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>Bill Callahan - Have Fun With God CD/LP (Drag City)
Here you will find versions of the
Dream River songs that have been killed and resurrected by Callahan himself, spilling tales of the other side of life in a language conceivable only if you let yourself be taken there.
Bibio – Green 12”+MP3 (Warp)
"I wanted to do a follow up EP with “Dye The Water Green” as it is my favorite track off
Silver Wilkinson and I also have a lot of music in my archives that would complement the track well." Green vinyl with download.
Boy & Bear
– Harlequin Dream LP (Nettwerk)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. The lead single, "Southern Sun," has a powerful urgency, not unlike the best of Bruce Springsteen or Fleetwood Mac, while a sprinkling of strings and brass played by living, breathing humans, not machines brings life and color to such standouts as "Back Down The Black," "Old Town Blues" and "Stranger." There’s even a swinging sax solo on title track "Harlequin Dream," a first for the band.

Burnt Skull
– Sewer Breath LP (12XU)
10 tracks of ferocious un-tuned obliteration.

The Colourist
– Lido LP (Republic)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. All of the tracks on
Lido glisten with unshakable harmonies from co-vocalists Adam Castilla and Maya Tuttle as it builds into alternative pop bliss.
Thelonious Monk
– Solo Monk [Reissue/1946] LP (Original Recordings)
Thelonious Monk's 1946 solo affair ranks among the pioneering pianist's most introspective, cerebral, and emotional outings. His trademark angularity informs a majority of the pieces, yet so does grand classicism and melodic rapture. Monk's readings of the originals and standards practically stand the tunes on their collective ears.
Solo Monk is simply amazing. And now, mastered from the original master tapes, this HQ-180gm reissue brings all the music closer, and into more transparent form, than ever before.
– Satellite Of Love 12” (Rhino/Parlophone)
This 12” includes "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side," the opening track from Morrissey's seminal 1992 album
Your Arsenal, which was produced by the legendary and hugely influential Spiders From Mars guitarist and arranger Mick Ronson (whom also co-produced Lou Reed's original "Satellite Of Love" and its parent album, Transformer).Also featuring "Satellite of Love (Live)." In addition there are two previously unreleased tracks, "Vicar In A Tutu (Live)" and "All You Need Is Me (Live)" recorded live in Hyde Park on July 4, 2008.
– Washed Against The Rocks 7” (Handmade Birds)
A work that recalls the most balanced yet visceral moments of classic Prurient.

Pulse Emitter
- Crater Lake LP (Immune)
With an array of handmade modular and vintage keyboard synthesizers Pulse Emitter crafts melodic and layered compositions that evoke microscopic and interstellar landscapes inspired by nature, science fiction and the cosmos.

Steven R. Smith/Ulaan Khol
- Ending/Returning 2xLP+MP3 (Immune)
The music of Californian multi-instrumentalist Steven R. Smith ranges from sparse solo guitar improvisations that evoke the crumbling American landscape to his re-workings of Eastern European folk tunes under the Hala Strana moniker and dense blown out psychedelic fuzz guitar workouts under the Ulaan Khol, Ulaan Markhor, or Ulaan Passerine monikers.

Dino Spiluttini & Nils Quak
- Modular Anxiety LP (Umor Rex)
Modular Anxiety is a split LP comprised of 10 tracks that presents an audacious and fresh face in the land of ambient/drone synth music. One side belongs to Dino Spiluttini (with works on Home Normal and Beatismurder) and the other to Nils Quak (who has released on labels such as Nomadic Kids Republic and Sic Sic Tapes).
Thee Headcoats
– W.O.A.H. Bo In Thee Garage [2000] LP (Get Hip)
This Bo Diddley covers album by Billy Childish and company is fantastic lo-fi garage-drenched tribue to one of rock & roll’s greatest heroes. Color vinyl.

Bad Religion
– No Control [Reissue/1989] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Bad Religion – Against The Grain [Reissue/1990] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Bouncing Souls – Bouncing Souls [Reissue/1997] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Bouncing Souls – How I Spent My Summer Vacation [Reissue/2001] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Descendents - Everything Sucks [Reissue/1996] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Millencolin – Life On A Plate [Reissue/1996] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Millencolin – For Monkeys [Reissue/1997] LP+CD (Epitaph)
NOFX – Ribbed [Reissue/1990] LP+CD (Epitaph)
NOFX – White Trash Two Heebs & A Bean [Reissue/1992] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Pennywise – Pennywise [Reissue/1991] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Pennywise – Unknown Road [Reissue/1993] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Rancid – Rancid [Reissue/1993] LP+CD (Epitaph)
Indie store exclusives! Each title is limited to 500 copies and is pressed on color vinyl with CD.
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Bobby Charles – Bobby Charles LP (Light In The Attic)
A virtual who's who of classic 'roots' rock,
Bobby Charles features 10 classics supported by the likes of Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, and Richard Manuel of The Band, long time Neil Young sidekick Ben Keith, Bob Dylan's former running mate Bob Neuwirth, session maverick Amos Garrett, the esteemed Dr. John. Each one simply supports the Louisiana vibe that flows through the collection of country, blues, R&B, and folk. The album also includes the slow burner "Street People" as featured on Country Funk 1969-1975, Volume 1. HQ-180gm.
The 24-Carat Black – Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth [Reissue/1973] LP (4 Men With Beards)
Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth is the the 1973 Stax debut and the only album released by The 24-Carat Black until a lost album, Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday, was finally released 35 years later. Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth is an underground soul classic, a cohesive 8-song concept album about the hardship of black urban life, produced and arranged by classically trained Detroit song writer Dale Warren, who was an orchestrator and arranger on the Isaac Hayes albums Hot Buttered Soul, The Isaac Hayes Movement, and To Be Continued, among others. HQ-180gm.
American Music Club
– Mercury [1993] LP (Plain)
American Music Club – San Francisco [Reissue/1994] LP (Plain)
Mercury is the sixth release by the San Francisco indie band American Music Club. It is a subtle mix of pedal steel, electric guitar, and understated drumming supporting Mark Eitzel's lyrics laying out tales of pain and desperation. HQ-180gm. San Francisco is their seventh album and was originally released in 1994, before they took a nine year hiatus.
Billy Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones
– Foreverly LP (Reprise)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The result of a collaboration between Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Norah Jones,
Foreverly is a collection inspired by Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, an album of traditional Americana songs reinterpreted, recorded and released by The Everly Brothers in 1958. The album captures the beauty of the Everly's stunning close harmonies to create a moving and powerful testament to these traditional ballads.
Julie Byrne
– Rooms With Windows And Walls LP+MP3 (Orindal)
Blends psychedelic and traditional folk elements to craft a personal, mystical, lo-fi world that echoes the early work of Leonard Cohen, Vashti Bunyan, and Grouper. Elegant, deliberately wrought songs that chronicle memory, hope, and loss using finely crafted lyrics and complex fingerpicked guitar run through delay. Teal vinyl.

Bobby Charles
– Bobby Charles LP (Light In The Attic)
A virtual who's who of classic 'roots' rock,
Bobby Charles features 10 classics supported by the likes of Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, and Richard Manuel of The Band, long time Neil Young sidekick Ben Keith, Bob Dylan's former running mate Bob Neuwirth, session maverick Amos Garrett, the esteemed Dr. John. Each one simply supports the Louisiana vibe that flows through the collection of country, blues, R&B, and folk. The album also includes the slow burner "Street People" as featured on Country Funk 1969-1975, Volume 1. HQ-180gm.
Cheap Time
– Exit Smiles LP+MP3 (In The Red)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Fourth studio album from the Nashville, TN punk warlords.

Al Cisneros
- Toward Nazareth 12” (Drag City)
More versions and deep vibrations come bumping with the thickness from out of the Cosmos and through the vessel of Om's Al Cisneros.

John Coltrane
– My Favorite Things [Reissue/1960] 2xLP (Original Recordings)
A landmark recording in every possible sense, Coltrane’s 1960 album is the first that introduced his legendary quartet with pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Steve Davis, and drummer Elvin Jones. It is also the first on which he played soprano saxophone. It absolutely reimagined how a popular song could be interpreted and spun into a completely new, absorbingly beautiful piece of art. Mastered from the original analog tapes by Bernie Grundman, this HQ-180gm 45 RPM double-LP set shines new light onto this seminal music marvel.

Eric Copeland/Larry Gus
– Bobby Strong (Anthony Naples Remix) b/w The Night Patrols (Bookworms Remix) 12” (DFA)
DFA takes two artists who released different sorts of summer psychedelia in 2013 and pairs them with two fantastic new remixers/producers who have both done work for L.I.E.S.—Anthony Naples (whose personal obsession with Black Dice made him an obvious candidate for the job) and Bookworms (who Larry Gus watched play live at Output this year, mouth agape).

Dog Bite
– Tranquilizers LP+MP3 (Carpark)
In a release inspired by the smooth rhythms of the region's past, Atlanta-based Dog Bite offers more music medicine in the form of
Tranquilizers. The sophomore release transcends the reverie state of Velvet Changes in pursuit of a darker, more full-bodied experience. Frontman Phil Jones found his extensive listening to iconic R&B musicians such as Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes to be the original muse for the album. In its formation it began as a soul record; however, at its core the release remains grounded in Dog Bite's beloved shoegaze landscapes.
– The Marshall Mathers LP2 2xLP (Aftermath)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Brand new album from legendary rapper Eminem featuring the hit singles “Berzerk”, “Rap God” and “The Monster” along with “Survival” the official song of
Call Of Duty: Ghosts. Executive produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin.
Ghost Maps
– The Ocean From The River LP+CD (Casino Gravity)
Ghost Maps features singer/songwriter/mutli-instrumentalist Jeff Martin (Halfset), drummer John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea And Cake), and pianist Tony Crow (Lambchop). Rich organic tones -- intimate guitar and voice songs contrast with panoramic full-band tracks, occasional brass flourishes and textured string arrangements.

Lazy Smoke
- Corridor Of Faces Demos LP (Jackpot)
In addition to the twelve 1967 demos,
Corridor Of Faces Demos also includes two songs originally recorded to acetate in 1966 by pre-Lazy Smoke project: The Road Runners. These two slabs of proto-garage have never seen the light of day, and none of the songs included here have ever been released on vinyl.
Little Ann
– Deep Shadows LP (Timmion)
Vinyl reissue of a rare Detroit/Northern Soul artifact.

Jack Name
- Light Show LP (God?)
White Fence mainstay Jack Name's debut solo outing. Whiffs of young Brian Eno, Gary Numan, Chrome, ELO, Bruce Haack, even Richard O'Brien (a la
Rocky Horror) & Stefan Wul stain the sleeves of this story, but it's still wholly original and cooked at home so it's as honest as it is good for you. The sounds are a dense and ever-shifting beast -- just an absolutely put-you-on-the-floor headphone record.
Olivia Tremor Control
- John Peel Sessions LP+MP3 (Chunklet)
1997 was a big year for the Olivia Tremor Control. They were riding high on the release of their debut
Dusk At Cubist Castle, and touring the world relentlessly. During a visit to the UK in March, John Peel requested the band to visit his studios to record for his radio show.
The Outsiders
– CQ [Reissue/1968] LP (Jackpot)
Originally released in Holland in October 1968,
CQ (pronounced "Seek You") was the third LP from Dutch/Nederbeat garage punks, The Outsiders. Spanning R&B, spacey experimental numbers, folk rock and a revved-up punk that pre-dates the angular moodiness of what would become no wave/post punk a decade later, CQ is nothing short of an absolute psychedelic garage cornerstone.
The Pineapple Thief
– Tightly Unwound [2008] 2xLP (K-scope)
Remastered and expanded double-LP edition of the prog band's 2008 album.

Elaine Radigue
– Opus 17 2xLP (Alga Marghen)
Deluxe edition of previously unheard material from Eliane Radigue circa 1970 -- presented in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve with printed inners and extensive liner notes. This double LP was the last work from Radigue composed with feedback materials and fixed duration. It's one of the strongest, if not definitive, examples of Radigue's tactile and meditative approach to composition, an engrossing, intuitive refinement of the techniques and practice she honed over prior years at RTF's Studio d'essai under the guidance of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry's Studio Apsome, and later at the New York University School of the Arts.

Elaine Radigue
– Vice-Versa, Etc… LP (Alga Marghen)
Elaine Radigue – Feedback Works 1969-1970 LP (Alga Marghen)
Vice-Versa presents two versions performed by Emmanuel Hoelterbach with respect to Radigue’s composition methods, while Feedback Works is a remastered version of French electronic composer's sound installations from 1969-1970, encompassing her work with feedback.
Jay Reatard
– Matador Singles ’08 [2008] LP+MP3 (Matador)
Jay Reatard – Watch Me Fall [2009] LP+MP3 (Matador)
Now available on 120gm vinyl.

Shoes This High
– Shoes This High [Reissue/1981] 7” (Siltbreeze)
Complimenting the forthcoming reissue of Shoes This High’s previously unreleased archival recordings (due February 18), Siltbreeze presents the first-time legitimate reissue of this essential high water mark and crucial New Zealand post-punk classic. Alongside the Gordons’ debut 7”, the band’s sole EP—originally self-released in 1981—uncapped a ferocity yet unheard not just in New Zealand, but in most corners of the global underground fraternity. Needless to say, Shoes This High is a defining moment in definitive.

Vaadat Charigim
– The World Is Well Lost LP (Warm Ratio)
The World Is Well Lost is the debut album from the Tel-Aviv based trio and it’s a phenomenal amalgamation of dreamy and shimmering rock influences that stem from the ‘80s and ‘90s. All lyrics are sung in Hebrew, adding very unique vocal passages that feel ancient and pristine on every level. This is hung over the bands infectious and raw distortion approach, infusing heavy doses of new wave, pop, shoegaze and alternative rock into one form.
Various Artists
- Live At The Bootleggers (Featuring Lattie Murrell And William Floyd Davis) LP (Sutro Park)
Live at the Bootleggers captures a moment in time and a place in history when community was created around the buying and drinking of illegal liquor. Moonshine...white lightning. It was recorded live at a bootlegger's home base in Fayette County, Tennessee in 1971 at the behest of Lattie Murrell, whom Bengt Olsson and Bill Barth had tracked down to document. Besides Murrell, Barth and William Floyd Davis, the contributors to this record, just happened to be spellin' with the same bootlegger that evening; they are unknown voices, arising with glory from the soak of moonshine, and then fading back into obscurity. HQ-180gm.

– Sanctuary: The Complete Discography LP (Sacred Bones)
Despite only being active for a few years in the mid-1980s, Vex left a huge legacy in underground circles for their affecting brand of anarcho punk. Until now, it was almost impossible to find an original copy of their essential Sanctuary record, let alone their scant other recordings.
Sanctuary: The Complete Discography collects all of the Vex material that was ever put to tape on one limited-edition LP for the first time ever. Drop the needle for a lean half hour by what CVLT Nation calls "a very well balanced band that combined the angst of punk with the ethereal vibe of positive punk."
Wendy & Bonnie
– Genesis [Reissue/1969 LP (Sundazed)
HQ-180gm repress of a pop-psych touchstone from 1969.

Paul Westerberg
– Eventually [1996] LP (Plain)
Eventually is Paul Westerberg's second solo album originally released in 1996, which has never been issued on vinyl until now. Coming three years after his solo debut 14 Songs put his legendary band The Replacements to rest, Eventually is the most 'mature' and introspective album he made up to that point in his career. HQ-180gm.
White Denim
– Petty Green 10” (Downtown)
Petty Green bleeds garage-blues swagger into space-psych sonics, bookending scuffed up guitar-work with boundless atmospherics.
Jim Whoerle & Michael Yonkers
- Borders of My Mind LP (Drag City)
Michael Yonkers – Michael Lee Yonkers LP (Drag City)
Fresh vinyl editions of two unjustly unheard classics for lovers of homespun astral folk.
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>Hiss Golden Messenger – Bad Debt CD/LP (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Bad Debt is a collection of lo-fi tape recordings M.C. Taylor captured during at his North Carolina mountain home during a frigid fall and winter four years ago. And while the setting demands comparisons to Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, these recordings are a lot rawer and more basic, and Taylor’s songs are distinctly Appalachian, steeped in biblical imagery and sung with a slightly scratchy twang." – Stereogum
*mrlunatron note: we are glad to see this elegant gem get a wider release than its initial 100 copies—it's one of the best albums i've heard in the last five years...
Discordance Axis – Original Sound Version 1992-1995 2xLP+7” (Hydra Head)
Semi-discography of infamous killer grindcore trio from Hoboken, New Jersey.

Gap Dream
– Shine Your Light LP+MP3 (Burger)
Released late last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Synth/psych/glam epicness from Gabe Fulvimar and produced by Bobby Harlow (King Tuff, The Go, Conspiracy Of Owls).

– Oblivion Hymns 2xLP+MP3 (Hammock Music)
Released late last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Sixth album by Nashville based ambient duo Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson. “Our new record is our most orchestrated record to date. Big, big strings, horns, children’s choir and a guest vocal from Timothy Showalter of Strand of Oaks. It’s epic and a soul crusher. An ambitious undertaking for us.”

Sondre Lerche & Kato Adland
– Sleepwalker [OST] LP (Mona)
Sondre Lerche and Kato Adland wrote and perform the soundtrack to the film,
The Sleepwalker, which was co-written and directed by Lerche’s wife, Mona Fastvold. The soundtrack is beautiful and at times haunting. It is mostly instrumental, but five of the sixteen tracks contain vocals, including “You Sure Look Swell” (vocals by Sondre Lerche) and “Lord I Want to Be a Christian” (vocals by Sylvie Lewis). HQ-180gm.
– A Guilded Eternity [Reissue/1990] 2xLP+7” (Reactor)
A Gilded Eternity is the third and final album from Loop, it originally came out in January 1990, and was recently reissued as part of the Loop Remasters on 2xCD in 2009. The seven tracks on the album (plus the two tracks on the bonus 7”) are from a band at the absolute peak of their power; there was far more to Loop than bludgeoning riffs and cranking up the gain control. Here was a band that also traded in textures, pace and a no less intoxicated alternative to the saucer-eyed ravers who were ‘avin’ it large to the bands that had always had a dance element to their music.
– Moodymann LP (KDJ)
New album from the Detroit house veteran Moodymann (a.k.a. Kenny Dixon Jr.) and follow-up to last year's
ABCD mini-album.
Peaking Lights
– 936 [Reissue/2011] LP (Two Flowers)
Limited edition repress on HQ-180gm vinyl with exclusive poster. On
936, Peaking Lights merge elements of dub, psych, minimal house, disco and krautrock with a distinct pop sensibility.
Lou Reed, John Cale & Nico
- Le Bataclan 1972 2xLP (Keyhole)
To the surprise and delight of their growing fan base, in early 1972 rumors began to circulate that Lou Reed, John Cale, and Nico would be performing together again. In fact
they only played one show, at the small Bataclan club in Paris on January 29, 1972. Thankfully, a soundboard recording was made, preserving the superb concert for posterity. HQ-180gm in gatefold sleeve.

Slick Rick
– The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick [Reissue/1988] 2xLP (Def Jam)
To mark the 25th anniversary of it's release,
The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick is being re-released on vinyl, after being out of print for some time.
The Three O’Clock
– Aquarius Andromeda LP+MP3 (Burger)
New album of unreleased demos and rarities from the ‘80s band. File: Paisley Underground/pop/psych/Children of Nuggets.

Various Artists
- Calypsoul 70: Caribbean Soul & Calypso Crossover 1969-1979 LP (Strut)
First time available on vinyl. Strut turns its magnifying glass onto the Caribbean for
Calypsoul 70, a celebration of the magnificent array of crossover calypso, reggae, Latin, Afro and soul styles that emerged, often from small studio and label stables, during the ‘70s.
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>The Grateful Dead – One From The Vault [Reissue/1991] 3xLP (Future Days)
Triple-LP set back in print on vinyl after 22 years, newly remastered by Joe Gastwirt, with lacquers cut by Kevin Gray. For a legacy filled with legendary performances, the Grateful Dead Live at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on August 13, 1975 stands out. The band only played four shows during that entire year (remarkable for a band that toured non-stop for decades) and for this show, they rolled multi-track tape (which allowed for the band decades later to properly mix it).
Apocalyptica - Wagner Reloaded: Live In Leipzig 2xLP (BMG Rights Management)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Finnish cello-based heavy rockers Apocalyptica want to be remembered as the band that brought balls back to heavy metal and the band that did so in a unique way. Twenty years into an inimitable and formidable career, they are still reinventing themselves and finding new sources of inspiration. The first new music from the band in three years is this live CD of their Wagner musical and theatrical project.

– Seven’s Travels [Reissue/2003] 3xLP (Rhymesayers)
To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Rhymesayers reissues
Seven's Travels as a HQ-180gm triple vinyl gatefold package, expanded with six bonus tracks and new/alternate artwork.
Bastard Noise/Geronimo
– Inertia 12” (Three One G)
Within these grooves be a failure to heed to exploration. Within these grooves be a failure to heed to mighty demands of submission, mediocrity, and the over-general pathetic desire to blindly become drone fertilizer. In short: a celebration of sound, revolt and despair impelled at a very high rate of speed of an irreversible course by the solemn and perpetual nature of inertia.

Big Black
– Bulldozer [Reissue/1984] 12”+MP3 (Touch & Go)
Big Black – Racer X [Reissue/1984] 12”+MP3 (Touch & Go)
Big Black was started by Steve Albini in 1982 while he was living in Evanston, Illinois, and attending Northwestern University. For
Bulldozer, Albini recruited Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun) to help him out on bass. Santiago Durango, another founding member of Naked Raygun, joined them on guitar. They recorded one more time with Pezzati on bass, which resulted in their Homestead debut the Racer-X EP.
Blood Orange
– Cupid Deluxe 2xLP+MP3 (Domino)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “On his second collection of melancholic ‘80s-inspired pop odes, the 27-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Devonté Hynes, aka Blood Orange, channels vagabond emotions into something universal and inviting. His
Cupid Deluxe is an album that tenderly details heartbreak through the language of longing.” Best New Music [8.5] – Pitchfork
Bump & The Soul Stompers
- I Can Remember b/w Standing On The Outside 7” (Numero)
"I Can Remember" momentarily recalls The Delfonics' "Do You Remember" before flipping its melody the other way around. On the B-side "Standing On The Outside" makes further appeals to the lowrider set, brake-pedaling the tempo a notch or two.

Calvin Harris
- Love's Recipe b/w Wives Get Lonely Too 7” (Numero)
1972 pair of Calvin Harris’ masterfully crafted Earl Wiley-produced sweet soul demos.

Matthew De Gennaro
- Chuang Tzu Motherf##ker LP+MP3 (Soft Abuse)
With a varied approach -- guitar, organs, claves, fiddle, and a few tricks up the sleeve -- De Gennaro presents a series of gorgeous melancholic pieces informed by the isolated environs of his home and studio in rural Michigan.
Chuang Tzu Motherf##ker marks the first time his voice has appeared on record, in a song for the great Pip Proud.
The Durutti Column
– The Return Of The Durutti Column [Reissue/1980] LP (Factory Benelux)
Long awaited reissue of this 1980 album from British guitarist Vini Reilly aka The Durutti Column. While still a live fixture at Factory's Hacienda club, Reilly entered the studio with legendary producer Martin Hannett to work on a spontaneous, organic recording that would become the Durutti Column's classic debut LP. The album was comprised of gentle guitar instrumentals incorporating jazz, folk and classical touches, and sounded unlike anything produced by other post-punk bands of the time.

– Preparations LP (Tri Angle)
Preparations is the first record to be released on Tri Angle by Fis. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Fis has steadily been building a name for himself on the underground as a producer to keep an eye on. Having already put out a number of very limited edition and very well received releases through a handful of drum and bass oriented labels, Preparations finds Fis at a point in his music-making career where he's ready to be introduced to a wider audience.
The Grateful Dead
– One From The Vault [Reissue/1991] 3xLP (Future Days)
Triple-LP set back in print on vinyl after 22 years, newly remastered by Joe Gastwirt, with lacquers cut by Kevin Gray. For a legacy filled with legendary performances, the Grateful Dead Live at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on August 13
th, 1975 stands out. The band only played four shows during that entire year (remarkable for a band that toured non-stop for decades) and for this show, they rolled multi-track tape (which allowed for the band decades later to properly mix it).
– Santa’s Little Hella [Flexi] 7” (Joyful Noise)
This limited edition flexi-disc single [part of Joyful Noise’s flexi subscription series] features a never before heard outtake from Hella’s 2007 album
There’s No 666 in Outer Space (Ipecac Records).
John Holt
– 1000 Volts Of Holt [Reissue/1974] LP (Secret)
HQ-180gm vinyl reissue of the classic 1974 Trojan Lovers Rock album. Featuring soulful reggae versions of “Killing Me Softly,” “Stoned Out Of My Mind” and “Mr.Bojangles.” Comes with full color insert featuring track-by-track breakdown and extensive liner notes by Harry Hawke.

Tim Kinsella
- Tim Kinsella Sings The Songs of Marvin Tate LP (Joyful Noise)
Featuring an array of Chicago heavyweights, this limited edition release is not your average solo album. As the album title suggests, this is a uniquely collaborative effort from a diverse group of individuals: prolific poet Marvin Tate, multi-instrumentalist (and longtime Wilco member) LeRoy Bach, Angel Olsen (Jagjaguwar Records), and Tim Kinsella (the eccentric voice behind Joan of Arc, Cap'n Jazz, Owls, and Make Believe).

Master Plan Inc.
- Try It (You'll Like It) b/w Master Plan Intro 7” (Numero)
Their brief 1975 furlough in Minneapolis came at an opportune moment, as rising studio wiz David "Z" Rivkin scoured his Twin City environs for black talent. The result here is silky vocal moves with break-heavy, horn-laden funk riffs.

Mind & Matter
- 1514 Oliver Avenue (Basement) LP (Numero)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Jimmy Jam Harris was just 16 when he began writing and arranging for Minneapolis 11-piece Mind & Matter. Boasting a perfectly calibrated vocal quartet, an aggressive rhythm section, and stacks of Rhodes, Rolands, and Hammonds, the danceable act failed to win favor with frigid Midwest audiences. Tracked in 1977, this bundle of never-before-released basement demos throw Harris’ beloved Philadelphia Sound into an unfinished root cellar, pelting it with Clavinet attacks, disco skats, and infectious hooks.

– Moistboyz V LP (Moistboyz)
Long awaited LP featuring Dean Ween and longtime collaborator Guy Heller doing some country-tinged folk rockers.

Murder-Suicide Pact
– Die Screaming LP (Give Praise)
The fifth and final record from Florida's long-running Murder-Suicide Pact, featuring fifteen new songs. This album finds the band expanding their Black Flag template with dramatic effect. Featuring members of Failure Face, Slap of Reality and the Holy Mountain.

New Bums
– Slim Volume 7” (New Bums)
Slim Volume is the debut single by New Bums, a duo consisting of Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance) and Donovan Quinn (Skygreen Leopards). The single exemplifies the surreal storytelling, 4:00 A.M. acoustic guitars and urban paranoia that lie at the core of their music.

Augustus Pablo
– Dub Box Set 3x10” (Clocktower)
Triple 10" deluxe box set on red, green and yellow vinyl features tracks pulled from
Ital Dub, Reggae Hot Rocks Dub, and Dubbing In Africa.
Elvis Presley
- The ‘68 Comeback Special [1968] LP (Friday Music)
Out of print on vinyl for decades, this exclusive 45th Anniversary Edition of the soundtrack to Elvis’ NBC
’68 Comeback Special is pressed on HQ-180gm vinyl and packaged in a gatefold sleeve.
Sufjan Stevens & Cat Martino
- Take The Time [Flexi] 7” (Joyful Noise)
The New York native, Cat Martino, has previously appeared as a member of Sufjan Stevens' and Sharon Van Etten's bands, but is poised to release a sophomore album sometime next year that has the potential to make her a star in her own right. [Part of Joyful Noise’s flexi subscription series.]

– Past Is Prologue [2006] 2xLP (Ghostly International)
Past Is Prologue, pressed on vinyl for the first time, has a storied history. The tracks began as Sunrise Projector, Tycho's 2004 full-length debut on Gammaphone records; the record was then expanded and reissued in 2006 as Past Is Prologue on Merck records; and now, Ghostly International is reissuing Tycho's original masterwork, re-introducing graphic designer/producer Scott Hansen's musical universe: a lush, expansive imaginary landscape of sepia-toned keyboards, warm downtempo beats, and mile after mile of sun-dappled beauty.
Unnatural Funk Band
- Strange Happenings b/w Living In The Past 7” (Numero)
This previously unreleased pairing was unearthed, with assistance from "Bump" Scott himself, during the Numero Group's KC-focused research for 2013's
Eccentric Soul: The Forte Label collection.
Jorma Whittaker – Jorma LP (Joyful Noise)
Jorma Whittaker's first solo release since his 2001 debut on Secretly Canadian. With the help of his backup band Heavy Hometown, the Marmoset front man has produced the most accomplished, soulful, and downright menacing album of his career.

Wolf People
– When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate 12” (Jagjaguwar)
Following Wolf People's critically acclaimed 2013 release,
Fain, comes this 4-track 12" featuring two of the album's most accomplished songs and two brand new tracks. "When The Fire Is Dead In The Grate" has quickly been established as a fan-favorite throughout venues during their European tour. Stewart Lee described the song as ".... the album's first stone classic, a funky folk-metal workout that trails off into a compellingly extended coda, both guitarists circling and dovetailing and spiraling."