free, in-store performances and events...

Stacks Image 7882
SUNDAY, 02 OCTOBER 2016 5:00PM

Out supporting their latest split release, 'Ragged Hallow,' you'll want to join us for some proper Sunday vibes...

RAGGED HOLLOW comes calmly to us from two artists finding common ground experimenting on the periphery of American folk and guitar traditions. The A side sees Columbia, MO’s Nevada Greene opening with "Earthquake Hollow"—an ode to adolescent memories of the central Missouri region’s beautiful river bluff forests. Like waking to morning the track begins with the last washes of sleep’s ethereal organ tones giving way to remote birdsong and the faint distortion of the sunlight filtered through closed eyelids. The proceedings gently cycle through an intricate and repetitive dual guitar pattern, subtly layering rich textures of violin, flute and acoustic guitar with each passing. The band’s simple and balanced blend of light twang with agile fingerpicking, orchestral arrangements and yawning ambiance comes to a soft peak and loosely unravels into a drifting drone dissolving into a bucolic back porch field recording. On the flip we find Chicago guitar ascetic Scott Tuma joined by Jim Becker (Califone, Iron & Wine) presenting an exquisitely understated sidelong piece with ‘All the Ragged Glory.’ Here each phrase of delicately plucked guitar feels like both a beginning and an end—a vaguely familiar but abstracted traditional melody echoed by a wilting fiddle fading to a distant reflection just as another enters. Like the best of Tuma’s work, ‘All the Ragged Glory’ is painstakingly patient and masterfully textured with slightly offset piano work tracing the simple shapes carefully wrung from the wood and the wire—the loose rattle of strings off the headstock or the creaking of the floor filling the spaces between austere expressions. The tangled guitars reverently bow out to make way for the interplay of a droning pump organ with Becker’s effected fiddle work to finish the track in dramatic cinematic form resulting in some of Tuma’s most breathtakingly beautiful work to date.

the LUNA pick(s)-of-the-moment...

for the week of 30 SEPTEMBER 2016
Stacks Image 8537
>Bon Iver – 22, A Million CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Jagjaguwar)
22 stands for Justin Vernon. The number’s recurrence in his life has become a meaningful pattern through encounter and recognition. A mile marker, a jersey number, a bill total. The reflection of '2' is his identity bound up in duality: the relationship he has with himself and the relationship he has with the rest of the world. A Million is the rest of that world: the millions of people who we will never know, the infinite and the endless, everything outside one’s self that makes you who you are. The other side of Justin’s duality is the thing that completes him and what he searches for.
22, A Million is thus part love letter, part final resting place of two decades of searching for self-understanding like a religion. And the inner-resolution of maybe never finding that understanding. When Justin sings, “I’m still standing in the need of prayer” he begs the question of what’s worth worshipping, or rather, what is possible to worship. If music is a sacred form of discovering, knowing and being, then Bon Iver’s albums are totems to that faith. The ten songs of 22, A Million are a collection of sacred moments, love’s torment and salvation, contexts of intense memories, signs that you can pin meaning onto or disregard coincidence.

LUNA music essentials...

Stacks Image 8562
>Pixies – Head Carrier CD/LP (PIAS America)
With their new album and second since reforming in 2004, David Lovering, rhythm guitarist/vocalist Black Francis and guitarist Joey Santiago officially welcome bassist Paz Lenchantin to the Pixies' permanent line-up. Lenchantin has been the band's touring bassist since January 2014, and played an integral part in the recording of
Head Carrier. “When talking about the modern incarnation of the Pixies, it’s hard to avoid discussing the absence of bassist Kim Deal, who was a huge part of what made the band so memorable to begin with. Luckily, new bassist Paz Lenchantin proves more than capable of filling her shoes, and actually contributes vocals to ‘All I Think About Now,’ which is one of the album’s most poignant moments. Head Carrier thrives for one simple reason: it sounds like a Pixies album.” “There are bits of enthralling guitar throughout, and the album as a whole feels like a combination of the catchiness of ‘Here Comes Your Man’ and the futurism of Bossanova. If the letdown of Indie Cindy caused you to lose faith in the Pixies, let Head Carrier bring you back to the flock. It’s one of the best albums of 2016, and an incredible return to form for an all-time great band” – Uproxx. [Limited Pink vinyl edition also available -- Part of the Ten Bands One Cause benefit for Gilda’s Club NYC, an organization that provides community support for both those diagnosed with cancer and their caretakers.]
Stacks Image 8575
>Drive-By Truckers – American Band CD/LP+7” (ATO)
“Drive-By Truckers are pretty damn pissed. Not ‘drunk pissed,’ but ‘pissed pissed’ – thoroughly miffed at the odious political climate that hangs heavy over the United States in the run up to the presidential election; utterly disgruntled at the startling rise of ill-informed prejudices held by an unthinking public, brainwashed by the embarrassing media circus of the far right.
American Band the first Truckers album since the band began 20 years ago not to feature the vibrant, colorful illustrations of the unmistakable Wes Creed on its sleeve. The mood is bleaker – much bleaker – and instead we have merely a subdued grey image of the national flag at half-mast. The deep-rooted distrust and resentment of the music here may not be immediately apparent to the most casual of listeners. Mike Cooley is no stranger to the Jagger aping blues rock jam of ‘Kinky Hypocrite,’ having adopted such a persona before on the likes of ‘Three Dimes Down’ and ‘Gravity’s Gone,’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s party time when this one plays, while sparring partner Patterson Hood’s ‘Sun Don’t Shine’ seems on the surface to be a kind of soulful ballad feasibly inspired by his late friend and R&B musician Eddie Hinton. But it doesn’t take much of a genius, once you’ve sat and paid proper attention to the lyrics, to recognize the sorrow, the anger, and above all, the exasperation of these most poetic of world weary observers.” -- God Is In The TV. [Limited red color vinyl edition also available.]
Stacks Image 8588
>Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibition CD (Warp)
Atrocity Exhibition is a fresh, bold rap album -- a sonic swirl inspired by the work of Talking Heads and Joy Division that sounds like nothing else from the past or present. Featuring contributions from producers like Evian Christ, Petite Noir (who also lends vocals to the world-weary clang of ‘Rolling Stone’), Black Milk, The Alchemist and frequent collaborator Paul White, the album is full of laser-beam guitars, gym-teacher whistles, creaking vocal samples, and air-raid drones. It is the most intriguing take on hallucinatory rap since the heady heights of Cold Vein or Madvillainy. Known for his wide range of collaborations, including everyone from Purity Ring, The Avalanches and Rustie to Schoolboy Q, E-40, and Ghostface Killah, Atrocity Exhibition sees a continuation of this carefully curated mix. Kelela lends her snaking vocals to the intriguingly murky “From The Ground,” Cypress Hills B-Real delivers a languid hook on “Get Hi,” and Earl Sweatshirt, Kendrick Lamar, and Ab-Soul all convene for the twinkling ominousness of album standout “Really Doe.” [Vinyl edition due October 28.]
Stacks Image 8601
>EZTV – High In Place CD/LP+MP3 (Captured Tracks)
Many of EZTV’s foundational inspirations -- the Feelies' jangle, the upside-down pop architecture of Arthur Russell's The Necessaries, Shoes' aching harmonies -- are back in play on their sophomore album,
High In Place.
Stacks Image 8614
>Van Morrison – Keep Me Singing CD/LP (Caroline)
Keep Me Singing is Van Morrison's 36th studio album to date and consists of 13 tracks -- 12 original songs written and performed by Morrison, as well as a cover of the blues standard “Share Your Love With Me” -- written by Alfred Baggs and Don Robey and previously recorded by artists such as Aretha Franklin and Kenny Rogers. The dozen originals on the new album circle around themes of letting go of old hurts (“Too Late”), of valuing the bonds of friendship (“Every Time I See A River”), of acknowledging the past without being governed by it (“Memory Lane”) and of remaining open to love (“Let It Rhyme”). Over time, Morrison has become more interested, and adept, at delving into deeply personal territory in his songs, even using the compositions as a window into the realm of his spirituality. “In the early days, I was just finding archetypal songs,” said the singer, songwriter and instrumentalist whose body of work is as celebrated as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and other rock poet-musicians. [Limited vinyl edition featuring a lenticular cover also available.]

>>more essential love...


sweet vinyl gems...

Stacks Image 8658
Pick up beautiful pink vinyl pressings of these LPs—all proceeds benefit
Gilda's Club NYC!
Courtney Barnett "Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "The Getaway" 
Ed Sheeran "X"
My Chemical Romance "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge"
Pixies "Head Carrier"
The Black Keys "Chulahoma"
Opeth "Sorceress"
Anthrax "For All Kings"
NOFX "First Ditch Effort"
Jim Breuer and The Loud & Rowdy "Songs From The Garage"
Stacks Image 8627
>Nina Simone
– Broadway – Blues – Ballads [Reissue/1964] LP (Verve)
– In Concert [Reissue/1964] LP (Verve)
– I Put A Spell On You [Reissue/1965] LP (Verve)
– Pastel Blues [Reissue/1965] LP (Verve)
– High Priestess Of Soul [Reissue/1966] LP (Verve)
– Let It All Out [Reissue/1966] LP (Verve)
– Wild Is The Wind [Reissue/1966] LP (Verve)
A selection of mid-‘60s albums from the legendary singer/songwriter/pianist are back in print on vinyl. Nina's voice drew heavily on other music forms. It was infused with gospel, blues, soul, jazz, R&B, and folk.
Stacks Image 8640
>Low – The Exit Papers LP+MP3 (Temporary Residence)
At the turn of the 21st Century, sandwiched between
Secret Name and Things We Lost In The Fire, Low released The Exit Papers as part of Temporary Residence Ltd.'s long-running CD subscription series, Travels In Constants. A sparse suite of six mostly instrumental pieces composed for a film that never existed, The Exit Papers still stands as Low's most haunting and experimental work. Originally released exclusively on CD in a scarce edition of only 1,000 copies, Low helps celebrate the 20th anniversary of Temporary Residence by finally releasing The Exit Papers on vinyl.
Stacks Image 8277
>Dow Jones And The Industrials – Can’t Stand The Midwest: 1979-1981 CD/2xLP+DVD (Family Vineyard)
For just more than two years starting in 1979, Dow Jones and the Industrials created roaring art-punk that collided with the confusion and celebration of technology. Their left field approach turned gnarled guitar riffs into unshakable melodies battered by synths and propelled with sharp lyrics.
Can't Stand The Midwest 1979-1981 includes 29 songs remastered from the original tapes: The Industrials' side from "Hoosier Hysteria," the rare 1980 split LP with the Gizmos; a 1981 7” EP; nine unreleased studio tracks; live versions of unrecorded songs and more. A 12-page booklet features liner notes by the Gizmos' Dale Lawrence and Keith Smith's never before seen Indiana punk scene photos. [The 2xLP also comes with a 70-minute DVD of a September 1980 club performance and download coupon. CD version has one less song.]

>>more vinyl love...


latest LUNA merch...

Stacks Image 8104
>the LUNA music SKI HAT
We've got you covered for the upcoming chilly months!
Behold—the LUNA music ski cap!

Part 1970's ski lodge, part pom-pom wonder—we are digging this blue and red vibe, we hope you do too...
Stacks Image 3972
>the LUNA music Wood 45 Spindle
Ice out those 7s, with our engraved wood 45 spindles!
Wood is good, Jerry. Wood is good. "Marvin's Groove" not included...
Stacks Image 4076
A five 7" lathe-cut, hand-built box set, of LIVE recordings from previous LUNA in-stores!
Series one includes
EXCLUSIVE performances from:
•Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds
•Kyle Field - Scuby
•Mark Kozelek - Grace Cathedral Park
•Kurt Vile - In My Time
•Ben Watt - Spring

Cut one-at-a-time, in
real time, by Mike Dixon, on his 70 year-old lathe and housed in embossed LUNA inner sleeves — our first lathe-cut series features design and layout from Commercial Artisan, artwork by Nat Russell, hand-screening by Dave Windisch, along with hand-assembling/embossing by the LUNA crew — only 75 of these sets were made, with no digital counterpart...
Stacks Image 6036
>the LUNA music Pint Glass
Crooked Arm, on the one—once again!
We are stoked to have this irreverent take on our identity, by our pal, for our first ever LUNA pint glass!

And yes, that IS gold metallic ink, on that grill. Beverages not included...

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of course we pay CASH for your used LPs...

Stacks Image 64
Actually, we buy all sorts of pre-loved music!
We are always looking for pre-loved LPs, CDs, and DVDs (in good condition). CLICK HERE for all the details...

up-front pre-order magic...

Stacks Image 8200
>HISS GOLDEN MESSENGER - Heart Like a Levee + Vestapol (Limited Edition w/SIGNED POSTER) 2-LP set
'Heart Like a Levee' will be released on CD and LP, as well as limited-edition deluxe 2-CD and 2-LP versions. The deluxe versions include fold out poster and a second bonus album, 'Vestapol,' with its own packaging and artwork.

'Vestapol' is composed of eight unreleased songs written during the same time period as 'Levee,' and performed and recorded almost entirely by Taylor in various motels on the road and at home in Durham.

We are taking pre-orders for the DELUXE 2-LP version, only—as it is limited to 2000 copies worldwide. It's gonna be nice!
>>out 07 OCTOBER 2016…
Stacks Image 7317
>Off World + Automatisme + Jason Sharp - Fall 2016 Constellation Bundle LP set
Off World, Automatisme and Jason Sharp are very different yet satisfyingly leftfield albums that share some suitably frayed electric threads of sorts. Electronic music strategies, technologies, histories and sensibilities come into play, in very diverse ways, with each of these debut records – making them stand out a little differently in the context of the Constellation catalogue perhaps, but also informing one another and making a lot of sense to our ears as an album trio (somewhat in the spirit of our Musique Fragile series).
All three albums feature Constellation’s high-quality audiophile 180gram pressings in poly-lined paper dust sleeves and thick 24pt. textured jackets (using 100% recycled Orford paperboard). Each LP also includes a stunning 12”x24” full color pull-out poster/insert and a 320kbps MP3 download coupon. See below for shots of each LP package spread.

>>Out 30 SEPTEMBER 2016...

other essential happenings...

Stacks Image 8052
Tobacco w/HIGH TIDES, Odonis Odonis
FRIDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2016 9:00PM
It's been almost two decades since baby TOBACCO first plugged in a tape deck, popped the top, and found the dark magic that's fueled so many sonic forays into his genreless bog of beat-blasted hypnagogia and otherworldly-yet-earthen pop. The Pennsylvanian experimentalist has since helmed countless Black Moth Super Rainbow releases, remixed outsiders as offbeat as HEALTH and unexpected as White Zombie, and produced MCs ranging from Aesop Rock to Beck. But it's on his fourth solo album that TOBACCO winds up coining an apt name for his vast empire of moldering electro-fied dirt: Sweatbox Dynasty. The new LP—his second for Ghostly International—finds the rural recluse resurrecting an old approach to hack a new path through the muck. This may be his most unintentionally psychedelic and left-field creation yet, full of rhythms that start and stop like a tractor on its last piston, resonating melodies made to fuel transcendental meltdowns, and vocals that hiss, gurgle, and growl. "It's my baby," says TOBACCO—a disturbing mental image if you overlook the beauty in his decrepit works.
Stacks Image 8073
Andy Shauf w/Chris Cohen
Andy Shauf is a storyteller, a singer of heartbreak and regrets, isolation and loneliness, reflecting his prairie surroundings in Regina, Canada. Meticulously written over four years, Shauf's The Bearer of Bad News is a warm and welcoming album, bathed in weathered piano, dampened drums, softly-strummed guitars and clarinet, which lends its unique timbre to frequently brighten – or hauntingly underscore – the songs' darker undercurrents. Fans of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake and Harry Nilsson, take note.

Sometimes as a leader, sometimes as a sideman and collaborator; sometimes as an invisible musician but you've heard him: the chest-high bass drum thump, the tightly paired flight of guitars in odd harmony, the disorienting shift in time and texture that resolves itself into song. Chris Cohen has plied the inside and outside folds of pop musical possibility since at least 1978, when he first set infant drumstick to skin at the tender age of three, initiating decades of sonic experimentation across multiple bands and nearly a dozen recordings.

more freshness...

Stacks Image 9110
>the LUNA music Pint Glass
Crooked Arm, on the one—once again!
We are stoked to have this irreverent take on our identity, by our pal, for our first ever LUNA pint glass!

And yes, that IS gold metallic ink, on that grill. Beverages not included...
Stacks Image 3861
>the NAT RUSSELL storefront T-Shirt
We REALLY dug this very rad Nat Russell illustration, from our 20th Anniversary Lathe-Cut Box Set--so much so, we thought it'd make a great shirt!

This lovely blue is a super soft, 100% cotton, Alternative Apparel T and is also available in
ladies sizing and styling.

Best to
hit this link, to see ALL the detail...

>>more LUNA gear...

Stacks Image 4480
>Assateague - 'Good Morning Blues' LP (LUNA music LTD.)
The 2015 reissue/remaster of the San Francisco band, Assateague's stunningly beautiful LP, 'Good Morning Blues,' is available to purchase — after being out-of-print for nearly two years...
Stacks Image 9083
>the NAT RUSSELL Storefront Mug
Get yr camping on with our ceramic (not tin) Storefront Mug!
Replete with the very rad Nat Russell illustration from our 20th Anniversary Lathe-Cut Box Set!

Black rimmed, speckled up—this will keep your brown hot...

>>more LUNA gear...

Stacks Image 6833
Looking at aging cities, working class roots, signature architecture and the gritty elegance of the urban legacy—Indianapolis native, Steve Schubert, draws from Midwestern metropolises to inspire a best-selling range of posters and post cards—offered up here at the LUNA music! Stop by and dig these for yourself…

>>more lovelies...

Stacks Image 9201
>the iwant LIMITED EDITION LUNA popsicle T-Shirt
John Gilsenan, of London-based
iwant design, melted our minds a few years back with this superb design!

Only printed once, back in 2012—this new 12-color(!) silk-screened cherry red Alternative Apparel distressed shirt (featuring a ground collar, sleeves and hem for a well worn, well loved look) is limited to only 100 pieces…
Stacks Image 5995
>the LUNA music BEACH BAG
Here is—the LUNA music beach bag / beer transporter / picnic helper / yarn stash—replete with the
very rad Nat Russell illustration from our 20th Anniversary Lathe-Cut Box Set!

This bad-boy big-tote (measuring in at 23"w x 17"h x 6"d) is made of 100%
heavy cotton canvas and comes with a velcro closure—it's the perfect throw and go bag!
Stacks Image 4297
>the NAT RUSSELL the record holder Zip Up Hoodie
just in time for a bit of warmer weather—the LUNA music zip up Hoodie!

printed on soft Alternative Apparel Eco-Jersey (50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, 12% Rayon)—this LUNA hoodie is perfect for layering and lightweight enough for year-round wear!

liff the hood for the reveal—classic fit…

>>more LUNA gear...

Stacks Image 5301
Grab yourself one of our limited, made just for the day, LUNA frisbees! Part M&Co., part Beat Junction, and all Jim and Jon—this
Commercial Artisan flyer is certain to be a Summer staple...

>>more sweet LUNA merch...

Stacks Image 8740
>the NAT RUSSELL storefront T-Shirt
We REALLY dug this very rad Nat Russell illustration, from our 20th Anniversary Lathe-Cut Box Set--so much so, we thought it'd make a great shirt!

This lovely blue is a super soft, 100% cotton, Alternative Apparel T and is also available in
ladies sizing and styling.

Best to
hit this link, to see ALL the detail...
Stacks Image 8304
First-time issue on cassette—'Current Carry' is a 10-track BOA studio album, from the wayback of 2005!
Featuring such lethal tracks as: "I Am In Love With An Ocean," "Sister Brother," and "Sleeep," this is your perfect entry into the world of Birds...
Stacks Image 6029
Don't forget to grab a pair of the new LUNA earplugs, before you head out to your favorite show! Killer ear protection and a lovely, reusable container...

>>more lovelies...

Stacks Image 8316
A crucial selection of all things Birds, from 2000-2011. Originally released in Japan on CD, this limited-edition cassette has 14 songs and a few of them have a surprise, original illustration from Nat, tucked inside! #goldenticket
Stacks Image 6856
Discharge water-based white ink laid upon an array of 21.5" x 21.5" all-cotton colors.
Wrap something you love (or yourself) in our versatile freshness...

>>more lovelies...

Stacks Image 662
Get your super nice LP storage on with these LUNA poplar crates! Handmade right here in the city from reclaimed wood, these wooden lovlies are stackable, functional and great looking! Only $19.99!
Stacks Image 8344
First-time issue on cassette—'Current Carry' is a 10-track BOA studio album, from the wayback of 2005!
Featuring such lethal tracks as: "I Am In Love With An Ocean," "Sister Brother," and "Sleeep," this is your perfect entry into the world of Birds...
Stacks Image 6100
Don't forget to grab a pair of the new LUNA earplugs, before you head out to your favorite show! Killer ear protection and a lovely, reusable container...

>>more lovelies...

Stacks Image 3116
Iowa's Karl Haglund's beautiful prints of his Guitar Art - Folk Art are now gracing the vinyl fixtures of the 52!
"Karl Haglund not only captures the totemic power of the instruments that he paints, but the detail is so good that it looks like you could pick the damn thing up and play it." - BILLY BRAGG.
Stop by and check these framed beauties out soon, only $25…

>>more lovelies...

Stacks Image 1456
>the LUNA music slipmat
Fresh up your decks--the new LUNA slipmats are here!
Felt meets 382 on this, a rising
Takashima robot!
Super cheep
—$7.99 for 1 or 2 for $11.99 or
FREE with a vinyl lp purchase of $150.00 or more!
Stacks Image 747
Heralded as the most prolific painter, by the Guinness Book Of World Records, and the man behind many-a album covers—LUNA is pleased to have 2' X 2' original oils on our wall for sale! Stop in to see the magic...

>>more lovelies...

Stacks Image 1450
>the LUNA music / Baldwin's Beans L-O-V-E blend
This local, small-batch roaster and the "caffeine appreciators" here at the shop, have come up with a deep collision of Mexican Alturra and Indian Monsooned Malabar that keeps the crew alert and awake - well into the wee, small hours...
Stacks Image 1453
>the LUNA music / Commercial Artisan Coffee Cup
The Indianapolis Design Dynamic Duo drop
the essential, brew-rific vessel. A morning must-have...
Stacks Image 3108
We've recently started putting out some of our pre-loved collectable vinyl lps, in a special section of the shop! These titles start at $14.99 and represent some of the harder-to-find/out-of-print records that would have gone straight to our Discogs store. Please feel free to hit us anytime, if you are on the lookout for something specific--if not, have fun browsing this new spot, the next time your are in the shop...