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for the week of 27 JANUARY 2017
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>Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Blood Drums [Reissue/2013] 3xLP+MP3 (Duophonic)
Vinyl reissue of Cavern Of Anti-Matter’s (the krautrock-inspired band, featuring ex-Stereolab members Tim Gane and Joe Dilworth and synth player Holger Zapf) much sought-after debut album, originally issued as a vinyl-only edition of 500 copies on Berlin label Grautag Records.
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>Blind Melon – Soup [Reissue/1995] LP (Analog Sparks)
Limited edition audiophile pressing. Cut from the original stereo tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed and plated at RTI. Housed in a Stoughton deluxe gatefold old style tip-on jacket with original insert.
Soup is the second studio album by rock band Blind Melon, released on August 15, 1995, eight weeks before vocalist Shannon Hoon's fatal drug overdose.
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>Alkaline Trio
– From Here To Infirmary [Reissue/2001] LP (Vagrant)
– Good Mourning [Reissue/2003] 2xLP (Vagrant)
– Crimson [Reissue/2005] LP (Vagrant)
180gm vinyl reissues of Alkaline Trio’s third, fourth and fifth albums are now available.
This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
– Pain & Suffering LP (Bridge 9)
Brutally heavy, metal-infused hardcore. [CD edition due February 3.]

>Alkaline Trio
– From Here To Infirmary [Reissue/2001] LP (Vagrant)
Alkaline Trio – Good Mourning [Reissue/2003] 2xLP (Vagrant)
Alkaline Trio – Crimson [Reissue/2005] LP (Vagrant)
180gm vinyl reissues of Alkaline Trio’s third, fourth and fifth albums are now available.

>Amon Amarth
– Once Sent From The Golden Hall [Reissue/1998] LP (Metal Blade)
Amon Amarth – The Avenger [Reissue/1999] LP (Metal Blade)
Vinyl reissues of the death metal band’s second and third albums.

>Animal Collective
– Here Comes The Indian [Reissue/2003] LP (My Animal Home)
At the beginning there were two of them -- Avey Tare and Panda Bear -- banging drums and tweaking synths in their bedrooms, singing strange and sometimes heartbreaking songs about imaginary friends and childhood pets. Carried along by washes of squalling feedback, the music was noisy, and it was weird, but it was, at heart, pop music. This was the start of Animal Collective. For fifteen years Dave Porter (Tare), Noah Lennox (Bear), Brian "Geologist” Weitz and Josh “Deakin” Dibb have been rewriting the musical map, their line-up and aesthetic shifting with each astonishing release as they continue their pursuit of a new psychedelia.
Here Comes The Indian was the first album to use the name Animal Collective and the first release on their Paw Tracks label. [Hollindagain vinyl reissue due March 3.]
>Annie Anxiety
– Soul Possession [Reissue/1984] LP (Dais)
Employing the expertise of legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood to realize this vision, Annie pulled together members of Crass, Flux of Pink Indians, Family Fodder, African Head Charge, London Underground and Art Interface to record her groundbreaking dub industrial masterpiece. Upon its initial release by the unofficial Crass off-shoot label Corpus Christi in 1984,
Soul Possession started the avalanche of activity that would include dozens of releases and collaborations with Nurse With Wound, Coil, Current 93, Baby Dee, Swans and Marc Almond.
>The Ape
– Give In LP (Bang!)
The Ape is Tex Perkins's (The Beasts Of Bourbon, The Butcher Shop, The Cruel Sea, The Dark Horses, etc.) new project. On this occasion, Mr. Perkins delivers six long tracks with darker sounds and more anxious atmospheres, taking this project into a new stage of music. The Ape has the unique stamp and signature of Tex Perkins and features members of Magic Dirt, among other Australian recognized musicians.

>Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood
– Myths 002 12” (Mexican Summer)
Weyes Blood and Ariel Pink join forces on
Myths 002 for the second installment of Mexican Summer's collaboration series. Composed and captured in Marfa, Texas during the annual Marfa Myths music and arts festival, the four songs of Myths 002 capture musicians at play—two distinct voices in pop music inexplicably, effortlessly folding into harmony.
- Lunaris LP (Debemur Morti)
Released late last year on CD – now available on vinyl. Consolidating and updating the earthen grandiosity perfected on classic 1996 debut
Imperium, Arkona has created the perfect synthesis of forward-reaching pagan black metal, dark neo-classical melodicism, corrupted romanticism and raging existential power.
– Mute Books LP (Profound Lore)
Released last autumn on CD – now available on vinyl. Vancouver, BC-based Auroch have gained recognition as one of Canada's most active death metal bands.

>Banteay Ampil Band
- Cambodian Liberation Songs [Reissue/1983] LP (Akuphone)
Cambodian Liberation Songs is a painful call from forgotten resistance fighters—it is a captivating and moving record. It works as a witness of Cambodian history, bringing to the world the breathless voice of the members of the resistance from the Banteay Ampil Band. Released in 1983, Cambodian Liberation Songs is a mysterious and overwhelming record. As a genuine piece of history, this "call from sorrow and fierce passion" makes use of a whole range of Cambodian music, from folk to rock, to express sufferings and complaints.
>Kostas Bezos And The White Birds
- Kostas Bezos And The White Birds LP+CD (Olvido/Mississippi)
The first-ever compilation of "Xabagies", the nearly forgotten Hawaiian-influenced music of 1930s Greece, focused on the compositions of Kostas Bezos and his ensemble The White Birdsfa. A world-class slide guitarist, political cartoonist, and sleepless Bohemian, Kostas Bezos created some of the most unique music of any era: surrealist guitar portraits blurring Athens and Honolulu, haunting tropical serenades, wild acoustic orchestras, and heartbreaking steel guitar duets. This LP includes a 28-page booklet with extensive notes by Tony Klein and Dimitri Kourtis, unpublished photographs, lyrics, obituaries, and a bonus CD containing 18 additional tracks. Mastered from original 78s by Michael Graves.

– Cirque [Reissue/2000] 3xLP (Biophon)
Triple-vinyl reissue of the Norwegian electronic musician’s first album for the polarizing Touch label – expanded with six bonus tracks. “
Cirque is a perfectly constructed 47-minute sequence: cold clarity up against real depth of field, synth cycles dissolving into sudden moments of sonic revelation that sound like a waking dream.” -- MOJO
>Black Mecha
– I.M. Mentalizing LP (Profound Lore)
Black Mecha is the very strange, minimalist electronic project of Wold mastermind Fortress Crookedjaw. A theory of mind/aural operation inspires these raw sound waves, directed by the electric musical poetry of Internal Masonry, supplemented with sci-fi driven surreal and minimalist analogue patterns.
I.M. Mentalizing presents audio realms of glitchy system mental warfare through spazzed robotic thought inducement mechanisms, churned out by penetrating ever-scanning inner lasers.
>Blank Spots
– Blank Spots LP (Green Recordings)
The debut album from San Francisco street-punk band Blank Spots. Led by Andrew Boak of legendary 1980s New Zealand punk band No Tag, this dynamic three-piece outfit have tuned up sixteen cylinders of driving punk rock 'n' roll action. Pressed on green vinyl.

>Blind Melon
– Soup [Reissue/1995] LP (Analog Sparks)
Limited edition audiophile pressing. Cut from the original stereo tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed and plated at RTI. Housed in a Stoughton deluxe gatefold old style tip-on jacket with original insert.
Soup is the second studio album by rock band Blind Melon, released on August 15, 1995, eight weeks before vocalist Shannon Hoon's fatal drug overdose.
>Brian Jonestown Massacre
– Open Minds Now Close 12” (A. Recordings)
The second of three singles from the forthcoming album
Don’t Get Lost. Limited 180gm white vinyl.
>James Brown
– Mr. Dynamite [Reissue/1962] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Vinyl reissue of James Brown's
Mr. Dynamite, originally released as Good, Good, Twistin' With James Brown in 1962, and known alternatively through different issues as Shout And Shimmy (1963), and Excitement Mr. Dynamite (1964), and a myriad other titles.
>John Cage / Christian Wolff
– John Cage / Christian Wolff [Reissue/1963] LP (Jeanne Dielman)
This album was an early showcase of both 20th century composer’s experimental chops, and is highly regarded as some of their finest work. Cage's piece, which spans the whole of the first side, was originally composed in 1960, and like many of his pieces, would never be performed the same way twice. It involves the overlaying of transparencies to create the "score," while performers manipulate phonographic cartridges in a variety of ways to create amplified sound. To add to the effect, this particular performance is actually the superimposition of four performances. In all, it is a truly groundbreaking piece of 20th century classical. Wolff's side, while less extreme, is equally innovative, and a window into his particular pointillist vision of music.

>Johnny Cash
– All Aboard The Blue Train With Johnny Cash [Reissue/1962] LP (ORG Music)
All Aboard The Blue Train With Johnny Cash is a collection of train-themed songs that was originally released by the legendary Sun Record Company in 1962. The album features prime selections of the Man In Black’s recordings between 1955 and 1958, including classic songs like “Hey Porter” and “Folsom Prison Blues.”
>Cavern Of Anti-Matter
– Blood Drums [Reissue/2013] 3xLP+MP3 (Duophonic)
Vinyl reissue of Cavern Of Anti-Matter’s (the krautrock-inspired band, featuring ex-Stereolab members Tim Gane and Joe Dilworth and synth player Holger Zapf) much sought-after debut album, originally issued as a vinyl-only edition of 500 copies on Berlin label Grautag Records.

>Vic Chesnutt
– Little [1990] LP (New West)
For the first time, Vic Chesnutt’s seminal debut album has been remastered and pressed on vinyl, complete with five bonus tracks. Originally produced by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe,
Little was the world’s introduction to Vic. Recorded and mixed in less than 24 hours, the recordings are sparse but potent and offer a glimpse into the mind of the now-revered songwriter who would have a prolific two-decade output. “Little served notice of Chesnutt's singular gift for finding deep truths in the commonplace, and unfurled his affectionate embrace of the sad and funny foibles that comprise the bulk of our lives." -- No Depression
>Stef Chura
– Messes LP (Urinal Cake)
Stef Chura is one of Michigan’s DIY VIPs. The rocker has been roving across the Great Lakes State for years now, uprooting at least 20 times while coordinating underground concerts and honing her musical vision all the while. Now all that development is ready to be displayed on Messes, Chura’s full-length debut album. "Dim-lit guitar-pop with moody, twisting vocals" – Impose

>John Coltrane
– My Favorite Things [Reissue/1961] LP (Jeanne Dielman)
Credit for this album is partially due to Miles Davis, who had somewhat recently purchased Coltrane's first soprano saxophone. Previously, the soprano saxophone had been little used in jazz. This 1961 album also seems to fully mark Coltrane's transformation into modal jazz, another Davis influence, and his modal take on the classic standard, "My Favorite Things", from
The Sound Of Music soundtrack (1965), remains one of the more iconic jazz songs in history. Rounded out by three more standards, performed in modal interpretations that completely redefined the meaning of a "standards" album, My Favorite Things is one of the many transcendent jazz albums the legendary John Coltrane is responsible for.
>Lol Coxhill
– Ear Of Beholder [Reissue/1971] 2xLP (Radiation Deluxe Series)
Ear Of Beholder is one of the most beguiling and adventurous records of the 1970s, which is saying a lot as that is a musical decade marked by groundbreaking creativity. Originally released on John Peel's Dandelion label, Lol Coxhill's sprawling double album debut is an avant-garde jazz masterstroke that features Robert Wyatt and much of the Whole World group, Kevin Ayers' backing band at the time (of which Lol was a member). Ranging from straight-up feedback to re-workings of standards, outdoor recordings to spoken word, improvisation to vaudeville, Ear Of Beholder covers more ground in two LPs than most artists do in a lifetime. Difficult, adventurous listening from one of British jazz's most brilliant innovators.
>Death Fetishist
– Clandestine Sacrament LP (Debemur Morti)
Death Fetishist enmesh cascades of swirling, alienating phrases inside claustrophobic songcraft to inspire grim hypnosis. Guesting vocalists D.G. (Mis.yrming) and Doug Moore (Pyrrhon) bring immense guttural and lyrical power, hammering home the violence of self-preservation. Synth orchestration of twisted profundity is provided by Jürgen Bartsch (Bethlehem) and Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues).

– Lovers Who Wander [Reissue/1962] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Featuring Dion DiMucci's unforgettable voice, and his classic NYC R&B/doo-wop backing, this is the sound of the Bronx circa 1962. Though one might dismiss Dion as merely teeny-bopper fare, he's a massively talented songwriter which is reflected by his introspective work from the mid to late '60s.

>Bill Dixon Orchestra
– Intents And Purposes [Reissue/1967] LP (Superior Viaduct)
After spending the early '60s playing in groups with Cecil Taylor and Archie Shepp, trumpeter Bill Dixon recorded his singular and visionary masterpiece in 1967.
Intents And Purposes remains not only Dixon's defining statement as a composer, but also one of the most luminous moments in the history of avant-garde jazz. Combining orchestral timbres with free jazz intensity, Dixon leads a ten-piece ensemble including such heavyweights as Byard Lancaster, Robin Kenyatta, Jimmy Garrison and Reggie Workman. This first-time vinyl reissue is recommended for fans of Art Ensemble of Chicago, Anthony Braxton and Henry Cow.
– Murder [Reissue/1990] LP (Rip Snortin’)
Vinyl reissue of this 1990 album from the Canadian punk band.
Murder came out at the height of the band’s fame and mixes in all the right ingredients: ear-splitting guitar riffs, bombastic drumming, humor and lots of “right to the chin” politics.
– Radiations LP+MP3 (Umor Rex)
The fourth album of Driftmachine is not an album in the classical context, it´s a collection of new studio music, with remixes from Shackleton and The Sight Below, and material previously available only in digital formats.
Radiations is an excellent showcase of Driftmachine’s sound: obsessive, symmetrical, multilayered; a deep and elegant language based on the shaky, unpredictable foundations of modular synthesis.
>Bob Dylan
– The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased 1961-1991) [1991] 5xLP (Sony Legacy)
Released in 1991 to satisfy enormous demand for Dylan's much-bootlegged unissued material,
The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 contains rarities and unreleased works from the sessions for 1962's eponymous debut Bob Dylan to 1989's Oh Mercy. Of the tracks, most are session outtakes from recording sessions for Dylan studio albums. The material is spread across five vinyl records, each labeled in the box set as "volumes."
>Esplendor Geométrico
- Fungus Cerebri: Selected Tracks From Cassettes 1981-1989 2xLP (Geometrik)
The '80s are a period particularly appreciated by the followers of this cult band, pioneers of the more rhythmic strain of industrial music. Minimalism, raw and harsh analog electronica, distortion, Arabic sounds, shortwave radio recordings are all typical elements of their style during this first period of Esplendor Geométrico, when they achieved a sound ahead of its time and is still imitated nowadays. Esplendor Geométrico were always very present within the '80s international scene of underground cassette labels. This double LP is the first one of a series dedicated to this movement in Spain, still fairly unknown despite its activity at the time, with dozens of labels operating from different cities.

>Mark Feehan
– MFII LP (Richie)
Mark Feehan is a guitarist. In the '80s he bummed Floridian punks in Broken Talent. In the '90s he strangled strings and blew minds in Harry Pussy. Currently he is in post no-wave noiseniks Taiwan Housing Project.
MF 2 features moments of surprising acoustic beauty bookend perplexing electronic sound pools, buzzing almost-punk, and Germanic vocal narration.
>Marcello Giombini
– Computer Disco [Reissue/1982] LP (Mondo Groove)
Marcello Giombini was a pioneer of early sequencers and on this cult LP he produced cheesy, cosmic synth pop, with a little bit of Italo disco mixed in.

>Billie Holiday
– Lady Love [Reissue/1962] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Though she had been performing professionally since the late 1920s, as a teenager in Harlem during its Renaissance, the immortal Billie Holiday didn't play a single night on the European continent until 1954. It was in that year that the great journalist and musician Leonard Feather, and a Swedish promoter, organized the Jazz Club U.S.A. tour, named after Feather's wildly popular radio program. Featuring Red Norvo, Sonny Clark, and more, the centerpiece of Jazz Club U.S.A. was undoubtedly, Lady Day. Recorded at various dates across the tour,
Lady Love shows Holiday still had it, despite the turmoil, and drug and alcohol abuse, her voice remained strong, a stunning document of one of America's greatest treasures on her first ever tour of Europe.
>The Holydrug Couple
– Soundtrack For Pantanal LP (BYM)
The Holydrug Couple (THC) unleashes their fully-dreamy pop-rock under BYM Records after their acclaimed two records for the NYC based Sacred Bones Records. Conceived to be part of the recently released
Moonlust, these original and never released set of songs continues to display the same elaborate and delightful compositions that group together to become the soundtrack of an imaginary film, “one of the best non-existing movies of all time.” Pressed on limited edition white vinyl.
>Howlin’ Wolf
– Best Of The Sun Records Sessions LP (ORG Music)
Howlin’ Wolf recorded some of his finest work while in Memphis, TN with legendary producer and Sun Records founder, Sam Phillips. This album features the very best of those sessions from 1951 and 1952.

>Milt Jackson with John Lewis, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke, Lou Donaldson And The Thelonious Monk Quintet Heath
– Milt Jackson with John Lewis, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke, Lou Donaldson And The Thelonious Monk Quintet [Reissue/1955] LP (Jeanne Dielman)
Vinyl reissue of this compilation of recordings Milt Jackson made with The Modern Jazz Quartet (with Lou Donaldson on saxophone) and The Thelonious Monk Quartet from 1948-1952, originally released in 1955. This release highlights the bebop brilliance of vibraphonist master.

>Elmore James and The Broom Dusters
– Blues After Hours [Reissue/1960] LP (Rumble)
Compiling singles originally released on the Flair label (a subsidiary of the legendary Modern label, known for making a star out of B.B. King, among others), this 1960 LP was released only two years before the death of electric blues man Elmore James. One of the most important and influential slide guitarists and vocalists of the early electric blues era, James was born and raised in Richland, Mississippi before, like so many other blues legends, ending up in Chicago, performing in the legendary juke joints of the south side. A truly electric performance from one of the finest blues men of the era.

>Bert Jansch
– Jack Orion [Reissue/1966] LP (Superior Viaduct)
Jack Orion, Bert Jansch's third album, may have surprised some fans upon its 1966 release, as it features no original compositions by Jansch. While nearly all the eight tracks (four of which include guitarist John Renbourn) are interpretations of traditional folk songs, Jansch's experimental approach breathes new life into this repertoire through his exploratory use of open tunings and passionate, gritty vocals.
>Glenn Jones
– This Is The Wind That Blows It Out [2004] LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Glenn Jones’ debut album
This Is The Wind That Blows It Out was originally released in 2004 on CD-only by Strange Attractors Audio House. Thrill Jockey is proud to give this timeless classic a first-time vinyl issue. LP is pressed on virgin vinyl and packaged in a heavy stock jacket with inner sleeve including notes and tunings for each song and free download card. Limited red color vinyl pressing also available. “[Jones] continues to push the American primitive tradition into new directions using a narrative style that’s become his trademark.” - Acoustic Guitar
>Robert Earl Keen
– Live Dinner Reunion 2xLP (Dualtone)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Live album from Robert Earl Keen with special guests celebrating the 20th year anniversary of his most successful album
No. 2 Live Dinner. Joining Keen on stage for the historic event were Joe Ely, Cory Morrow, Cody Canada, Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly, Bruce Robison and former college roommate and touring compadre, Lyle Lovett.
>Alicia Keys
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. New (sixth) album from the singer/songwriter. Includes the song “Blended Family (What You Do For Love),” featuring A$AP Rocky. “On this album, I've arrived
HERE,” Keys says. “A place where I'm willing to truthfully look at myself in the mirror and to also see the reality of who we have become in this world. The good, the ugly, the shadows and the light. I've come to realize that in order for us to grow and to understand and accept each other we have to recognize the complexity of ourselves. We have to be able to talk about it and meet each other where we are, HERE.”
>Cate LeBon
– Rock Pool 12” (Drag City)
Rock Pool spins and swirls the waters with carnival pop, synth, drone and dance, all beamed along the panelectric ray of Cate’s immutable blank stare. Short-and-sweet-play fun of a highly ambiguous nature.
>Les Rallizes Dénudés
- Live 77 Tachikawa 2xLP (Mono-Tone)
Vinyl a reissue of Les Rallizes Dénudés's historic performance from 1977 in Tachikawa. This double LP has everything Les Rallizes Dénudés are known for: ear piercing feedback, languid guitar strumming, wild reverberated solos, lurid volume, blasé vocals, and unbelievable intensity, combined for a total sensory assault. Revolutionary and psychedelic, the unlikely meeting of The Velvet Underground and the Japanese Red Army, Les Rallizes Dénudés are among the earliest and most outer Japanese psyche/noise rock 'n' roll bands who existed.

>Mica Levi
– Jackie [OST] LP+MP3 (Milan)
Mournful and eerie with a touch of the surreal, Levi has delivered an unmistakable musical tapestry every bit as iconic as Jackie O herself. The mastered-for-vinyl score comes pressed on 180gm LP and is housed in a heavy stock euro sleeve featuring black-and-white artwork of Jackie.

>Abbey Lincoln
– Abbey Is Blue [Reissue/1959] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Abbey Lincoln was perhaps the most talented in a series of jazz singers to quickly follow in the footsteps of Billie Holiday.

>Lydia Lunch
– Honeymoon In Red [Reissue/1987] LP (Bang!)
A vinyl reissue of this masterpiece by Lydia Lunch, originally recorded in 1982 and released in 1987. Lydia Lunch recorded this album with The Birthday Party as well as other friends and mixed it at legendary B.C. Studio in Brooklyn. Performers include: Rowland S. Howard, Nick Cave, Tracy Pew, Mick Harvey, Genevieve Mcguckin, Thurston Moore and Barry Adamson.

>Charles Mingus
– The Eldridge Session LP (Doxy)
The great bassist and band leader Charles Mingus cut some of his most exciting and rewarding recordings in 1960. Taped during the apex of Mingus's creativity, this incredible session showcases such stars as Roy Eldridge on trumpet, Jimmy Knepper on trombone, Eric Dolphy on alto saxophone, Tommy Flanagan on piano, and Jo Jones on drums. Clear vinyl pressing.

>Minor Victories
– Orchestral Variations 2xLP (Fat Possum)
The fantastic debut from members of Slowdive, Mogwai and The Editors has been reinterpreted as an orchestral arrangement. Standard black vinyl pressing.

>Modern Art
– Underwater Kites [1982] LP (Color Tapes)
First time reissue of Modern Art's 1982 debut cassette album includes three previously unissued tracks from the album session. Welcome to the darkly enchanting minimal synth-pop and psych-tinged world of The Modern Art. As an introduction to the world of Coil and Current 93 collaborator Gary Ramon and his orbiting bandmates, you can't do better. On
Underwater Kites you will find examples of what was going on in England during the pinnacle of the post-punk scene-an inspired time that encouraged young musicians to develop music influenced by the likes of Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Clock DVA.
– Weltweit [Reissue/1982] LP (Medical Records)
Inspired by the greats such as Kraftwerk, YMO and Klaus Schulze, Monopol crafted an exquisite collection of pop songs played on a very impressive collection of analog synthesizers, self-builds and drum machines that were considered cutting edge at the time.

– Abstract Recipe LP (Richie)
Abstract Recipe is the fourth full-length from Mordecai of the great Upper Plains. Is it punk? Or garage? Post-punk? Indie rock? Blech - it's a no-frills rock album that oughta perk up the ears of those interested in things like thwarted freedom, advanced mathematics, Lou Reed’s The Blue Mask, bum notes, and staring at the wall.
>Morricone Youth
– Mad Max LP (Morricone Youth)
Original live re-score composed and performed by Morricone Youth inspired by George Miller's classic 1979 Australian dystopian action film. Limited transparent gold swirl color vinyl LP pressing.

>Mouse On The Keys
– Out Of Body LP (Topshelf)
Out Of Body is as dark as it is beautiful and its seamless transmutation between styles and genres is something that mouse on the keys become more confident on with every release. Out Of Body is a journey through the bands emotional and mental condition on both dark and incredibly touching subjects, which evokes feelings of empathy and also attainment.
>My Cat Is An Alien & Jean Marc Montera
– Union Of The Supreme Light LP (Starlight Furnature Inc.)
Joining Maurizio and Roberto Opalio on their fourth album for Starlight Furniture Co., legendary French-Corsican guitarist and co-founder of Groupe de Recherche et d'Improvisation Musicales brings his noisy lyricism to three long tracks of oddly sensual and animalistic space howl. As their past collaborations attest, My Cat Is An Alien's self-sustaining biosphere is an environment where the surreal dreamscapes of mavericks and eccentrics flourish. On this live recording, Jean-Marc Montera's home-made guitar table, objects, and electronics forge metallic ribbons that twitch between the distant clangs of gigantic spores, while Maurizio (on home-made double-bodied string instrument and effects) and Roberto (on alientronics, effects, and modified electronic devices) set worms adrift in a zero-gravity aviary stocked with narcotized satsuma fowl.

– Themes 12” (Blackest Ever Black)
Five tracks of dark-side slither from somewhere under London—sidereal downers for all hardcore ravers. The dread energy of grime and bleep techno distilled into pungent electroacoustic ooze. Paranoid street music meets the cosmic disturbances of musique concrete, the spine-freeze of isolationism and Nurse With Wound/Current 93/Coil’s
England's Hidden Reverse (2003). Staccato string stabs, murmured voices, black holes of reverb and pulverizing, body-numbing bass. Drums optional; Unwanted side-effects include nosebleeds, earaches, stomach cramps, and nausea.
>The Nazgûl
- De Expugnatione Elfmuth [2002] LP (Zolfo)
Nazgûl was a mysterious two-piece band formed in 1996 in Monreale, a small village right outside of Palermo, Sicily. Their peculiar history and the consequent "cult" status, built within the extreme metal scene, makes them a story all their own. The due was inspired by Tolkien's literature (Nazgûl is a word from the "Black Speech" used to indicate the nine men corrupted by Sauron, and transformed into his dark and deathless servants) and the first wave of European black metal.
De Expugnatione Elfmuth is a wonderful example of folk-black metal.
>Nine Pound Shadow
– Nine Pound Shadow 12” (Columbia)
New EP from the Bay Area pop duo.

>Nuclear Simphony
– Lost In Wonderland [Reissue/1980] LP (Zolfo)
Recorded in Berlin in 1988 with engineer Harris Johns (Sodom, Voivod, Kreator),
Lost In Wonderland is still considered by many as an unmissable chapter in European thrash metal history, and the absolute masterpiece for this criminally underrated band, whose place is deserved right next to Schizo and Incinerator—the "holy trinity" of the Sicilian '80s thrash metal scene.
– Orchid [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (Spinefarm)
Opeth – Morningrise [Reissue/1996] 2xLP (Spinefarm)
Opeth – My Arms, Your Hearse [Reissue/1998] 2xLP (Spinefarm)
Limited 180gm color vinyl reissues of the Swedish prog metal band’s first three albums.

>Panda Bear
– Young Prayer [Reissue/2004] LP (My Animal Home)
Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, aka one-fourth of the founding members of Animal Collective.
Young Prayer is his second full length solo album, and was recorded in Panda Bear’s childhood home in 2002 by Deakin and further produced by the mysterious Animal Collective brothers known as Come Winter.
– PX3 2xLP (OVO Sound)
Released last autumn on CD – now available on vinyl. PARTYNEXTDOOR is a 21-year old all-caps producer, songwriter and singer from Mississauga, Ontario, who has some affiliation with Canadian superstar Drake.

>Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
- Feed The Rats LP (Rocket Recordings)
Channeling the grimy trip hazards of Monster Magnet's
Spine Of God (1991) through a prism of kraut-derived repetition and Part Chimp style bloody-mindedness, the resulting hallucinatory vortex appears constantly on the realm of breaking point. A feverish and demented collision of psych-drone dementia and riff-driven salvation.
>Poison Idea
– War All The Time [Reissue/1987] LP (TKO)
Long a favorite of diehard Poison Idea fans,
War All The Time was a pivotal moment in the punk band’s evolution. With the addition of a second guitarist, and the debut of legendary powerhouse drummer Steve “Thee Slayer Hippie” Handford, this album established the direction Poison Idea would follow into the second decade of their career. Pressed on red vinyl.
– Sun On Sun [Reissue/2006] LP+MP3 (Thrill Jockey)
Pontiak’s Thrill Jockey debut
Sun On Sun is back on vinyl after being sold out for over 8 years. This 2017 re-issue is pressed on virgin vinyl, freshly cut at TruTone Mastering and includes a free download card. “Pontiak could tear the roof off any coliseum with their arena-sized riffs. Hailing from rural Virginia, the Carney brothers — Van, Jennings and Lain — have crafted a long string of albums filled with fuzzy, feedback-laden neo-psych stoner jams” -- NPR Music/KEXP
>Rank / Xerox
– M.Y.T.H. 12” (Adagio830)
Rank / Xerox from San Francisco finally return with four songs of messy post-punk with hidden pop jams and dark guitar scratchers and synth screamers. Distorting messy and catchy at the same time.

>Max Roach
– We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite [Reissue/1960] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
Max Roach's 1960 masterwork
We Insist! is a suite based on the Civil Rights Movement, and involves variations on the theme of the struggle for African Americans to achieve equality in the United States, a struggle that is still all too relevant. Roach began composing with lyricist Oscar Brown Jr. in 1959, with the initial intention of having the suite performed in 1963, on the 100th anniversary of The Emancipation Proclamation. Featuring the wonderful Abbey Lincoln on vocals, as well as Booker Little, Julian Priester, Coleman Hawkins, Olatunji, and more, We Insist! is a truly stunning album, one that knows no equal from that time or since.
>Ryuichi Sakamoto
– Plankton [OST] LP (Milan)
Plankton is a unique artistic collaboration between biologist Christian Sardet, artist Shiro Takatani and musician Ryuichi Sakamoto. In 2016 at the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, the three men created an art installation showcasing Sardet's unbelievable images of microscopic plankton paired with a video installation by Takatani and music composed by Sakamoto. Elegant and astral, Ryuichi Sakamoto's musical contribution is now available as a standalone release.

>The Archie Shepp-Bill Dixon Quartet
- The Archie Shepp-Bill Dixon Quartet [Reissue/1962] LP (Jeanne Dielman)
The debut as a leader for both Archie Shepp and Bill Dixon, two formidable members of the free jazz and avant-garde elite. Rounding out the quartet are bassists Reggie Workman and Don Moore, and drummers Paul Cohen and Howard McRae, each on various tracks. While the album undoubtedly swings, this piano-less quartet definitely prefigures the trailblazing free jazz work the two leaders would be involved in for the remainder of the decade, and beyond. An essential piece of early free jazz.

>The Shirelles
– Tonight’s The Night [Reissue/1961] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
The Shirelles – Shirelles Sing To Trumpets And Strings [Reissue/1961] LP+MP3 (Cornbread)
The pride of Passaic, New Jersey, The Shirelles were formed in 1957 by four friends from high school. After some early singles with chart success, they released their debut album in 1961,
Tonight's The Night. Blending pop with doo-wop and R&B sensibilities, along with songwriting from the classic team of Goffin/King, Tonight's The Night is notable for "Will You Love Me Tomorrow", the very first Billboard #1 hit pop single from an African-American girl group.
– Research [1995] LP (Zolfo)
A popular name in the tape trading years of thrash metal, Catania, Sicily's renowned death metal band Sinoath's first two demos
Forged In Blood from 1991 and Still In The Grey Dying from 1993 allowed the band to build a huge legion of fans all over Europe, mainly thanks to their huge use of keyboards and their professional approach to studio recording. Research was their first full length, originally released in 1995 on the small Polyphemus label right before going into a hiatus that lasted many years (their follow up is from 2007), a fact which did not help Sinoath reach the popularity they deserved. A pure gem of melodic old school black/death metal, Research finds this underground group of the Italian extreme metal scene at the peak of their powers.
– Sleep’s Holy Mountain [Reissue/1992] LP (Earache)
Limited edition “Full Dynamic Range” purple color vinyl pressing of this stoner rock classic.

>Sparrow Steeple
– Steeple Two LP (Richie)
Lightly swirling wah. Is-it-wrong-or-is-it-right leads. Intermittent odd percussion flourishes. Songs about shrimp rolls to go. Loosey goosey warbling atmosphere turned to 10. This is the world of Sparrow Steeple, comprised of almost all of Philly's legendary Strapping Fieldhands fronted by noted visual artist Barry Goldberg.

>Sum 41
– All Killer No Filler [Reissue/2001] LP (Island)
Formed by four members from rival high school bands in Toronto, Sum 41 developed their fun and funky sound while touring with bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Offspring and Blink 182. Their second album,
All Killer No Filler, features punk mixed with metal, hip-hop and rock, and includes the single “Fat Lip.” 150gm.
>The Telescopes
– The Telescopes [Reissue/1992] LP (Radiation Deluxe)
Vinyl reissue of The Telescopes's self-titled second album, originally released on Creation in 1992. Formed in 1987, these British shoegaze/space-rock mainstays drew inspiration from the '60s psych and rock scene, particularly The Velvet Underground, The 13th Floor Elevators, Love, and The Byrds, as well as contemporaries such as My Bloody Valentine, and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

>Fred Thomas
– Changer LP+MP3/Cassette (Polyvinyl)
Following the release of his critically-lauded 2015 album
All Are Saved, songwriter/producer Fred Thomas entered a period of enormous transition. He quit his job, got married and moved to Canada, all between multiple tours that ran the spectrum from sold out opening slots to sleeping in the car after empty gigs. At the end of yet another tour he returned to Athens, Georgia, to again work with producer Drew Vandenberg (of Montreal, Mothers) on an album aiming to encapsulate the nonstop changes that had sprung out of this phase of his life. Naturally, this record is named Changer. Limited yellow color vinyl pressing.
>Gregg Turner
– Chartbusterz LP (Feeding Tube)
Opening track, “Kremlin Dogs,” with stinging lead autoharp by Billy Bill Miller (of Blieb Alien and Cold Sun) should remind everyone how deeply involved Turner was with Roky Erickson's post-prison revival. Roaring psych puss of the highest order. “The Box,” Turner's splattery next chapter to the tale begun by the Velvets with “The Gift,” is another chunk of most excellent gore. As is the solid garage grunt of “Look In The Mirror.”

>Twin Limb
– Haplo LP (Suretone)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Twin Limb is a trio from Louisville, KY formed by Maryliz Bender (drums, vocals), Lacey Guthrie (accordion, vocals), and Kevin Ratterman (sampled sounds, guitar, percussion), who have also served as Jim James’ backup band. Guthrie’s accordion does some very sinister things, underpinning the music with a luxurious darkness that connects folk and psychedelia. It's the same with the vocals, as Guthrie and Bender wrap their voices one around the other like they're telling secrets, creating another bridge between the familiar and the disarming. Bender keeps the drums simple and purposeful, often parsing out her beats in short, sharp bursts with a precision that never feels forced. Ratterman is the final wild card, using guitars and samples in unexpected ways that feel both post-punk and experimental. “While some records want to take you to another world or aspect of your being, this novel/album is all about another, picturesque dimension. Although Haplo is loaded with so much human sentiment, that you might find yourself crying from its pretty words and rhythms, i.e. "Sara", what makes it phenomenal is that it seems from another dimension. In this dimension, magic is not only real, but it enacted by your feelings with light emanating from love and darkness descending from doubt, which is true of one's spirit.” – Diandra Reviews It All

>Uranium Club
– All Of Them Naturals LP (Static Shock)
All Of Them Naturals is a fully realized, inclusive world of faux-corporation sponsored surrealist new wave punk music rife with satire and discordance. Robotically tight. Delightfully warped. Ideas as vast as Nebraska’s GMO cornfields and as lethal as the pesticides they spray on them.
– Night Bully 7” (Wharf Cat)
Urochromes continue an amazing run with the release of their first fully realized extended player,
Night Bully. The A-Side is comprised of three full throttle and perfectly condensed punk songs, while the B-Side charts new territory for the group.
>Various Artists
- Hillbillies In Hell Vol. 3 LP (Iron Mountain Analogue Research)
More unknown and unheralded Hillbillies and Delinquent Hayseed Balladeers. They croon. They yodel. And the flames leap ever higher. Cut on microscopic or private-press labels and distributed in minuscule amounts, these Tormented Troubadours sing of Satan, His diabolical offspring, the Grim Reaper, sinful trysts, suicide, murder, Devil trains, inebriates, cuckolds and lustful cadavers—all in one handy LP package. 16 timeless testaments of sin, tribulation, cold graves and warm temptations.

>Various Artists
- Ishq Ke Maare: Sufi Songs From Sindh And Punjab, Pakistan LP (Sublime Frequencies)
A searing assemblage of Islamic Sufi spiritual music from the hinterlands of Sindh and Punjab, this compilation marks Sublime Frequencies' debut release of field recordings from Pakistan. Recorded and compiled by Arshia Tatima Haq, founder of Discostan—a collective of artists from an imagined federation of states from Beirut to Bangkok via Bombay—this is a rare, unfiltered collection of devotional music ranging from hypnotic solo instrumentals and vocal lamentations to euphoric ensemble qawwalis. Presenting voices that are imperiled in the country's contemporary political landscape—where renowned singers are assassinated in broad daylight and performance spaces are regularly bombed—this record continues Haq's ongoing project of engaging complex and controversial Islamic practices and rituals that operate in resistance to religious orthodoxy.

>Various Artists
- Macondo Revisitado: Roots Of Subtropical Music – Uruguay 1975-1979 LP (Vampisoul)
Macondo Revisitado features a selection of some of the best recordings from Uruguayan independent label Macondo between 1975 and 1979. Artists emulated tropical music styles popular in Caribbean and Central American countries like Cuba (guaguancó, guaracha), Puerto Rico, Panama (bomba, plena, merengue) and Colombia (porro, vallenato, cumbia), but within this process of adaptation and hybridization, elements, procedures and codes spawned a music that possesses its own post-territorial identity and universe.
>Various Artists
– The Sounds Of Durban Vol. 1 LP (Gqom Oh!)
“Gqom (pronounced Gome) is a blistering variant of South African house which finds its roots in the coastal city of Durban. Like lots of the home-brewed genres of music in South Africa and beyond, a treasure trove of tracks is easily available on the Internet. The 15 tracks that compose
Sounds Of Durban Vol. 1 successfully capture the very essence of gqom: the rough-and-tumble vibe, the impressionistic and asymmetrical kickdrums, the hypnotic chanting, and the music's brash youthfulness.” [8.1] -- Pitchfork
– Revive The Vibe LP (BYM)
The band goes further into Latin psych adding some heavy riffs that could convert any person into Watchout!’s cult and become part of the fuzz ritual. Songs that go in the Hendrix line end up as an amazing one-shot jam and tunes that follow a classic composition with catchy-mellow choruses that turn into an epic riff.
for the week of 20 JANUARY 2017
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>Funkadelic – Funkadelic Live: Meadowbrook, Rochester Michigan, 12th September 1971 2xLP (Tidal Waves Music)
Funkadelic Live: Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan 12th September 1971 is a 1996 live release featuring the only official in-concert recording from early in the career of Funkadelic. Westbound Records owner Armen Boladian had decided to record the show without the band's prior notice, for a possible official live album release. Boladian then decided not to go forward with the project. The soundboard recording resided with engineer Ed Wolfram until being unearthed in 1996. The album contains the entire live performance of September 12, 1971 minus approximately three minutes of between-song chatter. Issued for the first time on vinyl.
Stacks Image 4833
>Pink Floyd – The Final Cut [Reissue/1983] LP (Legacy)
– A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [Reissue/1987] LP (Legacy)
Pink Floyd’s 12th and 13th studio albums are back in print on vinyl.
Stacks Image 4954
>A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Iris [Musique Originale] BLACK VINYL LP (Erased Tapes)
Recent. “A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s third studio album,
Iris, wilts in the winter and blossoms once again in the ripening of spring. With surprising additions and slightly harsher elements, Iris is a sub-zero score, and while it may be cold outside, the breaking of the sun can still lead to a beautifully crisp, bright day. Musically, the record is less a natural development and more a slight departure. While 2014’s sophomore Atomos inflated their modern classical-slash-ambient sound, their score for Jalil Lespert’s film expands it even more.” – A Closer Listen
Stacks Image 4844
>Chavez – Cockfighters 12” (Matador)
“It’s been 20 years since Chavez released their second and final studio album
Ride The Fader but in late 2015, Matt Sweeney, Clay Tarver, Scott Marshall and The James Lo resumed operations, once again ensconcing themselves with John Agnello at NJ’s Water Music, ignoring the label’s demands for a full-length album and instead delivering three knockout punches that prove these godfathers of art metal are as idiosyncratic, inventive and anthemic as the last time they told us they weren’t going to tour.”
This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
– Transistor [Reissue/1997] 2xLP (Sony Legacy)
311’s fourth album is back in print on vinyl.

– Done With Mirrors [Reissue/1985] LP (Geffen)
Aerosmith – Get A Grip [Reissue/1993] 2xLP (Geffen)
180gm vinyl reissue of Aerosmith’s eighth album.

>The Allman Brothers Band
– Hittin’ The Note [2003] 2xLP (Peach)
First time vinyl edition of the 12
th (and final) studio album from The Allman Brothers Band.
– Raise Your Expectations LP (Invisible Hands Music)
The first studio album from Animotion in 26 years. The newly reformed band includes both original frontpeople, Bill Wadhams and Astrid Plane, and the first offering from the band's return strikes an effective balance between the distinctive sound of '80s pop and more modern production techniques.

– Bazaar LP (Ubiquity)
Baast returns with a follow-up to their cosmic jazz funk opus
Dimensions, with another set of esoteric kosmiche musik on their new offering. Channeling the same energy filtered through a worldlier vibe, the heavy focus is on polyrhythmic percussion producing a decidedly Middle Eastern flavor in a similar vein to krautrock standouts Embryo and Passport.
>BJ Barham
– Rockingham LP (BJ Barham)
New album from American Aquarium frontman/singer/songwriter. “Named for the North Carolina county where he was raised,
Rockingham takes an unflinching look at the lives of people in rural areas and how they shaped his own development. The title track uses a stuttering acoustic guitar pattern and sharp blasts of harmonica to accompany Barham’s plainspoken musings about returning to the place where, as he sings, ‘I was born, where I was raised, on broken promises and glory days.’” – Rolling Stone
>Philippe Besombes
- Libra (Un Film Du Groupe Pattern) [Reissue/1975] LP (Purple Pyramid)
Limited blue vinyl LP reissue of the incredible experimental soundtrack from one of France's pioneers of electronic ambient music. Philippe Besombes was commissioned by the filmmakers' collective Pattern to write and record a soundtrack for their 1973 project,
Libra. The young musician dove in headfirst, and the resulting LP released in 1974 is a testimonial to the flurry of ideas Besombes -- and the filmmakers -- had. Fragmented into 17 short episodes, mostly in the one- to three- minute range, the music touches bases with dozens of styles, from acid rock to musique concrète, from country to Stockhausen.
>Big D and The Kid's Table
– Good Luck [Live/Reissue/2014] 7” (Strictly Rude)
All tracks recorded and performed on Boston radio station WBCN, 1999, as part of a live-in-studio performance.

– Shivers LP (Friends Records)
Since their debut EP
Sixtape in 2014, Baltimore-based duo Blacksage has been possessing listeners with the devastating coo of folk singer Josephine Olivia and the bass heavy beats of producer Drew Scott. Melting gothic-tinged elements of modern R&B and ‘90s trip-hop with old-fashioned pop, their 2015 full-length Basement Vows expanded on this dynamic to stunning effect. Their songs tread on the darker side of love and lust while remaining aware of the experimental and danceable nature of the music scene brewing in Baltimore. [CD edition due February 17.]
>Bohren & Der Club Of Gore
– Geisterfaust [2005] 2xLP (PIAS America)
Geisterfaust, by one of the slowest bands on Earth, is presented in an even more reduced and slow motion style -- back in full glory, with 58 minutes of playtime over five astonishing tracks for the first time on vinyl. Geisterfaust might be translated as "the fist of a ghost" and the individual tracks are "trigger finger", "ring finger", "middle finger", "thumb" and "little finger". The doom jazz group, who are much loved by musicians like Mike Patton (of Faith No More and who releases their albums on the Ipecac label) or Stephen O'Malley (sunn O)))), deliver outstanding music. For fans of sunn O))), OM, Max Richter, Fennesz and David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti. Instrumental music of the highest caliber.
>Glen Campbell
– Rhinestone Cowboy Live LP (Goldenlane)
Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing of a live recording by the country/pop legend. Includes performances of "Rhinestone Cowboy," "Wichita Lineman," "Galveston," "Gentle On My Mind," "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" and more.

– Cockfighters 12” (Matador)
“It’s been 20 years since Chavez released their second and final studio album
Ride The Fader but in late 2015, Matt Sweeney, Clay Tarver, Scott Marshall and The James Lo resumed operations, once again ensconcing themselves with John Agnello at NJ’s Water Music, ignoring the label’s demands for a full-length album and instead delivering three knockout punches that prove these godfathers of art metal are as idiosyncratic, inventive and anthemic as the last time they told us they weren’t going to tour.”
>Comet Gain
– Réalistes [Reissue/2002] LP (M’lady’s)
Comet Gain – City Fallen Leaves [Reissue/2005] 2xLP (M’lady’s)
Digitally remastered vinyl reissues of the British indie band's fourth and fifth albums.

>The Delfonics
- Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics [Reissue/2013] LP (Linear Labs)
“Delfonics founding member and lead vocalist William Hart teams up with Adrian Younge for a surprisingly radical late-career record: Younge places Hart in a stylized version of the past that works as a tribute, deconstruction, and revamp of his band's once-vanguard Philly sound template.” [7.5] – Pitchfork

– Familiar Touch LP (Caroline)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. In 2012, the success of Diana's first single—which drew comparisons to the soft-focus pop of Roxy Music and Cocteau Twins—came as a surprise. Initially a one-off project, the Toronto-based trio quickly recorded more. Within a year they were touring internationally, remixed by Four Tet, and longlisted for Canada's prestigious Polaris Music Prize. Ahead of
Familiar Touch, their eagerly anticipated sophomore LP, the band took extended time to reflect and consider what's next, eventually finding their way over sessions at a rented cottage in rural Québec. "Well worth the wait," says Thump, who note the album's more rhythmically driven sound. This from newfound inspiration: early '90s dance music and the rich, ambitious studio production that defined in the '70s and '80s.
>False Prophet
– Second Death [Reissue/2013] 2xLP (Blood Harvest)
Thrash/death metal from Greensboro, North Carolina. This pressing features new artwork.

– Finest [Reissue/1997] 2xLP (Tidal Waves Music)
Comprised out of sixteen carefully selected tracks and covering a six-year period (1970-1976),
Finest may be the best-assembled Funkadelic collection from this period yet, as both renowned band standards share space with several oft-overlooked tracks.
– Funkadelic Live: Meadowbrook, Rochester Michigan, 12th September 1971 2xLP (Tidal Waves Music)
Funkadelic Live: Meadowbrook, Rochester, Michigan 12th September 1971 is a 1996 live release featuring the only official in-concert recording from early in the career of Funkadelic. Westbound Records owner Armen Boladian had decided to record the show without the band's prior notice, for a possible official live album release. Boladian then decided not to go forward with the project. The soundboard recording resided with engineer Ed Wolfram until being unearthed in 1996. The album contains the entire live performance of September 12, 1971 minus approximately three minutes of between-song chatter. Issued for the first time on vinyl.
‎– Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On [Reissue/1974] LP (4 Men With Beards)
2016 color vinyl repress. Originally released in 1974,
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On is the sixth album from George Clinton's pioneering, funk-rock outfit. After a brief hiatus this album features the return of the blistering guitar work of Eddie Hazel, along with the consistently brilliant keyboards of future Talking Head Bernie Worrell.
>Masahiro Ikumi
– Perfect Blue [OST/1997] LP (Tiger Lab)
Masahiro Ikumi's original score to to the classic 1997 psychological thriller is available on vinyl for the first time. Not so different from the sounds of Brooklyn's own Sacred Bones or the Tri Angle Records catalog, Ikumi's score is an electronic tour de force filled with ambient layers, eerie vocal choirs, infectious rhythms, and ghostly melodies. Limited blue marble color pressing in gatefold jacket. Artwork created by Sam Pfannkuche.

>Invisible Boy
– Invisible Boy LP (Totally Gross Nation)
Invisible Boy is a project fronted by Chris Bierden, bassist for Poliça and vital contributor to many Minneapolis-based projects. Bierden has been performing solo shows under the moniker Invisible Boy for the last 10 years. The name is taken from the title of a song by Vampire Hands, a beloved psych/punk band in which Bierden was a founding member. This is the first Invisible Boy effort at arranging the material into fully formed songs.

>King’s X
– Out Of The Silent Planet [Reissue/1988] 3xLP (Metal Blade)
King’s X – King’s X [Reissue/1992] 2xLP (Metal Blade)
King’s X – Dogman [1994] 2xLP (Metal Blade)
King’s X – Ear Candy [1996] 2xLP (Metal Blade)
The prog rock band’s first four albums are back in print on vinyl.

>Abel Korzeniowski
– Nocturnal Animals LP (Silva Screen)
Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 2016 Venice International Film Festival,
Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford's haunting romantic thriller has been hailed as “a tour de force” (The Independent). Nocturnal Animals marks the second film from writer/director Ford, and his second collaboration with composer Korzeniowski. Korzeniowski has described his latest score to Nocturnal Animals as “embracing two extremes, but switching their traditional genre characterization. The crime plot is scored as an intimate, personal story, while the psychological drama is treated as a thriller. The cold and detached intertwines with poignant and excruciating, the simple and intimate becomes grand and bold.” Red color vinyl pressing.
– Violent Revolution [Reissue/2001] 2xLP LP (Steamhammer)
Double-vinyl reissue of the thrash metal band’s 2001 album.

>k.d. lang
– Hymns Of The 49th Parallel [2004] LP (Nonesuch)
First-time vinyl edition of k.d. lang’s 2004 covers album. Along with one original, she takes on songs by Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Jane Siberry, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Cockburn, and Ron Sexsmith.

– Constant State Of Ohio LP (I Surrender)
Cincinnati native Lincoln is “a smart and sardonic songwriter who lays sharp lyricism over a punchy barrage of emo-backed alternative rock.” – Consequence Of Sound

– Cubic LP (Topshelf)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. Lite is a Japanese instrumental rock band known for thrilling and emotional compositions, progressive, edgy riffs and complex rhythms.

– Brimstone Altar LP (Blood Harvest)
One-man Swedish death metal.

– Under The Pipal Tree 2001] 2xLP (Temporary Residence)
First time on vinyl with alternate artwork.
Under The Pipal Tree is the debut album by Japanese experimental rock band, Mono. Released in 2001 on avant-garde icon John Zorn's Tzadik label, the album showcased a young Japanese quartet whose wide range of influences -- most notably Sonic Youth, Mogwai, The Velvet Underground, and Neil Young's Crazy Horse -- were on ferocious and ambitious display.
– History Repeats Itself LP (Jigsaw)
A beautiful example of lo-fi bedroom pop, Nearr combines acoustic and electric guitars with keyboards and drum machines. Take the distant vocals of the Radio Dept., the stark but melodic guitar sound of
Seventeen Seconds-era Cure and the overall feel of a Famous Boyfriend record, and you'll get an idea of what to expect here.
>Randy Newman
– A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country b/w Putin 7” (Nonesuch)
Two Randy Newman songs released in conjunction with Inauguration Day. “A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country” is from the recent
Randy Newman Songbook box set, while the B-side “Putin,” is a new song released digitally this past October.
– No Shame [2006] 2xLP (Law)
First time on vinyl.
No Shame is full of all the mellow grooves and smooth vocals that fans have come to expect from pop/rock/ska/reggae band Pepper: light percussion and bright riffing rolling things along without a hitch. The Hawaiian trio understands the charm of effortless hooks and buoyant melodies, making their pop/rock/ska/reggae blend frothy and gentle.
>Pink Floyd
– The Final Cut [Reissue/1983] LP (Legacy)
Pink Floyd – A Momentary Lapse Of Reason [Reissue/1987] LP (Legacy)
Pink Floyd’s 12
th and 13th studio albums are back in print on vinyl.
>Sam Roberts Band
– Terraform 2xLP (Paper Bag)
Released last October on CD – now available on vinyl. In March of 2016, Sam Roberts held themselves up at the Bathhouse, The Tragically Hips' studio near Kingston, Ontario to record their sixth full-length album,
Terraform. They went in with the lake still covered by ice and emerged four weeks later, in the first days of spring, bearing with them new music. In co-producer Graham Walsh of Holy F**k, the band found not just a kindred spirit, but someone willing to lead them away from well-trodden paths and into new, uncertain terrain: “Graham always pushed the sonic elements of the songs to the limit... tweaking sounds until they contributed more than just the sum of their parts... using sound to create emotion in the same way that words and melody can.” says SRB frontman and songwriter, Sam Roberts.
>Pete Rock & CL Smooth
– T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You) b/w Straighten It Out 7” (Get On Down)
“Only a few people have ever changed the way that records are made. Pete Rock is one of them,” veteran hip-hop A&R man and producer Dante Ross told Brian Coleman in the book
Check The Technique Vol. 1. “People like Pete change the sound palette for the whole world. He had a signature sound, and that’s so hard to get.” It is a tall boast, but it’s backed up two different ways: by fans of the group from back in the ‘90s who knocked each other over in record stores to get the latest Pete Rock production; and by record buyers today, who still hear the same freshness in the group’s sound that people did more than two decades ago. These two songs are taken from the group’s legendary first full-length from 1992, Mecca & The Soul Brother.
– Run-D.M.C. [Reissue/1984] LP (Get On Down)
Future archaeologists will discuss two periods in 1980s: before Run-DMC and after Run-DMC. It’s no exaggeration to say that the group changed the course of music in the ‘80s, bringing the old-school of rap into the new with one simple piece of flat, black plastic.
Run-D.M.C. was the first rap full-length to achieve Gold status. A classic that still sounds fresh today as it did more than 30 years ago.
>Gus Russo
– Basket Case [OST/1982] LP+MP3 (Terror Vision)
First time vinyl edition of the soundtrack to the cult early- ‘80s horror film. Color vinyl pressing.

>Aubrie Sellers
– New City Blues 2xLP (Warner Music Nashville)
Released last September on CD – now available on vinyl. From the cutlery in the blender indictment of surface beauty “Paper Doll” to the Lone Star drive of “Just To Be With You” and the tumbledown melody of “Sit Here and Cry,” this is a high energy box cutter of emotion: 14 songs marked by the bite and punch of smart girls who know there’s more to life than a cold beer and cut-offs. “I tell people there’s not a lot of happy songs,” the Texas/Nashville hybrid cautions. “But they’re not unhappy songs, either. It’s life... the way it is, and what’s wrong with that?” There’s a definite viscerality to
New City Blues.
>Howard Shore
- The Fly [OST/Reissue/1986] LP (Varese Sarabande)
20th anniversary pressing on “teleporter fog green” color vinyl with lenticular cover depicting Seth Brundle's early transition to The Fly.

>Shy Girls
– Salt LP+MP3 (Hit City USA)
New album from Portland-based alternative R&B singer/songwriter and producer Dan Vidmar. Has opened for HAIM, Little Dragon and Maxwell.

>Shintaro Sakamoto/VIDEOTAPEMUSIC
– A Night In Bangkok 12” (Em)
This collaboration by Tokyo producers/musicians Shintaro Sakamoto and VIDEOTAPEMUSIC is the first of two Em Records 12” vinyl-only "tribute releases" in support of the film
Bangkok Nites, produced by Kuzoku. Based on samples from Dao Bandon, Hongthong Dao-udon, Phairin Phonphibun, Thailand and Tokyo, dream worlds meet in these songs.
– Get What You Deserve [Reissue/1994] 2xLP (Wax Maniax)
For the first time in over 20 years, the sixth studio album from the German thrash legends appears on vinyl. As a bonus, the original four studio tracks from the
Aber bit mit Sahn EP (also released in 1994) have been added, compiling all 20 studio tracks recorded with this lineup on one album for the first time.
– A Dog Story (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) LP (Broadway)
A Dog Story is a charming new musical comedy with music and lyrics by Gayla D. Morgan and a book by Eric H. Weinberger about Roland, a career-driven lawyer, who thinks he must be married to make partner. To solve his dilemma, he gets a puppy as a chick magnet. Through first dates, angry tangos, and a sudden disappearance, Roland discovers there's more to life when you “get a dog!”
– The Edge Of Seventeen 2xLP (Music On Vinyl)
The Edge Of Seventeen is a coming of age film that has been compared to John Hughes' The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, but it's mostly modern soundtrack helps set it apart from those '80s classics: Santigold's new rollicking “Who I Thought You Were” opens the movie and a pivotal party scene is filled with tracks by festival favorites like Two Door Cinema Club and Anderson Paak. Other artists included are Aimee Mann, Phantogram, Birdy, Handsome Poets, Miike Snow and others.
>Third Eye Blind
– We Are Drugs 12” (Mega Collider)
Third Eye Blind’s new EP “maintains the eclectic blend of electric, acoustic, and rock sounds of previous Third Eye Blind songs.” – Cryptic Rock

– T2 (aka Fantasy) LP (Acme)
Even though fame and fortune never came to pass for T2, their Decca album
It'll All Work Out In Boomland has become an all-time classic amongst collectors of progressive and psychedelic music. Apart from a BBC radio session, fans long assumed that Boomland was both the beginning and the end of the group's recorded legacy. But some time back, Acme Records unearthed an eponymous second album of material, recorded in 1970 with the original line-up as demo tracks for a planned second album. This second T2 album, had it been released in 1970, could have put the band on the same level of fame with the likes of Deep Purple, Free, and King Crimson (bands with whom T2 shared a stage).
>Uniform Choice
– Screaming For Change [Reissue/1986] LP (Southern Lord)
A slab of ‘80s hardcore gets the deluxe Southern Lord reissue treatment.

>Various Artists
– Cold Waves Of Color: Volume 4 LP (Color Tapes)
As with the other volumes you can find great examples of cold wave, minimal wave and synth electronics made by obscure British bands such as Disintegrators, Mystery Plane, Berserk In A Hayfield and Lives Of Angels -- all recorded between 1980-1985, vestiges of the 1980's UK cassette underground scene.

>Various Artists
– Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon [2006] LP (Numero)
By 1970, the folk revival had all but ended. Gone were the heady days of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” and “If I Had A Hammer.” Hootenanny had been cancelled. Broadside was out, Rolling Stone in. Richard Fariña was dead; Bob Dylan had plugged in. Paths paved by Joan Baez and Judy Collins had led a younger, more introspective generation of songwriters into the woods, while the ethos forged in weather-beaten hills and tempered on the lower east side of Manhattan was being reborn in the canyons of California, as songs for seagulls crafted in Joni Mitchell's visage. Culled from beyond the crop of crit-revisionist darlings Linda Perhacs, Judee Sill, or Vashti Bunyan,
Ladies From The Canyon examines the world of private folk via the works of 15 unlikely heroines who sang beneath the infrastructure of the music business, playing to coffeehouse chatter and church picnic silence. Each of these Wayfaring Strangers walk in the handmade aesthetic of lyrics scribbled into faded denim, of delicate movements captured and released. First time on vinyl.
>Vibration Black Finger
– Blackism LP (Enid)
Lascelle Lascelles (aka Lascelle Gordon) is the man behind Vibration Black Finger. One of the house DJs at London's hipper-than-hip Wag Club in the 1980s (and occasional A Certain Ratio's tour DJ), he went on to be one of the founder members of acid jazz pioneers The Brand New Heavies, staying with the band for five years. While Lascelle says that his main inspiration for the project was his love of ‘70s spiritual jazz, Vibration Black Finger's music also has that post punk attitude -- throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

>Andre Williams
– Don’t Ever Give Up LP (Pravda)
With his new 12 song LP, 80 year-old Andre Williams has teamed up with some of the finest New Orleans musicians to assemble a collection of songs that reflect his current mind-set and attitude. One part rock, one part R&B, and one part Andre Williams, this is a soulful record, a serious record and a reflective record of an icon still at work as a world-class entertainer.

– She Walks, She Creeps LP (Sonic Unyon)
“Post-punk perfection… a mesmerizing soundscape of decadent noise and haunting vocals that are larger than the harvest moon.” -- Diamond Deposits

>Y Pants
– Y Pants 12” (Water Wing)
Y Pants – Beat It Down [Reissue/1982] (Water Wing)
Y Pants was a three-woman New York band: Barbara Ess, Virginia (Verge) Piersol and Gail Vachon, all visual artists. They played in clubs, galleries and performance spaces between 1979 and 1982. Gail found a toy piano on the street and started jamming with Barbara on the ukulele. When they were invited to play a few weeks later at TR3 (the short-lived but influential downtown NY music club), they electrified their instruments and recruited the neophyte drummer Verge for percussion on a children's drum set. Here is an expanded version of their 1980 EP
Off The Hook along with a vinyl reissue of their sole album, Beat It Down.
for the week of 13 JANUARY 2017
Stacks Image 4767
>The Chemical Brothers
– Exit Planet Dust [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
– Dig Your Own Hole [Reissue/1997] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
– Surrender [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
– Come With Us [Reissue/2001] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
– Push The Button [Reissue/2004] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
– We Are The Night [Reissue/2007] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
– Further [Reissue/2010] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
Limited edition color vinyl reissues of The Chemical Brothers’ first seven albums.
Stacks Image 4757
>The Killers – Hot Fuss [Reissue/2004] LP (Island)
The Killers match postpunk guitars with a synthesizer overlay that recalls ‘80s new wave without burying their sound in nostalgia. On their debut,
Hot Fuss, frontman Brandon Flowers plumbs his imagination for tales of murdered lovers (“Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine,” “Midnight Show”), voyeurism (“Mr. Brightside”), and sexual confusion (the single “Somebody Told Me”). On standard vinyl.
Stacks Image 4775
>Sly And The Family Stone – Anthology [Reissue/1981] 2xLP (Friday Music)
Limited edition 180gm audiophile translucent gold color vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve.
This Week’s Vinyl Exclusives:
>Axis / Seraph The Light
– Axis / Seraph The Light LP (Good Fight Music)
Axis / Seraph the Light is a collaboration between Orlando, Florida's Axis and Memphis, Tennessee's Seraph the Light – recording as one eight-man supergroup. Produced by Jon Nunez of Torche and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Full Of Hell), the collab sees the new unit pound out an almighty-heavy sound inspired by Neurosis, Isis, Cult of Luna, Chelsea Wolfe, and more. Limited pink color vinyl pressing.

>Rashad Becker
- Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II LP (Pan)
Traditional Music Of Notional Species Vol. II pays a return visit to the otherworldly noumenal ecosystem inside Rashad Becker's head, relaying indecipherable messages in something resembling an expressive language of psychoacoustic, cuneiform glyphs. No Rosetta Stone is required to comprehend these deeply abstract auditory tableaus; all you need is an open mind and functioning set of lugs for reception, whilst whatever counts for your sense of consciousness will fill in the gaps, and that’s where the “fun” starts.
>Bond St. District
– A Church On Vulcan LP (Friends Records)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl. “About two summers ago local Baltimore hip-hop giant DDM ran into producer Paul Hutson and formed Bond St. District. A few short months later and they dropped their debut EP,
Everybody’s So Sleepy. With guest appearances by Katrina Ford, Josephine Olivia and EZE Jackson – people were hyped on the release and still are all these months later. Now though, they’ve got their full length, A Church On Vulcan … it’s a got a lot of bells, whistles and throwbacks.” – Coming Up Magazine
>The Brian Jonestown Massacre
– Groove Is In The Heart 10” (A. Recordings)
Groove Is In The Heart is the first of three singles from the forthcoming Brian Jonestown Massacre album, Don't Get Lost. Both tracks (“Groove Is In The Heart” and “Throbbing Gristle”) feature heavy hypnotic beating drums and smoky vocals by Tess Parks.
>The Chemical Brothers
– Exit Planet Dust [Reissue/1995] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole [Reissue/1997] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
The Chemical Brothers – Surrender [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
The Chemical Brothers – Come With Us [Reissue/2001] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
The Chemical Brothers – Push The Button [Reissue/2004] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
The Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night [Reissue/2007] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
The Chemical Brothers – Further [Reissue/2010] 2xLP (Astralwerks)
Limited edition color vinyl reissues of The Chemical Brothers’ first seven albums.

– Innate LP (Blood & Ink)
Relelased last September on CD – now available on vinyl. 10-tracks of pummeling chaos, reminiscence of '90s metalcore.

>Bob Dylan
– Folksinger’s Choice Radio Broadcast LP (Jambalaya)
Cynthia Gooding was a folk singer best known for her radio show, which was broadcast on New York's WBAI. It was on this show in early 1962 that she recorded an interview and performance with the then unknown Bob Dylan, whose first album had yet been released.

– In The Nightside Eclipse [Reissue/1995] LP (Caroline)
Emperor – IX Equilibrium [Reissue/1999] LP (Caroline)
Emperor – Emperial Live Ceremony [Reissue/2000] LP (Caroline)
Emperor – Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire & Demise [Reissue/2001] LP (Caroline)
Emperor – Live Inferno [Reissue/2009] 2xLP (Caroline)
Emperor – Live At Wacken Open Air 2006 - "A Night Of Emperial Wrath" [Reissue/2009] 2xLP (Caroline)
Limited vinyl reissues from the Norwegian black metal band’s catalog.

>Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans
– Space Songs [Reissue/1959] LP (Modern Harmonic)
Space Songs is an album in the Ballads For The Age Of Science Or Singing Science series of scientific music for children from the late 1950s and early 1960s. Songs were written by Hy Zaret (lyrics) and Lou Singer (music). Space Songs was released in 1959 by Hy Zaret's label Motivation
Records (a division of Argosy Music Corp.) and was performed by Tom Glazer and Dottie Evans.

>Jimi Hendrix
– Stone Free b/w Lover Man 7” (Sundazed)
New 7” vinyl pressing of the lost 1969 Jimi Hendrix single, originally recorded in April, 1969, with key musicians from his inner circle: Billy Cox on bass, Mitch Mitchell on drums, along with friends Roger Chapman and Andy Fairweather Low on backing vocals. Reprise scheduled this axe anthem as a single not long after the sessions, but for reasons unknown, they issued an earlier version that was recorded in 1966 and had previously appeared as a 1966 B-side in the UK. Also included is “Lover Man,” a killer, funkified blues track with Cox on bass and Mitchell on drums, recorded summer, 1970.

>Ice Choir
– Designs In Rhythm LP+MP3 (Shelflife)
Ice Choir is the project of NYC based artist Kurt Feldman. Feldman's experience as a musician boasts both depth and breadth (a commercial sound designer and composer by trade, it informed many of the decisions made on
Designs In Rhythm). The album's 10 tracks are shimmering, infectious, maximalist pop gems.
>The Killers
– Hot Fuss [Reissue/2004] LP (Island)
The Killers match postpunk guitars with a synthesizer overlay that recalls ‘80s new wave without burying their sound in nostalgia. On their debut,
Hot Fuss, frontman Brandon Flowers plumbs his imagination for tales of murdered lovers (“Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine,” “Midnight Show”), voyeurism (“Mr. Brightside”), and sexual confusion (the single “Somebody Told Me”). On standard vinyl.
>Matt Kivel
– Fires On The Plain 2xLP (Driftless Recordings)
Fires On The Plain is an 82-minute record featuring performances by Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes), Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Sophia Knapp. Horns blend with raindrops. Vocal howls give way to field recordings of rivers and backyards. The songs are sweet, dark, and always, brave.
>Attilio Mineo
– Man In Space With Sounds [Reissue/1962] LP (Modern Harmonic)
Recorded in 1951 but only released in conjunction with the 1962 Seattle World's Fair as the musical accompaniment to the Bubbelator, a transparent, spherical elevator that carried as many as 150 passengers, Attilio Mineo's
Man In Space With Sounds remains one of the most foreboding and complex records in the cosmic exotica canon. A dark, dissonant exploration of interstellar travel rooted in the avant-garde ethos of Cage and Stockhausen, this is music that's alien not only in its presentation but also in its orientation, fusing traditional instrumentation and sound effects to the point that one becomes indistinguishable from the other.
>Mr. Tophat feat. Robyn
– Trust Me 12” (Smalltown Supersound)
Swedish electronic producer Mr. Tophat and pop-star extraordinaire Robyn have joined forces for a new collaborative EP. “It’s a gliding, 10-minute disco-house song with a gyrating pulse that builds while Robyn delivers speak-sing backup vocals. They also got help from ABBA drummer Per Lindvall and his brother David Lindvall on bass.” -- SPIN

>Elvis Presley
– For LP Fans Only [Reissue/1959] LP (Friday Music)
Limited 180gm audiophile translucent gold vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket.
For LP Fans Only is the seventh album by Elvis Presley, originally issued by RCA Victor in February 1959. It is a selection of material from an August 1956 recording session at 20th Century Fox Stage One, a September 1956 session at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, sessions on January 10th and 11th at RCA Studios in Nashville, two more at RCA Studios in New York, and multiple sessions at Sun Studio.
>Arum Rae
– Loners LP (Secret Road)
Indie soul singer and songwriter Arum Rae went from performing on any stage possible to touring with the likes of Gary Clark, Jr. and B.B. King, and independently releasing her 2014
Warranted Queen EP acclaimed by Noisey, Spin, Paste, and more.
– Satan LP (Monster Melodies)
An absolute must-have in terms of French progressive music, recorded in 1973 and never before released.

– Sweet Sweet Dreams [Reissue/1984] LP (Analog Africa)
Shadow first emerged in Trinidad and Tobago during the 1970s and became a part of the tapestry of Caribbean music, reinvigorating calypso. Their 1984 album
Sweet Sweet Dreams delivers a fantastic sound with monster soca-boogie tunes, fusing a range of rhythms and new sounds, primarily heavy synth riffs -- a proto-electronic cocktail.
>Sly And The Family Stone
– Anthology [Reissue/1981] 2xLP (Friday Music)
Limited edition 180gm audiophile translucent gold color vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve.

>Sun Ra
– El Is A Sound Of Joy b/w Black Sky & Blue Moon [1956] 7” (Modern Harmonic)
Sun Ra – Saturn b/w Mystery Mr. Ra [1958] 7” (Modern Harmonic)
Sun Ra – Plutonian Nights b/w Reflects Motion (Part One) [1959] 7” (Modern Harmonic)
Select cuts from the albums
Super-Sonic Jazz, Saturn, and Nubians Of Plutonia are paired with rare B-sides and pressed for the first time as limited 7” singles.
>Various Artists
– The Soul Of Disco Volume One (Compiled By Joey Negro and Sean P) 2xLP (Z)
A collection of disco's more soulful jewels, with an R&B slant and more song-based material, spanning 1976-’82.
for the week of 06 JANUARY 2017
Stacks Image 9857
>Neil Young – Peace Trail LP (Reprise)
Recently released on CD and cassette – now available on vinyl.
Peace Trail features all new songs that Young wrote since the release of his album Earth, this past June. This new album is primarily acoustic and reflects an intimate, sparse approach to each of the ten songs within. It was recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-la Studios and features Young on vocals and guitar, Jim Keltner on drums, and Paul Bushnell on bass.
Stacks Image 9736
>David Bowie – Legacy 2xLP (Columbia/Sony Legacy)
Recently released on CD – now available on vinyl.
Legacy collects together some of Bowie's finest singles from his first hit, 1969's “Space Oddity” through to “Lazarus.” All formats feature a previously unreleased version of the classic 1971 single “Life On Mars?” mixed by its original producer Ken Scott.
Stacks Image 9133
>k.d. lang – Shadowland [Reissue/1988] LP (Sire)
Vinyl reissue of the Canadian pop and country singer/songwriter’s solo debut.
Shadowland includes lang’s collaboration with Kitty Wells, Loretta Lynn and Brenda Lee on “Honky Tonk Angels' Medley” and was produced by Owen Bradley, who produced Patsy Cline's best-known work.
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