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Mike Viola – Stairway To Paradise 7" (Pax Americana)
New single from the guitarist for Ryan Adams And The Shining.
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The Horace Silver Quintet Plus J.J. Johnson – The Cape Verdean Blues [Reissue/1965] LP (Blue Note)
The Cape Verdean Blues is an album by the Horace Silver Quintet, led by jazz pianist Horace Silver. The quintet is joined on half of these tracks by trombonist J.J. Johnson, with whom Silver had been eager to work for some time. The album was inspired by Silver's father, John Tavares Silva, who was born in Cape Verde. Part of Blue Note's 75 Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
This Week's Vinyl Exclusives:
Kamuran Akkor
- Kamuran Akkor LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Turkey's recent musical history is littered with bottled blondes who put on a lot of eyeliner, made a few singles and then disappeared. And since the mid-'70s, those twin queens Ajda Pekkan and Sezen Aksu have maintained a semi-rivalry while bulldozing their way over pop charts and sales counters. Piles of Turkish psych and folk reissues have hit the west over the past few years, and yet how many have given the luscious ladies of Anatolia their due? So go beyond Selda, and get your gal power on. It's time to steam up your windows with this foxy arabesque singer who's a real-life Stevie Nicks next-door. Waka waka funk rhythm guitar, sweet little organs, pumping bass, winging and buzzy synths, electric baglama, syrupy disco strings, and Akkor's little swallowed yodels. It's all here on Istanbul Plak singles released from 1971-75. Whether she's covering European hits that have Turkish lyrics retrofitted, or ghost voicing a musical scene in a high-profile movie, Akkor often sings like outbursts of tears or frenzy are just beyond her words.

Ed Askew & Black Swans
– Split 7" (Scioto)
Two low-key pieces from the legend Ed Askew and The Black Swans in a letterpress sleeve.

Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
– Kill The Fuzz 10" (Fire Talk)
"A whole album's worth of heavenly harmonies combined blissful rhythmic sunniness might be too much for the human heart to take, so instead, Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk opted for their new record,
Kill The Fuzz, to be released as what Fire Talk refers to as a 'mini album.' From its ominous beginnings, to its sped up mid-section, to its resolute close, the record is a meticulous and artful work of vocal and tonal brilliance. Doing exactly what the title implies, Baby Birds turn their back almost entirely on distortion, and trade up for tastefully soothing, vocally driven beauty." – Impose
Blues Traveller
– Blow Up The Moon LP (Loud & Proud)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With
Blow Up The Moon, Blues Traveler collaborated with a range of artists across the spectrum for every one of the 14 songs on the album. The repertoire represents country, pop, reggae and even hip-hop. The diverse guests include 3OH!3, Plain White Ts, Jewel, Dirty Heads, JC Chasez, Hanson, Bowling For Soup, and many more.
Bonnie Stillwater
– The Devil Is People LP (Temporary Residence)
Bonnie Stillwatter is a conceptual collaboration of artistry and friendship between Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), experimental rock group Watter (featuring a member of Grails), and Stillwater Artisanal, a nomadic brewer that mixes equal parts art and alcohol. This collaboration is an inspired one, the roots of which are a mutual respect and love, and the fruits of which are two side-long trips into dark cinematic folk-rock determined to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Phoebe Bridgers
– Killer 7" (Pax Americana)
In Ryan's own words, Bridgers is a "musical unicorn" who "could make a jar of sand sound like
Blood On The Tracks."
Alex Calder
– Mold Boy LP (Captured Tracks)
After the release of his debut LP
Strange Dreams, Alex Calder shares a collection of tracks he has quietly released over the past few years as Mold Boy. This collection finds Calder veering more into experimental territory while retaining the garage-psych elements of his current work.
– Edge Of The Sun LP+MP3 (Anti)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Calexico's follow-up to 2012 s acclaimed
Algiers, Edge Of The Sun began with a songwriting retreat to the historic Mexico City borough of Coyoacán. Working for the first time with Mexican collaborators, Calexico expanded their horizons as the guest list grew to include musicians from a myriad of backgrounds, origins, and genres, including Sam Beam from Iron And Wine, Ben Bridwell from Band Of Horses, Nick Urata from Devotchka, Carla Morrison, Gaby Moreno, Amparo Sanchez, multi-instrumentalists from the Greek band Takim, as well as Neko Case.
The Carribean
– The 65 Cent Dinner 7" (Scioto)
DC's The Caribbean has been making experimental pop music since 1999. Their music is often described as subtle, crafty, shadowy, cynical, beautiful, observational, oblique and surreal.
The 65 Cent Dinner is the perfect introduction to the world of The Caribbean -- the hushed vocals, spacey keyboards, deep bass, glitchy loops and catchy chord progressions.
Daniel Clarke
– Diamonds 7" (Pax Americana)
New single from the keyboardist for Ryan Adams And The Shining.

The Damnwells
– The Damnwells LP (Rock Ridge)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Indie rock band The Damnwells came together 15 years ago in a downtown New York City storage unit hastily repurposed as a rehearsal room and imploded onstage at what should have been a career pinnacle: a live appearance to promote the release of a documentary about the band and its journey. Now, for the first time since 2006, the founding members have reconvened to release a new album.
The Damnwells is sharply focused collection of literate, heartfelt, and hook-laden Americana. The lead single, "Lost," is blissful melancholia about trying to find your way in a post breakup landscape. The raucous and rootsy "Kentexas" ponders the mischievous wonders of being aimless after the demise of a relationship. On "Kill Me," The Damnwells finally document the band's wry sense of humor with witty pop culture commentary blasted within euphoric power-pop. The 11-song album concludes with the stately folk of the heartbreaking "None Of These Things."
Detached Objects
– Detached Objects LP (Gilgongo)
Debut recordings from this guitar heavy Arizona group. Featuring members of Rumspringer, Avon Ladies, Soft Shoulder and Gay Kiss, Detached Objects play a loud style of punk that is both melodic and scathing, simple and complex, with nods to bands such as Wipers and Drive Like Jehu.

– Broad Shoulders LP (Tiny Engines)
Dikembe's signature sound is comprised of powerhouse rhythms, the acrobatic back-and-forth between the guitars and front man Steven Gray's confident-yet-completely raw and exposed delivery.

Tashi Dorji
– Appa LP (Bathetic)
Appa—meaning "father" in Dzongkha—is Bhutan-by-way-of Asheville, NC guitarist Tashi Dorij's debut release for Bathetic Records. With
Appa, Dorji paints winding and expansive images with both patient and dizzying guitar movements. Intricate and delicate, strong and poetic; Appa comes across as a record brimming with energy, vitality and life while expressing emotions of loss and strength and family and distance.
Lawrence English
– Peregrine LP (Room40)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Reissue of the 2011 album from the Australian sound artist. Vinyl version due April 28. "Take a deep breath, press play, and lower the needle. Here's what happens next. Multiple layers split the frequency spectrum, your own being, and the perceived reality as everything in sight is enveloped in sound. The lowest register appears in the foreground, with deep rumbling bass defining the rhythm and structure. The highs swim below the surface, drenched in distortion and reverb, gradually revealing harmony and tone. Then there's that space in between, the space between inhale and exhale, the space between those same perceived realities, where everything known merges into something new. This is perhaps the best description I can come up with when soaring alongside Lawrence English through thick clouds of saturated bliss." – Headphone Commute

Luis Enriquez And His Electronic Men
– Electronica [Reissue/1965] LP (Contempo)
"Don't let the title fool you; this is not a record of electronic music, but of twelve tunes performed by a small instrumental combo: three guitars, drums, piano and a double bass. There is a sixth instrument: the sound recording machine, which functions electronically. By amplifying, superimposing, drawing out and reducing the sounds created by the instrumental combo, the electronic recorder imbues each piece of music, be it already well-known or an 'original,' with a brand-new, highly unusual and extremely attractive flavor." (From the original LP liner notes.)

Equipe 84
– Equipe 84 [Reissue/1965] LP (Contempo)
Equipe 84 – Io Ho In Mente Te [Reissue/1966] LP (Contempo)
Italian Beat at its best. These are the first proper and official vinyl reissues since their official mid-'60s release.

The Ex & Fendika
– Lale Guma b/w Addis Hum 7" (Ex Records)
This new 7" single release is a musical cooperation between The Ex and the Ethiopian acoustic band Fendika. The Ex has a long history with Ethiopian music and have worked together with Fendika for six years, including many European and American festivals and also in Ethiopia. Slowly they grew closer and the result is stunning: the typical Ex rhythms and riffs, combined with traditional instruments as the one string masinko, the kobero drums and the great voice of Fendika singer, Nardos.

Curtis Fuller
– Opener [Reissue/1957] LP (Blue Note)
American hard bop trombonist Curtis Fuller recorded
The Opener for Blue Note records in 1957. This was his first album for the label. Featuring Hank Mobley on the tenor sax, Bobby Timmons on piano, Paul Chambers on bass, and Art Taylor on drums. Part of Blue Note's 75 Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
– Trick Of The Tail [Reissue/1976] LP (Atlantic)
Genesis – Wind & Wuthering [Reissue/1976] LP (Atlantic)
Genesis - & Then There Were Three [Reissue/1978] LP (Atlantic)
Genesis - Duke [Reissue/1980] LP (Atlantic)
Genesis - Abacab [Reissue/1981] LP (Atlantic)
Digitally remastered and remixed in 2008, these HQ-180gm vinyl reissues feature new stereo mixes of each album's original tracks.

Giant Claw
– Dark Web LP/Cassette (Orange Milk)
Composed primarily through intricate MIDI notation and sampling,
Dark Web could be viewed through the tradition of hyperrealism, where established cultural tropes and recordings are cut up and stitched back together as new compositional tools.
Jon Gibson
– Visitations [1973] LP (Superior Viaduct)
Since the mid-'60s, Jon Gibson has played a key role in the development of American avant-garde music. No other artist has performed in the world premieres of Terry Riley's
In C, Steve Reich's Drumming, and Philip Glass' Einstein On The Beach, three major works that changed the course of musical history. Visitations, Gibson's first release under his own name, originally appeared on the Chatham Square imprint. Inspired by the books of Carlos Castaneda, Gibson departs from the structured repetition of his minimalist peers and takes the listener on an aural journey-spanning organic field recordings, ambient flutes and synthesizers, and free-flowing textures. Visitations' two side-long tracks are at once solemn and unsettling, making this an astonishing debut that firmly establishes Gibson as a pioneer in his own right. Recommended for fans of Cluster, Harold Budd and Phill Niblock.
Herbie Hancock
– The Prisoner [Reissue/1969] LP (Blue Note)
"As one of the first albums Herbie Hancock recorded after departing Miles Davis' quintet in 1968, as well as his final album for Blue Note,
The Prisoner is one of Hancock's most ambitious efforts. Assembling a nonet that features Joe Henderson (tenor sax, alto flute), Johnny Coles (flugelhorn), Garnett Brown (trombone), Buster Williams (bass), and Albert "Tootie" Heath (drums), he has created his grandest work since My Point Of View. Unlike that effort, The Prisoner has a specific concept -- it's a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, evoking his spirit and dreams through spacious, exploratory post-bop" – AllMusic. Part of Blue Note's 75 Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
Brian Harnetty
– Sociophonic Key 7" (Scioto)
When Brian Harnetty was commissioned to work with the Sun Ra/El Saturn archives in Chicago, his goal was to develop a series of conversations with Sun Ra through the many recordings in the collection. For this single, Harnetty has created a stand-alone work drawn from
The Star Faced One, a 2010 sound installation at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago. Despite the variety of samples used many subtle relationships are heard -- both literal and fantastic -- from Sun Ra rehearsing a group of children fading into an answering machine, to the intensity of a gospel preacher alongside the Arkestra's invitation to join them in outer space.
The Heads
– Nobody Knows 2xLP (Rooster)
Nobody Knows presents ten tracks of The Heads in their element: raw and alive in the rehearsal room, tracks being formed, prototype Heads riffs in the sonic gloop. Hear this era of the band in all its speaker-blowing, walkman-warping glory—a true psychedelic rock document.
– Mean Green 7" (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
"Mean Green" is a surf-centric slab of sonic stomp that doubles as a definition of "mean." In the case of Heaters, "mean" is meant in the context that might be used to describe a 1970 GTO piloted by a jittery Warren Oates -- not belligerent, but aggressive, blank-eyes staring at the horizon, fueled by dread and ready to accelerate into the nearest dangerous curve. The flipside, "Levitate Thigh," proves the band to be possessed by the power of rock & roll, initially bringing the tempo to a stuttering slow-roll, before Heaters are once again the willing captives of a Seeds-level web of sounds, guitar snarl, feedback and drums creating the trap in which the band has no chance -- and no desire -- to escape.

Joe Henderson
– State Of The Tenor, Live At The Village Vanguard Vol. 1 [Reissue/1986] LP (Blue Note)
"It is not only a fine trio outing, but a series of performances in which Henderson strips songs to their essence, turning them into his own vision" -- All Music. Part of Blue Note's 75 Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.

Home Blitz
– Foremost & Fair LP (Richie)
Fractured, ballsy electric guitar pop from Dan Dimaggio's outfit defines the form. Past releases on Mexican Summer, Almost Ready.

– Marry Me Tonight [200] LP (Ghostly International)
Originally from Melbourne Australia, HTRK transplanted to Berlin in 2007 and, in 2008 moved to London. In March 2010, bassist Sean Stewart very sadly passed away, leaving only a small legacy and a large amount of unfulfilled promise. The band's phenomenal debut album,
Marry Me Tonight, originally released in 2009 on UK label Blast First Petite, was produced by Roland S. Howard of The Birthday Party. HTRK's brooding, sleazy, trance-like post-punk sound and woozy psychedelia recalls influences The Birthday Party and New York minimalists Suicide. On vinyl for the first time since its original 2009 release.
I Ribelli
– I Ribelli [Reissue/1968] LP (Contempo)
Ribelli were an Italian band originally set as Adriano Celentano's accompanying group. They soon become a powerful beat band featuring the amazing vocals of the late Demetrio Stratos. This album, originally released in 1968 via Ricordi, is a collection of great songs which includes their hit single "Pugni Chiusi" and an incredible version of the Supremes' hit "You Keep Me Hangin' On (Chi Mi Aiuterà)."

The Isley Brothers
– The Heat Is On [Reissue/1975] LP (Friday Music)
Classic, solid street soul fused with rock. HQ-180gm red vinyl.

– How Do You Feel Now? LP (Cultco Music Hollywood)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. Joywave is an eclectic group specializing in alternative pop hailing from Rochester, NY. Creating a sound that deftly jumps between genres, Joywave's music is grounded in classic songwriting, often injected with house music's energy, the playfulness of disco and an overarching hip-hop spirit. Their
How Do You Feel? EP demonstrated the band's pointed talent for originality while blending influences.
The KVB/Flaamingos
– The KVB/Flaamingos Split EP 12" (Felte)
Flaamingos blend pounding analog drum machines, jumbling basslines that are as moody as they are thoroughly danceable, atmospheric washes of echo-laden synth textures and jangling guitar sounds. Like a hazily remembered dream, U.K. duo the KVB blend reverb-soaked shoegaze with minimalist electronic production to create their delicate and ephemeral sound.

Lenguas Largas
– Lenguas Largas LP (Recess)
"Lenguas Largas are from Tucson, AZ. Featuring members of Swing Ding Amigos, The Blacks, Shark Pants, Built To Spill, Digital Leather and Sexy, so you know they aren't messing around. This is the first and easily the best full-length to date from these dudes and they will prove it by touring the hell out of it. What more can I say? Radical vocals, awesome song writing, incredible recording, Oh, and because some of the song titles are in Spanish, your iPod takes on the voice of a Mexican man when pronouncing the tracks. So you got that going for you."

Lunatic Soul
– Lunatic Soul [2008] 2xLP (Kscope)
Lunatic Soul is this solo studio project from bass guitarist and vocalist Mariusz Duda of prog rock band Riverside. This first-time HQ-180gm vinyl pressing of his debut features an etching on the D-side.

– The Rise And Fall [Reissue/1982] LP (Cleopatra)
Limited edition HQ-180gm brown vinyl pressing of the brilliant fourth album by ska/pop masters Madness originally released in 1982 and declared by NME as the group's best

Jesse Malin
– New York Before The War LP (One Little Indian)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. "Singer/songwriter Jesse Malin has been in and out of bands since he was 12 years old, most notably as the lead singer of glam punk group D Generation for eight years; in between bands he never stopped writing songs and pursued a solo career, beginning with his debut EP
169 in 2002, followed by his debut album The Fine Art Of Self Destruction. It has now been five years since Malin has released a new album, but he has now returned with his seventh studio album New York Before The War; we are said to expect an album that acts as a soundtrack to a meaningful life, as well as it covering the respect Malin has for his origins and embracing the future with both hands." – Renowned For Sound
– I Am A Wallet [Reissue/1987] 2xLP (Optic Nerve)
By the time McCarthy appeared on the NME's C86 cassette they had already been playing
together for a couple of years and released two excellent singles. Their debut "In Purgatory" and the indie masterpiece "Red Sleeping Beauty" (both included on this release). The following year McCarthy released the brilliant "Frans Hals" before unleashing their debut album
I Am A Wallet. Now recognized as an indiepop masterpiece it has gone on to achieve cult status, receiving praise from the likes of Nicky Wire (Manic Street Preachers) as one of the most important albums of the '80s. Known by todays indie accolites as the band that spawned Tim Gane and Leititia Sadier (who of course went on to form Stereolab). Limited double red vinyl LP pressing including 13 bonus tracks.
Merzbow/Mats Gustafsson/Balázs Pándi/Thurston Moore
– Cuts Of Guilt, Cuts Deeper 2xLP (Rarenoise)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New collaboration between Japanese noisemaker, Swedish saxophonist, Hungarian drummer and the skronking guitar hero/Sonic Youth founder.

Merzbow + Xiu Xiu
– Merzxiu LP (Kingfisher Bluez)
Full-length album from the debut collaboration of Japanese noise giant Merzbow and L.A.-based experimental/art-rock outfit Xiu Xiu. Two sides of brooding, pulsing noise to take you to a dark place.

Mike Oldfield
– Tubular Bells II [Reissue/1992] LP (Rhino)
Mike Oldfield – The Songs Of Distant Earth [Reissue/1994] LP (Rhino)
Mike Oldfield – Voyager [Reissue/1996] LP (Rhino)
Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells III [Reissue/1998] LP (Rhino)
Back in print on HQ-180gm vinyl.

– It's Not Working Out 7" (It's Alive)
If you've ever wondered what modern Midwest pop punk would sound like coming from a group of young 20-something year-old dudes from southern California, this is it. Like most kids coming up in SoCal, Oldfriends got baptized into punk rock by way of the early west coast classics. But where most bands of the area take the next step in their journey in the direction of a more bro-core, hard-core, thrash style, Oldfriends got detoured in the direction of the Midwest pop punk stylings made awesome by bands like The Dopamines and The Copyrights.

Orchestra Baobab
– Pirates Choice LP (World Circuit)
For people who know their Senegalese music, Orchestra Baobab's
Pirates Choice is the Holy Grail. By the time this music was recorded to four-track in 1982, the immensely popular band had been playing nightly for years at a Dakar club called Baobab. Latin music was popular in Dakar, a port city, and the band mixed various strains of Latin music with different African music styles to create uniformly stunning results not all that different from Afro-Cuban music.
– Palmeira [Reissue/1983] LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Limited edition vinyl LP pressing of this 1983 album includes insert/booklet with liner notes and pictures. Can you imagine a Dutch band playing top-notch '60s-'70s sounding Brazilian music? Originally released as a private pressing, Palmeira's only album will please any lover of bossa, jazzy and Latin-fusion sounds.

Ashley Paul
– Slow Boat LP (Orange Milk)
Slow Boat pulls out every last sound in the organic world and puts into a context of sheer beauty and conceptual interest simultaneously. It is masterfully original and well thought out with superb musicianship and puts hope into the polarized world of conceptual vs. analytic.

Plvs Vltra
– Rooftop Arcade 7" (Scioto)
Plvs Vltra is the new project from Toko Yasuda, best known for her work in the band Enon, more recently, a touring member of St. Vincent. For this single, Yasuda drew inspiration from J Dilla and his use of an MPC sampler, Echo Park sunsets, cheese toast, and tea. The result is an assault of electronic pop and sample laden hooks that is at times both light as a feather and staggering.

Robert Pollard
– Up Up And Up 7"+MP3 (GBV Inc.)
A teaser 7" to the upcoming new full-length,
Faulty Superheroes, due May 26, 2015. Includes the album cuts "Up Up And Up" and "Take Me To Yolita."
Pool Party
– Number One CD/LP+MP3 (It's Alive)
The hottest fools around are back to piss all over this town with their first full length for It's Alive Records, Number One. They've got trophies and plaques. There's always cigarettes in their packs. They're going fast and being cool. They put the P in every Pool.

Reign Of Fury
– Death Be Thy Shepherd LP (Static Tension)
Formed in 2006, Reign Of Fury is the coming together of five like-minded musicians with a shared passion for '80s metal. They proudly embrace their inspirations, combining them with diverse flavors picked up on the music scene in bands such as 4FT Fingers, Screamin' 88s, Gash, and Whippasnappa.

Angelo Noce Santoro
– For You [Reissue/1979] LP (Pharaway Sounds)
Vinyl reissue of this private Dutch album from 1979: a Latin-funk-psych-prog trip featuring groovy jazzy flute, superb acoustic / electric guitars, funky rhythm section, exotic percussion and some cool Oriental/Thai/Brazilian vibes. Angelo Noce Santoro is a guitar player with over forty-five years of musical career. A founding member of legendary psych-prog band Cosmic Dealer, Angelo has recorded and released albums under his own name and he's also behind projects like Palmeira (the first Dutch band playing Brazilian music), Santoro Brothers and Oriental Guitars among many others.

Second Layer
– World Of Rubber [Reissue/1981] LP (Optic Nerve)
Vinyl reissue for this electronic side project from Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey, founding members of guitar-based post-punkers The Sound. Second Layer pioneered the use of drum machines and mixed machine-based soundscape with more human elements created a sound ahead of its time. After releasing a couple of singles in 1979 and 1980 they released
World Of Rubber in 1981. A beautiful, hard and emotional record. Limited edition HQ-180gm white vinyl.
Sh!t Robot
– Where It's At (feat. Reggie Watts) 12" (DFA)
"Another collaboration with the singer/comedian/television star Reggie Watts. Reggie Watts' vocal performance runs the gamut of Chicago dance music history -- from the gloom and melodrama of iconic label Wax Trax, to the jubilant choruses of Frankie Knuckles' house anthems. But let's not de-emphasize the solid instrumentation provided by Mr. Marcus 'Sh!t Robot' Lambkin -- we've got that classic DFA bassline, claps, and bleeps and bloops aplenty -- mixed and manipulated by none other than our own James Murphy. The flip features a remix by London producer Johnny Aux, who turns the track into a staticy, stripped down, raw deep house banger, with hissing glimmers of icy cymbals peeking through the smog."

The Horace Silver Quintet Plus J.J. Johnson
– The Cape Verdean Blues [Reissue/1965] LP (Blue Note)
The Cape Verdean Blues is an album by the Horace Silver Quintet, led by jazz pianist Horace Silver. The quintet is joined on half of these tracks by trombonist J.J. Johnson, with whom Silver had been eager to work for some time. The album was inspired by Silver's father, John Tavares Silva, who was born in Cape Verde. Part of Blue Note's 75 Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
Skinny Lister
– Down On Deptford Broadway LP+MP3 (Xtra Mile)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Second album from London folk-rockers.
Standard weight yellow vinyl with download.

The Spanish Donkey
– Raoul LP (Rarenoise)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The sound of Joe Morris' electric guitar, with distortion pedal set on stun and wah-wah pedal fully engaged, colliding with Jamie Saft's droning, microtonal organ and Mike Pride's thunderous free drumming approach to the kit creates a mind-numbing maelstrom on Raoul.

Cecil Taylor
– Conquistador! [Reissue/1966] LP (Blue Note)
"For the second of Cecil Taylor's two Blue Note albums (following
Unit Structures), the innovative pianist utilized a sextet comprised of trumpeter Bill Dixon, altoist Jimmy Lyons, both Henry Grimes and Alan Silva on basses and drummer Andrew Cyrille. During the two lengthy pieces, Lyons' passionate solos contrast with Dixon's quieter ruminations while the music in general is unremittingly intense. Both of the Taylor Blue Notes are quite historic and near-classics but, despite this important documentation, Cecil Taylor (other than a pair of Paris concerts) would not appear on records again until 1973" – AllMusic. Part of Blue Note's 75 Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
Test Dept
– Tested Product LP (PC Press)
Test Dept—the authentic industrialists, sonic material handlers, investigative agitators, utilizers and recyclers of society's debris—have re-emerged to engage with the current cultural and political climate, exploring new ways of expression in a strategic program of actions and releases.
Tested Product combines material from their 1983 debut single and their second major studio album The Unacceptable Face Of Freedom (1986).
Wes Tirey
– Home Recordings (Orange Milk)
Sound not only fills a room, but can become the tangible. Wes Tirey begs listeners to reach out and meld with his home recordings.

Tribo Massahi
– Estrelando Embaixandor [Reissue/1972] LP (Goma Gringa)
A trip of an album rich in percussive energy and African chant -- made in Brazil. The sounds of continents colliding in a young, funky and soul fueled '70s. This the only album by Massáhi Tribe and it became notorious for its unique sound and the almost complete lack of information about its creators.

Armando Trovajoli
– The Beat Generation [Reissue/1960] LP (Contempo)
Originally released on RCA in 1960,
The Beat Generation is a jazz album where Trovajoli and his great orchestra plays awesome versions of classic themes—plus one original composed by the Maestro—with the usual swing that was his trademark.
The Turns
– Gone EP 7" (Shelflife)
Shelflife presents the debut EP from Los Angeles based The Turns, a band who looks and sounds like the product of Creation Records 1989, but apply their own twist and turns to make their music uniquely modern. RIYL: Loop, Jesus & Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Ride.

McCoy Tyner
– Time For Tyner [Reissue/1968] LP (Blue Note)
Time For Tyner finds pianist McCoy Tyner with vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, bassist Herbie Lewis, and drummer Freddie Waits. Tyner and Hutcherson blend together quite well on the first three tracks from the original program (all Tyner originals), and both display expertise at coming up with inventive ideas over modal vamps. A fine all-round showcase for McCoy Tyner in the late '60s" – AllMusic. Part of Blue Note's 75 Anniversary vinyl reissue campaign.
– Procession Acts LP (Bathetic)
Ross Gentry returns to Bathetic under his Villages moniker to present his sophomore LP.
Procession Acts carries on Villages' debut LP's grand expanse of ambient glory, while carrying the sound to a heightened level. Procession Acts comes across as much more cinematic. It is a denser record, more precise in its attack and its immersion.
Mike Viola
– Stairway To Paradise 7" (Pax Americana)
New single from the guitarist for Ryan Adams And The Shining.

The Wombats
– The Glitterbug LP+MP3 (Bright Antenna)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. "It's been four years since Liverpool indie rockers The Wombats released
This Modern Glitch, the platinum-selling follow-up to their acclaimed debut A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation. An adventurous record that saw the trio incorporate a heavy electro element into their danceable guitar rock tunes, This Modern Glitch cemented The Wombats status as genuine crossover stars via hit singles 'Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves)' and 'Jump Into The Fog.' After taking some time off from the circus that had become their lives, the band spent 18 months spread between the UK and Los Angeles workshopping the songs for album number three, before linking with producer Mark Crew to map out and record their creation. The resulting record Glitterbug is a moody, synth-heavy, indie-rock record full of irresistibly catchy cuts that seem destined to become radio staples." – Music Feeds
for the week of 21 april 2015...
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>Modest Mouse
– Interstate 8 [Reissue/1996] CD/LP (Glacial Pace)
– Building Nothing Out Of Something [Reissue/1999] CD/LP (Glacial Pace)
This is a reissue of Modest Mouse's 1996 EP
Interstate 8 EP, which includes six tracks recorded live in Sunburst, Montana. In addition to the CD reissue, this is the first time it being made available on vinyl. Building Something Out Of Nothing compiles assorted tracks from the Interstate 8 EP, as well as tracks from the Never Ending Math Equation, Life Of Arctic Sounds, Broke, and Other People's Lives singles.
Stacks Image 5100
>Björk – Vulnicura LP (One Little Indian)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Vulnicura is the Icelandic artist's eighth studio album. It was written, produced and recorded in collaboration with Venezuelan producer Arca and British musician The Haxan Cloak. Of the album's nine tracks, six were written by Björk with two co-written with Arca and one co-written with Spaces. Six songs are produced by Björk and Arca, one by Björk, Arca and The Haxan Cloak and two by Björk. All string arrangements are by Björk. The album was mixed by The Haxan Cloak, except two songs mixed by The Haxan Cloak and Chris Elms, and mastered by Mandy Parnell.
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>Ryan Adams – Live At Carnegie Hall 6xLP+MP3 (Pax Am/Blue Note)
Six-LP HQ-180gm vinyl box set, available in two limited edition runs. This first run, available in very limited quantity, contains vinyl with yellow labels. On the second run, the labels will be blue (as opposed to yellow on the first edition). All contents of the second run will be identical to the original, including a download card for HD audio, and will be released sometime this Summer.
Live At Carnegie Hall gives those shut out of Ryan's sold out one-man two-night stand at Carnegie Hall the chance to experience every one of the 42 career-spanning songs Ryan played over the course of November 15 and 17, 2014. The 42-track release also features two brand new, never before released Ryan Adams compositions: '"This Is Where We Meet In My Mind" and "How Much Light."
This Week's Vinyl Exclusives:
Ryan Adams
– Live At Carnegie Hall 6xLP+MP3 (Pax Am/Blue Note)
Six-LP HQ-180gm vinyl box set, available in two limited edition runs. This first run, available in very limited quantity, contains vinyl with yellow labels. On the second run, the labels will be blue (as opposed to yellow on the first edition). All contents of the second run will be identical to the original, including a download card for HD audio, and will be released sometime this Summer.
Live At Carnegie Hall gives those shut out of Ryan's sold out one-man two-night stand at Carnegie Hall the chance to experience every one of the 42 career-spanning songs Ryan played over the course of November 15 and 17, 2014. The 42-track release also features two brand new, never before released Ryan Adams compositions: '"This Is Where We Meet In My Mind" and "How Much Light."
– Demo LP (Econo Jam)
"...An extremely raw production, the absence of a bass, and extremely short, dissonant and stripped-down songs are the key elements to a release that sounds like pure f**king starvation and ruin, and in which you can literally feel the lack of life and human warmth. You can hear the rawness and desperation of
No Sanctuary-era Amebix collide with the dismal and hypnotic bleakness of early Burzum, paving the way for a masterful splicing of crust punk rudeness and a hateful surge of vile early Scandinavian black metal."—Cvlt Nation
Jeffrey Alexander
- Wayfinding Beacons From Planet To Planet LP (Pome Pome Tones)
Celestial navigating inner light time-folding exercises with synthesizer, shruti box, electric guitar, bamboo saxophone, singing bowl, space echo and talking book phonograph.

Art & Language & The Red Krayola
– Corrected Slogans [Reissue/1976] LP (Drag City)
The Red Crayola with Art & Language - Black Snakes [Reissue/1983] LP (Drag City)
Corrected Slogans was first pressed by Art & Language & The Red Crayola in 1976; it was the first mention of the The Red Crayola's name on LP since 1968. The only review it received at the time was by Glenn O'Brian in Interview magazine; his response was a positive one, though he found the material ironic. By the time the album was made available to the public, it was clear that The Red Crayola would continue with Jesse Chamberlain joining Mayo Thompson. This was the start of five years of steady activity. Black Snakes was originally issued in 1983 as a co-release by Switzerland's Rec Rec and Germany's Pure Freunde label. With a quartet featuring synth player Allen Ravenstine doubling on soprano sax, this was a smaller group than had appeared on either of the Crayola's two previous releases, Soldier-Talk and Kangaroo?. Mayo Thompson's guitar in particular shines in the space allowed by this configuration.
Beauty Pill
– The Cigarette Girl From The Future [2001] LP (Butterscotch)
Garnering critical acclaim (9/10 on Pitchfork as well as praise from The New York Times, The Washington Post and more), this newly expanded deluxe edition of
The Cigarette Girl From The Future from DC's Beauty Pill (originally released on Dischord) is a testament to the endurance of a great record. Musically way ahead of its time, this is sparse, angular record is infused with an equal measure of pop sensibilities and full-on tonal deconstruction.
– Vulnicura LP (One Little Indian)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Vulnicura is the Icelandic artist's eighth studio album. It was written, produced and recorded in collaboration with Venezuelan producer Arca and British musician The Haxan Cloak. Of the album's nine tracks, six were written by Björk with two co-written with Arca and one co-written with Spaces. Six songs are produced by Björk and Arca, one by Björk, Arca and The Haxan Cloak and two by Björk. All string arrangements are by Björk. The album was mixed by The Haxan Cloak, except two songs mixed by The Haxan Cloak and Chris Elms, and mastered by Mandy Parnell.
– Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us.../EP [Reissue/2003/2005] LP (Prank)
Reissue of the debut full-length from these Bay Area political punks whose heavy sounds continue the lineage of hometown heroes Christ On Parade, Neurosis, Econochrist, Talk Is Poison, and the like. A ferocious hardcore attack ripped with caustic vocal trade-offs, intricate basslines, dark riffs, thundering rhythms, and fiercely political lyrics.

– B-Sides 7" (Rad Girlfriend)
Four Chicago-based bands whose names all start with a 'B' join forces for a 4-way split 7".

Buena Vista Social Club
– Lost And Found LP+MP3 (World Circuit)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Coming almost two decades after the release of the original Grammy-winning, self-titled LP
Lost And Found is a collection of previously unreleased tracks––some of which were recorded during the original album's sessions in Havana and others from the years that followed. The studio tracks presented here were recorded at the 1996 Egrem studio sessions in Havana and during a period of rich and prolific creativity stretching into the early 2000s following the recording of the original album. Lost And Found also features live recordings from the world tours of Buena Vista's legendary veterans.
Glen Campbell
– I'll Be Me Soundtrack LP (Big Machine)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Honored in 2012 with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Country Music Hall Of Fame member Glen Campbell has recorded his last song. "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" was written by Campbell and Julian Raymond specifically for a new documentary titled
Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me. The soundtrack for the film also features The Band Perry and Campbell's daughter Ashley who performs an original tune.
– Broken Bone Ballads LP (Fake Four Inc.)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. An album five years in the making,
Broken Bone Ballads was produced by Canadian beatsmith Factor and features some of Ceschi's most raw and viceral lyrics to-date. Select vocal features include Sage Francis, iCON The Mic K!ing, David Ramos and Shosin.
Common Eider King Eider
- Taaleg Uksur LP (Pesanta Urfolk)
Originally released on a super-limited cassette for last year's Stella Natura festival,
Taaleg Uksur comprises four sprawling, shape-shifting tracks, each one a unique psycho-acoustic devotional.
Crooks On Tape
– In The Realm Of The Ancient Minor LP (Pure Orgone)
John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac, Caribou, Vertical Scratchers), Rick Lee (Enon, Skeleton Key) and Joey Galvan present Crooks On Tape's first instrumental release. The textures and sampled/looped aesthetic these men have cultivated is still very present; however these tracks offer something more akin at times to a movie soundtrack or a hypnotic meditation.

David Crosby/Graham Nash/Neil Young
– San Francisco Benefit Concert LP (Vinyl Lovers)
On March 26, 1972, David Crosby and Graham Nash, always ready to lend a hand to help a worthy cause, headlined the This Sheriff's Benefit Concert to help raise awareness of prisoner issues. The show also featured local groups Earth Rise and Stoneground, as well as Elvin Bishop. Three songs into the show, Neil Young joined the duo, a wonderful surprise as the three had not performed together since CSNY finished touring in 1970.

Holger Czukay
– On The Way To The Peak Of Normal [Reissue/1981] LP (Groenland)
The second album from the former Can member is where his fantastic blend of world music, crackly vocal samples, and incredible improvisational vision came together.

– Brown Suger [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (UMe)
White vinyl double-LP reissue of D'Angelo's debut album, originally released in 1995.
Brown Sugar features a fusion of contemporary R&B and traditional soul music, along with elements of funk, quiet storm, and hip-hop music.
Dead Sara
– Pleasure To Meet You LP (Pocket Kid)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Second album from the Los Angeles rock quartet.

- Abbara 2x12" (Khaliphonic)
Russ D aka Disciples powers are on full display here, charting a course into deepest dubwise territory.

Tashi Dorji
– Blue Twelve LP+MP3 (Blue Tapes And X-ray)
This was Tashi's first set of electric guitar recordings and was originally released in March 2014. Since then he has released a widely acclaimed LP for Ben Chasny's Hermit Hut label and toured with luminaries and admirers like Sir Richard Bishop. This is a very special LP package on frosted clear vinyl with screen-printing that forms a photo negative of the original tape artwork when held up to the light.

Brian Gascoigne & David Briscoe
- Phase IV [OST] LP (Waxwork)
Never before released in any format, and what is highly regarded as a holy grail for soundtrack enthusiasts, Waxwork Records and Paramount Pictures are honored to announce the definitive soundtrack release of the 1974 mind bending science-fiction masterpiece,
Phase IV.
Giant Squid
– Minoans LP (Translation Loss)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Sacramento, California's Giant Squid has been churning out the highest of quality progressive/mind-bending rock for over 12 years. Produced by Tim Green (Melvins, The F**king Champs, Earthless, Christian Mistress) and adorned with stunning original artwork by Giant Squid frontman/guitarist extraordinaire Aaron Gregory,
Minoans is dark and brooding.
– Infinity Machines 3xLP (Rocket Recordings)
Infinity Machines traverses between and beyond a variety of different headspaces, from the bleak to the beatific; yet, while touching on nocturnal jazz, soothing yet unsettling ambience, menacing aggro-industrial battery, and opiated bliss-out alike, it's shot through with an undercurrent of fiery countercultural zeal and small-hours revelation, as if the hive-mind of their home collective had manifested itself on disc.
Goat Semen
– Ego Sum Sathana LP (Hells Headbangers)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. At ground zero of the rebirth and resurgence of South American black/death at the dawn of the new millennium, these Peruvian devils delivered one of the most classic demos ever with their self-titled 2002 demo, which has seen countless re-editions in the past decade. Like a veritable travelogue across the history of South American metal barbarity the past three decades,
Ego Sum Sathana surges and gnashes with all the hellfire and hatred the continent's black/death is world renowned for.
Anthony Guerra/Patrick O'Brien
– Patrick O'Brien/Anthony Guerra LP (Black Petal)
Dude from Mad Nanna collaborating with dude from Love Chants.

Guess What
– Al Khawarizmi LP (Catapulte)
Third album from the cosmo-psychedelico-mystery duo Guess What. Luke Warmcop and Graham Mushnik formed Guess What in 2005. They started out working indoors only, producing obscure metaphysical music and soundtracks. Since 2008 however, the duet hit the stage, performing live a set of instrumental pieces dedicated to Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin -- hence their album
Yuri Gagarin - 12 Modern Odes to History's Greatest Spaceman. In 2010, they discovered the mighty Giallo cinema and recorded some Italian-sounding music. In the meantime, a new focus is keeping them busy: the persian mathematician and astronomer Al-Khawarizmi, and music from the Middle-East.
– Hook [1994] LP (Fair Warning)
Originally released only on compact disc, this 1994 Arizona pop-punk cult classic is now on vinyl for the first time. G-Whiz are the arid-climate cousins to bands like All, Descendents, Big Drill Car, Chemical People, Hard-Ons, etc.

Hollywood Undead
– Day Of The Dead LP (Interscope)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Fourth album from the rap-rock band. Features the single "Day Of The Dead."

The Insults
– Stiff Love [Reissue/1979] 7" (Last Laugh)
"A rude, crude and obnoxious slice of sleaze, the track is also considered a classic piece of late '70s Northern Californian punk." — Noisey

Karyn Crisis Gospel Of The Witches
– Salem's Wounds LP (Century Media)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. While select circles of people know and appreciate Karyn Crisis' prior vocals with the metal band Crisis from 1993-2006, many are unaware of her influence and impact on the genre. This demure girl raged harder than many men, slugging it out with impactful live performances at hardcore and metal shows screaming oftentimes like a demon, other times singing like an angel.

– Cut 4 Me 3xLP+MP3 (Fade To Mind)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. "If
Cut 4 Me, the first mixtape from the D.C-born and L.A.-based singer Kelela, worked as a simple production showcase for the various names associated with the dance label Fade To Mind, it would be well worth hearing. The Brooklyn producer Kingdom started the label, and he's part of a set of like-minded forward-thinking dance music types who, collectively, have a really interesting thing going on right now. Kingdom's sound is based in classic body-jacking old-school house music, but it's got a design-minded sparseness to it, and he also takes stylistic cues from elsewhere: From floaty sci-fi R&B, from grime, from the British pirate-radio bass music that we were calling dubstep before Skrillex happened. His best tracks are absolute bangers, but they don't just smash through speakers; they have a way of hovering in the air." – Stereogum
Dario Marianelli
– The BoxTrolls [OST] 2xLP (Mondo)
Composed by Dario Marianelli, and featuring songs by Loch Lomond, the soundtrack perfectly captures the whimsical and frantic energy of the fictional world of Cheesebridge, where a human boy raised by trash-collecting trolls must stop a sinister exterminator from his selfish campaign to rid the town of the titular scavengers. Available for the first time on vinyl and featuring amazing new artwork by artist Rich Kelly.

Cliff Martinez
– Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP (Lakeshore)
Cliff Martinez once drummed for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Dickies, but has since found more fame producing ambient electronica for movie soundtracks. Martinez provided the scores for a range of cult films, offering dark and brooding aural accompaniments to movies such as
Sex, Lies And Videotape, Solaris, and Drive.
Medicine Moon
– Medicine Moon 2x7" (Pesanta Urfolk)
Earthy dark folk Americana from Sammy Fielding (of Noctooa) and the outstanding vocal and musical talent of Shantel Amundson together craft some truly outstanding sounds.

No Spill Blood
– Heavy Electricity CD/LP+MP3 (Sargent House)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Dublin, Ireland trio No Spill Blood's ferocious dose of synth-laden aggression, Heavy Electricity comes across with all the brutal heft of underground metal but also with the clever intellect of post-punk bands like Killing Joke and Iceage.

Old Man Gloom
– Meditations In B [Reissue/2000] LP (Hydra Head)
Originally formed in New Mexico by guitarist/vocalist Aaron Turner (Isis) and drummer Santos Montano, Massachusetts-based group Old Man Gloom has since expanded into a sort of supergroup among the Boston hardcore/metalcore scene. This is a vinyl reissue of their first album.

On And Ons
– Hard To Say Goodbye b/w You And I 7" (Get Hip)
'60s influenced rock quartet from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Pale Angels
– Imaginary People LP (Recess)
The Transatlantic punks return with their second LP. Ten more tracks of blown out garage punk.

Pretty Pretty
– Talkin' To The Walls 7" (Rad Girlfriend)
Power pop punk rock & roll from this Ohio-based three piece.

The Prodigy
– The Day Is My Enemy 2xLP (WB)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from Britain's self-styled electronic punks. A statement describing the band's apocalyptic setting for their sixth LP includes the phrases "drones and chaos" and "a subverted militaristic snare, a distorted break, a glitched dub attack, a Middle Eastern refrain, a cacophony of in-car dissonance, a symphony of random noise soundtracking life at the edge of the night."

The Red Krayola
– Armor And Language [Reissue/1995] LP (Drag City)
Amor And Language was one of three Red Krayola releases on Drag City in 1995 (two were from the vault: Coconut Hotel and Kangaroo?). After returning to America in 1994 and producing the first Red Krayola record since Malefactor (it was appropriately self-titled), Thompson was producing new Red Krayola material at a prolific rate -- Hazel was released the following year.
Roxy Music
– Complete Studio Albums 8xLP (Virgin)
Includes each of the eight Roxy Music studio albums released in the ten year period of 1972-1982:
Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure, Stranded, Country Life, Siren, Manifesto, Flesh And Blood and Avalon.
The Runaways
- Live: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland July 19,1976 LP (Vinyl Lovers)
Live set from the all-girl rock band linked with the burgeoning new wave/punk scene.

– A Farewell To Kings [Reissue/1977] LP (Mercury)
A Farewell To Kings has been newly remastered on HQ-200gm heavyweight vinyl at legendary Abbey Road Studios using the Direct to Metal Mastering (DMM) audiophile copper plating process, all from original analogue masters. The album became the Rush's first US gold-selling album within two months of release, and went platinum. Includes the singles "Closer To The Heart" and "Cinderella Man."
Saturnalia Temple
– To The Other LP (Ajna Offensive)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Black magic metal, a dark spiritual vortex rooted in heavy and hypnotic sounds, a pure voice of the Draconian magical tradition from the forests outside Uppsala, Sweden.

Ron Sexsmith
– Carousel One LP (Compass)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The Canadian crooner's first album in two years finds Sexsmith in surprising territory for a man often pegged as a downbeat balladeer: he's actually contented.
Carousel One (named for the luggage retrieval belt at Los Angeles airport where bags off Toronto flights are delivered) is a warm, deeply involving set of songs that showcases his great empathy and occasional sentimentality, but also his often-overlooked playfulness.
– Parasite 7" (Total Punk)
Shave your head, and lace up your boots because Slugga is here and they're thirsty for blood. Aggressive, sneering, slime covered hardcore from Atlanta that is menacing, misanthropic, and 100% total punk.

- Napoleon Dynamite [OST/2004] 2xLP (Lakeshore)
Music from film featuring the original score by John Swihart along with tracks from Rogue Wave, Figurine (featuring Jimmy Tamborello of The Postal Service), Jamiroquai, Money Mark, Yaz, Bow Wow Wow, Alphaville, Fiction Company, Trio Los Panchos,Sparklemotion, When In Rome, and all your favorite "laugh out loud" classic Napoleon dialogue. 150gm blue vinyl.

– Cut & Paste [Reissue/2010] LP (Dead Broke)
Digitally remastered deluxe edition of this 2010 album by the West Chester, PA punk pop trio. Spraynard started in the summer of 2008 when three friends (Patrick Graham, Patrick Ware, and Mark Dickinson) felt the need for a resurgence of DIY music in their hometown. They combine passionate and urgent vocals with infectious pop punk in the vein of Plow United and Osker.

State Faults
– Head In The Clouds LP (Tiny Engines)
A jarring six song introduction to four best friends from Santa Rosa, CA turning emotional hardcore upside down.

The Staves
– If I Was LP+MP3 (Nonesuch)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New release from the British trio. The Staves, originally from Watford, England, are three sisters: Emily (vocals), Jessica (vocals, guitar), and Camilla (vocals, ukulele) Staveley-Taylor.
If I Was was recorded in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, at producer Justin Vernon's April Base Studios -- a former veterinary clinic where he also recorded his 2012 self-titled Bon Iver album.
– Feel Not Bad LP+MP3 (Old Flame)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. "
Feel Not Bad brings surprisingly bright summer pop from the heart of the country. SW/MM/NG's sound is comparable to other popular alt-rock notables. Lead singer Brian Kupillas's singing style is very similar to The Walkmen's Hamilton Leithauser. Despite this apparent resemblance, SW/MM/NG maintains individuality. The songs pull different punches from the typical surf anthems of summer. Where most insert high-pitched keyboard solos, SW/MM/NG brings in spacy synth touches, which heighten the ambience of youthful wonder." – LSU Revielle
– Regression LP (Metal Blade)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Debut LP by Seattle death grind outfit.

Tomb Weavers
– So Alone b/w Guilt 7" (Get Hip)
A guitar-driven rock machine, heavily inspired by '60s garage and reminiscent of Bubble Puppy and 50 Foot Horse.

Unheard Indonesia
- Pencak Silat Situbondo LP (Psychic Sounds)
The latest in the ever-expanding Psychic Sounds collection of sonic treasures is from around the world in East Java, Indonesia documented by artist and musician Arrington De Dionyso (Malaikat Dadn Signa, Old Time Relijun) during his travels. It focuses on music that accompanied a festival of Pencak Silat, which is a form of kung fu that is part combat form and part dance performance practiced in Java for many centuries with an element of trance that is reinforced by the fast paced repetitive music. This raw recording features a gloriously vibrant din of fiery double-reed wind instruments, fierce cries, jubilant flutes, and an explosive bass clarinet which all whirl endlessly atop a bed of a dense and dizzyingly assemblage of bells, cymbals, gongs that truly stirs up a visceral and wild concoction of traditional folk music and mutated free jazz.

The Very Best
– Makes A King LP (PIAS America)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Swedish-Malawian "global pop" duo comprised of Johan Hugo and Esau Mwamwaya aka The Very Best. Like albums past,
Makes A King features its share of guest collaborators. Some of those guests include Vampire Weekend bass player Chris Baio, Senegalese singer Baaba Maal, London singer/songwriter Seye, and Jutty Taylor of Jutty Ranx. True to the duo's upbeat and lively vibe, Hugo says in a press release that the album is about "celebrating the positive and the negative in life – and striving to stay happy through it all."
Wei Zhongle
– Nu Trance LP (Hairy Spider Legs/NNA Tapes)
The latest from the experimental Chicago trio explodes oppositions of globalism and hermeticism, male and female, precision and feeling. Sounding like a broadcast from the future, This Heat and '80 Downtown New York lay somewhere in its world mutant genetic imprint.

Williams Shift
– We Were Wonderers LP (Burnt Toast Vinyl)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Williams Shift is a new project from Matthew Stone (Soporus, Saxon Shore) and Stephen Roessner (Saxon Shore, Small Signals).
We Were Wonderers was recorded in various home studios, produced and mixed by Grammy award winning producer Roessner in conjunction with Stone, and features the vocalist Jill Purdy. Williams Shift comes to life as an outgrowth of the poppiest elements incorporated in songs recorded as members of the instrumental band Saxon Shore combined with the concept of the "Williams Shift" where defenders would align themselves to better field naturally pulled hits from Boston slugger Ted Williams.
Witchthroat Serpent
– Witchthroat Serpent [2014] 2xLP (Emetic)
The trio were formed at the end of 2011 by Fredrik Blozann, leader of the avant garde black metal band Davulia and the former bassist of Fornication and Malhkebre, who recruited bassist Lo Klav and drummer Niko Lass to help him realize his doom laden dreams. Mining a very similar territory to Witchsorrow, or the first Electric Wizard album, Witchthroat Serpent sound at once refreshingly distinct and instantly familiar.

Jimmy Witherspoon
– Spoon's Life LP (Pure Pleasure)
A beautifully recorded session from 1980 of top quality blues performed by masters of their art. On paper it may look like a slightly odd coupling of the KC shouter Jimmy Witherspoon with a Chicago blues band comprised of the likes of George Smith (harmonica), Johnny Dollar (guitar), Sammy Lawhorn (guitar), Nick Charles (bass) and Roosevelt "Snake" Shaw (drums). However, the results more than confirm that Witherspoon is a willing and able blues singer full of unbridled passion and throughout Spoon's Life all the musicians complement each other admirably.
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>Cuushe – Night Lines 10" (Cascine)
Night Lines is presented as a noir storybook, unfolding along four tracks to expose a haunting Japanese soundscape, complete with bad guys, funeral processions and skyscraper-sized floral arrangements. The lyrics were penned by Cuushe with underlying productions composed by aus. Many sounds were sourced from films, animations and field recordings, with designs of obscuring timelines and the perception of reality.
This Week's Vinyl Exclusives:
– Heretical Anatomy LP (20 Buck Spin)
The frenzied blasting of early American/UK death metal and grindcore, when there was no distinct separation between the two, is a hallmark of
Heretical Anatomy. Yet the overwhelming speed scattered across the album is expertly applied, never descending into a one-dimensional space where velocity is the sole basis for existence. Songs are crafted with the care of the elder gods, rigorously refined with a seasoned sophistication, always maintaining a sharply primitive ferocity.
And And And
– The Failure LP (Party Damage)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Winners of Willamette Week's 2011 Best New Band poll (past finalists have included Menomena, Starf##ker, and Typhoon), And And And finally are releasing what can only be called the follow-up to that year's blur of output, culminating with the early 2012
Lost EP. They're known for truly epic live shows with no clear delineation between stage and offstage or audience member and musician. Recorded over ten days in San Diego with Rafter Roberts between skateboarding and drinking sessions, the record is fiery and urgent. It evokes classic grunge-era sounds from the Northwest (think Mudhoney and early Nirvana), but bleeds melody and passion all its own.
John Andrews & The Yawns
– Bit By The Fang LP (Woodsist)
Bit By The Fang is the first solo album from singer/ songwriter John Andrews and his imaginary backup band The Yawns. Warm acoustic guitars, honky-tonk piano, lap steel, singing saw and fluttering violins all sing together on this well crafted, yet comfortingly sloppy, psych-country/R&B record. Invites comparisons to Michael Hurley, Daniel Johnston, Kevin Ayers.
The John Betsch Society
- Earth Blossom [Reissue/1970] LP (Heavenly Sweetness)
Vinyl reissue of one of the forgotten masterpieces of 1970s spiritual jazz.

Bell Witch
– Longing [Reissue/2012] LP (The Flenser)
Vinyl reissue packaged in a thick, old-style case-wrapped gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves. 2012 album from this minimalist doom duo featuring Adrian Guerra and Dylan Desmond (of Samothrace fame). With only the bare minimum at their disposal, the duo's massive, crushing
soundscapes are executed with just bass, drums and dual-vocal pummel. Uniquely sorrowful, their debut full-length Longing is an hour and ten minutes of doomed desolation, sadness and sorrow-a time-stretching journey through darkness, pain and suffering. Longing has since become an influential sorrowful doomed classic.

Jello Biafra And The New Orleans Raunch And Soul All-stars
- Fannie Mae b/w Just A Little Bit 7" (Alternative Tentacles)
Here are two tracks from the night Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock) and Fred Le Blanc (Cowboy Mouth) dared Jello Biafra to join them during Jazzfest and sing all classic New Orleans soul, rhythm and blues, and (at Jello's request) garage songs.

Black Label Society
– The Song Remains Not The Same [2011] 2xLP (E1)
First time available on vinyl for this 2011 unplugged session which is mostly comprised of songs from
Order Of The Black.
Blood Drugs
– Blood Drugs LP+MP3 (Good To Die)
Blood Drugs is a punk band from Seattle, Washington. Inspired by discordant chords and Rainier beer, Blood Drugs has compiled a musical sound in the likes of bands such as Rites of Spring and the Monorchid with lyrical and vocal influence from bands such as Hot Snakes, The Murder City Devils, and Jawbreaker.

Bop English
– Constant Bop LP (Downtown)
Bop English is the working name of James Petralli from the group White Denim. "A healthy fusion of rock and jazz sprinkled with a tasteful dose of pop." -- Willow Wood

Johnny Cash
– Louisiana Hayride Recordings LP (Jambalaya)
A collection of recordings from all appearances ('55, '59, '62 and '63) on the legendary radio and TV show
Louisiana Hayride.
– Cheena 7" (Sacred Bones)
Debut from NY punks including members of Pharmakon, Anasazi, Crazy Spirit, Dawn Of Humans, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads. Citing wildly diverse influences -- Gary Glitter, Slade, uppers, (cartoonish) depression, Iggy Pop, '70s iron-on font, Sex Pistols, booze and Hawkwind -- their unifying theme is defiantly one of the late '70s/early '80s NY glam and cow-punk.

Don Cherry/Latif Khan
– Music/Sangram [Reissue/1978] LP (Heavenly Sweetness)
First vinyl reissue of this 1978 album -- an incredible mixture of jazz and Indian music.

Chrome Cranks
– Chrome Cranks [Reissue/1994] LP (HoZac)
Remastered 20
th Anniversary vinyl reissue of Chrome Cranks debut album. The Chrome Cranks are a rock & roll band formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1988 and based in New York City.
The Classic Crime
– What Was Done: Volume 1, A Decade Revisited 2xLP (Bad Christian Music)
The Classic Crime's first installment of acoustic and rearranged versions of their most popular songs. They have spent time on the road with artists such as MxPx, Relient K, Mest, Anberlin, The Rocket Summer, Emery, as well as two summers on the Vans Warped Tour with the likes of Katy Perry, Rise Against, and Underoath.

– Chromatics LP (Full Time Hobby)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Diagrams is a project by songwriter and producer Sam Genders. His previous album was pretty good fun. Here on
Chromatics Gender's voice sounds a bit like that of an annoying priest who waters everything he says down a bit with a sickly smile and finishes his sentences with "God be with you and your family my dear." The music is an equally cheery affair; twingle-twangle pop which is fun, gentle and makes you think the world is a bit nicer than you'd previously thought.
DJ Efn
– Another Time 2xLP (Redefinition)
All new and original music from DJ Efn featuring guest appearances by: Royce the 5 9, Killer Mike, Inspectah Deck, Ras Kass, Scarface, Masta Ace, Sean Price, Smif N Wessun, Black Milk, Talib Kweli, Redman, Crooked I, Juvenile, Fashawn, O.C., Reks, Dead Prez, Cormega, Defari, Blu, MOP, Guilty Simpson, King Tee and many more. Silver vinyl.

Bob Dylan
– Gaslight Cafe, NYC, 9/6/1961 LP (Jambalaya)
Vinyl issue of one of Dylan's earliest live recordings, the first known recorded set to feature his original songs.

Electric Hawk
– II LP+MP3 (Electric Hawk Recs)
Heavy lidded and brutalist, Electric Hawk II finds the Chicago instrumental power trio in an entirely new environment. Whereas their self-titled debut album was the flashpoint of inception -- frenetic, fists up, and teeth bared --
II settles into a landscape that is more linear than before -- the language and history are based in metal but they've been rearranged. The narrative has changed. It's heavy and instrumental but the stream of collective consciousness that moves through the tracks is nuanced like a conversation.
– Free Love LP (Soundway)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New release by this project led by South African innovator and pioneer Spoek Mathambo. Fantasma is a five-man collective which weaves together electronica, hip-hop, traditional Zulu maskandi music, shangaan electro, South African house, psych-rock and punk to form a unique, original and fresh hybrid.

Jacco Gardner
– Find Yourself b/w Mixed Feelings 7"+MP3 (Polyvinyl)
First single from acclaimed baroque pop artist's upcoming sophomore release
Hypnophobia. B-side, "Mixed Feelings," is exclusive to this release.
Noah Gundersen
– Family LP (Dualtone)
At the tender age of 24, Noah Gundersen is already a young veteran who recorded his first album on his dad's Tascam Studio 8 reel-to-reel home tape machine at 13. Born in the tiny town of Centralia, WA—about midway between Portland and Seattle—Gundersen has honed his craft through a series of albums, both solo (with his sister Abby, an expert string player) and with their band The Courage.

Calvin Harris
– Motion 2xLP (Columbia)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Latest album from the best-selling DJ, producer and artist.
Motion is the follow-up to his pop masterpiece 18 Months, and features the hit singles "Summer" and "Blame" (featuring John Newman) plus collaborations with Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding, Big Sean, Haim, Alesso, Hurts, R3hab and others.
Instant Funk
– Instant Funk [Reissue/1979] LP (Friday Music)
The Philadelphia based funk superstars began in the 70's recording, playing and appearing with many R&B legends like Bunny Sigler, Evelyn Champagne King and other successful soul artists which eventually landed them in the studio creating their own masterworks. Instant Funk's sound was new and exciting, solid street funk fused with rock and soul, as their first Salsoul Records album
Instant Funk soared to the top of the soul and dance album charts.
Robert Johnson
– Drunken Hearted Man LP (Jambalaya)
A collection of the finest moments of the only two known recording sessions (from '36 and '37) by the king of the delta blues.

Kid Rock
– First Kiss 2xLP+CD (WB)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Kid Rock's tenth studio album was self-produced (with the exception of two songs which were co-produced by Dann Huff) and was recorded at his studio in Michigan.

Mark Knopfler
– Tracker 2xLP (Verve)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Ninth solo album from the British guitarist, singer/songwriter and former Dire Straits mainman.
Tracker features eleven new Knopfler songs inspired by a wide range of subjects including authors Beryl Bainbridge and Basil Bunting.
Lightning Bolt
– Fantasy Empire 2xLP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Over the course of its two-decade existence, Lightning Bolt has revolutionized underground rock in immeasurable ways. The duo broke the barrier between stage and audience by setting themselves up on the floor in the midst of the crowd. Their momentous live performances and the mania they inspired paved the way for similar tactics used by Dan Deacon and literally hundreds of others.
Fantasy Empire is Lightning Bolt's first album for Thrill Jockey and was recorded at Machines With Magnets (Battles, The Body). It is their first album to be recorded in a proper studio.
Marina And The Diamonds
– Froot LP+CD (New Elektra)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With
Froot, Marina and the Diamonds' first new noise since the death of alter ego Electra Heart in 2013, Marina Diamandis has made a grand statement of intent. It's a cathartic rebirth in nearly every way, and sees her veer away from the last LP's stylistic and thematic intentions, instead returning to basics for a new chapter in her career and life. From the existential tribulations of "Immortal," harking back to her days as lithe ivory-tinkling balladeer, to the relentless funk of "Better Than That," to the wit and juxtaposition of "Happy" to the '70s-flecked "I'm A Ruin", this is all Marina And The Diamonds.
– Nun LP (HoZac)
One of the most powerful bands Melbourne has ever produced presents their dark-yet-somehow-vibrant vision of electronic pop with their self-titled debut LP. Nun's unrelenting aesthetic sense penetrates every aspect of this record, resulting in a remarkably cohesive work of art. The music is danceable and poppy, yet sad and inclusive, aggressive, and heavy as hell.

– Straight Outta Compton [Reissue/1987] LP (UMe)
Picture disc reissue, featuring the iconic image of the group on the front and a graffiti treatment on the back.

Bill Orcutt
– Gerty Loves Pussy LP (Palilalia)
Vinyl reissue of 2014 tour-only tape. Solo electric guitar performance recorded at the Brooklyn offices of Triple Canopy magazine, as part of their annual marathon reading of Gertrude Stein's 1925 novel
The Making Of Americans. Explores the rhythms and repetitions of Stein's language using Fender Telecaster, Music Man 100 amplifier, and the acoustics of a very small room.
Palaxy Tracks
– Wilderness LP (Peek-a-Boo)
New album from Brandon Durham aka Palaxy Tracks. Durham is now not quite 43, the year he thought a man "gets handsome." He and his husband live in a New York City apartment with an 80-pound dog and two cats. He works for the typographers Hoefler & Co. Things are good. Then, after ten years, he picks up a guitar again, and songs come out: a song about memories of a home invasion ("Slow Dancing"), a song about an affair with a married man ("Non-Fiction"), a song about the Octopus Project ("Die Young"), a song about ghosts rising from the floor and young families hanging by their necks from trees ("The Afterlives"), a song about a cat named Thurston ("Weird Weather"), songs about childhood, secrets and desire, songs of the sounds made in the wilderness. We are the animals there.

Charlemagne Palestine
– Bells Studies LP (Alga Marghen)
A collection of early recordings of legendary composer playing the 26-bell carillon at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church in New York, which he had daily access to between 1963-1970.

James Pants
– Savage LP (Stones Throw)
James says
Savage is "inspired by Martin Denny flourishes, royalty free breakbeats, Gary Wilson and Hamburg's infamous Golden Pudel club." The record was composed solely via MIDI and a Yamaha Portasound PSS-480 and is an oblique homage to the Residents' Commercial Album – a 14-track record made up of sonic vignettes that sounds as good on a stereo set-up in the Amazonian jungle as it does coming through laptop speakers.
Part Chimp/Torche
– Split Tour EP [Reissue/2011] 12" (Chunklet)
Born of a SXSW Chunklet sponsored event years ago, Part Chimp and Torche presented this tour EP originally in 2011. Part Chimp turn in two scorchers, "Dr. Horse" and "The Watcher" while Torche send a love letter to Guided By Voices, covering "Exit Flagger," "Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy" and "Postal Blowfish."

Part 1
– Funeral Parade 12"+MP3 (Sacred Bones)
Part 1 formed in 1980 and were part of the original London anarcho-punk scene, often playing gigs with Rudimentary Peni. This is a remastered reissue of their 1982 EP, now regarded as a seminal deathrock release largely due to the dark, heavily flanged guitar work, morbid imagery, and anti-religious lyrical themes. Deluxe gatefold packaging also includes guitarist Mark Ferelli's horror zine
– A Northern Meadow LP (Profound Lore)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Pyramids emerged seemingly out of nowhere with their self-titled debut LP released by Hydra Head Records in 2008. Drawing on elements of shoegaze, black metal, ambient/drone, avant-garde and industrial, the record generated massive amounts of buzz and acclaim within experimental and extreme metal circles. The band followed its release by collaborating with Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer), Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins), Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch) and Colin Marston (Gorguts/Krallice/Dysrhythmia), and releasing albums with Nadja, Horseback and Mamiffer.
A Northern Meadow is Pyramids' proper follow-up to their lauded 2008 debut. Dark, dreamy and lush while at the same time claustrophobic, mechanically crawling and surgically cold.
- Dead September LP (Rural Isolation Project)
Screaming wind-tunnel guitars and motorik floor tom and snare ("Bleed Out"), ear-splitting electro-punk mush-mouth ("White Witch"), eerie psychedelia ("Dead Birds"), and blackened industrial techno that slithers through most of side two into the skull-cracking closing dirge of "Walk Into The Sea." Abrasive and perversely catchy. White vinyl.

Quicksilver Messenger Service
– Live In San Jose 1966 2xLP (Cleopatra)
One of the earliest live recordings of the quintessential San Francisco psychedelic jam band.
Features original vocalist Jim Murray alongside the classic Cipollina-Duncan-Freiberg-Elmore quartet performing their trademark tunes plus rare numbers such as "Walkin' Blues" and "All Night Worker."

Red Death
– Red Death 7" (Grave Mistake)
Four blistering cuts and a Discharge cover -- the perfect introduction to one of the most promising hardcore bands going on the East coast today.

– Decay 7" (HoZac)
Another crucial Australian single from the blackened depths of minimal synth hysteria. Rooted in an electronic nightmare set to overlapping Throbbing Gristle comparisons, it all starts with a nervous little throb that evolves into a poisonously aromatic nightbloom, drowning in an inescapable whisper, as each song emerges and hovers over you.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
– Plays Prog Rock Classics LP (Cleopatra)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Fully orchestrated progressive rock masterpieces with guest appearances by members of iconic prog rock band Features scintillating symphonic versions of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" with Alan Parsons Project multi-instrumentalist Ian Bairnson, King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man" featuring King Crimson and Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison, Gentle Giant's "Think Of Me With Kindness" featuring Yes and Moody Blues keyboardist Patrick Moraz and many more.

Xavier Rudd
– Nanna LP+MP3 (Nettwerk)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Australian musician, activist, and surfer. Xavier Rudd's voice is soaring, plaintive and deeply emotive. There's a poignancy, intimacy and gravitas he achieves with each utterance that makes nearly every moment worth remembering.

Sankt Otten
– Engtanz Depression LP (Denovali)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. German instrumental duo Sankt Otten, founded in 1999, consists of Stephan Otten (drums, programming, synthesizer) and Oliver Klemm (guitar, synthesizer, piano). The duo has been releasing albums on Denovali Records since 2009. Their eighth album
, Engtanz Depression ("close dance depression"), expresses a significant progression from the preceding album trilogy (Gottes Synthesizer, Sequencer Liebe, Messias Maschine). New drum sounds and acoustic instruments such as harmonium and piano may be found, and some pieces emerged from free improvisations, which is a completely new approach for this band.
Sankt Otten/Majeure
– Split LP+MP3 (1201 Music)
Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, and the Blade Runner soundtrack from Vangelis? There's no doubt that both of the artists on this split release are influenced by that sound. Majeure, the solo project of Zombi drummer A.e. Paterra, has received a lot of attention via two albums on Temporary Residence, a remix record released in 2010, and a split with Steve Moore, while German duo Sankt Otten is equally well known after releasing six albums and several EPs.

– Mack Daddy [Reissue/1992] LP (UMe)
Vinyl reissue of the rapper's third album, originally released in 1992 on Def American. Features the hit "Baby Got Back."

– Dopesmoker [Reissue/2004] 2xLP (Southern Lord)
Double picture disc pressing. "Drop out of life with bong in hand, follow the smoke to the riff-filled land!"

– Friday [OST] [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (UMe)
Double-LP reissue of the 1995 soundtrack starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker with music by Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill, Scarface, 2 Live Crew, The Alkaholiks, and more. Features a limited edition lenticular cover of an animated joint that lights up and smokes.

– Animal House [Reissue/1978] LP (Capitol)
Soundtrack – Boogie Nights [1997] 2xLP (Capitol)
Soundtrack – Car Wash [Reissue/1976] 2xLP (Capitol)
Latest in the campaign of 26 major motion picture soundtracks reissued by Universal this year. This is the first time
Boogie Nights has been available on vinyl.
– Liquid Hounds 7" (HoZac)
The debut single from this Chicago trio is a blizzard of treble-soaked noise, raw and trashy busting right out of the gate and right into your dreams/nightmares.

– Unchained [Reissue/1983] LP (Cleopatra)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. The legendary EP from the mighty thunder god of heavy metal gets a deluxe reissue on CD with bonus tracks plus a live DVD.

Three Days Grace
– Human LP (RCA)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Christian band. On
Human, Three Days Grace re-teamed with producer Gavin Brown who produced the band's platinum-selling 2003 self-titled debut album.
TV Colours
– Purple Skies, Toxic River LP (Comedy Minus One)
Debut LP from these Aussie punk rockers originally released in 2013 now seeing its first US pressing. An LP for "the kids" and about "the kids,"
Purple Skies, Toxic River captures the electrifying, agonizing, alienating, turgid miasma of youth. Perfect for the ears of every kid out there with tattered jeans and badges on their jackets, reassuring them that though it will take long than they'd like, it will eventually all be fine.
– Utopia LP (Specialist Subject)
Debut album from the Welsh garage-punk band. Twisted take influence from many eras of punk's history: the lovesick guitar melodies of '70s UK punk (Buzzcocks, Elvis Costello, The Jam) the flagellating introspection of mid-'80s DC's Revolution Summer (Rites Of Spring, Gray Matter, Rain) and US dark punk (The Wipers, The Crucif**ks, No Trend), the exasperated vocal of early-'90s UK's Huggy Bear, and the postmillennial crisp-drumming garage-rage of Jay Reatard, Marked Men, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Parquet Courts.

The Unthanks
– Mount The Air LP (Cadiz Music)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and the only British folk representation in The Guardian's and Uncut's Best Albums Of The Last Decade, The Unthanks is a family affair for Tyneside sisters Rachel and Becky Unthank, with Rachel married to pianist, producer, arranger and composer, Adrian McNally. Using the traditional and folk music of the North East of England as a starting point, the influence of Steve Reich, Miles Davis, Sufjan Stevens, Robert Wyatt, Antony & The Johnsons, King Crimson and Tom Waits can be heard in the band's seven albums to date.

The Untouchables
– Free Yourself: Ska Hits LP (Cleopatra)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. A collection of career highlights from the SoCal mod/ska band -- widely credited as America's first ska group. Limited edition color vinyl.

Vatican Shadow
– Death Is Unity With God 2xLP (Modern Love)
Double-LP containing 12 of the 20 tracks included on original 2014 six-cassette release of
Death Is Unity With God, in advance of the label's three-CD edition compiling all the material. Some of the most feral, bleak, burned-out tape music from Dominick Fernow; includes drum reduced to scorching blasts against harrowing darkside chords, haunting chorales and chiming percussions, and scything techno roil, and draws aesthetic lines between ambient black metal, Coil, and early Autechre.
– Ivy Tripp LP+MP3 (Merge)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. Katie Crutchfield's southern roots are undeniable. The name of her solo musical project Waxahatchee comes from a creek not far from her childhood home in Alabama and seems to represent both where she came from and where she's going. Waxahatchee's latest record,
Ivy Tripp, drifts confidently from its predecessors and brings forth a more informed and powerful recognition of where Crutchfield has currently found herself.
– All My Friends Are Stone LP (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)
A 100% certified rock-folk-freak-show of an album, a merry-go-round of sonic bemusement and candy-cane confusion, both uninterested in and unwilling to allow its sound to linger in one place for very long. And yet, despite its homegrown Gypsy wanderings, the songs taken together offer an undeniable and undeniably cohesive chain of charm.

– Cordor Todo LP (Ipecac)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. For over fifteen years, Zu's modus operandi of straddling and abusing musical genres has resulted in over fifteen unique album releases across labels such as Ipecac, Atavistic and Headz (Japan). Their experimental amalgam of metal, math, no-wave, noise and electronics, led acclaimed composer John Zorn to describe their sound as "a powerful and expressive music that totally blows away what most bands do these days." "Combines the abstractions of Sonic Youth with the out-there explorations of the best free jazz." - The Times
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>Cuushe – Night Lines 10" (Cascine)
Night Lines is presented as a noir storybook, unfolding along four tracks to expose a haunting Japanese soundscape, complete with bad guys, funeral processions and skyscraper-sized floral arrangements. The lyrics were penned by Cuushe with underlying productions composed by aus. Many sounds were sourced from films, animations and field recordings, with designs of obscuring timelines and the perception of reality.
for the week of 07 april 2015...
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>Aphex Twin - MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96 12" (Warp)
"MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b" first appeared as the Japanese bonus track for
Syro, and now comes to vinyl backed with a new version of Syro track "XMAS_EVET10 [120] (thanaton3mix)" and an alternate take on "MARCHROMT." White label 12" with hand stamp.
Stacks Image 3931
>Cuushe – Night Lines 10" (Cascine)
Night Lines is presented as a noir storybook, unfolding along four tracks to expose a haunting Japanese soundscape, complete with bad guys, funeral processions and skyscraper-sized floral arrangements. The lyrics were penned by Cuushe with underlying productions composed by aus. Many sounds were sourced from films, animations and field recordings, with designs of obscuring timelines and the perception of reality.
This Week's Vinyl Exclusives:
Aphex Twin
- MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b 96 12" (Warp)
"MARCHROMT30a Edit 2b" first appeared as the Japanese bonus track for
Syro, and now comes to vinyl backed with a new version of Syro track "XMAS_EVET10 [120] (thanaton3mix)" and an alternate take on "MARCHROMT." White label 12" with hand stamp.
The Basso Valdambrini Octet
– New Sound From Italy [Reissue/1959] LP (Jolly)
Quality Italian jazz, featuring Lars Gullin, Franco Cerri and Renato Sellani among others.

- Setter Of Unseen Snares LP (Broken Limbs)
After a decade spent exploring almost every genre imaginable, Caïna's fifth album,
Setter Of Unseen Snares, is a return to the project's inception as a black metal act, as well as founder Andrew Curtis-Brignell's personal roots in punk rock and hardcore. This is the first release in which the Caïna frontman shares production duties with anyone else, giving the project an enormous new sound. Received a 7.8 rating from Pitchfork.
Cave In
– Creative Eclipses [Reissue/1999] 12" (Hydra Head)
Expanded 12" version of Cave In's 1999 7" includes several unreleased tracks.
Creative Eclipses marks the bands' departure from their heavier roots, moving towards their experimentation with alternative genres and sounds to evolve into the unpredictable, distinctive sound they are now acclaimed for.
– Night Lines 10" (Cascine)
Night Lines is presented as a noir storybook, unfolding along four tracks to expose a haunting Japanese soundscape, complete with bad guys, funeral processions and skyscraper-sized floral arrangements. The lyrics were penned by Cuushe with underlying productions composed by aus. Many sounds were sourced from films, animations and field recordings, with designs of obscuring timelines and the perception of reality.
Desolate Shrine
– The Heart Of The Netherworld LP (Dark Descent)
"… Expect strong songwriting, dark atmosphere and subtle but powerful riffs and tempo changes. Do not expect thrash riffs, rock guitar solos or prog tendencies. Desolate Shrine may reinvent themselves ever-so-slightly with subtle dynamics, and better chord progressions, but they still play dark death metal..." – Cvlt Nation

Dorian Concept
– Joined Ends 12" (Ninja Tune)
Remixes from Tim Hecker, Bibio, Nathan Fake, Kuedo, and Redihno.

Electric Wizard
– Electric Wizard [Reissue/1994] LP (Rise Above)
Purple vinyl reissue of debut album from British doom metal institution.

Everyday Loneliness
– False Validations LP (Amethyst Sunset)
Quaduruple removed re-recontexualizations of cassette and digitally recorded sources, slowed down, looped digital and layered into thirty minutes of ambient/drone. Recommended if you like Phillip Jeck. Includes free download. Edition of 300.

Shana Falana
– Set Your Lightning Fire Free LP+MP3 (Team Love)
New album from the dream-pop artist. Undaunted guitar riffs and thundering drums prevail, while two decades of songwriting and performing lend authority and emotion to one or two word refrains like "Gone," "Go," and "There's A Way." "Anything," with its Bollywood strings and industrial groove, climaxes with repeated shouts of "No, you didn't take anything from me!" in a way that would make James Murphy sweat.

– The Ecology 2xLP (Mass Appeal)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. After releasing his critically acclaimed debut album
Boy Meets World in 2009, Fashawn went silent. Now that he is signed to Nas' Mass Appeal Records he has gotten his second wind drops his sophomore effort. The Ecology features Nas, Dom Kennedy, Aloe Blacc, BJ The Chicago Kid with production provided by Exile, Beewirks, The Alchemist and more.
– The Dogs 7" (Domingo)
A dark, psychedelic single featuring contributions from Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey of R.E.M./Minus Five.

Future Punx
– I'm So Inspired LP (Dull Tools)
The latest offering from Brooklyn's preeminent post wave ensemble. Dull Tools is the record label run by Andrew Savage, of Parquet Courts, and Chris Pickering, of Future Punx. Sonically, Future Punx draws from within the post-punk spectrum, with an attention to intricate lyrics and sprawled-out deadpan deliveries.

The Good Life
– Novena On A Nocturne [2000] LP+MP3 (Saddle Creek)
The Good Life – Black Out [Reissue/2002] LP+MP3 (Saddle Creek)
The Good Life – Album Of The Year [Reissue/2004] 2xLP+MP3 (Saddle Creek)
The debut LP from this Tim Kasher (Cursive) side project originally released in 2000 gets its first-ever vinyl pressing. The Good Life's second album,
Black Out, is back in print on vinyl for the first time in over ten years. Their third full-length Album Of The Year is also reissued and expanded with a disc of acoustic demos.
– From Wisdom To Hate [Reissue/2001] LP+CD (Century Media)
Vinyl reissue of the Canadian technical death metal band's 2001 album.

– Beyond Death LP (Hells Headbangers)
Gouge is a death metal band from Kolbotn, Norway. "Death metal sprinkled with punk aggression and some traces of black metal is what you can expect when hearing this record. There are also many traces of Venom running through the veins of these musicians." – Against Magazine

Darren Hanlon
– Where Did You Come From? LP+MP3 (Yep Roc)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Australian troubadour Darren Hanlon had a long, rich musical history by the time fifth album
Where Did You Come From? arrived in 2015. Starting out as a supportive player in mid-'90s indie pop acts like the Lucksmiths and the Dearhunters, Hanlon stepped out solo around the start of the 2000s with a charmingly simple indie folk sound, rooted in the twee pop sentiments of his full-band days but presented with a candle-lit intimacy and sparsity. As the years went on, he would develop a sound more informed by the busking tradition than the Sarah Records catalog, turning to more traditional folk structures for his sweetly sung compositions. Where Did You Come From? melds traditionally minded playing with Hanlon's intelligent songwriting, wavering in between different production worlds.
Jesse Harris With Star Rover
– No Wrong No Right LP (Dangerbird)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Across his genre-spanning career, Jesse Harris has built a sterling reputation as a tireless and inquisitive collaborator, working with artists as diverse as Bright Eyes, Cat Power, Feist, M. Ward, Melody Gardot, Mike Patton, John Zorn, Solomon Burke, Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris. For his latest project, Harris was drawn to the adventurous and free musical ethos of the experimental Brooklyn duo Star Rover.

Helena Hauff
– Lex Tertia LP (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
Helena Hauff has been a reliable source of darkly hued techno for the past few years, both solo and as part of Black Sites.
Lex Tertia is a further exploration into the idea of grimy, sonically crushed, dysfunctional, insane stuff that kicks on where her 2013 EP Actio Reactio left off.
Heavy Trash
– Noir! LP (Bronzerat)
Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray, the men known as Heavy Trash, never thought that anyone could be watching, let alone recording, when they perpetrated these middle-of-the-night flip-outs, improvisations, instrumentals, and dangerous experiments in unchecked soul exposition and naked desire. Had they known the tape was rolling, we would never have this demented document of darkness and decay. But their demons have come to light, and you are now invited to dance through the dusky shadows of a musical group on the edge.

Gabriel Kahane
– The Ambassador LP (Madgeburg Music)
Released last year on CD – now available on vinyl. From
Die Hard to the architecture of Richard Neutra and R. M. Schindler, from Blade Runner to the fiction of James M. Cain and Raymond Chandler, and from fires, riots, and earthquakes to the lives of so many Americans who have looked to Southern California as a panacea, Gabriel Kahane's The Ambassador is a portrait of Los Angeles through the lens of ten street addresses, one for each song. "One of the year's very best albums" -- Rolling Stone. "A sustained conjuring act." -- The New York Times
John Krautner
– Fun With Gum Vol. 1 LP+MP3 (Burger)
Super catchy solo bubblegum from Detroit legend (The Go, Conspiracy Of Owls). CD version due April 21.

Last Sons Of Krypton
– Teenage Trash LP (Certified PR)
Last Sons Of Krypton, a band of young teenagers growing up in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, a town that had a rich punk rock history that they tapped into, went about things their own way. This twenty-track raging slab of explosive garage punk hits is rich with youthful (unpretentious), garage-y punk rock attack, like Angry Samoans and Black Flag mixed with early Devo.

Liar In Wait/Planning For Burial
– Planning For Burial/Liar In Wait 7" (Broken Limbs)
Liar In Wait's cold wave/post-punk throwback sound marries perfectly with Planning For Burial's introspective, droning fusion of slowcore, post-rock, and shoegazing tendencies.

Marina And The Diamonds
– Froot LP+CD (New Elektra)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. With
Froot, Marina and the Diamonds' first new noise since the death of alter ego Electra Heart in 2013, Marina Diamandis has made a grand statement of intent. It's a cathartic rebirth in nearly every way, and sees her veer away from the last LP's stylistic and thematic intentions, instead returning to basics for a new chapter in her career and life. From the existential tribulations of "Immortal," harking back to her days as lithe ivory-tinkling balladeer, to the relentless funk of "Better Than That," to the wit and juxtaposition of "Happy" to the '70s-flecked "I'm A Ruin", this is all Marina And The Diamonds.
Mac McCaughan
– Box Batteries b/w Whatever Light 7"+MP3 (Merge)
First single from Mac's (Superchunk/Portastatic) debut solo LP,
Non-Believers (due May 5).
– Our Own House LP (Photo Finish/Republic)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. "Depending on your perspective, New York's MisterWives is either an indie band with the sonic sensibilities of a top-tier pop act or a radio-ready pop group with a more bohemian bent than the average Top 40 aspirant. [The album's] title track pairs a thumping disco beat with a soaring, emotional melody from lead singer Mandy Lee, combining the best parts of Lorde and The Gossip." – Entertainment Weekly

– And Life Is… [Reissue/1984] LP (Dark Entries)
Moral was a trio from Aarhus, Denmark. During the summer of 1983, they recorded and produced their debut LP,
And Life Is… Influenced by early 4AD Records, Joy Division, Brian Eno and Wire, the band crafted their own brand of Nordic melancholic post-punk.
Ennio Morricone
- Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore LP (Roma)
First official LP reissue of this 1974 classic. Spiritual cousin to the psyche-liturgy of The Electric Prunes' 1968
Mass In F Minor and William Sheller's 1972 masterwork Lux Aeterna, Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore is a vital, beautiful, frightening and yet essentially forgotten chapter in the storied discography of lauded composer Ennio Morricone. Limited HQ-180gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold sleeve including two bonus tracks, exclusive liner notes, original poster artwork and photos.
– Repellers/Mortals 7" (Broken Limbs)
Formed in 2010, Mortals has quickly built a reputation for its harrowing concoction of black metal, stoner-swampsludge and doom metal. Formed in a West Philly basement in early 2012, Repellers is a metal influenced crust band with members of The Claw, Myles Of Destruction and Blood Bomber.

Marissa Nadler
– Little Hells [Reissue/2009] LP (Mexican Summer)
A master of creating rich dreamscape atmospheres, Nadler's voice shines and glides with a full band accompanying her. Produced by Chris Coady, the starry musical guests include longtime collaborator Myles Baer, Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Dave Scher (Farmer Dave). Few contemporary artists can match the stunning ride of Marissa's reverb vocals that are a journey into themselves on every rose tinged track.
Little Hells displays a brighter leap in musical maturity and attention to detail, as the phantasmagoric sounds delve into melancholy nuggets, sometimes erotic, sometimes gutting, but filled with a gorgeous sense of serene hope.
Occult 45
– Human Abhorrence 7" (Broken Limbs)
At just 12:32 in length,
Human Abhorrence is a grindcore fan's dream.
– Metal Priestess [Reissue/1981] LP (Plastmatic Media)
This 1981 EP features the Plasmatics keeping their punk roots while embracing more metal influences.

Lena Platonos
– Gallop [Reissue/1985] LP (Dark Entries)
Lena Platonos is a Greek musician, pianist and music composer. One of the pioneers in the Greek electronic music scene of the 1980s, she remains active today. Gallop was Lena Platonos' second record that she solely composed, produced and sang. The record was released in 1985 and paved the way for Greek electronica of the 1990s.

Gianfranco Plenizio
- La Gatta In Calore [1972] LP (Roma)
Limited HQ-180gm vinyl LP pressing including four bonus tracks, extensive liner notes, original artwork and rare photos. First-ever official LP reissue of this rare 1972 classic. "The perfect giallo score, from the opening tones of Edda Dell 'Orso, through jazz-bossa into dissolving dissonance, disarray and pathological destruction." - Alvin Lucia

Joe Pug
– Windfall CD/LP (Lightning Rod)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. "If I had to compare his songwriting to anyone it would have to be Tom Russell; possibly because some of the themes both writers use is similar, especially the boxing metaphor in 'Veteran Fighter' and the allusion to religion on 'Great Hosannas' but Pug most certainly has his very own sound and way of writing and I'm possibly falling in love with it already. While the overall sound is dark and brooding; 'Burn And Shine' has a pretty dance beat to it and a chorus that Steve Earle has been trying to replicate since his
Copperhead Road days and 'Windfall' ends on a note of optimism with the jaw dropping 'If Still It Can't Be Found' which features Pat Sansome from Wilco on mellotron. At times Windfall makes for uncomfortable listening; but the effort is well worthwhile and hopefully this album will introduce Joe Pug to a whole world of new fans." – No Depression
Quiet Dawn
– The First Day LP (First Word)
The debut album from French producer Will Galland aka Quiet Dawn – a mix of jazz, hip-hop and broken beat influences.

– Ramlord 7" (Broken Limbs)
Since the violent birth of Ramlord in the grey winter of 2011, three crust fundamentalists have tirelessly slaved at producing the most bleak and bitter combinations of black metal, stenchcore and punishing doom.

– Rock City [Reissue/1977] LP (Metal Blade)
Riot – Restless Breed [Reissue/1982] LP (Metal Blade)
Riot – Born In America [Reissue/1983] LP (Metal Blade)
New York five-piece Riot was big on the rock/metal scene in the 1970s and '80s across the US and Europe.
Rock City was their debut release in 1977. Born In America was one of their most successful albums, and was originally released in 1983.
Sam Roberts
– We Were Born In A Flame [Reissue/2003] 2xLP (Paper Bag)
"A Montreal native and former hockey player, Sam Roberts gave up dreams of becoming a star Canadian to embark on a musical career. Given the track record of most jocks behind the mic, this doesn't exactly portend great results, but Roberts's full-length debut is pretty good. Roberts writes tuneful folk-rock and power-pop tunes, many of them built around a percussively strummed acoustic guitar. Musically, he covers some of the same musical territory as Travis, but overall the effect is more extroverted and aggressive, less wispy and melancholic." -- Keith Moerer/Rolling Stone

Mark Ronson
– Uptown Special LP+MP3 (RCA)
Released earlier this year on CD – now available on vinyl. As a teenager growing up in New York City in the early '90s, Ronson gravitated towards hip-hop, funk, soul and R&B. Those were the records he lugged around in boxes in the early days of his club DJ career and that scratchy, influential vinyl was what he returned to when creating the album.
Uptown Special, Ronson's fourth album, was written and produced with producer Jeff Bhasker (Kanye West, Drake, Alicia Keys) over 18 months. Guests include: Bruno Mars, Mystikal, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker and more.
Antonio Sanchez
– Birdman 2xLP (Milan)
Birdman is the 2014 film by visionary Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Amores Perros, Babel), and winner of the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography. This unique film features a drum score composed by acclaimed drummer Antonio Sanchez (player on the Pat Methany Unity Group). The soundtrack also features a selection of classical pieces from Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Mahler and more.
Satanic Warmaster
– Fimbulwinter LP (Hells Headbangers)
New album from the Finnish black metallers. CD version due April 21.

Silver Shadows
– Silver Shadows LP (Gilgongo)
Heavy, wavering shoegaze/post-punk group from the Bay Area. A hauntingly beautiful sort of record. RIYL: Cocteau Twins, The Telescopes, The Cranberries.

– World Metal. Kosmopolis Sud 2xLP (Indie Recordings)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New album from the Norwegian avant-garde/post-black metal band.

Roger Taylor
– Roger Taylor's Fun In Space [Reissue/1981] LP (Omnivore)
Roger Taylor – Strange Frontier [Reissue/1984] 2xLP (Omnivore)
Recently reissued on CD – now available on vinyl. Reissues of the Queen drummer's first two solo albums. In between legs of Queen's tours in 1980, drummer Roger Taylor spent time at Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland, making his first solo recordings since the release of the 1977 single "I Wanna Testify." Those recordings would make up his first solo album, 1981's
Fun In Space. Taylor wrote and performed the entire project himself, with only "approx. 50% of keyboards" being handled by engineer David Richards. Three of his Queen bandmates joined him on his second album, Strange Frontier.
Teenage Bottlerocket
– Tales From Wyoming LP (Rise)
Released last week on CD – now available on vinyl. 14 fast, melodic, and catchy songs from the punk band.

Tomb And Thirst
– Wrath LP+MP3 (Safety Meeting)
Tomb And Thirst is a three-piece featuring Kevin Wigginton (Sea Of Bones, Gilead Media) on drums and vocals, Dave Lutz (ex-Sea Of Bones, Gerard Gerard) on guitar and vocals, and Steve Ross (ex-Coup de Grace) on bass and vocals. They incorporate elements of doom, grind, and power-violence into their sound.

Various Artists
– Ho-Dad Hootenanny Too 2xLP (Crypt)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. A collection containing 32 cuts of mid-'60s frat-rockin' garage blowouts, complete with liner notes, band photos and label scans. Includes tracks by: The Loving Machines, The Stratacasters, The Pendletons, Royal Playboys, The Shanels, The Hotbeats, The Checkmates, The Sabers, The Intruders, The De Rons, The Nightcaps, The Pharoahs, Sir Kenneth & The Yorkshire Coachmen and more.

Various Artists
- Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 1 LP (Crypt)
Various Artists - Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns Volume 2 LP (Crypt)
29 prime slabs of mid-'60s USA garage punk ace-ness, complete with liner notes, band photos and label scans.

White Limo
– Whomohw LP (Fogged)
Buzzing and whirring, insectoid pinball by Chris Cooper (treated guitar), Jess Goddard (keyboard) and Josh Vrysen (tapes). If you like your aleatoric music with old-school modem startup sounds, curdled tape warp, mutated loops, and deep sleep pulsations, the trio uses '80s and '90s gear and deliver the clunky, raw, and unattractive stuff you've been waiting for.

– Justa909 12" (Jacktone)
Two dark techno tracks from Oakland's Worker/Parasite. "Justa909" and "Squirm" are reverb-soaked four-on-the-floor odysseys of mutating factory noise and gritty analog textures.

– A Place In The Sun/Black Dust [Reissue/1983/1985] LP (Southern Lord)
In the early 1980s, YDI (pronounced: Why-die) put Philadelphia on the map with their ferocious brand of hardcore. In 1983 they unleashed their debut 7" EP
A Place In The Sun, a blistering nine-track blast of American hardcore fury. Circa-1985 the band changed musical directions and created filthy, metallic, damaged punk. The Black Dust LP was their final recording and a criminally underrated slab of disgusting mayhem.
Yellow Bird Project
– Good People Rock LP (Madic Records)
Yellow Bird Project started with T-shirts. They worked with indie rock ensembles to design shirts, sell them online, and then give the proceeds to the charity of the band's choice. Since 2006, they've worked with dozens of bands such as Bon Iver, Beach House, Broken Social Scene, Andrew Bird, Grizzly Bear, Tegan & Sara, Bloc Party, Amanda Palmer, Hot Chip, Jay Reatard, Metric, Of Montreal, Sharon Van Etten, Stars, The Decemberists, The National, The New Pornographers, The Shins, TV On The Radio, Wolf Parade (you get the idea). Branching from just T-shirts, YBP now also has a catalog of sweaters, books, accessories and now vinyl.

Rob Zombie
– Spookshow International Live 2xLP (UMe)
Spookshow International is the first Rob Zombie live album since 2007's Zombie Live and includes new live version of 19 tracks recorded across various dates of Rob Zombie's 2014 US Tour. Double picture-disc collectors LP.