. Between that September date and March 1962, before signing a seven-year contract with Capitol Records on May 24, 1962, they committed nine songs to tape under the direction of Hite and Dorinda Morgan. Some iconic, others obscure—“Surfin’,” “Luau,” “Lavender,” “Surfin’ Safari,” “Surfer Girl,” “Judy,” “Beach Boy Stomp” (aka “Karate”), “Barbie,” and “What Is A Young Girl Made Of”— Every complete take, false start, master take, and every second of studio banter during these historic recordings is gathered on this collection.

>Lurrie Bell
- Can't Shake This Feeling CD (Delmark)
The blues guitarist showcases all the passion, depth, rawness and uniqueness that keeps him at the top of many ‘Real Deal Chicago Blues’ lists.

>Brother Moses
– Legends CD/LP (Missing Piece)
Sophomore album from the Fayetteville, Arkansas-based indie rock band.

>Carbon Based Lifeforms
- Hydroponic Garden [Reissue/2003] CD/2xLP (Blood Music)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – World Of Sleepers [Reissue/2006] CD/LP (Blood Music)
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper [Reissue/2010] CD/2xLP (Blood Music)
Carbon Based Lifeforms is a Swedish trance-ambient music duo formed in 1996 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad. First three albums reissued on CD, with extremely limited first-time vinyl editions also available.

- Cruzh CD (Frontiers)
Cruzh was put together after the demise of Swedish glam rockers TrashQueen, in which both Anton Joensson and Dennis Butabi Borg played. They shared a love for melodic rock and AOR and joined forces with Tony Andersson. All three band members operate as songwriters in Cruzh and among their influences are Def Leppard, Danger Danger, Toto, Winger, Firehouse and Bryan Adams.

>Charlie Daniels
– Night Hawk CD (Cedar Creek)
Night Hawk is Daniels’ take on classic cowboy country, honoring tales told for years by cowboys huddled around the campfire with a mixture of re-worked classics and more obscure songs. “Most of our concepts about cowboys, and all things western, are mostly derived from movies and TV,” Daniels says in a press release. “Well, the truth of the matter is, the real cowboys are not glow-in-the-dark characters who go around fighting rustlers and cleaning out saloons with their fists. The actual working cowboy is a hard-working, different breed, who spend endless hours in the saddle, and as Louis L’Amour said, they ‘ride for the brand.’ Night Hawk is a tribute to the working cowboy and his way of life.”
>Dawn Of Demise
– The Suffering CD/LP (Unique Leader)
Fourth album from the Danish death metal band.

>Dead Gaze
– Easy Travels CD/LP (Ernest Jenning)
Dead Gaze is the brainchild of Cole Furlow – “a reliable producer of feedback-swathed pop nuggets” – Pitchfork

– Moonbathers CD/2xCD/2xLP (Napalm)
Larger-than-life symphonic metal. [CD is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe includes a bonus CD containing four bonus live recordings and two bonus orchestral tracks.]

>De La Soul
- And The Anonymous Nobody CD/2xLP (A.O.I., LLC)
And The Anonymous Nobody is hip-hop trio De La Soul’s ninth album and first in four years. Guests/contributors include Snoop Dogg, Jill Scott, Usher, Justin Hawkins (The Darkness), Damon Albarn (of Blur/Gorillaz), 2 Chainz, Little Dragon, and David Byrne. True to the roots of hip-hop, And The Anonymous Nobody incorporates elements of jazz, funk, rock, country western and more sampled to create the tracks. Sampling is how De La has always made music but after spending a huge part of their career fighting off the "sample police," they decided to simply sample themselves. Over three years, they collaborated with some of L.A.'s finest studio musicians and recorded them in free-styled, unrehearsed, jam sessions. They played everything from banjo to upright bass, sometimes up to a dozen musicians at once; simply allowing sounds to integrate. “What we've done is created our own crates of records; album upon albums to mine and sample from. In our world, what we've created is freedom, freedom to make the art you believe in without having to compromise your vision. That's what we've always wanted most, that's what we've always believed in, that's what we've fought for...”
>Morgan Delt
– Phase Zero CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Sub Pop)
The invocation of classic west coast psychedelia that permeates Morgan Delt's Sub Pop debut LP feels like a continuous sunrise, never concealing its influences yet perfectly putting its songs through a gauzy lens that blurs and obscures. Is such a thing even possible after witnessing umpteen reverb-jockeys creating their own take on the genre? Can anything truly different be done in the realm of being both original and reverent, wearing favorite records and artists' moves on one's sleeve? Definitely the case with our man here. The resulting 10-song collection,
Phase Zero, performed entirely by Delt, is a home-fi construction with a more subtle, brain-tickling character than its predecessor, and somewhat reflects a realist take on the flower power fantasy of 1967. Doused in echo and haze, slow chords lap in like Pacific waves, flanked by gentle whispers of multi-tracked, cooing vox, phased guitars and fuzz.
>The Detroit Cobras
– Mink Rat Or Rabbit [Reissue/1998] CD/LP (Third Man)
The Detroit Cobras – Life, Love And Leaving [Reissue/2001] CD/LP (Third Man)
Continuing their commitment to celebrating and shining a light on classic and influential music from Detroit, Third Man Records is honored to be able to re-introduce the world to the undeniable importance of the Detroit Cobras. As one of the earliest salvos in the great Detroit garage explosion of the turn of the century, The Detroit Cobras’
Mink, Rat or Rabbit is a landmark album. Comprised solely of cover songs (as has always been the band’s MO) the Cobra’s spirited takes on Motown classics (“I’ll Keep Holding On” originally by the Marvellettes), garage punk laments (“Bad Girl” originally known as “Bad Man” by the Oblivians) girl group Tear-Jerkers (“Easier to Cry” originally by the Shangri-Las) and New Orleans soul standards (“Break- a-way” originally by Irma Thomas) and the end result is nothing short of a staple that any record collection is empty without. Originally released in 2001, Life, Love And Leaving is the group’s best-known effort, coming at a time when bands like The White Stripes and Dirtbombs were also releasing seminal albums that started picking up recognition outside of their collective hometown of Detroit.
- The Passage CD (Frontiers)
Sweeping choruses, technical passages, lightning fast fretwork, big vocals and bombastic transitions.

>Die Young
– No Illusions CD/LP (Good Fight Music)
From Houston, Texas, Die Young administers a Slayer-style brand of hardcore, in the tradition of Integrity, Ringworm, All Out War, and Earth Crisis. Thrash metal intensity and hardcore values unite, as vegan straightedge frontman Daniel Albaugh bears his soul on topics ranging from animal rights to the philosophies of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.

>Don DiLego
– Magnificent Ram A CD/LP (Velvet Elk/One Little Indian)
A collection of click-track free analog recordings that embrace their imperfections and happy accidents. “The 10 tracks here could be termed country but fit more into the style of The Band or Wilco than Dolly Parton (nothing wrong with Dolly, just a question of style here). There’s a nice mix of ballads and more up-tempo material. We kick of with two slower songs ‘Karma King’ that has a big beefy sound and ‘A Wishful Poem’ that has a jaunty banjo refrain and stomping drums and a high plaintive vocal. Then there’s the single ‘Drive Like Pirates’ that picks things up with an almost rock-a-Billy tune that would set the charts on fire if only high quality songs like this ever troubled the charts. A tight cool Wooly-Bully organ refrain lifts ‘I’m On Fire’ with a lovely almost falsetto vocal and elsewhere there’s echoes in many of the songs of the mighty Replacements with some ramshackle pounding on ‘Go Pack Your Suitcase.’” – NE:MM

– This Album Does Not Exist CD/LP (Fairfax)
After more than two years of nomadism and cross-country touring, as well as two EPs, Los Angeles' Dreamers release their debut full-length LP
This Album Does Not Exist. The smart pop trio, comprised of Nick Wold (vocals/guitar), Nelson (bass/vocals), and Jacob Wick (drums), wrote much of the album in Brooklyn before moving to L.A. and tracking at Fairfax Recordings (formerly Sound City Studios). Led by the singles “Drugs” and “Sweet Disaster,” Dreamers pits the party and the paranoia of escapism in seemingly effortlessly tight, three-minute tunes. Other tracks including “Pain Killer” and “Lucky Dog” follow in this vein, swinging with handclaps and driving with sing-along choruses. Throughout This Album Does Not Exist, Dreamers toy with themes of existence and existentialism, but it's easy enough to get sucked into their world and dance the big questions away. [Limited white color vinyl pressing also available.]
>Dub FX
– Thinking Clear CD (Membran)
A pioneer of live looping, Dub FX builds each track in the moment by beat boxing a heavy groove, layering soulful vocals & warm melodic bass lines. [Vinyl edition due September 16.]

>The Fabulous Thunderbirds
- Strong Like That CD (Severn)
From the opening swampy piano runs, crispy funk lead riffs, earthy and raunchy harmonica runs, and Kim Wilson's down-to-the-bone soul growls on the Motown classic ‘(I Know I'm) Losing You’ to the bright Stax-inflected guitars and horns of the Eddie Floyd classic ‘Never Found Me A Girl,’ The Fabulous Thunderbirds take flight on their new album,
Strong Like That. The band balances the mournfulness of blues with all the joy of soul music, and the tunes here are often so bright that they drive us up out of our seats to the dance floor to groove to The Fabulous Thunderbirds' smooth and soulful sound.” -- No Depression.
>Fire From The Gods
– Narrative CD (Rise)
Fire From The Gods have shared national bills with the likes of August Burns Red and festival stages alongside Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, Judas Priest, Killswitch Engage, and others.

>Florida Georgia Line
– Dig Your Roots CD (BMX)
Third album from the country superstars. Guests include Tim McGraw, Ziggy Marley, and Backstreet Boys. [Vinyl edition due October 14.]

>Robbie Fulks/Mekons
- Jura CD (Bloodshot)
Released on limited vinyl for RSD Black Friday 2015 – now available on CD. “This meeting between the scrappy likes of American alt-country/folk-rocker Fulks and UK punk/folk veterans the Mekons was birthed from a 2014 tour that featured both Bloodshot artists. Someone decided it would be a good idea to haul away to the remote titular island off the coast of Scotland (that has ‘more sheep than people’) and let fly on a set of acoustic, predominantly traditional fare. These 11 tracks, recorded in just three days with Fulks and a five-member subset of Jon Langford’s ever-evolving group dubbed the ‘mini-Mekons,’ are the result. It’s an organic, rootsy set of typically edgy and sea shanty-styled UK folk tunes, murder ballads and general story songs that feel like they have been around for hundreds of years.” – American Songwriter

>Glass Animals
– How To Be A Human Being CD/LP (Harvest)
“The success of Glass Animals’ 2014 debut album,
Zaba, is, in the words of fellow British rocker Nigel Tufnel, a mystery that's ‘best to leave...unsolved.’ Through a curious blend of tribal percussion, casually psychedelic lyrics and a transverse connection to both modern rock and electronica, Glass Animals achieves an impressive sonic iconography. Its style is unique and recognizable, and with new album How To Be a Human Being, the band proves not to be a fluke. Rather than falling in line with the pop-washed and exhaustive appropriation of genres, Glass Animals combines a few unusual sublunary musical influences to create a sound that is primal and different. Beats ranging from glacial to urgent in tempo bait fluid synths and bewitching vocals. The result is an atmosphere of revelry, one that is trippy, green and playfully sordid.” – Westworld
>Gringo Star
- The Sides And in Between CD/LP (Nevado Music)
“There’s always been a creative exchange between America and Great Britain when it comes to popular music; after all, many of the bands that brought us the British Invasion of the ‘60s, like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, grew up adoring ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll legends like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Therefore, it’s not too surprising that Atlantic, GA quartet Gringo Star likens its sound to icons like The Kinks, Buddy Holly, and The Animals, as well as newer acts like Tame Impala and the Shins. In fact, these comparisons prove quite apt on the band’s newest outing, The Sides and In Between, a raucous yet charming collection of (as they put it) “echo-slathered, doo-wop-indebted indie gems; psychedelic garage bangers, gritty R&B shuffles and spaghetti-western weirdness [sic].” -- AXS

>Hæresiarchs Of Dis
– Tria Prima Diabolica CDEP (Moribund)
Dissonant and orchestral US black metal band Hæresiarchs Of Dis return with a special limited edition EP release of rare and unreleased material while they prep new album
Adumbratus (due 2017).
>Harlem Hamfats
- Masters Of Jazz & Blues 1936-1944 4xCD (JSP)
A&R man Mayo Williams had an idea: combine blues with more popular material. He put trumpeter Herb Morand and clarinettist Odell Rand with Joe and Charlie McCoy and party pianist Horace Malcolm to form the Harlem Hamfats -- a name blending the sophisticated and the downhome. The result was good time music, played with the skill and panache of experienced session players. It's rare to encounter music that's both classy and just downright fun.

>Harm Wülf
– Hijrah CD/LP (Deathwish Inc.)
Harm Wülf is G. Hirsch, known for his lyrical and vocal work in Blacklisted. Harm Wülf is inspired by a range of artists: from the tranquil resonance of Low, to the rhythmic acoustic strumming of Strength Through Joy, and the ascending power of Angels Of Light. Even calling to the insular/grotesque Americana of Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Connor, etc. Most times sparse and austere and at others apocalyptically orchestrated, Harm Wülf has the sound of something long since missing.

– Vampiro CD (Emp Label)
Classic progressive thrash metal from Houston, Texas.

>Derrick Hodge
- The Second CD (Blue Note)
Derrick Hodge is a Grammy-winning composer and bassist who is equally adept on both electric and upright instruments. On his self-produced album,
The Second, Hodge plays every instrument and merges the many facets of his style into one.
– Cool 2 CD/LP (Fat Possum)
If Steely Dan backed Mac Demarco you'd arrive at Hoops. In a good way. This young band out of Bloomington, Indiana have packed serious chops and great hooks into an effortless, laid back '70s-California-via-chillwave sound. They've been blazing a chill trail the past year garnering praise from Gorilla v Bear, Fader, and the like, and playing with fellow indie dynamos like Whitney and Porches.

>Imperium Dekadenz
– Dis Manibvs CD/2xLP (Season Of Mist)
The German black metal duo returns with new album
Dis Manibvs (Latin for “to the spirits of the dead” or “in remembrance”).
>Jack Ingram
– Midnight Motel CD (Rounder)
Midnight Motel is Jack Ingram's eighth studio album, and his first since his 2009 smash Big Dreams & High Hopes. The recording, which marks a creative milestone for the veteran artist, features intimate, dynamic stripped-down instrumental arrangements of nine original compositions written or co-written by Ingram, as well as two songs Ingram found listening to demo tapes of some friends. A true troubadour, Ingram tells stories, dedicates songs and has conversations with the musicians between the songs. Ingram's banter adds an extra level of intimacy to the record, almost like he's brought the listener right in the recording studio with him as the album was being cut live. Midnight Motel’s organic late-night vibe is perfectly suited to the material, and brings out the emotional edge in Ingram's deeply felt vocals which can be heard throughout the album including in the first single “I'm Drinking Through It,” “Nothing To Fix,” “Can't Get Any Better Than This,” and “All Over Again.” [Vinyl edition due September 23.]
– Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith CD/LP/Cassette (Season Of Mist)
“Inquisition is arguably one of the greatest black metal bands of recent times, with not a single album below the high bar they have set for themselves.
Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Alter Beyond The Celestial Zenith is an offering and tribute to the galactic symbol of Satan, consolidating cosmic violence as part of the ever increasing entropy of the Universe, the eternal law. The proceedings begin with meditative reverberance engulfing hymnic passages, hinting towards the impending chaos after the intro. ‘From Chaos They Came’ is the first tile of the cosmic domino, as extremely catchy black metal riffs bounce around the immaculate drum work. ‘Wings Of Anu’ upholds the momentum from the previous track, with more of the standard Inquisition song structure and tempo changes built around riffs as the backbone. ‘Vortex From The Celestial Flying Throne Of Storms’ accumulates potential energy for a moment, before springing head on into the devouring space with frantic pace. ‘A Black Aeon Shall Cleanse’ and ‘The Flames Of Infinite Blackness Before Creation’ treads slowly with dread and gloom, patiently swallowing the listener into a celestial phenomenon of absolute darkness.” – Metal Wani
– I’m Alone, No You’re Not CD/LP (ATO)
Joseph is a bewitching trio of sisters from Portland, Oregon. Expect honest words and genetically perfected harmonies. For their ATO Records debut
I'm Alone, No You're Not, the band teamed with producer Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis, First Aid Kit) to record eleven original songs exploding with a mystical exuberance and heart-on-sleeve emotion. A masterclass in pristine three-part harmony, the album features golden, shimmering pop songs tucked next to the most delicate ballads: love lost and found, amplified by three unwavering voices. “On album single ‘Blood And Tears,’ a track the three women wrote together, they look ahead to the hardships that come with forging a life in music. Over inspirational strings, the sisters bear down and brace for the struggle ahead: ‘We’re gonna have to learn what hard is/ If it’ll be a fight regardless/ I only want the fight to be with you.’ ‘Blood And Tears’ is a song for being proud,’ the band states. ‘It’s tribute to how far you’ve come and a promise to keep going.’ If the HAIM-like harmonies on this track’s chorus are any indication, Joseph will certainly be able to keep that promise.” – Consequence Of Sound
>Mat Kerekes
– Luna & The Wild Blue Everything CD/LP+MP3 (Equal Vision)
Mat Kerekes, best known as the frontman for Citizen, releases his debut solo album. Recorded over a period of almost two weeks with Will Yip (Citizen, Title Fight, Pity Sex) at Studio 4, Kerekes played everything on the album with the exception of some violin and some percussion that was performed by Yip. For fans of Citizen, The Story So Far and Mooseblood.

>King Company
- One For The Road CD (Frontiers)
King Company is a new melodic hard rock band from Finland, put together by some well-known names from the local scene: Mirka Rantanen (Warmen, Thunderstone, Kotipelto), Antti Wirman (Warmen), Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone), Jari Pailamo (Kiuas, Ponies To Kill) and Time Schleifer (Enfarce). The band musically fits in the space between Deep Purple (
Perfect Strangers-era) and Stratovarius with a good dose of Europe and Scandinavian melodic sounds thrown in.
>Bill Kirchen and Austin de Lone
– Transatlanticana CD (Red House)
Bill Kirchen and Austin de Lone team up for a hands-across-the-Atlantic new studio album. The long-overdue
Transatlanticana reunites the pioneers of two major musical movements; Kirchen co-founded the Americana band Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen. de Lone formed Eggs Over Easy, the progenitors of British pub rock, the first link in the chain to punk rock, new wave and beyond.
>Kula Shaker
- K2.0 CD/LP (Strange Folk)
Kula Shaker is a last great heretic of British rock. Named after - who else? - a ninth century Indian emperor, their esoteric (Bombay) mix of psychedelic riffs, esoteric ideas and Eastern mysticism laughed in the face of Britpop orthodoxy in the ‘90s. Bristling with energy, vitality and most importantly, killer tunes, new album
K2.0 is the sound of a band rebooted, re-energized and focused solely on, as frontman Crispian Mills puts it, “being the best we can possibly be -- making music that speaks for itself.”
>La Salami
- Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Directors Cut CD/2xLP (Sunday Best/PIAS America)
From the name, L.A. Salami sounds like a Californian punk band. In fact, he’s a UK ‘postmodern blues and urban folk’ musician, and
Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut is his debut album. With an audibly well-meaning UK accent, Salami utters confessional/political lyrics on a wide-range of songs, some quiet and subtle, others big and brassy.
– Abuse/Plague CD/12” (Southern Lord)
New album from the Bay Area hardcore outfit -- 15 tracks (20 minutes) of pure sonic fury. [Single-sided vinyl features an etching on Side B.]

>Terra Lightfoot
– Every Time My Mind Runs Wild CD/LP (Sonic Unyon)
Whether you're talking about her as a songwriter, a guitarist or vocalist, one thing is indisputable: roots rocker Tera Lightfoot is a ferocious talent. Her songs tap into the raw emotion of hearts supercharged by love, lust, loneliness and temptation. Her playing melds expert finger picking and distorted, hook-heavy melodies. And her elemental voice commands attention and awe, whether on slow-burning soul ballads or hard-charging rock numbers.

>Abbey Lincoln
– Love Having You Around: Live At The Keystone Korner Vol. 2 CD (HighNote)
If Abbey Lincoln was overwhelmed by the responsibility of being proclaimed “the last of the jazz singers,” she never let it show. As her great contemporaries and principal influences among the classic female jazz vocalists fell away Lincoln steadfastly maintained her dignified, almost solemn, focus; her tart, deftly timed Billie Holiday-like inflections, and her commitment to songs that dug deeper into life's meanings than the usual lost-love exhalations. This volume of Lincoln at the famed Keystone Korner puts the focus on her own compositions backed by the same inspired trio of instrumentalists from volume one.

>Liz Longley
– Weightless CD (Sugarhill)
Weightless is the follow-up to Longley’s 2015 self-titled release, which garnered praise from American Songwriter, Huffington Post and CMT Edge, to name a few. The new album delivers bold, thick pop with rock-and-roll edges. The starkly personal lyrics explore complexities and even dysfunction of relationships. Her award-winning songwriting is stronger than ever, and producer Bill Reynolds, the bassist of Band Of Horses (also produced the Avett Brothers, Lissie) helps embrace a lush pop-rock approach which marks a musical evolution for Longley. “Liz Longley's singing never fails to thrill and enthrall. Her voice and tone, touched with the slightest of country inflections, pours out like clean, crystalline water.” – The Ark
>Magic Trick
- Other Man's Blues CD/LP (Empty Cellar)
Other Man's Blues was written and recorded while songwriter Tim Cohen split his time between two lives and two worlds, a horse ranch with his newborn daughter, and on tour or at Phil Manley's Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco. A book of songs Cohen had written while bouncing to and fro sufficed in lieu of rehearsal time with the 13 other musicians who appear on the tracks: James Kim and James Barone (Beach House) on drums; Alicia Van Heuvel (Aislers Set) and Paul Garcia on bass; Joel Robinow (Once And Future Band/Danny James) on keys; Emmett Kelly (The Cairo Gang/The Muggers) on guitar; and omnipresent vocal harmonies from Alicia, Noelle Cahill and Anna Hillburg. The album is a loose, largely improvised affair, with many guest appearances and stop-ins.
>Cass McCombs
– Mangy Love CD/2xLP+MP3 (ANTI-)
“McCombs is one of those artists who seem to blend into the tapestry of musical consciousness, lost in generic ‘coffee shop’ playlists—and unfairly so. He diligently, quietly puts out a record every year or two, and what sets him apart from other false prolifics is that his records are good. In the past, McComb’s slightly dusty-sounding folk rock was a little drowsy but in a thoughtful way, as if he were choosing each word and note carefully so as not to misspeak. In
Mangy Love, it seems McCombs is emboldened, making intrepid musical choices and owning his lyrics. It’s an album that moves from earthy world music to capacious compositions that reveal McCombs’ internal grappling with substantial ideas about life and beyond. There are moments strewn throughout Mangy Love that suggest a sense of stepping into the light (such as the religious, choral intro to ‘It’), as if McCombs has been baptized and is re-introducing himself to the world. The album opens with ‘Bum Bum Bum,’ which is an onomatopoeia of a title, as McCombs ticks off many ‘bum bums’ as he sings. The tone of the track is a bit cynical, with the words ‘We’re all at war’ standing out subtly over the steady drums and electric guitar riffs” – Slug Magazine. [Limited color vinyl edition also available.]
>Ingrid Michaelson
- It Doesn't Have To Make Sense CD/LP (Cabin 24)
“The dog days of summer call for a song that goes down smooth; a song that, no matter where you are, can brighten your mood—even if it’s just for the few minutes it’s playing. Ingrid Michaelson’s ‘Celebrate’ is that kind of song. Michaelson’s forthcoming album,
It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense, isn’t bursting with convivial songs but rather is filled with gems of newfound independence, like the first single ‘Hell No,’ and now this track, both of which bring a necessary lightness to the LP.” -- Nylon
>The Mild High Club
– Skiptracing CD (Stones Throw)
The Mild High Club re-imagine AM radio hits as blasting in from a parallel universe, the sound of early ‘70s L.A. in a smog of sativa. If Todd Rundgren was the primary touchstone for previous album Timeline, frontman Alexander Brettin and band now look to the wry, trenchant wit of Steely Dan, gazing deep into the dark underbelly of sun-bright L.A. and coming away with a catchy song underpinned by slippery jazz phrasings. It's a cosmic connection that tethers The Mild High Club to fellow sonic brethren like Ariel Pink, Tame Impala, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Connan Mockasin and more. “A cocktail of super laid back dream-pop vibes mixed in with soulfully seductive bossa nova…
Skiptracing presents as the perfect soundtrack to a lazy day, month maybe even year if we still haven’t had enough of it by then!” – London The Inside
– Overseas CD/LP (Lovitt)
New release from recently reunited synth-punk/post-hardcore band. Fans of Milemarker’s early 2000s releases like
Frigid Forms Sell and Anaesthetic will find a clear sonic continuity in the angular, aggressive guitars, tense melodic vocals and soaring keyboard hooks. New members Kena Kilkka (synth, vocals) and Ezra Cale (drums) deepen the krautrock and electronic tendencies, pushing the sound in unexpected directions.
>The Monkees
- Forever CD/LP (Rhino)
The Monkees – Monkees 50 3xCD (Rhino)
The 14 tracks contained on new best-of collection
Forever span The Monkees entire 50-year career, from their 1966 debut single “Last Train To Clarksville” to the glorious “She Makes Me Laugh” released five decades later. Monkees 50 expands the collection to 50 tracks total.
Motion Graphics - Motion Graphics CD/LP+MP3 (Domino)
Created over a two year period between NY, LA, & Baltimore,
Motion Graphics is a unique and compelling collection of richly detailed widescreen compositions, inspired in part by the ambient sound effects of digital menu systems that decorate today’s auditory landscape. Creating custom randomized software instruments, Williams’ mimics the erraticism of the Twitter timeline and the aggregated news feed, while incorporating elements of techno-pop and jazz sequenced through the superhuman capabilities of a computer.
>New Model Army
– Winter CD/LP (EarMusic)
th album from the veteran alt-rock/folk/punk band. “One of the signatures of Winter is this organic coupling of the drums and the DIY punk sounding guitars. The opening guitar may be peaking but the lead is even more so. It is not quite as straightforward as an ever-imploding opener, there are breaks where we get a bit of piano and the sounds weave in and out. The guitars are played to the extreme but best of all the song builds to an all-out roar of an ending and becomes a song that you can get completely lost in. I don’t know about you but that ticks one of my criteria for a classic song. It feels like a storm that the band are wrestling to control and only just managing. Pure brilliance.” – Moshville
>Outer Space
- Chase Across Orion CD/LP (Tucxone)
Outer Space is a Catalan septet formed in Barcelona in 2014. A project born from a mixture of African styles like Afrobeat, Afrosoul or ethiojazz, and funk rhythms of the ‘60s. An explosive cocktail that will be invited to travel with the mind and delve into outer space through a repertoire of original instrumentals with an obvious mantra approach that puts outer space near the orbit of Fela Kuti, the Budos Band or Mulatu Astatke.

- Master Of The Universe CD (Frontiers)
Palace is a Swedish melodic rock band founded by lead singer and guitarist Michael Palace. influenced by 80's imagery and sounds, Palace delivers massive arena rock.

>Pride And Fall
- Red For The Dead - Black For The Mourning CD/2xLP+2xCD (Dependent/SPV)
Fifth album from Norwegian dark future-pop trio.

>Red Pill
- Instinctive Drowning CD (Mello Music)
Instinctive Drowning is a beautifully sprawling soundscape reminiscent more of The Moody Blues or Pink Floyd than traditional hip-hop. [Vinyl edition due September 27.]
- Green [25th Anniversary Edition/Reissue/1988/2013] 2xCD/LP (Concord Music Group)
Originally WB in 2013, the 25
th Anniversary Edition of Green is packaged in a hard clamshell box (similar to previous R.E.M. reissues) and comes with four postcards and a foldout poster, plus insightful liner notes by Uncut editor, Allan Jones. Includes the bonus CD Live In Greensboro 1989. Single-disc 180gm vinyl reissue also available.
>River Whyless
– We All The Light CD/LP (Roll Call)
“There are hints of Paul Simon in their inflections and poetic phrasing, and their songs feel fresh and nicely crafted” – NPR. “Perhaps the most exciting new act out of Asheville.” -- WNCW

>Running Wild
– Rapid Foray CD/2xLP+MP3 (Steamhammer/SPV)
th album from the long-running German metal band.
>Save The Clock Tower
– The Familiar // The Decay CD (Bullet Tooth)
Save The Clock Tower is a four-piece metal band from Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

>Ashleigh Smith
– Sunkissed CD (Concord)
A collection of soulful originals and cherry-picked covers from the winner of the 2014 Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition.

>Jim Snidero
– MD66 CD (Savant)
Over the course of the past three decades alto saxophonist and composer Jim Snidero has been constantly pushing himself to explore new territories and expand his outlook. On this his latest release, Snidero tackles open modal forms and uses his unfettered imagination as a portal into free(r) territory, and takes his soloing to the next level by working an inside/outside approach that's rooted in the structure and style of each song but radical enough to move in wildly unexpected directions.

– Decision Day CD/LP (Steamhammer/SPV)
New album from the German thrash metal veterans.

>Solution .45
- Nightmare In The Waking State - Part II CD/LP (AFM)
Just like the predecessor,
Nightmares In The Waking State - Part II is a lesson in modern metal with crushing mammoth riffs, melancholic passages, infectious hooks, and blistering solos. [Limited red vinyl edition also available.]\
>Britney Spears
– Glory CD (RCA)
Ninth studio album from the pop superstar. “In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Britney promised that
Glory is probably ‘the most hip-hop album’ she's made to date (though she later said only two or three songs ‘go in the direction of more urban’). So far we've heard three remixes that prove she's still got something for her club people too” – Billboard. [Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds five bonus tracks.]
>Kaya Stewart
– Kaya Stewart CD (WB)
Debut album from the 16-year-old daughter of Dave Stewart (Eurhythmics). Album single “Sleepover” couples an energetic distorted guitar hop and sultry, striking vocals. Co-written with and produced by RedOne [Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj], it ignites a feisty, fiery, and fun spark.

>Barbara Streisand
– Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway CD/LP (Sony)
10 new Streisand duets of Broadway classics with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood including Anne Hathaway, Daisy Ridley, Patrick Wilson, Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Chris Pine, Antonio Banderas, Jamie Foxx, Seth MacFarlane, and Anthony Newley.

>Sub Rosa
– For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages CD/2xLP (Profound Lore)
New album from the Salt Lake City doom/chamber metal band.

>Leon Timbo
- What Love's All About CD (E1)
“A brilliant singer songwriter with a unique appeal to both Gospel/Christian and urban mainstream audiences, Leon Timbo has all of the ingredients to become a major breakout artist in 2016.”

>Twisted Sister
– The Best Of The Atlantic Years CD (Atlantic)
Twisted Sister's high-decibel anthems, raucous shows and memorable videos took the hard-rocking quintet from playing bars in the ‘70s to headlining festivals in the ‘80s. The band is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer with one final tour.
The Best of The Atlantic Years brings this together the jewels of their catalogue along with a previously unreleased cover of “Born To Be Wild.”
>Unnatural Ways
- We Aliens CD (Tzadik)
A lynchpin of the Oakland rock/improv scene and now based in Brooklyn, Ava Mendoza has been taking Downtown NY by storm, performing with many of the best musicians around and leading her own dynamite bands. Her cutting-edge guitar playing is front and center here in nine hard-edged and steely blues-tinged rock instrumentals. With a twisted sensibility and plenty of shredding, psychedelic effects and surprises, the music features Tim Dahl (Child Abuse, Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Pulverize The Sound) on bass and Sam Ospovat (Enablers, Beep, Naytronix) on drums. Unnatural Ways is a tight, exciting new band out the burgeoning Brooklyn scene.

>Various Artists
– Continental Drift CD/LP+MP3 (Slumberland/Fortuna POP!)
A smashing eight-song sampler of some of the finest pop of 2016. Includes tracks by Mercury Girls, The Spook School, Wildhoney, and Tigercats. Philadelphia's Mercury Girls have a gorgeous, layered sound that combines post-punk dynamics with soaring/jangling guitars, fantastic melodies and expertly arranged tunes. Scotland's The Spook School are surely the most *fun* band taking-on issues of gender and identity today, writing queer-pop anthems that are noisy, tuneful, sharply-observed and outrageously catchy. Baltimore's Wildhoney have been making music together since 2011, forging a fresh sound from raw materials of shoegaze, punk and good old indiepop. East London's Tigercats jangly, effervescent pop nods to their punk roots and spikes the pop punch with anthemic choruses and massive, crunching guitars.

>Various Artists [Derrick Harriott]
- Reggae, Funk & Soul 1969-1975 CD/2xLP (Dubstore)
A master of his genre and one of the forerunners in Jamaican music from its very beginning, Derrick Harriott, along with a stellar cast, showcases some superb rocksteady on this 20 track compilation.

>The Veils
- Total Depravity CD/2xLP+MP3 (Nettwerk)
“It’s twelve years since
The Runaway Found, the debut album of The Veils, which was most people’s introduction to the particular talents of this group’s British-born, New Zealand-raised frontman Finn Andrews. Though then barely out of his teens, he already had a trademark style: brooding, intense, distinctly gothic, yet with an underlying sense of traditional songcraft, forged in the folk clubs of Devonport. And the style has continued to serve him well, even as his musical ideas have matured and grown. Total Depravity is the fifth album from the Veils and though still recognizably them, it has more than a few new sonic twists. The first hints were heard in June with the album’s initial single, ‘Axolotl’, which sets a typical Andrews lyric, rife with images of transfiguration and devilish deals (plus an cunning quote from Bob Dylan), amid an ominously sludgy sonic landscape courtesy of rapper and producer El-P, of vogueish hip-hop outfit Run The Jewels. The combination clicked, and there is more of El-P to be heard throughout the new album. It’s hardly like The Veils have gone hip-hop, but they have certainly refreshed their traditional rock with some of El-P’s sonic palette. You can hear how loops and effects form the foundations of some of the tracks.” – RadioNZ
>Vicious Rumors
–Concussion Protocol CD/LP (Steamhammer/SPV)
New album from the versatile California power metal band.

>Butch Walker
– Stay Gold CD/LP (Dangerbird)
As a writer of dozens of songs with hooks that stick in your head, Rolling Stone has called Butch Walker, “one of America's best singer-songwriters,” as he has penned choruses you want to sing (or shout) along to from acts including Frank Turner, Brian Fallon, Taylor Swift, and many more. He is a teller of authentic stories of exploits and predicaments and romance that are filled with optimism; builder of albums with no boundaries -- rock, pop, Americana, singer/songwriter...or, as he says, “I think it's all just rock & roll.”
Stay Gold kicks off with the title song, a straight-ahead rocker, loaded with swagger and lyrics that call out native GA locales featuring a nod to the S.E. Hinton novel (and later, a Coppola film), The Outsiders. The following single “East Coast Girl” and “Mexican Coke” are inspired by Walker's move to Los Angeles, the former effectively combining an anthemic chorus with spoken verses, recorded conversationally on an iPhone. The writerly eye for detail is apparent in one of Stay Gold’s standout tracks, “Wilder In The Heart,” describing an airport meeting with a girlfriend. The album also includes “Descending,” a beautiful, decidedly tender duet with country singer Ashley Monroe about survival and staying on the course of love. When asked if the stories in his songs are real or imagined, he replies, “All the songs are half true.”
– Shadow Hymns CD/LP (Tee Pee)
Debut album from the Boston heavy rock/metal band. Boasting a sound described as “darkly epic,” which has called for comparison to luminary artists such as Scorpions, UFO and Judas Priest, Worshipper has earned consistent accolades since its formation, being named the ‘Metal Artist Of The Year’ at the 2015 Boston Music Awards and being chosen over 23 other participating bands as champions of the 2016 ‘Rock And Roll Rumble,’ a competition hailed as ‘The World Series Of Boston Rock’ that has taken place annually since 1979. Through its unique mix of contemporary and classic influences, Worshipper prove that the horn-throwing soul of melodic heavy music's past still burns brightly.

– Wretch CD (Prosthetic)
Following in the wake of frontman Karl Simon's titanic and much-respected former outfit The Gates Of Slumber, Wretch -- the power trio he formed with drummer Chris Gordon and bassist Bryce Clark -- issue forth a fearsome salvo of cast-iron riffage and heartfelt traditional heavy metal heraldry. [Vinyl edition due September 23.]

>John Zorn
- Commedia Dell'arte CD (Tzadik)
A fabulous and multifaceted suite celebrating the vibrant Italian dramatic form Commedia Dell’arte
that began in the 16th century and flourishes to this day. The classic archetypical characters Harlequin, Colombina, Scaramouche, Pulcinella and Pierrot are evoked in five compositional miniatures for small chamber ensembles: brass quintet, cello quartet, piano trio, vocal quartet and woodwinds. Premiered at the Guggenheim Museum in early 2016, the music contains some of Zorn’s finest writing and is a delight from first note to last. Over twenty of New York’s greatest musicians are involved in this exciting and varied suite of miniature masterpieces.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Deep Purple – Live At The N.E.C. DVD (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
On September 14th, 2002, Deep Purple took to the stage of the NEC in Birmingham. Earlier in the year founder member Jon Lord had announced his retirement from the band and new keyboard player Don Airey arrived. This show was Deep Purple's farewell to Jon Lord.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>50 Cent
– The Massacre [Reissue/2005] 2xLP (Aftermath)
Vinyl reissue of the rapper’s second album.

>Steve Adamyk Band
– Graceland LP (Graceland)
Blame Canada. Or for that matter, Ottawa. The Capital's kings of punk-power-fuzz are back and better than ever.

– Southern Drawl 2xLP+MP3 (BMG Recorded Music)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl.
Southern Drawl is the veteran country band's first collection of original material in 14 years.
>Louis Armstrong
- Basin Street Blues [Reissue/1956] LP (ORG Music)
Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars are captured in rare form during this live recording from 1956, which is finally making its vinyl debut with this 180gm Pallas pressing.

>A$AP Rocky
- At.Long.Last.A$AP LP (RCA)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Second solo studio album by the rapper.
At.Long.Last.A$AP is the follow-up to his 2013 gold-selling debut album, Long. Live. ASAP. Guests include Joe Fox, Bones, Future, M.I.A., Schoolboy Q, Kanye West, James Fauntleroy, Juicy J, UKG, Lil Wayne, Rod Stewart, Miguel, Mark Ronson, Mos Def, Acyde, and Yams.
>Audessey & aCatCalled FRITZ
– Beats Per Minute Instrumentals LP (Slice Of Spice)
Are you looking for some boom bap hip-hop? French DJ, producer and graphic designer Cyril Merlin aka aCatCalledFRITZ will satisfy your cravings. His 2014 debut album with Audessey so good the label decided to press an instrumental version on red color vinyl.

>Bad Sports
– Living With Secrets 12” (Dirtnap)
Living With Secrets is another step forward for Bad Sports -- moving away from both the ebullient punk/power pop of 2011's Kings Of The Weekend and the anything-goes grimy punk of 2014's Bras, this EP is their darkest, most powerful, and weirdest. The lyrics are bleak and desperate, but the music is more dangerously catchy than ever.
>Alina Baraz & Galimatias
– Urban Flora LP (Mom + Pop)
23 year old Matias Saabye Køedt, better known by his alias Galimatias, is an electronic music producer/artist from Denmark. Although difficult to rope his music into a single genre, it has be described as vibey, chilled-out atmospheric electronic, and incorporates a wide range of influences including R&B and hip-hop to name a few. Alina Baraz, a 21-year-old Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, is the next leading star of the emerging class of leftwing pop singers.

>Beaty Heart
- Till The Tomb LP (Harvest)
“Some of the best British pop of 2016 bursts from this south London trio’s second set. Lustrous opener ‘Flora’ demonstrates a new radio-ready confidence without fully junking their trademark weirdness, and the sinuous, serrated bass of ‘Raw Gold’ is Metronomy spooning Hot Chip on Jungle’s bed – the best song Beaty Heart have ever written. Powerful with a warm intimacy, thanks to Josh Mitchell’s plaintive vocals,
Till The Tomb strips back their excellent debut’s fussy tribal psychedelia and strafes each song with miniature addictive riffs and motifs instead.” – The Guardian
– Demo 7” (Deranged)
Omaha, Nebraska, conjures up images of steak, Warren Buffet, and Saddle Creek Records. One doesn’t think of hardcore punk. In comes Bib — noisey, blown-out hardcore from the middle of nowhere. Adhering to the “everything louder than everything else” approach, Bib’s colossal riffs sound like an avalanche when the bottom drops. Squirmy, effect-laden vocals veer from the huge to the weird.

– Beatin Hearts [Reissue/1983] LP (Grapefruit)
Bill Direen is a legend of the New Zealand underground. He has written and produced poetry, novels and a slew of recorded material. Weaned on garage bands in the late ’60s, Direen started producing seven-inch records in the early ’80s, all of them stunners.
Beatin Hearts is Direen’s ultimate, unforgettable debut album, not to mention Flying Nun’s first full-length album release. All seventeen tracks are brilliant short pieces of energy, harmony and spite. Anyone with an appreciation for Flying Nun’s early recordings can find its genesis here.
>Cane Hill
– Smile LP+MP3 (The End)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Debut album from the New Orleans band -- 10 aggressive, fast-paced metal anthems. [Limited color pressing also available.]

– Ibifornia 2xLP (Interscope)
Ibifornia is the French electronica duo’s first studio album in a decade. In addition to Mike D and Cat Power, who appear on the LP's first single “Action,” Ibifornia also boasts other guests including Ryan Tedder, Jaw, Portugal. The Man's John Gourley and Pharrell Williams.
>Sarah Mary Chadwick
– Roses Always Die LP (Rice Is Nice)
Following three critically acclaimed solo albums, Sarah Mary Chadwick's
Roses Always Die expands on the quiet intensity of her previous work, exploring memory, grief and personal analysis. Her unflinching approach to songwriting introduces complex, often-difficult subject matter as vivid as it is understated. An old immobile organ provides the only accompaniment to her voice, giving the album an eerie consistency that perfectly underpins the diverse, open-ended narratives that run through each song.
>Tha Connection (Hus Kingpin & Smoovth)
- Connect 101 (I Want It Back) [Reissue/2010] LP (Vinyl Digital)
“Time to show some love for the NYC underground and one of its most underrated classics. Smoovth & Hus Kingpin aka Tha Connection rhyming over classic hip-hop beats.”

- Close Up LP (Alpha Pup)
Close Up is a highly personalized vehicle of sound, created over the last few years as a response to the passing of Crem'e’s mother. An expression of deep roots and a chain of connections that shattered and spliced into millions of parts, Close Up was designed as a means of self-healing and emotional preservation. Crem'e summed up this transition in his life with the following: “It's like getting rid of a scar and then feeling naked without it.” The musical language of Close Up jumps back and forth between a soulful balance of beauty and pain. Channeling the state of influences his family, friends and environments have afforded him growing up in L.A. Many organic elements are seamlessly melded together, brought together through heavy usages of sampling, vocal layering and live recordings.
>Crown The Empire
– Retrograde LP+MP3 (Rise)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Dallas post-hardcore outfit. [Limited color pressing also available.]

>Damu The Fudgemunk
– Untitled Vol. 2 12”/Cassette (Redefinition)
Surprise beat 12” picture disc – a collection of music Damu assembled specifically for his longtime fans. Features previously unreleased instrumentals. [Also available on cassette as
Untitled Vol. 1 and Untitled Vol. 2 with a bonus track.]
– Skeletons LP (Nuclear Blast)
Released last November on CD – now available on limited edition picture disc vinyl. Latest album from the metal/punk band fronted by vocalist Glenn Danzig, best known for his work with the Misfits and Samhain.
Skeletons is an album of cover versions with Danzig's unique take on songs originally performed by artists ranging from Elvis Presley to Black Sabbath. “My attitude with covers is, make it your own or else leave it alone” -- Glenn Danzig
>The Dead Ships
- Citycide LP+MP3 (Nevado Music)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Debut full-length album from the Coachella buzz-band. Like their 2015 debut EP,
Citycide was produced by Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning, who also plays additional guitar on the album. In the handful of years since The Dead Ships traded punches at their first living room practice, L.A.'s howling garage rock trio have toured the shadiest parts of the continent, slept on the grimiest couches, and been named one of the city's best live shows (DoLA, Grimy Goods).
>DJ Skizz
– BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Experience) The Instrumental Experience LP (Slice Of Spice)
“Skizz's beats on his debut album are that old boom bap y'all love so we couldn't let the opportunity pass to press up a run of instrumentals for the die-hard vinyl heads and collectors.”

– i think you think too much of me 12” (Astralwerks)
“The first four songs on Eden’s latest EP
i think you think too much of me are literally titled ‘sex,’ ‘drugs,’ ‘and,’ ‘rock + roll,’ but they sound nothing like you might imagine. The young Dublin-based vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist presents such themes with innovative indie-electronic production and emotive lyrics that cut much deeper than the surface level associations with sex, drugs, and rock & roll…so deep that ‘sex’ even caught the attention of Lorde.” – Ones To Watch
>Forlorn Strangers
- Forlorn Strangers LP (Forlorn Strangers)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The Nashville-based Americana quintet recorded at John Prine's Nashville studio, The Butcher Shoppe, with producer and Grammy winner Phil Madeira (Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Civil Wars, Emmylou Harris).
Forlorn Strangers is steeped in the tradition of American music, leaning heavily on bluegrass, drenched in four-part harmony and added elements from blues, jazz, and some rock ‘n’ roll.
>Ezra Furman
– Big Fugitive Life 12” (Bella Union)
Summertime seems perfect for a dose of infectious, jaunty and well crafted rock and roll songs, and for the second summer in succession, Ezra Furman has taken up the mantle of releasing one of the ‘songs of the summer.’ The EP can be best split into two distinct sides. Tracks 1-3, including ‘Teddy I’m Ready,’ make up the rock & roll Side A, whereas Tracks 4-6 are a little quieter, somewhat reflective. The comparison between the rush of blood to the head of ‘Halley’s Comet’ and plucked strings of ‘Splash Of Light’ make for a varied record, and showcases both sides of Furman’s musicality.” – For Folks Sake

>Quin Galvais
– My Life In Steel And Concrete 2xLP (Super Secret)
My Life In Steel And Concrete is not just a rock & roll record, although there are plenty of rock songs here. It’s not an opera, although certainly the story and the songs will evoke an emotional reaction similar to that of a well-loved opera. Quin himself describes the recording as “therapeutic”, and he promises to continue this journey in his future work.
- Good [Reissue/1993] LP (Smart Punk)
The emo-punk band’s debut album is back on vinyl. Includes the bonus track “Retraction.”

>Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan
– Take It, It’s Yours LP+MP3 (Polyvinyl)
Katy Goodman (La Sera, Vivian Girls) and Greta Morgan (Springtime Carnivore, The Hush Sound) team up to re-imagine ten of their all-time favorite songs. From The Replacements to Blondie, The Buzzcocks to Billy Idol, Katy and Greta replace distorted guitars with church organs and vibraphones to transform these classic tracks into dreamy, surreal jams that shine anew in the glow of the pair’s sun-drenched harmonies. Pressed on 180gm baby blue vinyl.

>Jessie Mae Hemphill
– Jessie Mae Hemphill LP (Mississippi/Moi J'Connias)
Compilation of great recordings by Jessie Mae Hemphill. Mississippi Hill Country blues at their finest. Jessie Mae rocks out on the electric guitar with minimal percussion. By far some of the best blues recorded in the '80s. Jessie Mae is the granddaughter of the great Sid Hemphill and the torchbearer of one of the most beautiful traditions in the world of music.

>Howlin' Wolf
- His Greatest Sides Vol. 1 [Reissue/1983] LP (Jackpot)
Continuing in our series of Chess Record Reissues, Jackpot Records presents this compilation of landmark original studio singles from the Chicago blues legend. Originally recorded from 1954-1965. Howlin’ Wolf electrified the sound of the Mississippi Delta blues and brought it to Chicago, laying down what would become the foundation of rock & roll in the early ‘50s. Delivered in his gruff, haunting voice, his lyrics spoke of his hard life experiences, and his signature growlin’ mesmerized audiences and blues musicians alike.

>Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters & Bo Diddley
– The Super Super Blues Band [Reissue/1967] LP (Jackpot)
The Super Super Blues Band started out merely as Super Blues, a conglomerate of blues pillars Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and Little Walter. When Little Walter bowed out and was replaced by Howlin’ Wolf, they rightfully added another Super to their name, and went on to release this burning, irreverent and even sometimes hilarious set of drunken, wild-eyed electric blues. Long form jams roll on in a trance as the trio of blues legends flex egos, talking sh*t to each other, trading off leads and ducking blasts of unexpected wah-wah guitar lines. Songs are peppered with an incredible level of banter between the trio of bandleaders that predicts the call and response sing-talking of early hip-hop, laced with random screams in the background that teeter between celebration and danger. Orange color vinyl pressing.

>Etta James
– At Last [Reissue/1960] LP (Jackpot)
Blues, soul, jazz, R&B and rock vocalist Etta James needs no introduction. An icon from early rock ‘n’ roll’s pantheon of divas, she has inspired five decades of listeners and fellow artists with her vocal stylings. From Janis Joplin to Beyoncé, her expressive and gutteral style has been imitated, but never quite matched. Jackpot Records is honored to release this momentous record with the original album artwork and four bonus tracks (previously only available on CD). Green marble color vinyl.

– Kiss Rocks Vegas Nevada 2xLP+DVD (Eagle Rock Entertainment)
Recorded during their November 2015 ‘Hard Rock Vegas’ residency. All of the familiar hits, captured in the midst of their 40
th Anniversary World Tour. DVD includes a 7-song acoustic set.
- Sleeping / Wandering 7”+MP3 (Fabrica)
Luciernaga is the experimental ambient music project of Chilean-Brazilian by way of Brooklyn artist Joao Da Silva. A former hardcore punk front man, guitar player, and zine editor who took an active role in Santiago, Chile's hardcore-punk scene during the early '90s (there's even a full-length documentary about it). Joao turned to "droning guitar electronics that vacillate significantly between dark terrors and bright, shimmering expanses of sound.

>Mercyful Fate
- In The Shadows [Reissue/1993] LP (Metal Blade)
Mercyful Fate - Time [Reissue/1994] LP (Metal Blade)
The influential metal band’s third and fourth albums are back in print on vinyl.

>XL Middleton + Eddy Funkster
- XL Middleton + Eddy Funkster LP/Cassette (MoFunk)
XL Middleton + Eddy Funkster draws heavily from L.A.'s musical well over the last several generations, bringing forth hard electro funk styles on “Show Some Respect,” bouncy lowrider funk on cuts like “Solicitation,” and giving a progressive nod to ‘90s g-funk on the LBC'd out “California Fly,” which features Domino of “Getto Jam” fame. Furthermore, XL + EF channel the more modern feel of ambient, pad-heavy funk on songs like “On Our Way To Funkmosphere.” In spirit, it's more of a P-Funkesque party, as the entire MoFunk roster plus extended family join in variously on all of the album's seven songs, contributing everything from vocals to guitar and talkbox.
>Morbid Angel
– Gateways To Annihilation [Reissue/2000] LP (Earache)
Vinyl reissue of the death metal band’s sixth album.

>David Nail
– Fighter LP (MCA Nashville)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “There are few words that can be used to describe the talent of David Nail. When you hear him on a record – or better yet, see him live – you come away with a deep appreciation for his vocal talent. Simply put, one could make the argument that he’s not one of us. On a ballad, his vocals soar into the stratosphere, and on the up-tempo songs, he takes the ordinary lyric and arrangement, and transfers it into a tour de force. On his fourth album for MCA, the Missouri native continues to develop his craft. There’s a mix of both styles on the album, with ‘Good At Tonight’ and lead-off single ‘Night’s On Fire’ showcasing the groove side of what Nail does so exceedingly well. Seriously, I don’t know if there is any style of music that the singer can’t master. He’s simply that good.” – Sounds Like Nashville

– H A R D L O V E LP (Atlantic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “NEEDTOBREATHE's last outing,
Rivers In The Wasteland, was a career-defining album, born out of the trials of brotherly competition and the fatigue of life on the road (which almost did the entire band in). Having weathered the storm and written about it so masterfully (the tunes ‘Brother’ and ‘Wasteland’ address the situation with candor), the follow-up record, H A R D L O V E, feels like a continuation of this theme, albeit with a bit more time and distance giving the band some perspective and breathing room.”– Jesus Freak Hideout
– Audubon LP (Prosthetic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Netherlands was formed in New York City in 2010 by multi-instrumentalist Timo Ellis, whose father is an accomplished author and illustrator. Ellis often mentions Pixeltan, Flipper, and Wipers as being the musical “spiritual precedents” here, along with the deeper/ambient influences of Bad Brains, Diamanda Galas, Can and The Cars.

h – Past Lives’ Excessive Future LP/Cassette (Moniker)
h, Miami absurdist art-rock trio, have a mission to disorient and elucidate. The band, rooted in Chris Dougnac’s hyper-composed, synth-dipped pop treats and detailed re-contextualized ephemera, works to transport the listener to a complex metaphysical reality.
>People Under The Stairs
– The Getting’ Off Stage EP, Step 2 12” (Redefinition)
Seventeen years since the inception of the group, the duo's tenth project reflects back on the path less traveled and distills their unique blend of funk into this -- the second of a series of six-song EPs.

- Cosmic Explorer LP (Wrasse)
Latest album from the multiplatinum, fashion-forward Japanese electro-pop trio.

>Pink Floyd
– The Wall [Reissue/1979] 2xLP (Pink Floyd/Legacy)
Pink Floyd – The Division Bell [Reissue/1993] 2xLP (Pink Floyd/Legacy)
Remastered 180gm vinyl reissues now available.

>Prince And The Revolution
– Parade (Music From The Motion Picture Under The Cherry Moon) [Reissue/1986] LP (WB)
Vinyl reissue of the eighth studio album by Prince -- the third (and final) to feature his backing band The Revolution. After the critical disappointment of his 1985 album
Around The World In A Day, Parade was released to acclaim from music critics and was named one of the best albums of 1986 by The Village Voice and NME magazine, who named it their album of the year.
>Martin Rev
- Stigmata [2009] LP (Blast First Petite)
First time vinyl edition presented as a neon-orange LP. "Modern classical masterpiece"—Record Collector. "Remarkable electronic musicianship"—MOJO. "an uncomfortable listen, but bleedin’ good."—Stool Pigeon

>Walter Schreifels
- An Open Letter To The Scene [Reissue/2010] LP+7” (Run For Cover)
Limited color vinyl reissue of the debut solo album from the singer/songwriter and former member of Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools and Quicksand. Drawing influence from many classic British artists such as Elvis Costello and Syd Barrett,
An Open Letter To The Scene embraces Walter's politically and socially charged past, with stripped down covers of Agnostic Front's “Society Suckers” and CIV's “Don't Gotta Prove It” (a song Walter wrote himself in '95), and seamlessly blends them in with his own tracks on topics ranging from matters of the heart and the life of celebrity.
– Scour LP (Housecore)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Scour is vocalist Phillip H. Anselmo (Pantera, Down), guitarist Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation), guitarist Chase Fraser (Animosity), bassist John Jarvis (Pig Destroyer) and drummer Jesse Schobel (Strong Intention).

>Shed The Skin
- Harrowing Faith LP (Hell's Headbangers)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “I first took interest in Shed The Skin because it’s an American supergroup featuring Kyle Severn of having a mustache fame (he also plays drums in Incantation). Present as well are members of plenty of other bands, the most well-known of which is probably Ringworm.
Harrowing Faith’s main influence to my ears is Ringworm’s last record Hammer Of The Witch, whose sharp and violent death metal infused hardcore forms the backbone of the songs here.” – Angry Metal Guy
- Louder Than Love [Reissue/1989] LP (A&M)
Soundgarden – Down On The Upside [Reissue/1996] 2xLP (A&M)
Remastered 180gm vinyl reissues of Soundgarden’s second and fifth albums.

- Ghostbusters [OST] LP (RCA)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Original soundtrack to the 2016 remake including tracks from Elle King, G-Eazy featuring Jeremih, 5 Seconds of Summer, Pentatonix, Walk The Moon, Fall Out Boy featuring Missy Elliott, Wolf Alice and others.

- The Little Mermaid LP (Walt Disney)
Soundtrack – Music From Sleeping Beauty LP (Walt Disney)
Soundtrack – Songs From Aladdin LP (Walt Disney)
Soundtrack – Songs From Cinderella LP (Walt Disney)
Soundtrack – Songs From The Hunchback Of Notre Dame LP (Walt Disney)
Soundtrack – Songs From The Jungle Book LP (Walt Disney)
180gm picture disc editions back in print.

>Teen Agers
- Young Gods 12" (Smart Punk)
Released last March on CD – now available on vinyl. Ever curious what would occur if you combined multiple quarter-life crises, a penchant for bottom-tier booze in plastic bottles and a Flanders-sized repertoire of puns in a punk rock powder keg? Erupting like a sonic Cthulhu from beneath the Florida swamps comes Teen Agers.

– It’s Not About The Witches LP (IAMSOUND)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “There is an inescapable spirituality that permeates the music of The Order Of Life And Death, known simply as T.O.L.D. As the brainchild of L.A.-based, UK-bred producer Daniel Smith, T.O.L.D. creates a lush soundscape out of diverse and vibrant electronic songs that help Smith to find a world of his own. Introspective, cryptic and captivating, T.O.L.D.’s debut album
It’s Not About The Witches unearths Smith’s deepest recesses of his mind as he contemplates a few too many things he may not entirely understand. While not entirely intelligible at times, It’s Not About The Witches is an earnest and meditative collection of imaginative electronic music with a certain pop sensibility that is able to shroud any missteps Smith comes across.” – Paste Magazine
>Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats
– Pusher Man b/w Remember Tomorrow 7” (Rise Above)
Limited edition color 7” vinyl single.
The Night Creeper album track “Pusher Man” is backed with a cover of Iron Maiden’s “Remember Tomorrow.”
>Various Artists
– Fear Le Funk (The Compilation) 2xLP (Vinyl Digital)
Compilation featuring beats by Figub Brazlevic, Twit One, Brous One, Shawan The Savage Kid and many others. This fresh potpourri, served by national and international hip-hop artists, embodies a unique approach through vivid expressions of style and individualism. From the classical golden era sounds of boom bap, to the love for dusty samples, and on into the future.

>Various Artists
– The Rough Guide To Brazilian Jazz LP (World Music Network)
Mention Brazilian jazz to most music fans and the inevitable bossa nova images flood into view: the beach, the female whisper-vocal, the rimshot snare drumming, the chord-plucked acoustic guitar, possibly a little muted batucada percussion, breathy alto saxophone and cabaret-vamp piano. It’s an image ineluctably stuck in the 1960s, when most aspiring Brazilian musicians looked to America’s West Coast ‘cool jazz’ scene for inspiration, listening to artists such as the Modern Jazz Quartet, Chet Baker, Paul Winter, Jimmy Giuffre and Stan Getz. Of course there were Brazilian jazz musicians in the 1960s whose work was highly original and owed little or nothing to bossa nova, obvious examples being Victor Assis Brasil and Dom Salvador, the only two ‘old-school’ players present in this compilation.

– The Wild Hunt [Reissue/2013] 2xLP (Century Media)
Vinyl reissue of the black metal band’s fifth album.

>Vinyl Williams
- Brunei LP+MP3 (Company)
This album uses lush, Islam-influenced pop music to spread harmonious qualities with the world, to ultimately benefit the human psyche and physiology. Lyrically, the album is written mainly from the perspective of an incorporeal being from Xol, the gravity cluster orbiting the star Alnilam (the center of the Orion constellation), which represents purely harmonious patterns. [Limited color vinyl edition also available.]

>Blind Owl Wilson
- Blind Owl Wilson LP (Mississippi/Sutro Park)
Blind Owl Wilson was a truly great guitarist and vocalist whose deep well of psychedelic blues songs were buried amongst the catalog of major label rockin' blues band Canned Heat. Blind Owl served as Canned Heat's guitarist and would chip in a song here and there as a frontman. A couple of those songs became huge hits in the '60s—"Going Up The Country" and "On The Road Again." Blind Owl's songs for Canned Heat stood in stark contrast to the band’s blustery blues rock—his was a gentle and nuanced voice and the themes of his song were all about personal heartbreak, grasping for cosmic understanding, and ecological justice. Here we have an LP of Blind Owl's songs from Canned Heat's records—left to sit alone and take you somewhere unexpected.

>Frank Zappa
- Hot Rats [Reissue/1969] LP (Zappa Records)
Hot Rats cemented Frank Zappa as a musical force to be reckoned with. The album, recorded on a prototype 16-track recorder, sounds as fresh and sonically superior on this 180gm audiophile edition as it did when first released in 1969. Blending rock and jazz stylings with top call studio musicians, it opened the door to rock fusion while putting FZ on the guitar player map. Captain Beefheart makes a special guest appearance.
>John Zorn
– Naked City [Reissue/1990] LP (1972)
Released in 1990 on Nonesuch, Naked City bears a stark cover photograph by Weegee—noted for his unsparing images of New York crime scenes—and features one of the more staggering “rock” lineups ever assembled: Zorn on alto saxophone, guitarist Bill Frisell, bassist Fred Frith, drummer Joey Baron, keyboardist Wayne Horvitz, and vocalist Yamatsuka Eye.
released 12 AUGUST 2016
>CDs + Vinyl:

The Amity Affliction – This Could Be Heartbreak CD/LP+MP3 (Roadrunner)
New album from the Australian metalcore band.

– Fishing Blues CD/3xLP+MP3 (Rhymesayers)
Fishing Blues has an inspired feeling to it, with elements of blues, gospel and funk all taking part in creating the overall sound. Boasting an 18-song track list with nothing under two minutes long, Atmosphere have offered enough music to satisfy after the two-year break following their previous album.” – Slug Magazine
>Black Tape For A Blue Girl
– These Fleeting Moments CD (Metropolis)
On their 30th anniversary, Black Tape For A Blue Girl return to their evocative ethereal, neoclassical, gothic roots with an album exploring the existential predicaments of time's passage, choices questioned, and loves lost. Original vocalist Oscar Herrera rejoins the band after a 17-year absence.

>Blind Pilot
– And Then Like Lions CD/LP (ATO)
“It's been nearly five years since the charming Portland folk-pop band Blind Pilot released its second and most recent album,
We Are The Tide, and that record's roiling title track has only recently begun popping up in beer commercials. Given that the band used to tour up and down the West Coast via bicycle, it should come as no surprise that Blind Pilot is accustomed to taking its time. And Then Like Lions is band's third album and first new release for a big label. Its grower of an opening track, ‘Umpqua Rushing,’ points to a softer, dreamier direction for Blind Pilot. It's a hazy, quiet beauty that builds slowly but persistently — appropriate for a band that's long balanced rising-star status with the subtlety of a lifer with little to prove.” – WHRO/Virginia
– The Best Of CD (Six Degrees)
Based in Rio De Janeiro and with nominations for a Latin Grammy, Bossacucanova is a bossa nova/electronic hybrid group.

>Brendan Canning
– Home Wrecking Years CD/LP (Arts & Crafts)
New album from the co-founder of the Toronto supergroup Broken Social Scene – a backyard barbecue-ready indie affair with heavy summertime vibes. Smart and breezy four-minute pop tunes that run the gamut from ‘90s-era college rock to tropical baroque pop.

>Celtic Thunder
- Legacy Volume Two CD (Sony)
The second installment of Celtic Thunder's live performance series featuring many of the best-loved numbers from the group's nine standing-room-only tours. [Stand-alone DVD version also available.]

>Citizen Zero
- State Of Mind CD (Wind-Up)
Debut album from the Detroit rock band. “This album is filled with some seriously bitchin’ guitar riffs!” – Standing Room Only Magazine

>The City Yelps
– The City Yelps Half Hour CD (Emotional Response)
From Leeds, The City Yelps are a three-piece that plays bruising melodic post punk, resonant and raw, distilling the essence of Television Personalities and Swell Maps, with a nod to the pop sensibilities of Flying Nun greats The Clean. “The City Yelps are a brilliantly loud but lo-fi piece of fuzzed pop that seems as British as bedsits, bitter ale & biryani”—Noisey/Vice. [Vinyl edition was released by Odd Box Records in the UK in April this year.]

>Cool Ghouls
- Animal Races CD/LP (Empty Cellar)
For the uninitiated: Cool Ghouls play rock ’n’ roll. That’s about all there is to it. They’re California natives. They try to do a good job. They like to elevate and to get far out. They also like to keep it real. They like to make friends and have a good time. They don’t like bullsh*t. They want to keep growing and learning how to become more powerful musicians. This record reflects the discoveries they’ve made over the last five years.

>Dead C
– Trouble 2xCD/2xLP (Ba Da Bing!)
New album from the legendary lo-fi art rock trio. Previous albums like
Harsh 70s Reality and Trapdoor Fucking Exit, which date back more than 25 years, are paradigms of experimental, technically wonky rock. The Dead C abandon conventional song structure in favor of epic length, relentless guitar feedback, waves of fuzz, and disturbingly inhuman moaning. Their droning, crumbling soundscapes and long improvisational pieces turn each new album into a dark, engrossing experience. Trouble is no different: meticulously crafted but dirty as hell.
>Emerson, Lake & Palmer
– The Anthology 3xCD (BMG Rights Management)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer were one of the most successful, innovative and ground breaking British groups of the golden age of progressive rock. Produced by Greg Lake,
The Anthology gathers 39 tracks from the years 1970 to 1998.
>Front 242
- Pulse/Still & Raw [Reissue/2003] 2xCD (Alfa Matrix)
For the celebration of their 35th anniversary, Belgian electronic music pioneers Front 242 are reissuing several of their albums.

– Paramount CD/LP+MP3 (Triple B)
Debut album from the Orange County, CA hardcore group. RIYL: Embrace, Unbroken, Mental. [Limited color vinyl edition also available.]

– One Sock Missing [Reissue/1993] CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Grifters – Crappin’ You Negative [Reissue/1994] CD/LP (Fat Possum)
Originally coming together in 1990, the Grifters spent much of the following decade releasing four full-length albums (two for Memphis-based Shangri-La Records and two for Sub Pop) and touring the US and the world with bands such as Flaming Lips, Fugazi, Pavement, Guided By Voices, Jeff Buckley, Red Red Meat and many others. Certainly the most low-key (if not lo-fi) of the Grifters' early records, 1993's
One Sock Missing is less noisy and aggressive than its immediate predecessor, So Happy Together, but that doesn't mean it's mellow. Among the best albums to come out of the '90s lo-fi D.I.Y. scene, Crappin' You Negative ebbs and flows on oceans of spliced-and-diced vocal melodies and noisy guitar effects. The band's songs are confessional and psychedelic in equal measure, though the clicks of a four-track recorder still cue changes from verse to chorus to bridge.
>Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
– Farewell Aldeberan [Reissue/1969] CD/LP (Omnivore)
Farewell Aldebaran was brought to life by Judy Henske (dubbed “Queen of the Beatniks” by producer Jack Nitzsche) and Jerry Yester (The Association, Tim Buckley, Tom Waits), and co-produced with Lovin’ Spoonful alum, Zal Yanovsky (who also contributed guitar, bass and vocals). Among the many notable contributors are David Lindley, Paul Beaver (of the pioneering electronic music duo Beaver and Krause) and influential jazz bassist, Ray Brown. This is the first authorized and licensed reissue of this oft-bootlegged psych-folk classic—originally issued on Frank Zappa’s inventive Straight Records label—now remastered from the original tapes. From baroque pop to guitar-driven rockers, Farewell Aldebaran employs the use of instruments as unconventional as bowed banjos and hammered dulcimers to vocal samples on a Chamberlin tape organ to an early use of the Moog synthesizer on the title track. [Limited multi-color vinyl pressing also available.]
>The Fred Hersch Trio
- Sunday Night At The Vanguard CD (Palmetto)
Piano maestro Fred Hersch marks his 60th year with a creative surge, including new recording
Sunday Night At The Vanguard. Ebulliently playful and ravishingly lyrical, rhythmically elastic and harmonically exploratory, the trio plays with an extraordinary level of trust, assurance, high-wire poise and musicality throughout the set.
>Hey Mercedes
- Everynight Fire Works [Reissue/2001] CD/2xLP+MP3 (Run For Cover)
15 years after its initial release, Hey Mercedes’ debut Everynight Fire Works is back in print on CD and vinyl. Formed after the breakup of Braid by Bob Nanna, Mark Dawursk and Damon Atkinson, Hey Mercedes’ brand of emo-influenced alternative rock has stood the test of time as a more melodic but equally-as-important companion to the members’ first band. [Limited expanded color vinyl edition also available. Includes
The Weekend EP, which has never been available on vinyl, plus two cover songs.]
>Hockey Dad
– Boronia CD/LP+MP3 (Kanine)
Australian duo and Leisure Coast legends Hockey Dad release their debut album. Their story is simple: best mates first, band second, and their music flows from their surroundings: sunny and jangly guitar driven rock complete with anthemic choruses. Yet please do not mistake their laid-back vibes for anything but tight execution and a drive to share their good times with the world. [Limited blue color vinyl edition also available.]

– Dead Ringers CD/LP (Relapse)
Dead Ringers sees the one-man Chapel Hill, NC experimental project continuing to evolve while staying true to their distinctive sound. Written, produced, engineered, and mixed by the mastermind Jenks Miller, Dead Ringers finds Horseback weaving a bright web of drone, krautrock, shoegaze, metal and psychedelic elements, driven by wispy guitars, synths, beats, and clean vocals, and bolstered by dense layers of hypnotic resonance.
>House Of Waters
– House Of Waters CD (Ground Up)
House of Waters is a unique band from NYC. Part funky jamband, part Afrobeat and part pan-Asian. In a casually expert way, frontman Max ZT is the Hendrix of the hammered dulcimer, an instrument on which he is a former American national champion. Yet while American folk music informs his songwriting, his rippling, hypnotic, warmly psychedelic instrumentals draw on styles from around the globe.

>JEFF The Brotherhood
– Zone CD/LP (Dine Alone)
The third and final installment of their ‘spiritual trilogy,’
Zone is a van-rocking, bong-rattling slab that authentically captures a fiery mixture of ‘70s hard rock, ‘80s punk, ‘90’s grunge and indelible pop melodies. The album’s lead single, ‘Punishment,’ “highlights the band’s signature intensity with a wicked guitar solo soaked in synth and distortion, as heavy drumming pulses in the background. ‘I am irrelevant,’ Jake Orrall sings before the song suddenly ends — but a track that hits this hard proves otherwise” (Consequence Of Sound). “People like to lump us in with the garage thing, because there aren’t any other heavy rock bands that are playing the circuit that we’re playing,” says Jake Orrall. “But we’re not interested in playing three-chord punk or blues songs; we play hard rock, and we’re all about the pop hook. Bands like Foo Fighters, Weezer and Queens of the Stone Age — that’s who we aspire to be.”
>Cody Jinks
– I’m Not The Devil CD (Cody Jinks Music)
Cody Jinks' credible grit and meaningful tattoos are no fad. They define exactly who he really is:
someone who was raised on the sounds of country music and metal. [Vinyl edition due September 2.]

>Barney Kessel
- Live At The Jazz Mill 1954 CD/LP (Modern Harmonic)
Unearthed tape from a jazz icon. Even if you don't know Barney Kessel, you know Barney Kessel -- as a first-string member of the group of L.A. session musicians nicknamed “The Wrecking Crew,” Kessel's guitar is heard on just about every L.A.-based hit you'd care to name from the '60s, including songs by The Monkees and The Beach Boys' legendary
Smile LP. And that's Kessel's playing on the famous "fight music" from the Star Trek TV series. Live At The Jazz Mill 1954 catches Barney Kessel in the middle of his run at the Jazz Mill with a great four-piece band. [Limited color vinyl edition also available.]
>King Jammy
- Presents New Sounds Of Freedom CD/LP (VP)
New Sounds Of Freedom is a re-working of Black Uhuru’s 1977 classic Love Crisis featuring an array of contemporary vocal talents. The 10-track set blends the original audio with new lyrics that add a contemporary relevance and underscore the timeless quality of the originals. Each song is revamped with new lyrics from artists including Alborosie, Chronixx, Dre Island, Gentleman, Kabaka Pyramid and U Roy.
- Brothers & Sisters CD (Tru Thoughts)
Immersing themselves in their musical and multi-cultural heritages, Brighton-based collective Lakuta has roots that run through Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Malaysia, and Europe. The name Lakuta originates from Siggi's mother tongue and translates from Swahili to mean ‘to find, meet and share’. Referencing a fusion of musical styles, Lakuta draw on their funk, soul and world music backgrounds to unearth a conversation that explores modern and traditional approaches.

>Lando Chill
- For Mark, Your Son CD/LP (Mello Music)
When you listen to Lando Chill, you hear traces of Gil Scott-Heron, Pharoahe Monch, and The Roots. At times, his rollicking cadences and innate fight for melody feel like a one-man equivalent of The Pharcyde's
Labcabincalifornia. While the album's sepulchral finale feels like the most gorgeous song TV On The Radio never wrote. But mostly, For Mark, Your Son makes the ascendance of a singular talent, fusing scattered influences into a coherent vision, an artist scarred by his experiences but healing through his broken poems. Lando has the gift of writing disconsolate spirituals non-denominational prayers, a Unitarian Gospel that can't help but leave you feeling whole.
>Macula Dog
- Why Do You Look Like Your Dog? CD/LP (Wharf Cat)
Macula Dog is a four person electronic duo from NYC, making music that is just as much pop as the performers are human -- it's unclear. Mechanical instrumentation played with an inebriated-mule-like precision. “They create the kind of music you imagine the Devo-loving shift manager at a cryogenics warehouse would play late at night.” -- Noisey/Vice

>Justin Moore
- Kinda Don't Care CD (Valory)
New album from the country singer/songwriter and ACM New Artist Of The Year. [CD is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds five bonus tracks.]

– The Masterplan [Reissue/1998] CD/2xLP+MP3 (Big Brother Recordings Ltd.)
Oasis - Heathen Chemistry [Reissue/2002] CD/2xLP (Big Brother Recordings Ltd.)
Back in print on CD and 180gm vinyl.

>of Montreal
– Innocence Reaches CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Polyvinyl)
Innocence Reaches begins with a query. “How do you identify?” coos a robotic voice over a strikingly modern mix of bright synthpop and surging rave. The question too feels very of its time—as outdated ideas about gender and attraction are being overturned—but it's also a fair ask whenever of Montreal debuts an album. The project's 14th LP follows two full decades of mercurial creative mania: swallowing up '60s psych-pop, Prince-ly funk, and glammy prog in turn; morphing freely between full-band affair and cloistered confessional booth; comprising lyrics both painfully personal and absurdly fantastical; and recently drawing site-specific inspiration from culture capitals like San Francisco or New York City. The thread that runs through it all is Athens, GA's Kevin Barnes, and Innocence Reaches finds him at his most light-hearted in years, working a Parisian stint, Top 40 sounds, and his newfound single status into the kaleidoscopic swirl. Even as he continues to sift the sonic and emotional detritus of his past, Barnes sums up his current mood in the opener's title: “let's relate.” [Limited color vinyl also available.]
>Thee Oh Sees
- A Weird Exits CD/2xLP (Castle Face)
New release from John Dwyer's Thee Oh Sees - the first studio recordings to capture the muscular rhythm section of twin drummers Ryan Moutinho and Dan Rincon with ringer bassist Tim Hellman cracking spines. The groove and bludgeon one has come to expect from the band's live shows is captured seamlessly here-they go from zero to head-splitter, and on the rare occasions they do let up on the gas a bit, you're treated to some locked-in hypnotizers, too. The guitar sounds more colossal and ethereal at the same time, riding roughshod over the vacuum-sealed rhythm section, spiraling skywards, and diving into the emerald depths so quick your guts tingle. Synths, strings and smoke-soaked things crawl behind the scenes to make an extra far-out party platter.

>The Pineapple Thief
– Your Wilderness CD/LP (Kscope)
“The aptly titled Your Wilderness sees The Pineapple Thief in a period of rediscovery. Recent predecessors have paralleled the paths of contemporaries Porcupine Tree and Anathema: lessening the progressive rock influences in favor of more electronic and alternative music styles. This has made for more straightforward outcomes, but now finally given way to more adventurous songwriting, due mainly to the addition of a new band member. Drumming legend and Porcupine Tree alumnus Gavin Harrison joins the Pineapple Thief ranks, injecting new life into a band dangerously close to a stalemate.” – Sputnik Music

>Rae Sremmurd
- SremmLife 2 CD (Eardruma/Interscope)
SremmLife 2 is the follow-up to brothers Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi’s platinum selling album SremmLife which debuted atop Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Rap albums chart, while cracking the Top 5 on the Top 200 Albums chart its first week. Executive produced by Mike WiLL Made-It (Rihanna, Beyoncé, 2 Chainz). [CD is available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe adds two bonus tracks.]
>Ruby The RabbitFoot
– Divorce Party CD/LP+MP3 (Normaltown)
Divorce Party is the third full-length release by the enigmatic Los Angeles-based songstress, Ruby Kendrick aka Ruby The RabbitFoot. Following 2014’s critically lauded New As Dew, the new collection of songs finds Ruby further evolving and focusing the pop sensibilities that permeated her earlier releases. Co-produced by Andy LeMaster (R.E.M., Bright Eyes, The Faint) and Nicolas Dobbratz (Yip Deceiver, of Montreal), the lean grooves, razor-sharp lyrics and glittering melodies that have become synonymous with Ruby remain intact, but with exciting new explorations into the electro-pop realm. “I want this to be a soundtrack for anyone going through a transition,” Ruby says of Divorce Party. “Even though there’s this connotation of disruption and heartbreak, divorce parties have a celebratory energy. Every person that we love teaches us, so when it’s time to part ways I think it’s beautiful to appreciate everything we’ve gained from the experience. I wrote these songs in a period of separation from a love. I want to release them into the world as a celebration of all that I learned during that time.”
>Savior Adore
- The Love That Remains CD/LP+MP3 (Nettwork)
“Savoir Adore” is French for “to know love” -- a lofty moniker, but an idea that has always been at the heart of the band’s romantic, imaginative pop music. Led by Paul Hammer, the ever-evolving Brooklyn based project continues its journey through magical dream worlds and vivid musical landscapes.

>Dylan Scott
– Dylan Scott CD (Curb)
Debut album from the mainstream country singer -- one of Spotify's ‘Spotlight on 2016 Country Artists’.

>Spin Adrift
- Chained To Oblivion CD/LP (Prosthetic/War Crime)
Spirit Adrift was created by Nate Garrett, who cut his teeth in the (humid) south, in a melting pot of doom, sludge, psychedelic rock and hardcore punk, where bands like Black Sabbath, EYEHATEGOD and Neurosis were guides. Psychedelic currents ebb and flow throughout passages of unrelenting doom and entrancing tragedy.


Paul Thorn - The Best Of Paul Thorn 2xCD (Perpetual Obscurity)
The Best Of Paul Thorn is a double-disc release including all of Paul's fan favorites on one disc, and a bonus disc that includes his live performance at the historic Ryman Auditorium.
>Various Artists
- Bad Boy Entertainment: 20 Years – The Box Set 5xCD (Bad Boy)
Sean “Diddy” Combs aka Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Entertainment celebrates their 20+ year legacy as an authority on hip-hop and R&B culture. Includes the hits “I Need A Girl,” “Juicy,” “I Don’t Wanna Know,” “Hypnotize,” “Money, Power, Respect,” “Peaches & Cream,” “Can’t You See,” “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix),” “Love Like This,” “Feel So Good,” “Pop That,” “Damaged,” and “I’ll Be Missing You,” from artists including Puff Daddy, The Notorious B.I.G., Craig Mack, Faith Evans, Total, Carl Thomas, Mase, 112, The Lox, Cassie, Janelle Monáe, Danity Kane, Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana and many other Bad Boy artists.

>Various Artists
– The Cole Slaw Club: The Big Rhythm & Blues Revue CD/LP+7” (Bear Faimly)
17 tracks compiled by Baster from the Komet Musikbar in St. Pauli (Hamburg) Germany, and initiator of ‘The Cole Slaw Club’ at the very same venue. For the club’s fifth anniversary he picked a selection of R&B, popcorn, soul and tittyshake favorites. All re-mastered.

>Various Artists
- Derrick Harriott Rock Steady 1966-1969 CD/LP (Dubstore)
A selection of magical rocksteady music from one of the masters of the genre and one of the forerunners in Jamaican, Derrick Harriott, along with a stellar cast. A stunning selection of some of his rocksteady classics from between 1966 and 1969 is featured on this release ranging from Derrick's biggest hits such as “Solomon” and “Do I Worry” and the legendary Keith & Tex with “Stop That Train” and “Tonight” to sought after obscurities including Junior Soul's “Glendevon Special” and “Magic Touch” and instrumentals from Bobby Ellis.

- Nowhere Now CD/LP+MP3 (30th Century/Sony)
Debut full-length from Oakland-based singer/songwriter Nate Salman aka Waterstrider.
Nowhere Now caught the attention and ears of Danger Mouse who subsequently signed Nate to his label 30th Century Records. A bright, glistening blend of indie-alternative.
>Ann Wilson
– Ann Wilson Thing! 2 CDEP (Rounder)
The lead-singer of Heart returns with the second EP in her ongoing series
The Ann Wilson Thing! The project features covers of such artists as Peter Gabriel and Jimi Hendrix, as well as two brand new original tracks penned by Wilson and her guitarist/producer, Craig Bartock. This EP sees the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee delving deeper into the music that has influenced her

>Young The Giant
– Home Of The Strange CD/LP+MP3 (Fueled By Ramen)
Los Angeles quintet Young the Giant continue to brave new sonic landscapes with their wildly adventurous third album
Home Of The Strange. On this new release, the band explores their expansive musicianship with boldly eclectic arrangements anchored by a keen melodic presence. Thematically, Home Of The Strange builds from the opening track “Amerika,” a song inspired by Franz Kafka's posthumously published and unfinished novel of the same name. The members of Young The Giant are all the sons of immigrants, with a majority of the band being first generation Americans. They can relate to Kafka's story of Karl, a sixteen year old who flees Germany under uncertain circumstances. He becomes a stowaway on a ship headed to NY and the book tells the tale of a bizarre coming of age story of a boy caught between the cultures of two worlds, struggling to belong. To direct the band's continued evolution, they collaborated with producer Alex Salibian (Elle King, Mikky Ekko) and Executive Producer Jeff Bhaskar, 2016 Grammy winner for Producer of the Year.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Celtic Thunder - Legacy Volume Two DVD (Sony)
The second installment of Celtic Thunder's live performance series featuring many of the best-loved numbers from the group's nine standing-room-only tours.

>Keep Records TV Presents: So Indie – Honolulu
DVD (Keep Records, LLC)
This feature-length documentary by Anthony Wallace follows independent hip hop artists ILLIS IT, Syntax Vernac, Tonsofun, DrewID, and Dar (along with label staff) on their Hawaiian tour during the week of Record Store Day in 2014. Giving you a glimpse of what it's like to tour with an indie label in one of the most beautiful locations in the world; this film is for the adventure seeker, traveler, musician, and risk-taker in all of us.

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Steve Adamyk Band
– Graceland LP (Graceland)
Blame Canada. Or for that matter, Ottawa. The Capital's kings of punk-power-fuzz are back and better than ever.

>Bad Sports
– Living With Secrets 12” (Dirtnap)
Living With Secrets is another step forward for Bad Sports -- moving away from both the ebullient punk/power pop of 2011's Kings Of The Weekend and the anything-goes grimy punk of 2014's Bras, this EP is their darkest, most powerful, and weirdest. The lyrics are bleak and desperate, but the music is more dangerously catchy than ever.
>Barb Wire Dolls
- Desperate LP (Motörhead Music)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Electrifying rock of this magnitude did not go unnoticed by the elder statesman of the Sunset Strip, the incomparable, irreplaceable Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. After seeing Barb Wire Dolls live, Lemmy took an immediate interest in the band and placed them under his supportive wing.

>Dierks Bently
– Black LP (Capital Nashville)
New release from the multi-platinum selling country singer/songwriter. The slow-smoked grit of Bentley’s voice keeps the album rooted in country music, while it also appeals to audiences far beyond the boundaries with fresh sonic textures that flourish on the edge of arena rock.

– Demo 7” (Deranged)
Omaha, Nebraska, conjures up images of steak, Warren Buffet, and Saddle Creek Records. One doesn’t think of hardcore punk. In comes Bib — noisey, blown-out hardcore from the middle of nowhere. Adhering to the “everything louder than everything else” approach, Bib’s colossal riffs sound like an avalanche when the bottom drops. Squirmy, effect-laden vocals veer from the huge to the weird.

>Carla Bley/Andy Sheppard/Steve Swallow
- Andando el Tiempo LP (ECM)
Released in May on CD – now available on vinyl. New music of wide emotional compass by the NEA Jazz Master. The trio with Sheppard and Swallow has been an ideal vehicle for Carla’s writing for more than 20 years and also provides one of the best contexts for her unique piano playing.

>The Bloodhound Gang
- Hooray For Boobies [Reissue/1999] LP (MVD Audio)
Limited vinyl reissue of The Bloodhound Gang’s third album.
Hooray For Boobies is grounded in the alternative rock, rapcore, and electronica genres, with prominent rap-metal guitar riffs, samples, electronic instrumentation, and lyrics rife with toilet humor.
- Choice Cuts [Reissue/1998] 2xLP (Earache)
13 of the grindcore band’s most impressive tracks throughout their career, culled from their five full-length studio albums released between 1988 - 1995, along with two full Peel Sessions from 1989 and 1990.

- Fist In The Air 2x7” (Brutal Panda)
New EP from the Austin, TX cult noise rock kings. Produced by Mike McCarthy (Spoon, ....And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead) with remixes by Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington and $hit and $hine. “Another warm f*ck you from the venerable Cherubs.” Limited color vinyl.

– I Will Become LP (InVogue)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Convictions is a five-piece Christian metalcore act from Ohio.

– F*cked Up Donald 7” (Sudden Death)
Can it get worse before it gets better? Good question? D.O.A., Canada’s punk pioneers think it can get worse. So that’s why they have re-visited one of their classic tunes. The end result is a blazing 85 second punk rock commentary on Donald Trump, taking him to task for anti-Mexican, anti-women, stances amongst his many other egregious ill-informed opinions.

>Feed Her To The Sharks
– Fortitude [2015] LP (Victory)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Frenzied yet melodic metal with technical prowess from Melbourne, Australia.

>John Frusciante
– Foregrow 12” (Acid Test)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Frusciante uses elements of John Carpenter's eternal scores, the drum programming DNA of jungle and footwork, and a Roland TB-303 to craft a lurching, lysergic beauty.

– Jazzmatazz Volume 1 [Reissue/1993] LP (Virgin)
Jazzmatazz, Volume 1 is a jazz rap album from Guru, one-half of the duo, Gang Starr. This album is one of the first albums to combine a live jazz band with hip-hop production and rapping. The set brought together a diverse group of jazz cats both old-school and new, including Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd, Lonnie Liston Smith, Ronny Jordan, and Courtney Pine. Part of UMe’s ongoing Respect The Classics vinyl reissue campaign.
>Daryl Hall/John Oates
- The Very Best Of [2001] 2xLP (Sony Legacy)
Limited edition 150gm gray and blue color vinyl reissue of the Platinum-certified hits collection. 18 greatest hits by the all-time #1 best-selling duo. Includes "You Make My Dreams," "Rich Girl," "Maneater" and many more. Packaged in a gatefold jacket with photos and liner notes.

>The Highwaymen
– Highwayman [Reissue/1985] LP (Sundazed)
The Highwaymen – Highwayman 2 [Reissue/1990] LP (Sundazed)
180gm vinyl reissues of the country supergroup’s (Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson) first two albums.

>Iron Claw
- Iron Claw 2xLP (Rockadrome)
“This Scottish band is just ridiculously heavy and I think it's a travesty that the sixteen songs they wrote around 1970/1971 never got an official release until 2009. This whole album is just breathtaking (Terrorizer). “Sixteen pulverizingly heavy early masterpieces of dirty doom metal, this is a can't miss package for all fans of heavy psych, proto-metal and the early days of doom rock.” -- The Ripple Effect

>Laser Background
- Correct LP (La Societe Expeditionnaire)
The brainchild of Philadelphia's Andy Molholt, Laser Background has spent the past three years creating recordings, touring the US, and sharing strange and fantastic videos. Throughout the course of his new LP
Correct, Molholt further unravels the sonic envelope, hinting at influence from the likes of Syd Barrett, Koji Kondo. RIYL: Animal Collective, Devo, Pink Floyd. 180gm.
>Little Richard
- The Explosive Little Richard [Reissue/1967] 2xLP (Bear Family)
180gm double-vinyl reissue Little Richard’s mid- ‘60s comeback album and his first LP under the label of the revitalized Columbia subsidiary, OKeh.

>Jeff McDonald
- Jeff McDonald LP (Bang!)
Jeff Mcdonald, co-leader of Redd Kross, recorded this self-titled music gem back in 1997 in Los Angeles and now it is available on vinyl for the very first time. Recorded between Redd Kross' masterpieces
Phaseshifter and Show World, that is exactly what this record sounds like, a mix between both albums. Spine shivering melodies full of rock, glam, pop melodies, choruses and beauty.
>Meet Your Death
- Meet Your Death LP (12XU)
Playing genuinely evil rock n’ roll that draws equally from The Scientists and the deep roots of American blues and jazz, Meet Your Death is the antidote to feeble contemporary hot dog and burger rock and middling pseudo-psyche jams.

>The Monkees
– Good Times! LP (Rhino)
Recently released on CD – now available on 180gm vinyl.
Good Times! by The Monkees is the band's first new album in 20 years and tied to their 50th anniversary. The album finds all three surviving band members (Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith, and Peter Tork) taking turns on lead vocals, playing a wide range of instruments, and sharing new compositions. The unmistakable voice of the late Davy Jones is also included with a vintage vocal on the Neil Diamond-penned “Love To Love.” Much like The Monkees' early albums, Good Times! features tracks written specifically for the band by some of the music world's most gifted songwriters, including Rivers Cuomo of Weezer (“She Makes Me Laugh”), Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie (“Me & Magdalena”), Andy Partridge of XTC (“You Bring The Summer”), as well as a song co-written by Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller (“Birth Of An Accidental Hipster”).
>Thomas Newman
- The Shawshank Redemption: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [1994] 2xLP (Spacelab9)
Newman's iconic score is pitch-perfect, expertly balancing sadness, despair, humor and exaltation as it nurtures and enriches a film that is now considered to be an all-time dramatic masterpiece. First time on vinyl.

- Cold Line b/w T.V.O.D. 7" (Goner)
A teaser 7” to the upcoming second album from Memphis’ Nots. Features an alternate version of the album cut “Cold Line,” backed with a cover of The Normal's “T.V.O.D.”

>Cecil Otter
- Dear Echo LP+MP3 (Doomtree)
New solo album from Cecil Otter, a member of Minneapolis hip-hop collective Doomtree.
Includes three brand new songs and their corresponding instrumentals, with all production, songwriting, vocals, and artwork handled masterfully by Cecil. Limited-edition standard weight white vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

- Nineteen Eighty Eight LP (Theologian/Hardline Entertainment)
Vinyl-only collection of the West Coast punk band’s early recordings, including the EPs
A Word From The Wise (1989) and Wildcard (1992) along with tracks from the Soul Arch compilation (1994) which features their cover of Black Flag's “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie.” Opaque blue color vinyl.
>The Ronettes
– The Ronettes Featuring Veronica [Reissue/1961] LP (Bear Family)
Led by singer Veronica Bennett, The Ronettes released a string of hit records produced by Phil Spector in the ‘60s. This vinyl reissue of their 1961 debut full-length features the alternate European cover from the 1965 reissue.

>Spirit Adrift
– Chained To Oblivion 2xLP (War Crime)
Spin Adrift was created by Nate Garrett, who cut his teeth in the (humid) south, in a melting pot of doom, sludge, psychedelic rock & hardcore punk, where bands like Black Sabbath, Eyehategod and Neurosis were guides. His 2016 EP
Behind-Beyond received immediate raves from Metal Hammer (“Stunning work—sure to pique the interest with it’s gorgeous, fuzzed out progressions,”) and Noisey/Vice (“…the tracks unfurl purposefully and with grace to paint a desert-tinted portrait of American doom”). Psychedelic currents ebb & flow throughout passages of unrelenting doom and entrancing tragedy.
>Sunny Day Real Estate
– How It Feels To Be Something On [Reissue/1998] LP+MP3/Cassette (Sub Pop)
“Sunny Day Real Estate admired Fugazi's ethics, but dreamed of being Led Zeppelin and U2, bands that aspired for total transcendence—something they finally achieved on
How It Feels To Be Something On.” [Best New Reissue/8.8] – Pitchfork
>Claudia Thompson
– Goodbye To Love [Reissue/1959] LP (Modern Harmonic)
Claudia Thompson's 1959 Edsel release
Goodbye To Love features playing by Barney Kessel and a collection of smooth standards, including "Stormy Weather," "Body And Soul," "If I Should Lose You," and "The Morning After." An appealingly polished selection of jazzy pop songs.
>Those Things
– 1985 7” (Sudden Death)
Hailing from Vancouver BC and armed with pop sensibilities, punk energy and power-metal riffage, Those Things is singer/guitarist Carly Tre (Cobweb Society), guitarist Jeff Speers (Racer Ten), bassist Ken Burke (Randy Bachman, Raffi), and powerhouse drummer Ray Hartmann (Annihilator).

– Manifesto Rumoratorio LP (Siltbreeze)
When we last heard from Pietro La Rocca, he was honing his inscrutable craft with the unflinchingly great Sicilian ensemble, Oper’azione Nafta, whose Cavuru forged the skree of High Rise with the yelp of Sun City Girls. On
Manifesto Rumoratorio, La Rocca teams up with ex-pat Polish vocalist Patrycja Stefanek with the results running the gamut from agog to agape. Utilizing a small array of gadgets (Walkman, delays, toys, and tapes) in conjunction with voice and guitar, the results simmer in an ardor of abstract improvisational babble—think Vetza/Joe Potts (LAFMS), Jim French/Diamanda Galás on Metalanguage, Joan La Barbara/Bruce Ditmas on Wizard Records, or Suckdog. Polarizing? Sure, but like the deep end of the pool, it’s great once you get in.
>Trust Punks
– Double Blind LP (Wharf Cat)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Trust Punks’ new album,
Double Bind, reveals the band on a tear through an Australasia that's a precarious and nasty place for the young and the restless. This Heat, Polvo, and Can, to Wire, The Birthday Party and Stereolab—it's all in here, synthesized and absorbed into something new and hungry. "Double Bind scratches at nastier surfaces—the corroded post-hardcore Slint of mouth-breather Britt Walford, rather than David Pajo's ambient leanings—and administers scathing self-scrutiny to the band's existence & environs."—Pitchfork
>Various Artists
– The Depression Sessions LP (Nuclear Blast)
The Depressions Sessions is a new compilation featuring six never before released tracks, one original and one cover each from the three featured bands: Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain and Fit For An Autopsy. The unique cover versions draw on material by such artists as Soundgarden ("Black Hole Sun"), Nine Inch Nails ("The Perfect Drug") and Rammstein ("Du Hast").
>Various Artists
- Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Live Volume 1 LP (Time Life)
A selection of ten live tracks culled from the history of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s induction ceremony spanning 1993-2009. All-star, jam-filled performances by Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Cream, Tom Petty, Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, Metallica and James Taylor, pressed on purple color vinyl (in honor of Prince).

>Vetiver/Wolf People
– Live At Pickathon LP (Easy Sound)
Woods/The Men – Live At Pickathon LP (Easy Sound)
A limited one-time pressings on black 150gm vinyl featuring each artist on their own side. Original cover artwork by long-time Pickathon artist Travis Bone of Furturtle. These are the third and fourth releases of the ongoing Live At Pickathon vinyl-only series.

>Neil Young
– Earth 3xLP (Reprise)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Earth features performances of songs from a range of Young's albums, including last year's The Monsanto Years, 1990's Ragged Glory, and 1970's After The Gold Rush. The audio was captured during Young's 2015 tour with The Promise Of The Real, fronted by Lukas Nelson (vocals/guitar) and Micah Nelson (guitar, vocals) -- Willie Nelson's sons. A new take on some of Young's most beloved songs, Earth features the live recordings, along with added musical overdubs, as well as sounds of the earth, such as city sounds like car horns, sounds of insects, and animal sounds from bears, birds, crickets, bees, horses, cows -- creating a very strange, yet beautiful atmosphere.
released 05 AUGUST 2016
>CDs + Vinyl:

65daysofstatic - No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe 2xCD (Laced)
Soundtrack to the video game
No Man’s Sky. 10 tracks of original music, plus a collection of six soundscapes that power the game's unique music engine.
>The 7
th Plain – Chronicles I CD/2xLP (A-Ton)
A-Ton is a new edition and platform of Berghain's in-house imprint Ostgut Ton, focusing on ambient, archive and alternative music, differing from the club-focused records on the main label.
Chronicles I marks the start of a series from Luke Slater's The 7th Plain moniker, with remastered, previously released and unheard archive material. First published on General Production Recordings between 1993 and 1996, Slater's The 7th Plain pushed the further burgeoning genre of ambient music towards its boundaries by not limiting itself to mostly beat-less synth pads, but by including propulsive beat progressions, nuanced rhythms and subtle melodies.
>American Young
- AY CD (Curb)
American Young is the country singer/songwriter duo of Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone, both of whom had some success as Nashville songwriters before joining forces in 2013. Osmunson, a fiddle player, had been a member of the group Bomshel and had her songs recorded by Jory + Rory, among others, while Stone was an in-demand producer who had written songs recorded by Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, and others.

>Anna & Elizabeth
- Sun To Sun [Reissue/2012] CD (Free Dirt)
Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle have made a name for themselves around the world, bringing bright new light to Appalachian old-time story and song. Originally released in 2012 and out of print until now, the duo's debut album includes 13 ballads, lullabies and dance tunes from the Southern tradition, featuring gorgeous ballad singing and banjo playing from Elizabeth and impressive vocals and fiddle, banjo and guitar from Anna.

– Morning Report CD/LP+MP3 (Last Gang)
Hailing from a gritty industrial town, Arkells have notched four Juno Awards and a Gold Record on their sweat-rusted belts, proving there's still a place for passionate, no bullsh*t rock 'n' soul in the mainstream. (In 2015, they were the most-played band on Canadian alt-rock radio.) But the group's new album,
Morning Report, betrays a more irreverent, adventurous ethos that more readily recalls the cut-and-paste approach of hip-hop beatmakers than the plug-and-play attack of a live rock band, with click-tracked rhythms, subliminal samples, electronic pulses, and sax and violins threaded into the richly textured mix. “It’s a weird time to be a rock band right now,” observes lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Max Kerman. “Tony Hoffer (Beck, M83) once told us ‘Rock music has actually become the most conservative genre.’ Those words really struck me because he’s right. Sonically it hasn’t evolved much and lyrically it’s easy to get away without saying much either. In writing these songs we didn’t want to feel beholden to any expectations from the ‘rock godz’. If it didn’t feel fresh and exciting, it didn’t make the cut. We have no interest in making the same record twice. The most exciting part about making something new is trying different sh*t and exploring spaces we haven’t been to yet.”
- Tide Ripples CD (Home Normal)
Tide Ripples is a completely different beast than anything else on Home Normal. In collaboration with the beautiful vocals of Rima Kato, Tide Ripples is melodic and shows a playful use of guitar with minimal effects. It is a very direct album, retaining a tender purity which doesn't happen often given the recent output of over-produced records.
- Piece Of Time [Reissue/1990] CD+DVD (Season Of Mist)
New deluxe reissue of the technical death metal band’s debut album, expanded with nine demos and a DVD of rehearsals and live tracks.

– Omega/Whatever CD/LP (Egg Hunt)
With four songwriters, four singers, and 11 tracks of guitar-saturated rock & roll, Avers' second album,
Omega/Whatever, is proof that there's strength in numbers.
>The B-52's
- Live! 8.24.1979 CD (Real Gone Music)
The B-52’s’ second official live album, recorded at The Berklee Center in Boston, Massachusetts, before the release of their second album,
Wild Planet. [Vinyl edition was issued last November as a Black Friday Record Store Day release.]
>Black Sabbath
– Black Sabbath [Reissue/1970] CD/LP (red) (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Paranoid [Reissue/1970] CD/LP (blue) (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Master Of Reality [Reissue/1971] CD/LP (green) (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Vol. 4 [Reissue/1972] CD/LP (orange) (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath [Reissue/1973] CD/LP (blue) (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Sabotage [Reissue/1975] CD/LP (purple) (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy [Reissue/1976] CD/LP (white) (Rhino)
Black Sabbath – Never Say Die [Reissue/1978] CD/LP (gray) (Rhino)
Digitally remastered reissues now available. [Limited color vinyl editions are also available.]

– Southern Native CD (Loud & Proud)
Blackfoot is an American Southern rock band from Jacksonville, Florida originally formed in 1970’s by Rickey Medlocke, current lead guitarist of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Though they are primarily a Southern rock band, Blackfoot has always been defined by their hard rock edge. In 2012, Medlocke recruited a completely new line-up of the band for their new album,
Southern Native.
>Bloody Hammers
- Lovely Sort Of Death CD (Napalm)
Dark occult rock.

>Blues Pills
– Lady In Gold CD/LP (Nuclear Blast)
Ultimately comprising members from Sweden, the US, and France, this retro-flavored blues-rock quartet was originally founded as a trio in 2011 when the former rhythm section of Iowa act Radio Moscow -- Zack Anderson and Cory Berry -- recorded a demo with vocalist Elin Larsson in her Swedish hometown of Orebro. While Larsson claimed that her soul-inspired vocals were influenced by artists such as Big Mama Thornton, Etta James, and Aretha Franklin, the press continued to compare Blues Pills, as a whole, to acts such as Big Brother & The Holding Company, Led Zeppelin, and Free. Their new album Lady In Gold follows their eponymous 2014 debut. “The title track ‘Lady In Gold’ opens in classic Blues Pills style but is afforded more than a sprinkling of production mastery providing a truly tremendous and catchy sound indeed. Hooks a plenty will captivate your imagination, but Dorian Sorriaux and his tremendously skillful guitar contribution keeps the obvious ‘60s influence firmly embedded in this century. I love this track as an introduction because the wonderful vocal capability of Elin Larsson. – Silver Tiger Media

>Haley Bonar
– Impossible Dream CD/LP+MP3 (Gndwire)
Bonar’s new self-produced sixth album was tracked live-to-tape with her five piece band at the legendary Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN and mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TVOTR) and Robbie Lackritz (Feist, Bahamas). The songs on
Impossible Dream tell stories within stories, sitting side each other like Russian nesting dolls, of sexuality, lost youth, teenage parenthood, the lines of social disorder for women, and the terror of jealousy and suspicion.
>Anthony Braxton
- Live At The Rainbow Gallery ’79 CD (Hi Hat)
Anthony Braxton live at the Rainbow Gallery, Minneapolis in September of 1979. Having made his name as one of America's most uncompromising and prolific jazz modernists, by the late '70s Chicago-born saxophonist-composer Anthony Braxton had long since abandoned attempts to categorize his work, preferring it simply to be termed "creative music". Combining elements of minimalism, free jazz and modern classical with virtuoso technique and fiery intensity, he worked solo and with bands and orchestras throughout the '70s. This release presents the entire set originally broadcasted on KBEM-FM at the end of the decade.

>The Cadillac Three
- Bury Me In My Boots CD/2xLP (Big Machine)
Comprised of Nashville natives Jaren Johnston (lead vocals), Neil Mason (percussion) and Kelby Ray (lap steel), The Cadillac Three is known for their electric intensity and songwriting proclivity. The band enlisted a bevy of Nashville’s top songwriters for their new album,
Bury Me In My Boots, which was recorded at Abbey Road’s legendary Studio 3.
- Phantom Of Liberty CD/LP+CD (Bureau B) Camera is rightly compared to Neu! and La Düsseldorf, with a tight and driving sound, yet somehow unpredictable, they mutate tiny musical nuances into volcanic eruptions. On the band’s third album, Phantom of Liberty, they employ clever use of playful sounds such as synths that beam the listener back into the Commodore 64 computer games of 1984; or slightly cranky keyboard pads, as if created by deliberately manipulating the speed of an old tape machine. [Limited blue and yellow color vinyl editions also available.]
- Slow Death CD/LP (Nuclear Blast)
New album from the San Diego metal quintet.

- Spend The Night With… CD/LP (Sacred Bones)
Cheena testify to a long history of New York nights, trading insults and borrowing beer at rooftop parties that began years ago. There's plenty of New York in this band -- Lou Reed's better glam punches found a jawline or two among them, the heavy handed playing of the Dolls, and that particular manner of NY glam you can hear in Kiss -- that's all in Cheena.
Spend The Night With... is a soundtrack to nights where revelry and lust are never isolated from poor decisions and vanity, where the grave sincerity of a bathroom confession explodes into cruelty and hysteria, nights on busy streets or crowded subway cars colored with elegant ambition and constrained by the practicality of street smarts.
>The Cobra Lamps
– The Cobra Lamps EP CDEP/12” (A. Records)
Barrie Cadogan, frontman for garage-surf-soul outfit Little Barrie, presents
The Cobra Lamps EP, his first solo release. Barrie has developed a reputation as the premier go-to alt-rock guitar wingman for the likes of Primal Scream, Johnny Marr, Morrissey, Edwyn Collins, Damo Suzuki and Spiritualized amongst many others. The four songs he set aside for this EP found Barrie indulging his interest in Skip Spence, The Byrds’ The Notorious Brothers album (1968), Ennio Morricone and Dion. [Limited green vinyl edition also available.]
>Creative Adult
– Fear Of Life CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Run For Cover)
Creative Adult’s sophomore full-length
Fear Of Life finds the band peeling back some of their chaotic, fuzzed out psychdelia in favor of a newfound sense of melody. Taking cues from The Cure and Oasis, jangly and melodic guitar lines weave their way through smoky, atmospheric west coast post punk.
>Buck Curran
- Immortal Light CD (ESP-Disk)
Immortal Light is the debut solo album by guitarist/singer/songwriter Buck Curran. Curran draws inspiration from the deep well of folk and rock of the 1960s, American blues and folk music of the 1930s, British folk and psychedelic folk/rock of the '60s and early '70s, Indian classical music and jazz of the '50s and '60s. RIYL: Peter Green, Robbie Basho, Meg Baird, Pentangle, Sandy Denny, The Doors, Davey Graham, Nick Drake, Pandit Nikhil Banerjee. [Vinyl edition due October 14.]
>Dead Daisies
- Make Some Noise CD/2xLP (Spitfire)
Dead Daisies is David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, Ratt), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) and Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner).
Make Some Noise celebrates the kind of classic rock ‘n’ roll that has gone from strength to strength since the early 1970s and that sweaty clubs, hallowed (concert) halls, arenas and stadiums would be impossible to imagine without. [Limited transparent red color vinyl also available.]
>Diamond Rio
– The Definitive Hits Collection 2xCD (Real Gone Music)
31 of the 33 hits the ‘90s country group notched during their run on the Arista Nashville label.

>J Dilla
- The King Of Beats 2xCD (Yancey Media Group)
J Dilla - The King Of Beats 2 LP (Yancey Media Group)
The E-Mu Systems SP-1200 drum machine and sampler was the first electronic instrument Jay Dee worked with while crafting the incomparable styles and sounds which defined the early stages of his legendary production. The SP-1200 was his primary tool of choice at the inception of his career. During this period, he created classics for early Slum Village, The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, among many others. After careful study and curation, this collection compiles the well-deserved documentation of Jay Dee's early musical masterpiece -- 40 tracks from Jay Dee's
Beats Batch series created using his SP-1200.
>Dinosaur Jr
– Give Me A Glimpse Of What Yer Not CD/LP+MP3 (Jagjaguwar)
“In an American political climate fraught with chaos and uncertainty, Dinosaur Jr.'s
Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not is the warm, comforting blanket of Marshall-stack fuzz we need. The band has become the alt-rock equivalent of AC/DC or Motörhead: Their sound is formulaic, but frontman J. Mascis's guitar tone, his effectively no-frills songwriting, and the rhythm section's synergy is irresistibly familiar. The album barely even bothers tinkering with this familiar template; it has the least distinctive musical identity of any of the four albums that Dinosaur Jr. has released since the long-awaited reformation of their classic power-trio lineup in 2005. Not given over entirely to the atmospherics of Beyond, the heavy jamminess of Farm, or the poppiness of I Bet On Sky, Give A Glimpse instead combines all those stylistic elements into a package that is replete with all the welcome signatures of the band's sound” – Slant Magazine. [Limited purple color vinyl edition also available.]
>DJ Snake
- Encore CD (Interscope)
William Grigahcine, better known by his stage name DJ Snake, is a French DJ and producer mixing hip-hop and electronic music. He has previously worked with Lady Gaga and has remixed tracks by Kanye West, AlunaGeorge, Duck Sauce, and Major Lazer.

– The Eternal Lonesome CD (Sumerian)
DRÆMINGS, the musical incarnation of singer and multi-instrumentalist Kimi Recor, conjures up an indescribable, intoxicating, and infectious post punk-kissed alternative on her 13-track Sumerian Records debut.

- Dub Realistic CD/LP (Echo Beach)
Dubblestandart infuse dub influences with their heady blend of hardcore reggae and new wave, creating a cavernous excursion into deep dub, chilling dub and dubble-tough dub.

>Mats Eilertsen
- Rubicon CD (ECM)
Norwegian bassist Mats Eilertsen has been a strong and supportive presence on a dozen ECM sessions to date. With
Rubicon he steps forward to present his own music, with an international cast: Trygve Seim (tenor and soprano saxophones); Eirik Hegdal (soprano, baritone sax, clarinet and bass clarinet); Thomas Dahl (guitar); Rob Waring (marimba and vibraphone); Harmen Fraanje (piano, Fender Rhodes); and Olavi Louhivuori (drums).
>Jad and David Fair
- Shake Cackle And Squall CD/LP (Joyful Noise)
Jad and David Fair have made a lot of records — like, a whole lot — over the last 40+ years with cult band Half Japanese and other projects. [New album
Shake Cackle And Squall] is back to basics for the Fairs, just drums, guitar and vocals. Still they manage to coax a lot of craziness from those building blocks (the LP title is fitting)…” – Brooklyn Vegan
- Mother's Pride [Reissue/1973] CD (Real Gone Music)
Mother’s Pride is perhaps the most controversial entry in the Fanny catalog, as Todd Rundgren agreed to produce the album on the condition that he and he alone oversee the album mix. The result was a record that cemented Fanny’s popularity in the UK but failed to make a dent in the charts here in the States. Another seminal '70s rock record from the "forgotten" all-female rock group, supplemented with rare demos and lost tracks.
>Field Mouse
– Episodic CD/LP+MP3 (Topshelf)
Episodic is fashioned from ten feverish bouts of guitar-pop; led by Rachel Browne's fearsome and fearless vocal and informed by an instrumental backing that underpins the entire record with a vibrant concoction of guitar, drums and keys.
>Forlorn Strangers
- Forlorn Strangers CD (Forlorn Strangers)
The Nashville-based Americana quintet recorded at John Prine's Nashville studio, The Butcher Shoppe, with producer and Grammy winner Phil Madeira (Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Civil Wars, Emmylou Harris).
Forlorn Strangers is steeped in the tradition of American music, leaning heavily on bluegrass, drenched in four-part harmony and added elements from blues, jazz, and some rock ‘n’ roll. [Vinyl edition due August 26.]
>Nick Fradiani
- Hurricane CD (Dot)
New album from the
American Idol Season 14 winner. [Vinyl edition due September 16.]
>G’ovt Mule
– The Tel-Star Sessions CD/2xLP (Evil Teen)
The Tel-Star Sessions is a new archival album from legendary rock torchbearers Gov’t Mule. In early summer of 1994, while on break from Allman Brothers work, the original Mule line-up of Warren Haynes, Allen Woody, and Matt Abts assembled at Tel-Star Studios outside Sarasota, Florida, to lay down on tape their vision to exhume the rock power trio – their influences ranging from Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience to Blue Cheer and ZZ Top. Says Warren, ‘Allen Woody had plenty of ideas in that department -- starting with simultaneously bringing back the 'rock bass' sound. Along with our discussions about the 'power trio' being missing from the current musical landscape were the discussions of how the sound of the bass guitar had gotten progressively 'cleaner' since the '80s (or late '70s), and how that affected the overall feeling of the music. So, when we went in to the studio to do our first recording sessions, part of our mission was to capture an old familiar sound as well.” What resulted from those sessions was the key soundscape of the band’s rawness and excitement that Mule fans will love: straight-ahead rock- and blues-based song structures, explorative but tight and tough as a clenched fist.
>Hades Almighty/Drudkh
- Pyre Era, Black! / One Who Talks With The Fog CD/LP (Karisma)
New split release from two veteran black metal bands.

>Kevin Hays
– North CD (Sunnyside)
Hays’ musical scope goes beyond the jazz standards he incorporates on the record, bridging his love of classical, blues, soul, folk and rock music into his originals.

>Health & Beauty
– No Scare CD/LP+MP3 (Wichita)
Chicago's Health & Beauty is led by Brian Sulpizio and backed by keyboard player Ben Boye (Ryley Walker, Bonnie Prince Billy, Angel Olson, Sun Kil Moon, etc,) and jazz drummer Frank Rosaly (Ryley Walker, Peter Brötzmann, and many more).
No Scare recalls the ‘70s sound of Neil Young (one song originally included a Neil Young lyric and melody which, alas, had to be removed), but with a more angular side, perhaps recalling Dirty Projectors.
- Power Under Control CD (Victory)
Power Under Control finds Islander doubling down on their alt-rock, punk via hip-hop inspired sound that's modern than retro.
- ROWYCO CD/LP+MP3 (Mighty Loud)
Eighth studio album from the Southern rock band.

>Jeremy & The Harlequins
– Into The Night CD/LP (Yep Roc)
Into the Night recalls the glamour of rock 'n' roll's past while simultaneously forging forward into the future with attitude. Channeling the influences of 1950s and '60s rock 'n' roll through the (cellphone) camera lens of 2016, Jeremy & The Harlequins have once again captured the sound of New York both in the ‘here and now’ and the ‘there and then.’

>Vieux Kanté
– The Young Man’s Harp CD (Sterns Music)
Blind kamalé ngoni virtuoso Vieux Kanté transformed a simple harp into a modern instrument of amazing sonic and virtuosic possibilities, recording The Young Man's Harp shortly before his untimely death. Exemplified on
The Young Man’s Harp, his signature techniques included popping the strings to accent beats, rubbing them to produce squeaks and moans, and lightly placing his fingers at just the right points to produce bell-toned harmonics.
>Killer Boogie
- Detroit CD/LP (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Killer Boogie is well versed in the making of '70s riff making, mixing bluesy frequencies into an extremely fuzzy sound with psychedelic shades. RIYL: Blue Cheer, Cream, The Stooges, MC5, Cactus and Radio Moscow.

>The LACS & Hard Target Present Racket County
– Welcome To Dodge City CD (Average Joe’s Ent.)
A fusion of The LACS “signature sound” and Hard Target’s “Southern rap stylings.”

>Chris Lane
- Girl Problems CD (Big Loud)
Lane’s debut album calls to mind the smooth finesse of Justin Timberlake and the music savvy of Keith Urban. His profile continues to rise with shout-outs from Selena Gomez, Daughtry, Florida Georgia Line, and Lucy Hale.

>Sinikka Langeland and Trio Mediaeval
– Magical Forest CD (ECM)
Sinikka Langelands new folk music work with Trio Mediaeval and other outstanding jazz musicians. Langeland has worked for decades with the mythological part of the cultural heritage of Finnskogen ("Forest of the Finns"). She is the country's foremost interpreter of, and advocate for, the vocal folk music from this region of Norway.

>Andrew Leahey & The Homestead
– Skyline In Central Time CD (Skyline Music/Thirty Tigers)
Andrew Leahey & The Homestead (from Nashville) make music for city highways and open horizons, for pop fans and roots rockers, for the heart as well as the heartland.

>Keiko Matsui
– Journey To The Heart CD (Shanachie)
Co-produced by superstar percussionist Carlitos Del Puerto and featuring special guest Gergoire Maret and a full string orchestra,
Journey To The Heart features acoustic performances that transcend musical genres while still maintaining Keiko's classic listener-friendly, inspiring sound.
>Neal McCoy
- You Don't Know Me CD (DMI Soundtracks)
The honky tonk singer returns with his take on the great American songbook. Produced by Steve Tyrell.

- Two Isles CD/LP (El Paraiso)
The debut album from San Diego’s Monarch is full of breezy Allman Brothers guitar leads gliding effortlessly on top of gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, prog-rock structures. With supreme musicianship, they somehow connect the dots between classic California rock, prog, pastoral pop and the vivid, expansiveness of early 1990s British shoegaze.

>Moose Blood
– Blush CD/LP (Hopeless)
New alternative/emo signing from the UK.

>The Neal Morse Band
- Alive Again 2xCD+DVD (Metal Blade)
“The Neal Morse Band is a force of nature. They have evolved into a great live band, one that is as good as there is in music and they really shine on this live set. The performances here are jaw-dropping and might have you giving a standing ovation from your couch” – The Prog Report. [Stand-alone Blu-ray edition also available.]

>Mos Generator
- Abyssinia CD (Listenable)
“If there's such a thing as fusing some soul into a doom palette, Mos Generator has achieved that. Seldom will you hear an unambiguous merge between the two outside of Black Sabbath’s “Sabotage.” Tony Reed, Scooter Haslip and Shawn Johnson have tapped into a loud vibe featuring sinister and coarse nuances yet with something revealing far more heart.” -- Blabbermouth [Vinyl edition due August 19.]

>Necromancing The Stone
– Jewel Of The Vile CD (Metal Blade)
No-nonsense traditionalist metal featuring members of Arsis, The Absence, Black Dahlia Murder and Brimstone Coven.

>The New Christy Minstrels
– Ramblin’ featuring Green, Green [Reissue/1963] CD (Real Gone Music)
25-track reissue of the folk group’s 1963 album.

>Tig Notaro
- Boyish Girl Interrupted CD/LP (Secretly Canadian)
The crowd at the Wilbur Theatre gives Tig Notaro the standing ovation she both intimates and deserves. The audience's roaring laughter ends Tig's one-hour set in Boston as it's taped and recorded for her HBO special, and, sure enough, concertgoers rise and applaud, an example of Tig's ability to connect to her fans through a sharp, dry wit and the hilarious payoff of her deadpan jokes. The special, now available as
Boyish Girl Interrupted is the follow up to her Grammy nominated second album, Live. Over the course of the show, Notaro tells stories about a number of subjects, including: performing in Las Vegas; the search for the perfect Santa Claus; her favorite laugh noises; bringing her wife to meet her Mississippi family; TSA screening; flying in small planes; unusual public signs; and - again - standing ovations; and much more.
- XX CD/3xLP (Vanguard)
In celebration of their 20th anniversary,
XX is a career-spanning collection of O.A.R.’s biggest hits and incredible live shows plus new studio material. O.A.R. (an acronym for the band’s full moniker, Of A Revolution) transformed itself from an independent college band to a Billboard chart-topper over the course of a long, varied career. First, two of the band’s demo recordings were hawked on university campuses. Then, news spread about the band’s roots rock and reggae-inflected songs, which owed much to the jam band genre. Before long the group gradually left the college scene for the bright lights of national stardom.
>Mark O’Connor Band
– Coming Home CD (Rounder)
Multi Grammy and CMA Award-winning fiddler and composer Mark O’Connor returns to progressive bluegrass and country music with the O’Connor Band and their debut album,
Coming Home. O’Connor embarked on a prolific career as a classical music composer, hot swing violinist and legendary bluegrass fiddler collaborating with the likes of Alison Krauss, Vince Gill, Earl Scruggs, James Taylor, Wynton Marsalis and Yo-Yo Ma. The New York Times has described O’Connor’s career as 'one of the most spectacular journeys in recent American music.' In the O’Connor Band, Mark is joined by his wife Maggie (MA, Peabody Institute Of Music) on violin and harmony vocals, his son Forrest (former Tennessee State Mandolin Champion) on mandolin and lead vocals, and Forrest’s fiancée, Kate Lee (frequent performer on the CMA Awards), on violin and lead vocals. Coming Home is a perfect balance of contemporary songcraft by Forrest and Kate and intricate instrumentals featuring the band s triple fiddle lineup. The O’Connor Band is rounded out by national flatpick champion Joe Smart on guitar and University of Miami DMA candidate Geoff Saunders on bass and banjo.
>Wilson Pickett
- Complete Atlantic Singles Vol. One CD (Real Gone Music)
The first 22 sides that the great soul singer recorded for the Atlantic label.

- To The Lighthouse CD (Arlen)
To The Lighthouse represents a subtle but significant step forward for main song-writer, Matthew Randall (ex-Beatglider), his distinct yet gentle delivery creating an atmosphere and intensity that many yearn for but never achieve. For admirers of Bedhead, The Durutti Column, Yo La Tengo Nick Drake and Bill Fay.
>Elvis Presley
– Way Down In The Jungle Room 2xCD/2xLP (Sony Legacy)
Down In The Jungle Room is a compilation of Elvis Presley’s final studio recordings, made in 1976 at home in the famed recreation room of Graceland, and previously released on the From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee and Moody Blue albums. Late period Elvis has its advocates but it’s hard to get beyond that scenery-chewing delivery which launched a legion of pub singers or the overcooked easy listening croons such as ‘The Last Farewell,’ so of its time with its swirly, schmaltzy orchestration. A second CD of outtakes for the forensically minded fan is notable for capturing some of the fun and spontaneous energy generated by Presley and his band, and the occasional superior rendition of songs such as ‘It’s Easy For You,’ a lesser known Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber number which fits snugly into Presley’s repertoire.” – The Scotsman
>Russian Circles
- Guidance CD/LP+MP3 (Sargent House)
“For five albums now, the Chicago-based trio Russian Circles have made great use of post-rock most familiar's dynamic tricks—loud and quiet; stop and start, swell and subside. But they’ve never had qualms about splicing elements of everything from metal and noise-rock to krautrock and post-hardcore into their darkly dramatic, instrumental compositions. There’s always been a sense of flow to Russian Circles, but on
Guidance, it’s far more striking.” -- Pitchfork
>Shackleton & Ernesto Tomasini
– Devotional Songs CD/LP (Honest Jon’s)
Four long-form pieces developing the free-flowing compositional aesthetic of his recent
Deliverance series (2014-2015) and Powerplant performances: fiery rhythmic-melodic turbulence channeling Congotronics way to the east -- with an aura of restrained mania reminiscent of the feral pomp and gallows humor of Coil's "moon-musick" phase -- all earthed by dub-wise bass.
- Revolution DNA [Reissue/1999] CD/2xLP (Season Of Mist)
Reissue of the Greek death metal band’s fifth album. Features new artwork.

>Shred The Skin
- Harrowing Faith CD (Hell's Headbangers)
“I first took interest in Shed the Skin because it’s an American supergroup featuring Kyle Severn of having a mustache fame (he also plays drums in Incantation). Present as well are members of plenty of other bands, the most well-known of which is probably Ringworm.
Harrowing Faith’s main influence to my ears is Ringworm’s last record Hammer Of The Witch, whose sharp and violent death metal infused hardcore forms the backbone of the songs here” – Angry Metal Guy. [Vinyl edition due August 26.]
- Echoes Of The Tortured CD (earMUSIC)
Debut album from extreme metal supergroup comprised of members of Slipknot, Mayhem and Dragonforce.

- Unleashed CD (Atlantic)
New album from the multi-platinum Christian rock band – “a twelve track set of heart-pounding anthems and high volume hooks.” – Planet Mosh

>Smoking Trees
- Archer And The Bull CD (Burger)
Released last May on vinyl and cassette – now available on vinyl. “Listening to the record is like being wrapped up in a long, loving hug by two guys who know their psych-pop history and how to make it work for them in the best possible way. They combine a mastery of creating a psychedelic world of their own with some surprisingly strong songwriting.” – AllMusic

– Shadow Self CD (earMUSIC)
Female-fronted heavy rock from Finland.

>Jonah Tolchin
- Thousand Mile Night CD/LP (Yep Roc)
Recorded at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in Alabama,
Thousand Mile Night expands on the unique blend of folk, blues and rock that Tolchin explored on his last album, Clover Lane.
>Rolf Trostel
- Inselmusik [Reissue/1981] CD/LP (Bureau B)
Rolf Trostel – Der Prophet [Reissue/1982] CD/LP (Bureau B)
On his first album,
Inselmusik, Rolf Trostel explores the sonic possibilities of the (then) recently introduced PPG wavetable synthesizer. The music is based on live performances from the late 1970s by Trostel and Krautrock guitarist Günter Schickert. For Der Prophet, Trostel had replaced his PPG 350 Computer Sequencer and Roland CR-78 drum machine with the Roland TB-303 bass synth and step sequencer and the TR-808 drum machine. This at-the-time brand new equipment formed a dream team for electronic pop.
>Various Artists [Darius Syrossian]
- Balance Presents Do Not Sleep 2xCD (Balance Music)
Darius Syrossian has risen up the ranks of the house/techno scene since first emerging on the global stage in the '90s. Best known for his pumping house and techno stylings, Syrossian displays a full gamut of musical ethos across this engrossing two-part mix. This is the sound of Darius Syrossian at his purest: a DJ with an impressive arsenal of his own productions, seamlessly weaving together the DNA of house and techno music.

>Various Artists
- Darmstadt Aural Documents - Box 4 7xCD (Neos)
The fourth box from the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt archives, collecting key works performed through the decades by the key ensembles that have appeared at that famous institution. Pianists include David Arden, Kristi Becker, Pierre Boulez, Niccolò Castiglioni, Pi-Hsien Chen, Massimiliano Damerini and Anna D'Errico Andor Foldes amongst others.

>Various Artists
- Ende Vom Lied - East German Underground Sound 1979-1990 CD (Play Loud! Productions)
A genre-spanning collection of punk, post-punk and avant-garde bands from the former East Germany, chronicling the work of free spirits pitted against government restraints and implied genre limitations. The underground scene in the German Democratic Republic was a hydra, a noisy mix of musicians, poets, painters, photographers, filmmakers, punks and freaks.

>Various Artists [Objekt]
– Kern Vol. 3 CD (Tresor)
Following contributions by DJ Deep and DJ Hell, Tresor Records present the third installment in their
Kern mix-series, this time headed by Berlin based producer Objekt. Features Beatrice Dillon, Aleksi Perälä, Donato Dozzy, Ondo Fudd Via App, Yair Elazar Glotman and many more.
>Various Artists
- Money Maker [Reissue/1970] CD/LP (Studio One)
A superb selection of Studio One rhythms from groups including the Heptones, Burning Spear, The Wailing Souls and John Holt.

>Various Artists
– No. II CD (No.)
No., founded by Atom TM and Material Object in 2014, celebrate their second birthday in style with
No. II. No. II is a collage, a readymade, an assemblage, a synthesis, in short: a spectrum (or "mix") of elements refracted through the prism of the label's output between May 1st, 2015 to May 1st, 2016. Features works from: Atom TM, Material Object, Ishq, Raw C + Pharmakustik, No. Inc. and Garry Bradbury.
>Various Artists
– Pathos: Essential Dreams CD (Klik)
Pathos is a cocktail bar in Greece that hosts some of the world's leading DJ's.
Essential Dreams is a mix perfect for overlooking the Aegean Sea and facing breathtaking sunsets.
>Various Artists
– Piano Cloud Series – Volume One CD (1631)
1631 Recordings presents a collection of acoustic piano pieces. An impressive number of kindred spirits contribute as well: Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, Hior Chronik, and Schole main man Akira Kosemura among others.

>Various Artists
– Plangent Compilation Vol. 1 CD/2x12” (Plangent)
Plangent Records is back with their first various artists compilation, gathering long-time friends, like-minded musicians and new talent on this ten track release. Three years after the last Recondite release on his own Plangent label, this compilation establishes the label as a platform for deep, low-key, melancholic electronic techno music. Includes works from Recondite himself along with, Tin Man, RNDM, Scuba, Dj Tennis, Monoloc, Douglas Greed, Ricardo Donoso, Mind Against and Uchi.

>Various Artists
- Rough Imaginary CD (Home Normal)
Home Normal present this collective work with artists who have inspired the label since their earliest days, spent wandering record stores in Tokyo, to the present, as rough-and-ready supporters of new and imaginative artists.
Rough Imaginary features tracks from ISAN, Paco Sala, R Elizabeth and A New Line (Related). It's a summation of everything Home Normal have tried to do since 2009, as well as a playful dance into the future.
>Various Artists [Oliver Koletzki]
– Schneeweiss VI CD (Stil Vor Talent)
Late-night Berlin dinner club-inspired mix featuring tracks from Cubicolor, Tim Digby-Bell, Frank Wiedemann, Stimming, Julian Wassermann & Oliver Deuerling, Worst Case, Yotto, Hatzler, Victor Ruiz, Reinier Zonneveld, Koletzki & Schwind, Pete Oak, Kerrier District, KiNK and Moderat.

>Various Artists
– Shapes In Space 2xCD/2xLP (Tru Thoughts)
Shapes In Space is the latest in Tru Thoughts’ series of essential label compilations assembled by A&R and co-owner (and renowned DJ) Robert Luis. Encompassing the best of the Brighton based label’s eclectic and international current roster, as well as some classic cuts and three exclusive tracks.
>Various Artists
– Suicide Squad: The Album CD (Atlantic)
“The villains get their chance to save the day with the release of DC’s cinematic universe answer to Marvel,
Suicide Squad. The antihero flick stars hip-hop legends Will Smith and Common, as well as Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis and Ben Affleck, who will reprise his role as the newest Batman. For soundtrack, the music heavily relies on the talents of hip-hop superstars Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, G-Eazy, Kevin Gates, Kehlani, Action Bronson, Logic and some guy named Eminem. Familiar acts within the culture such as Skrillex, X Ambassadors and Mark Ronson also make appearances. Regardless of one’s genre preference, it’s also worth noting that Panic! At the Disco’s has been recruited to cover Queen’s timeless classic, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’” – HipHopDX
>Wild Beasts
- Boy King CD/LP+MP3 (Domino)
Where 2014's
Present Tense album found Wild Beasts in reflective mood, absorbing a fascination with online culture and electronic music, Boy King has them, as Tom Fleming puts it, “back to being pissed off.” The quartet’s ever-present knack for sensual melody via Hayden Thorpe and Fleming's dueting vocals, Ben Little's sinuous guitar groove and Chris Talbot's potent rhythm section carries in Boy King an aggressive, snarling and priapic beast that delves into the darker side of masculinity and Thorpe's own psyche. As Hayden himself says, “After five records there had to be an element of 'what the f*ck?’” A newfound creative friction between Thorpe and Fleming proved key to unleashing the unique pop sensibility of Boy King -- Fleming’s more visceral experimentation unlocking new dimensions in Thorpe’s own writing. Between the slide of prowling aggression and interior darkness, there are glorious, gorgeous moments. It is yet another incomparable Wild Beasts record; a visceral, sensual and jolting body of work that acts as a remarkable soundtrack to the early 21st century male malaise.
>René Wohlhauser
– Kasamarówa CD (Neos)
Vocal chamber works performed by the duo Simolka-Wohlhauser. Experiences as a rock and jazz musician, accompanist and improviser have accompanied and continue to accompany Wohlhauser’s principal activity as a composer of contemporary art music (including chamber, orchestral and stage works.

>Wye Oak
– Tween CD/LP+MP3 (Merge)
“Wye Oak is a band that never seem to reveal too much. Despite the angelic vocals of Jenn Wasner, their music and its atmosphere do most of the talking. The Baltimore-bred duo of Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, vocals) and Wasner (vocals, guitar, bass) allow moody keyboards, slashing guitar riffs and tumbling drum fills to really paint the picture. Their last full-length album,
Shriek, was released two years ago, and if I’m to correctly decipher a recent cryptic press release, Tween is more of a stopgap than a ‘proper’ album. Wye Oak’s label made references to albums like R.E.M.’s Dead Letter Office and the The Who’s Odds & Sods for comparison, so with that in mind, this is obviously some sort of an outtakes/rarities collection. For a collection such as this, it holds together remarkably well. Wye Oak are in many ways a forward-thinking band, but their influences are definitely steeped in ‘80s bands like the Cocteau Twins, the Sundays, the Jesus and Mary Chain and, on a less abrasive scale, shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine. ‘On Luxury’ is one of their more blatant nods to the ‘80s, as vocal figures are casually tossed off while a robotic keyboard bed provides a retro guilty pleasure. A highly syncopated, unanticipated percussion breakdown is a small, unexpected delight, building up to the song’s finale.” – Pop Matters
>Stuart Wyrick
– East Tennessee Sunrise CD (Rural Rhythm)
Veteran Banjoist Stuart Wyrick is no stranger to bluegrass music. He is currently a member of Flashback, the reunion band including top bluegrass musicians who worked with J.D. Crowe And The New South in the mid- 1990s, and a former member of the Dale Ann Bradley Band.

DVDs + Blu-ray:
Daniele Lombardi – DVD (Neos)
A live recording of the 2004 world premiere of Daniele Lombardi's, a mixed media event in 36 parts for voice, ensemble, live electronics, and video. NTSC, region-free.

>The Neal Morse Band
- Alive Again Blu-ray (Metal Blade)
“The Neal Morse Band is a force of nature. They have evolved into a great live band, one that is as good as there is in music and they really shine on this live set. The performances here are jaw-dropping and might have you giving a standing ovation from your couch.” – The Prog Report

This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Altamont/Phantom Ships
– Phantom Ships/Altamont 7” (Valley King)
Each band is doing a cover (Altamont takes on Black Flag's “Black Coffee,” while The Phantom Ships covers the Urinals “Black Hole”). Both songs are on one side, while etched artwork by Alan Forbes adorns the other! Pressed on either brown & black “black coffee” or a yellow, green, and black “black hole” color vinyl.

– Light The Portals 3x7” (Valley King)
The final installment of the Anywhere recording collective. The lineup for this recording includes Cedric Bixler Zavala (The Mars Volta, At The Drive In), Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Stooges) and Christian Eric Beaulieu (Vertical Scratchers) with Phil Manley (Trans Am), Jonathan Hischke (Hella), Bret Contantino & Matt Holliman (Sleepy Sun), Greg Rogove, Isaiah Mitchell, (Earthless, Golden Void), Larry Boothroyd (Victims Family), and Naima Mora.

>Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington
– Together For The First Time [Reissue/1961] LP (Parlophone)
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington – The Great Reunion [Reissue/1963] LP (Parlophone)
180gm vinyl reissues now available.

>The Avett Brothers
– True Sadness 2xLP (Republic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Seth Avett says that
True Sadness is a patchwork quilt, both thematically and stylistically. Wherein a myriad of contrasting fabrics make perfect sense on the same plane, the album draws upon countless resources from its writers and performers. He cites pervasive and cornerstone influences such as Queen, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Jimmie Rodgers, Tom Petty, Nine Inch Nails, Gillian Welch, Aretha Franklin, Walt Disney, Pink Floyd, Kings Of Convenience, calypso of the 1950s and country of the 1930s. Most importantly, he assures, “Throughout the album, we stitched together the boldest red and the calmest green, polka dots and stripes, the roughest denim and the smoothest velveteen. They came together because they are the best patterns we have and because each of us brought our own fabric to the quilting frame.”
>Petr Bakla
- Piano Concerto - Classical Blend/Weihnachtsoratorium LP (God)
Petr Bakla belongs to generation of composers whose output no longer seems bound to the imperative of the "search for sounds" extended technique. Instead, he builds his music on the unmarked instrumental sound, which he uses to create a flow of interacting layers and explore the means of pure pitch, time and sound volume to the expressive extreme. His first solo release presents him at his best - two orchestral pieces as a definite manifesto of monumental monochromatic environments, both in Bakla's favorite diptych form.

>Benjamin Ball
- Flash A Flashlight 12" (Cultures Of Soul)
Benjamin Ball's Flash A Flashlight is the first preview of the next Cultures Of Soul compilation,
Boogie Breakdown - South African Disco 1980 to 1984. With the help of DJ Okapi, Cultures of Soul has tracked down many of the great synth boogie artists of the '80s in South Africa including Benjamin Ball, Don Laka, Al Etto, Neville Nash, Harari, and many others.
>Nat Birchall
- Akhenaten [2009] LP (Jazzman)
Nat Birchall – Guiding Spirit [2010] LP (Jazzman)
Akhenaten is the first album Nat Birchall released via the then brand-new Gondwana Records label in Manchester. Originally released only on CD, this is the first time this classic recording has been made available on vinyl. The album on the whole features a quartet, and is expanded to a quintet on the title track where UK trumpet virtuoso Matthew Halsall joins in with a stunning solo. The album explores deep, hymn-like themes at length, finding much to say on the relatively simple melodies and arrangements. The follow-up, Guiding Spirit, found him exploring different textures using percussion and instruments like the kora and the harp.
>Boys Night Out
– Black Dogs 12” (Good Fight Music)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Comeback EP from the Canadian post-hardcore band.

>Will Butler
– Friday Night LP+MP3 (Merge)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Friday Night is a live album of performances from Will Butler’s tour supporting Policy, his first album. It was recorded mostly at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on June 4, 2015. Five of the songs are from Policy, two are songs Will wrote for the Guardian newspaper last year, and five are new. “We started almost every show with ‘You Must Be Kidding.’ Not only does it build nicely, but the chorus lyric is literally ‘It’s only just begun.’ The blend of humor, Lord Of The Flies, and the end of the world also set the right tone for the show to come. But I thought the album should start in medias res to welcome the listener into a sweaty room with a tired, happy band and a loose crowd. So the album starts with the encore ‘Tell Me We’re All Right’ which was only ever played once, and this is the recording of it. We never soundchecked it. It wasn’t even written yet (you might be able to tell).” – Will Butler
>Thy Byrds
- Sweetheart Of The Rodeo [Reissue/1968] LP (Friday Music)
Limited translucent gold-color vinyl pressing in a gatefold jacket. The Byrds’ sixth album was recorded with the addition of country rock pioneer Gram Parsons, and is a departure from the psychedelic rock of their previous LP,
The Notorious Byrd Brothers.
>Chain Reaction
– Dance Freak [Reissue/1980] 12” (Queen Constance)
A bonafide dancefloor invitation, this classic cut by Chain Reaction was originally released in 1980 on the P&P affiliate label, Sound Of New York. A project between keyboardist Dwight Brewster (of The Imperials) and percussionist Harold Sargent (of Wood, Brass & Steel fame) “Dance Freak” provides one finest moments in the entire catalog. A funky disco track with all the elements of a party anthem, it's no surprise it's been a favorite of veteran Deejays like Kenny Dope and Danny Krivit.

>Charli XCX / Iggy Pop
– No Fun b/w I Dig Your Mind 7” (Atlantic)
Charli XCX recorded this cover of The Stooges 1969 track “No Fun” for the soundtrack of HBO series
>Alex Chilton
– Dusted In Memphis (And Elsewhere) [Reissue/1980] 2xLP (Bangkok Productions)
First time reissue of this legendary Alex Chilton album, originally released in 1980. For many, this is Alex's finest. Includes a second bonus album full of unreleased material; covers, alternate versions, fantastic demos, and infamous complete KUT radio session. All culled from the period between 1975 and 1980, a troubled -- but prolific and brilliant -- time for Chilton.

>The Cramps
- Keystone Club Palo Alto, CA 1979 LP (Interference)
The entire KFAT-FM broadcast of this legendary early performance by The Cramps live at Keystone's Palo Alto, recorded February 1979.

>Cult Values
– Cult Values LP (Deranged)
Cult Values has a very-early-American-hardcore-meets-post-punk sound, defined by fast, melodic, confident guitar play reminiscent of Articles of Faith and the more recent Criminal Code. The album delivers ten tracks of potent, dark hardcore that will thrill those hungry for a contemporary take on a classic sound.

>Miles Davis
- Amandla [Reissue/1989] LP (Rhino)
Amandla is is the third and final collaboration between Miles Davis and producer/bassist Marcus Miller. The album mixes elements of the genres go-go, zouk, funk, and jazz, combining electronic instruments with live musicians. 180gm.
>The Earls Of Leicester
– Rattle & Roar LP (Rounder)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With their second album,
Rattle & Roar, The Earls Of Leicester have conjured up a fresh batch of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs songs, delivered with their Grammy-winning signature blend of homage, virtuosity, and perspective. The inimitable Jerry Douglas (14-time Grammy-winner) remains the band’s producer and hypnotic dobroist; blue-ribbon songwriter, singer, and producer Shawn Camp (Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton) still soars on lead vocals and guitar; revered multi-instrumentalist and sideman Jeff White (Vince Gill, Loretta Lynn) now deftly handles high harmony and mandolin; ace Nashville banjoist Charlie Cushman (Jimmy Martin, Mel Tillis) tackles banjo and guitars; topflight musician Johnny Warren (son of Foggy Mountain Boys Paul Warren) cuts in radiantly on fiddle; and the esteemed Barry Bales (Alison Krauss & Union Station) holds magnificently steady on vocals and bass.
>Missy Elliott
– WTF: Where They From (ft. Pharrell) 12” (Atlantic)
Includes the instrumental plus remixes from Chris Lake & With You.

>Ina Forsman
– Ina Forsman LP (Ruf)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. It’s one thing to be able to sing soul, it’s another to write convincingly in a style that developed thousands of miles from your home. And yet for her debut album—recorded in Texas with the support of a crack team of musicians—Finnish blues belter Ina Forsman has done precisely that, graduating from singing covers in a sultry voice to co-writing her own standards, taking in New Orleans R&B (“Hanging Loose”), Stax soul (“No Room for Love”), and slow blues (“Now You Want Me Back”).

>Cara & Mike Gangloff with The Great American Drone Orchestra
– Knock On Life’s Door 2xLP (MIE)
"They [Cara & Mike Gangloff] have taken older American songs, popular songs that we've come to understand as standards, and stretched them out into the rolling hills and vast expanses that gave birth to the nation's earliest music... The inventiveness of interpretation is spirit-raising." -- Matt Krefting.

>The Gerbils
- Dead Detroit: Lost 1982 Recordings LP (Lysergic Sound Distributors)
The Gerbils were a high school hardcore punk band (with Moog!), from Farmington Hills/Detroit, Michigan in the early 1980s.
Dead Detroit: Lost 1982 Recordings not only showcases the band's obvious skills but also pays tribute to the aggressive DIY aesthetics of the early 1980s U.S. hardcore/punk scene and recognizes The Gerbils' place in the Detroit and Midwest hardcore scene.
>Hammers Of Misfortune
– Dead Revolution LP (Metal Blade)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album by the San Francisco progressive metal heroes.

>The Highwaymen
– Highwayman [Reissue/1985] LP (Sundazed)
The Highwaymen – Highwayman 2 [Reissue/1990] LP (Sundazed)
180gm vinyl reissues of the country supergroup’s (Waylon Jennings/Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash/Kris Kristofferson) first two albums.

>John Holt
- Memories By The Score 2xLP (VP)
Vinyl companion to the recently released five-CD box set. The historic career of John Holt (1947-2014) spanned three decades, charting classic hits in multiple genres within Jamaican music. As a member of the Paragons, John Holt was featured on multiple rock-steady classics. Later partnering with legendary producer Bunny Lee, Holt helped to define what would become 'lover's rock.' In the 1980s Holt returned to prominence with producers 'Henry 'Junjo' Lawes and King Jammy with roots reggae and early dancehall hits.

>Alexandro Jodorowsky
– El Topo [OST/Reissue/1971] LP (Real Gone Music)
Limited edition ‘coke bottle’ clear vinyl pressing. Atonal, Tibetan Buddhist thighbone trumpets clash with beautiful, even sentimental, chamber orchestra pieces alongside pan flute rhapsodies, brass bands and parlor jazz.

>Damien Jurado
– Rehearsals For Departure [1999] LP+MP3/Cassette (Sub Pop)
Damien Jurado – Ghost Of David [2000] LP+MP3/Cassette (Sub Pop)
A couple full-length albums from singer/songwriter Damien Jurado have been reissued on vinyl and cassette:
Rehearsals For Departure gets its first US vinyl pressing, while Ghost Of David gets its first vinyl and cassette releases.
>Kid Flicks
– Kid Flicks LP (Klik)
Kid Flicks is the music project started by Greek producer and songwriter Nickos Devisis. Highly influenced by the bright side of contemporary Athenian life, multiculturalism and the internet culture, Kid Flicks creates a unique sound that draws from various genres and styles. From electronic to sample-based music to psych-pop to world music, Kid Flicks is full of upbeat pop melodies, explosive percussion and Greek, Middle Eastern and African music references.

- Well Worn 12” (Ghostly Int’l)
New EP from the Melboure duo. Guided by the ghosts of UK garage and like-minded strains of underground dance music, "Bolide" sets a skittish beat against a clipped chorus; "Walls To Build" melds Lam's wobbly synth lines with Kaul's vapor-trailed verses; and the one-two punch of "Sense" and "On My Name" build a couple piano-laced ballads from a pillowy sound bed of laid-back loops and lovelorn melodies. "Don't Be The One" is deceivingly simple as well, bringing the record to a close alongside a rubbery, elusive rhythm and a growing sense of tension and release.

– Cloud Nine 2xLP (RCA)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Cloud Nine is the debut studio album by Norwegian record producer, deejay and musician Kygo. His 2014 single “Firestorm” (included on Cloud Nine) set a Spotify record for reaching one billion plays faster than any other artist. Guests include John Legend, James Vincent McMorrow, Angus & Julia Stone, Matt Corby, and more.
>Steve Lacy with Don Cherry
- Evidence [Reissue/1961] LP (Modern Silence)
Soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy continued his early exploration of Thelonious Monk's compositions on
Evidence, originally released in 1961. Lacy worked extensively with Monk, absorbing the pianist's intricate music and adding his individualist soprano saxophone mark to it. On this release, he employs the equally impressive Don Cherry on trumpet, who was playing with the Ornette Coleman quartet at the time, drummer Billy Higgins, who played with both Coleman and Monk, and bassist Carl Brown.
>Man Friday
– Love Honey, Love Heartache [Reissue/1986] 12” (Get On Down)
In the spirit of most dance music borrowing elements from other sources, “Love Honey” was heavily inspired by another Paradise Garage & Loft classic from 1980 and its remix in 1981 by UK Outfit Funk Masters / TW Funkmasters. A dubbed out track big in the jazz-funk scene in the UK, it became a hit among underground deejays in both NYC & Chicago. All the elements of a garage track are here; dub echoes, synth basslines, percussions that linger.

>Mercury Rev
– Yerself Is Steam [Reissue/1991] LP (Mint)
Extremely limited color vinyl LP pressing.
Yerself Is Steam is the 1991 debut album by Mercury Rev. The title is a malapropism of the phrase "Your self-esteem," and is taken from a recurring lyric in the opening "Chasing a Bee." "Very Sleepy Rivers" is supposedly about a serial killer, with the river acting a metaphor for the killer's relative calm and sudden tendency to snap.
>Method Man
– 4:21 …The Day After [Reissue/2006] LP (Def Jam)
Vinyl reissue of the fourth studio album by n rapper and Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man. Features guest appearances from Fat Joe, Styles P, Redman, and various Wu-Tang Clan members. Part of UMe’s ongoing Respect The Classics vinyl reissue campaign.

>Nomad Stones
- Nomad Stones LP (Brutal Panda)
Nomad Stones includes two members of Cave In—Adam McGrath and John Robert Conners—who collectively have also been members of the cult-beloved metal bands Zozobra, Doomriders, and Goatsnake. Unlike the sludge, post-metal, and hardcore bands the members have formed in the past, Nomad Stones is straight-forward, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll.

>Pale Dian
– Narrow Birth LP (Manifesto)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “You may not know it yet... but Pale Dian are about to become one of your favorite new bands of 2016. Hailing from Austin Texas, these are the dreamy swirling melodic sounds inspired by classic 4AD artists like Cocteau Twins and Lush, and just as surely will thrill fans of Them Are Us Too and Drab Majesty” – Part Time Punks, KLXU.

>The Paranoid Style
– Rolling Disclosure LP+MP3 (Bar/None)
Rolling Disclosure is the furious and unforgettably tuneful full-length debut from Elizabeth Nelson's critically adored garage punk outfit The Paranoid Style. Like Samantha Bee fronting the Sex Pistols, Nelson's coiled rage and comic touch make for a thrilling forced march through the accruing desperations of late period capitalism. Alongside band personnel including Scott McCaughey from the Minus 5 and Bruce Bennett from the A-Bones, Nelson's self-described "Glam Rock For The End Times" has garnered high praise from Robert Christgau, SPIN, Magnet Magazine, The Big Takeover and others.
– City Of Echoes [Reissue/2007] LP (Hydra Head)
Vinyl reissue of the post-metal band’s third album.

>Pharaoh Overlord
- #1 [Reissue/2001] 2xLP (Full Contact/Hydra Head)
Vinyl reissue of the Finnish experimental rock band’s debut album. Pharaoh Overlord's stoner rock klang on
#1 is down-to-earth due to sheer weight of the riffs.
>Elvis Presley
- Promised Land [Reissue/1975] LP (Friday Music)
Limited translucent gold color vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket.

>The Quick
- Untold Rock Stories 2xLP+MP3 (Burger)
There’s not much real proof that The Quick ever existed, beyond their influence on The Dickies and ‘80s glam-punk bands like Redd Kross and Celebrity Skin. Though The Quick never toured outside of California, they did have a lot of curiosly loyal and zealously passionate local fans, including members of The Stylistically Dissimilar Germs. As The Quick released just one album, this LP of largely previously unreleased material will be something of a godsend to their followers. Filled-to-overflowing with 77 minutes of music, it includes two album-length demo sessions, the first produced by Kim Fowley over the course of two days in 1976 for Mercury Records, the second by David Campbell (Beck’s father) ovewr the course of six months in late 1977 and early 1978 for Elektra. [Cassette version was released last month.]

>Steve Reich
- Berkeley University Museum - November 7, 1970 LP (Modern Silence)
New color vinyl edition replaces the recently issued black version. A live performance of four early works by Steve Reich: "Four Organs", "My Name Is", "Piano Phase", and "Phase Patterns." This performance marked an important moment in San Francisco Bay Area new music history with the triumphant return to the East Bay by Reich, who studied at Mills College with Luciano Berio, and who performed the 1964 world premiere of Terry Riley's seminal work,
In C, at the San Francisco Tape Music Center. HQ-180gm.
– Great Is Our Sin LP (Metal Blade)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “I feel like it’s safe to call Revocation one of the most well-known and respected technical death metal bands of our time with their discography already being mind-blowing and genre defining to say in the very least. And like with many monolithic acts there looms the question of when their albums begin to become lackluster, for Revocation with
Great Is Our Sin the answer to that is very satisfying: not any time soon.” – Headbanger Reviews
>Riff Raff
– The Peach Panther LP (BMG Rights Management)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Riff Raff first introduced his sophisticated Peach Panther persona during a wrestling match between Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio. The disruption distracted Kurt allowing Rey Mysterio to execute his infamous 619 finishing move to pin Kurt for a 3 count to win the fight. The fracas drove fans crazy creating a viral moment and setting the stage for the release of Mr. Raff’s new project, also called
The Peach Panther. The album includes guest appearances by G-Eazy, Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, J Doe, and Danny Brown.
>Rival Consoles
- Night Melody LP+MP3 (Erased Tapes)
Returning with a mini album to the lauded label Erased Tapes, Rival Consoles has progressed enough to keep things exciting, while still maintaining all the elements that made his music great in the first place. The album began taking shape last year, shortly after his previous work came,
Howl, came out and, more poignantly after the breakup of a thirteen-year relationship. Proclaiming he’s not interested in simply making happy or sad music, but rather something closer to bittersweet, more real and lifelike. The music presented here certainly tows that line in a gloriously epic manner.
>Marty Robbins
– Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs [Reissue/1959] LP (Real Gone Music)
Original mono mix on magenta color vinyl. Classic Western tunes.

>Trevor Sensor
- Starved Nights Of Saturday Stars 12”+MP3 (Jagjaguwar)
From the first moments of Trevor Sensor's debut EP for Jagjaguwar,
Texas Girls and Jesus Christ, the Illinois-born 22-year-old singer/songwriter's distinctive burr of a voice sounds aged decades beyond his years. Starved Nights Of Saturday Stars is his second EP for the label.
- Keep It Together 2xLP+MP3 (Temporary Residence)
Sonna were an experimental rock band from Baltimore, MD. Formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2003, they recorded a handful of EPs and singles, as well as two full-length albums -- both recorded with Steve Albini. They often toured with friends and collaborators, including Explosions In The Sky, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and Tarentel -- and their live shows were known for their uncanny precision as much as their alarming quietude.
Keep It Together collects every Sonna song that did not appear on their two studio albums.
– Vinyl - The Essentials: Best Of Season 1 2xLP (Atlantic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Includes tracks from Iggy Pop, Charli XCX (7” vinyl single also released this week), Elvis Costello, Chris Cornell, and Julian Casablancas, among others.

>Dusty Springfield
- Faithful LP (Real Gone Music)
In 1971, Atlantic Records released a pair of Dusty Springfield singles produced by the legendary songwriter/producer Jeff Barry (one-time songwriting and romantic partner of Ellie Greenwich, and author of too many hits to name): "Haunted"/"Nothing Is Forever" and "I Believe In You"/"Someone Who Cares." A restless Dusty, freshly relocating to America from her native England, then departed the label and left an additional nine songs recorded with Barry in the can.
Faithful collects the historic Barry-Springfield collaborations exactly as they were originally intended to be heard, with the 12 tracks meant for the album release finally out on vinyl 45 years later. [13-track CD edition was released last year.]
>Stephen Stills & Manassas
- Bananafish Gardens, NY LP (Air Cuts)
Following the summer 1970 split of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Stephen Stills quickly formed Manassas with former Byrd and Flying Burrito Brother, Chris Hillman, as well as guitarist Al Perkins, fiddler Byron Berline, keyboardist Paul Harris, singer and percussionist Joe Lala, bassist Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels, and drummer Dallas Taylor. Playing a potent blend of blues, folk, country, Latin, and rock, they were an instant success. This superb set at the Bananafish Garden in Brooklyn on April 16, 1973, took place shortly before the release of their second album,
Down The Road, in May of that year, and features material from both of their LPs, as well as material by Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, and CSNY. The complete WBCN-FM broadcast is presented here.
>Tamam Shud
- Evolution [Reissue/1969] LP (Anthology Recordings)
The first ever reissue of the debut album by Australian progressive heavy rock fiends Tamam Shud.
Evolution presents a blazing backdrop of charged-up fuzz and guitar expression exquisitely matching the wild, inspirational, and groundbreaking visuals of Witzig’s incredible 1969 surf film of the same name.
- Tenement 12”(Deranged)
On the heels of 2015’s double-LP
Predatory Headlights comes a new 12” by the Wisconsin punk outfit. This self-titled record includes the five newly remastered tracks from the band’s recent limited tour cassette, as well as two new unreleased songs.
>Those Things
– 1985 7” (Sudden Death)
Hailing from Vancouver BC and armed with pop sensibilities, punk energy and power-metal riffage, Those Things is singer/guitarist Carly Tre (Cobweb Society), guitarist Jeff Speers (Racer Ten), bassist Ken Burke (Randy Bachman, Raffi), and powerhouse drummer Ray Hartmann (Annihilator).

>Titus Andronicus
- S+@dium Rock: Five Nights At The Opera LP+MP3 (Merge)
+@’s position as the most thrilling live act in rock and roll has long been etched in stone, but never before has that riveting energy been captured on wax as it is here.

>Adam Topol
– Regardless Of The Dark LP (Everloving)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. He's sat behind the drum kit for everyone from Eddie Vedder, Joey Santiago, Ziggy Marley and Jack Johnson to legends like Jimmy Cliff and David Gilmour. He has explored Afro-Cuban rhythms and percussion via Ritmo Y Canto, dabbled in dubby electronic reggae with Culver City Dub Collective and to the far edges of soul jazz. He has never made the same record twice.

- Sea Of Joy [OST/Reissue/1971] LP (Anthology Recordings)
Director Paul Witzig’s 1971 surf film
Sea Of Joy inspired Australian hard rockers Tully to trade in their riffs and explore enchanted themes and mellow moods that became the film’s celebrated soundtrack. This newly restored classic caresses shores beyond Australia’s beaches for the first time ever for Anthology’s Surf Archive.
>Foy Vance
– The Wild Swan LP+MP3 (New Elektra)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Irish singer/songwriter Foy Vance’s new album
The Wild Swan (recorded in Nashville and executive-produced by Elton John) opens with “Noam Chomsky Is A Soft Revolution,” a rock 'n' blues celebration of a roll-call of musical, philosophical, literary and polemical insurrectionists. It ends with a dash of uilleann pipes pipes and “The Wild Swans On The Lake,” a stop-you-in-your-tracks breath of Celtic balladry inspired by WB Yeats' The Wild Swans At Coole. Vance's rich voice also gets up close and personal on the hymnal “Burden,” then digs deep for “She Burns,” a song and a performance evocative of Bruce Springsteen's “Tunnel Of Love.” On the ancient-but-modern “Be Like You Belong,” Vance's soulful rasp weaves through pedal-steel and simple piano chords. “Ziggy Looked Me In The Eye” is a piano-based, strings-buoyed soul-stirrer, a dignified tribute to, says Vance, “various people who I think have been part of a revolution. I'm not talking about Che Guevara or Ghandi or even Russell Brand for that matter -- I'm talking about personal revolution. I like that idea constantly revolting against your own parameters.”
>Various Artists
- Day Of The Dead: Terrapin Station (Suite) 12" (4AD)
The Red Hot Organization, who teamed with The National’s Aaron and Bryce Dessner to create the recent
Day Of The Dead massive Grateful Dead indie tribute compilation, now release a vinyl EP, anchored by the album’s “Terrapin Station” suite. The full suite was recorded by Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen and Christopher Bear, along with The National and more, plus the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. The flipside of the 12” EP includes Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “If I Had the World to Give,” “Playing in the Band” by TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Lee Ranaldo and more, and Bryce Dessner’s “Althea”-inspired “Garcia Counterpoint.”
>Various Artists
- Start Your Own F*cking Showspace 3xLP+MP3 (Famous Class)
A document of the final month of programming from the Brooklyn DIY venue Death By Audio before its eviction in November of 2014. Presented in chronological running order,
Start Your Own F*cking Show Space features live recordings from 26 bands over the venue’s final month. Artists include A Place To Bury Strangers, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Future Islands, Protomartyr, Parquet Courts, Lightning Bolt, and many more.
>Various Artists
– Tremblin’: Steamy & Atmospheric Femail R’n’B Vocals LP (Pancho)
Sixteen never-before-reissued tracks of the sexiest and coolest atmospheric female R'n'B. Features tracks from: Byrdie Green, Yvonne Baker, Carol Hall, Barbara McNair, Lula Reed, Wini Brown, Dolores Gibson, Berna Dean, Paula Grimes, Donna Dee, Ruth Brown, Bettye Smith, Oberia Martin, Johni Naylor and Dora Hall.

>Wild Child
- Pillow Talk [2011] 2xLP (Dualtone)
Wild Child is an eclectic, seven-piece band fueled by the songwriting chemistry between co-founders Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins. Strains of indie folk, gypsy jazz, and vintage San Francisco psychedelia ripple through Wild Child’s debut album,
Pillow Talk.
– 9012Live – The Solos [Reissue/1985] LP (Friday Music)
Limited edition 180gm vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve.

>Iannis Xenakis
– La Légende d'Eer LP+MP3 (Karlrecords)
This is a new version of
La Légende d’Eer, using the 8-track version that Xenakis presented at Darmstädter Ferienkurse in August 1978. This is the only original version of the composition and is presented here, mixed down for stereo, for the very first time. 180gm.
>Layla Zoe
- Breaking Free LP (Ruf)
“Layla is possessed with one of those fantastic Maggie Bell, Janis Joplin or Kitto voices that reach down into your soul and is able to rip your heart out.” — Blues Matters Magazine